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Mock epic, "The Rape of the Lock"


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Mock epic, "The Rape of the Lock"

  1. 1. The Rape of the Lockby Alexander Pope
  2. 2. •Epic: The Odyssey Hero = Odysseus Heroic Quest = ten year journey home to Ithaca following the fall of Troy during the Trojan War God/Goddess = Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom; protects and advises Odysseus throughout his journey
  3. 3. •The Mock Epic (High Burlesque)Makes fun of the classical epic by making asilly/trivial issue appear to be epic. - battles - grandiose speeches - god/goddess
  4. 4. •The Rape of the Lock Based on a true event  Lord Petre, a wealthy baron, cut a lock of hair from the head of the beautiful Arabella Fermor A great feud developed between the two families The Rape of the Lock mocks the original trivial incident to show how ridiculous the situation/reactions were -A baron admires Belinda’s hair and is determined to cut two locks from her head to keep 0 Critiques the social manners and human behavior of the time (society = vain, idle)
  5. 5. •The Rape of the Lock : p. 540Close by those Meads forever crowned with Flowers,Where Thames with Pride surveys his rising Towers,There stands a Structure of Majestic Frame,Which from the neighboring Hampton takes its Name.Her Britains Statesmen oft the Fall foredoomOf foreign Tyrants, and of Nymphs at home;Here Thou, great Anna! whom three Realms obey,Dost sometimes counsel take - and sometimes tea. • Hampton Court is the royal residence on the river Thames, upstream from London. • Anna = Queen Anne (1665-1714), who ruled England, Ireland, and Scotland.
  6. 6. •The Rape of the Lock : p. 540-542 Hither the Heroes and the Nymphs resort, To taste awhile the Pleasures of a Court; In various Talk th instructive Hours they past, Who gave a Ball, or paid the Visit last: One speaks the Glory of the British Queen, And one describes a charming Indian Screen; A third interprets Motions, Looks, and Eyes; At every Word a Reputation dies. Snuff, or the Fan, supply each Pause of Chat, With singing, laughing, ogling, and all that.• Snuff . . .fan: At the time, gentlemen commonly took snuff (ground or pulverized tobacco, which is generally inhaled or "snuffed" through the nose), and ladies usually carried a fan.
  7. 7. •The Rape of the Lock : p. 543 …Belinda now, whom Thirst of Fame invites, Burns to encounter two adventurous Knights, At Omber singly to decide their Doom; And swells her Breast with Conquests yet to come. Straight the three Bands prepare in Arms to join, Each Band the number of the Sacred Nine. Soon as she spreads her Hand, the Aerial Guard Descend, and sit on each important Card: First Ariel perched upon a Matadore, Then each, according to the Rank they bore; For Sylphs, yet mindful of their ancient Race, Are, as when women, wondrous fond of Place.Omber: popular card gameSacred nine: an allusion or reference to the nine Muses of Greek mythology (music, art, history, . . .) Matadore: a powerful card that could take a trick
  8. 8. …But when to Mischief Mortals bend their Will,How soon they find fit Instruments of Ill!Just then, Clarissa drew with tempting GraceA two-edged Weapon from her shining Case;So Ladies in Romance assist their Knight,Present the Spear, and arm him for the Fight.He takes the Gift with reverence, and extendsThe little Engine on his Fingers Ends;This just behind Belindas Neck he spreadAs oer the fragrant Steams she bends her Head:_______________________ p. 545, 546Even then, before the fatal engine closed,A wretched sylph too fondly interposed; Engine: instrumentFate urged the Shears, and cut the sylph in twain, Sylph: a spirit,(But airy substance soon unites again). particularly oneThe meeting points the sacred hair dissever protecting a womanFrom the fair head, forever, and forever!
  9. 9. Modern Day Mock Epic: Brett Favre (credit to 2010 OHS English 12)
  10. 10. Modern Day Mock Epic: Brett Favre Retires Again and AgainAs the knight Brett Favre retires from the war,We ask: Will he lose his fame forever more?Every season, he’s victorious.Yet to his slaves a god, so glorious.That crowd on their feet, the battle is set,Forty-eight sweet minutes of cold, hard sweat.But the field grows green, not the age-old red,When blood ran free from Favre’s men’s heads.Now his helmet’s quite rusty while he dipsIt in the sea, from his yacht summer trips.
  11. 11. Brett, the brainy warrior, thinks he’s so slick,He likes to pull the old retiring trick.During hot days of playing with the gods,Reaching for the suntan lotion for bodsOf goddesses in not very much dress,He finds Lady Gaga or Houston blessHis tired eyes, his hands worn out from passesThat no demon of darkness nor bad lassesCould intercept. But he longs for old days,And so contrives to fight again, and laysHis battle plans with an exploding ball:From heaven, he will descend in the fall.
  12. 12. Year after year, it is always the same:Brett unretires, but now he’s old and lame:Eighty years old, he charges down the field,In chariot of fire, he drives, does not yield,Dodging armored men of the opposing team.Look! The sword of Apollo yet does gleamUpon his visor: He will not give up!Victory cry: Super Bowl Three Thousand Cup!
  13. 13. Celebrity-inspired Mock Epic• Step One: Select a celebrity & a trivial/silly incident.• Step Two: Write your mock epic. Make sure it does the following: • Treats the celebrity’s situation like an epic or major battle • Uses references to gods, goddesses, warriors, various supernatural beings, monsters, etc. • Exaggerates your celebrity’s situation, making it seem much more important than it is • 12 lines (every 2 lines rhyme) • Approx. 10 syllables per line