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Art is Us 6: Neo-Classic, Romantic, Realist


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This presentation covers artwork from the Neo-Classic, Romantic, and Realist periods. In Neo-Classic work we see a return of characteristics from the Greek Classic and Renaissance periods, and a return of Greek Hellenistic and Baroque in Romantic, both with new interpretation and worldview. The Realist movement takes a whole new approach, of "art for art's sake," rather than to represent the world around us. Works by Ingres, David, Gericault, Delacroix, Turner, Millet, Courbet, Manet, and others are featured.

Class notes and audio are available at

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Art is Us 6: Neo-Classic, Romantic, Realist

  1. 1. Art History Lecture Six Breaking the Mold
  2. 2. 1. 2. 3. 4. Find an example of… Review Quiz Linear Painterly Recessional A mirrored image Trapdoor lighting Symbolism
  3. 3. Compare
  4. 4. The Classics Renaissance Neo-Classic The Romantic The Realist What’s In A Label? 3 Realities
  5. 5. Ingres Odalisque Neo-Classic: The Age Of Reason
  6. 6. The sovereignty of line.
  7. 7. Reality? Really? Ingres
  8. 8. Neo-Classic? Romantic? Realist?
  9. 9. What does Ingres tell us of the subject in these two works? Will the real Louis Bertin please stand up!
  10. 10. REASON The New Authority Jacques Louis David Oath Of The Horatii
  11. 11. Idealized Contemplative Climax Linear Plane Closed Form All the ingredients of the High Renaissance… minus Christianity.
  12. 12. What makes this Classic? David Death of Socrates
  13. 13. What makes this Classic? Linear Plane Idealized Climax What makes this Neo-Classic? Non-Christian Open Form Lighting Toned Color
  14. 14. Why is this NOT Classic? Why did they adopt Baroque principles such as painterly, recession, open form and dramatic lighting? In what way does the theme match the label? Gericault Raft of the Medusa Romanticism
  15. 15. Where have we seen this before? Perpetuating the works of Caravaggio, Velázquez, Rembrandt and…
  16. 16. Delacroix Self Portrait Why does Neo-Classicism follow Classicism? Why does Romanticism choose to follow the Baroque? Redundancy? YES!
  17. 17. Contemplation/Active involvement? Off-stage audience/Part of the scene? Grand themes? Rational/Emotional? Climax/Anti-climax? Time stopped/Time-in-flux? Delacroix: Liberty Leading The People One more time!
  18. 18. Delacroix The Death of Sardanapolis Aimed For The Viewer’s Heart Scenes seldom experienced on a daily basis.
  19. 19. Turner The Fighting Temeraire What is the relationship between the subject matter and the formal qualities in this work?
  20. 20. Subject matter shifts from representation to presentation. Turner Snowstorm Turner Rain, Steam and Speed Anticipating Impressionism and beyond…
  21. 21. Millet The Gleaners Common labor given dignity and monumentality. Nobility Takes On A New Look
  22. 22. In what way do these two artists differ in their interpretation of common labor?
  23. 23. Courbet The Stone Breakers Realism threatens the status quo.
  24. 24. Courbet A Burial at Ornans An uncommon tribute to the commoner. Cracks in the foundation of academic painting. A major social and aesthetic transformation heralds a new era.
  25. 25. Allegorical realism Courbet The Artist’s Studio Realism?
  26. 26. A new? mission breaks the rules. Manet Luncheon On The GrassTitian Pastoral Concert Traditionally attributed to Giorgione, The Pastoral Concert is now considered a work from Titian's youth.
  27. 27. Renaissance: Titian Venus Realism: Manet Olympia Idealized 3D Modeling Seductive A real person Minimal modeling Expressionless Art For Patron’s Sake Art For Art’s Sake
  28. 28. Manet Olympia Why the label of REALISM? If this is realism, why is it so flat? Why does Manet say, “Look at it, not through it”? Why did it shock the public?
  29. 29. Hiroshige Lake by Hakone Manet Young Flautist Japanese woodcut prints influence Western vision and art. Art for Art’s Sake!
  30. 30. Manet Dead Matador Death: The stark reality.
  31. 31. Manet Bar at the Folies-Bergère Anticipating Cubism?