Yurth Teaser April 06


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Yurth Teaser April 06

  2. 2. What if you could take And put them all into YouTube? Make it simpler to use... More personal That’s what’s happening on .com
  3. 3. Summary and Background Yurth is a video streaming and community-building Web site featuring a unique map-based interface that allows users to upload, browse, organize and share video – for entertainment, for news and for commerce. Yurth combines the fun, personal nature of internet communities with the exploding, viral universe of Web video. Yurth users can build groups around common interests – from local to global, from Town Square to Universal. As Yurth communities grow, users can buy, sell, rent, rant, meet, date, share and entertain each other – in their community, around the block or around the world. Yurth version 1.0 is live right now at www.yurth.com Yurth will generate revenues in five principal ways: 1. video classified ads 2. video ads and brand sponsorship of content 3. graphical advertising 4. premium subscription-based services 5. licensing the Yurth engine as a video hosting solution for commercial Web sites Yurth seeks strategic investment of $750,000 to meet business development goals and achieve capability releases, including: ‣ hiring management and engineering talent ‣ key market testing ‣ key affinity group testing ‣ Buildout of Tabs function: Users create, share and subscribe to custom networks ‣ Mobile uploads capability ‣ Improved map data
  4. 4. COO + co-founder CEO + co-founder Tim Fall Rob Long is a writer and television producer. He began his career writing on has over 20 years experience in the TV's long-running quot;Cheers,quot; and served as co-executive producer entertainment business as an actor, in its final season. writer and television producer. His most recent television series were quot;George and Leo,quot; starring As an actor, he starred with Bob Bob Newhart and Judd Hirsh, “Love & Money,” on CBS, and “Men, Newhart in the CBS series “Bob”. He Women & Dogs,” on the WB – all three of which he created with was a series regular on UPN’s “Pig his writing partner, Dan Staley. Their Sty” and CBS’s “Good Company”. production company, Staley/Long Productions, He has performed in more than 50 is currently based at Touchstone Television. television shows and films. Mr. Long has been twice nominated for an He was a writer on the WB’s “Men, Women & Dogs” and co- Emmy Award, the Golden Globe award, and executive producer of two ABC pilots. He is currently the producer has received a Writers Guild of America of two animated pilots for half hour television. award. He is a contributing editor of His articles have appeared in Great Expeditions; in The Career Book; National Review, and Newsweek in the anthology Travelers Tales:Thailand, published by O’Reilly & International, and writes for The Wall Street Associates; and elsewhere. Journal and the Los Angeles Times. His weekly radio commentary, “Martini Shot,” is broadcast in LA on KCRW-FM, is distributed He holds a B.A. from Memphis State University. nationally and is available for podcasting on iTunes. John Long, CFO His first book, Conversations with My Agent, chronicled his early career in television. It was published in the US, the UK and in France. served as Partner in the retail strategy practice of Accenture. He has His second book, Set Up, Joke, Set Up, Joke, was published in over 19 years of deep experience in all facets of the retail and consumer November 2005 by Bloomsbury. products industry. Mr. Long worked for 7 years in a variety of executive-level positions at Mr. Long graduated from Yale University, and spent two years at UCLA Macy's, SunVision, Beiersdorf and The Walt Disney Company. For 12 School of Film, Theater and Television, where he has served as an years he has designed, led and delivered strategy and value creation/ Adjunct Professor of Screenwriting. turnaround projects for the senior executives of Neiman Marcus, Jones Apparel Group, Best Buy, The Home Depot, NIKE Retail, McDonald's, The UPS Store, LEGO, Linens'n Things, and The Bombay Company. Mr. Long holds an M.B.A. from The Anderson School at UCLA and a B.A. from the University of Virginia.
  5. 5. PUT YOURSELF ON THE MAP For a Complete Business Plan or More Information Contact: Tim Fall, COO tim@yurth.com 310/600-3813 Rob Long, CEO rob@yurth.com 310/291-2716