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Me and my artworks

Who I am. Who I was.

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Me and my artworks

  2. 2. BIOGRAPHY I was born in Naples in 1972, where I had my master degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage. I have been brand manager, key account manager and finally I worked almost 9 years as account manager supervisor in Saatchi & Saatchi Italy, one of the main advertising agency in the world. In 2011 I moved from Italy to Brussels, where I decided to change my life and dedicate my attention to my everlasting passion: art. Charlie Hebdo - charcoal on wall
  3. 3. Inside – mixed media (60x80) I loved strong contrasts, vivid colors full of energy, but my latest works have changed progressively and during the past few years the use of matter has taken the place of colors.
  4. 4. The trap – mixed media (70x100) I am – mixed media(80x60)
  5. 5. Some of the past works
  6. 6. Modern love - acrylic (100x80) Urban waves - mixed media (60x80)
  7. 7. Waves of water lilies - mixed media (80x80) Red waves - mixed media (80x80)
  8. 8. Scar - acrylic (100x70) Mar adentro - acrylic (100x80)
  9. 9. Hate - mixed media (60x60) Mother with children - mixed media (100x100)
  10. 10. Midday in Tokyo - acrylic (80x60) Bruxelles - Les tapis des fleur - acrylic (100x70)
  11. 11. ATri Paintings