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Chinese Presentation XIITE 2016 01 22

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Chinese Presentation XIITE 2016 01 22

  1. 1. 1
  2. 2. 2 FILM, TELEVISION, NEW MEDIA, CONTENT CREATION XII Tribes Entertainment, a media company, was founded by industry insiders Ysé Brisson and Michel Zgarka. It is based in Canada with regional offices in Paris, New York, London and Los Angeles as well representation offices in Beijing, Singapore and Rome. It has extensive knowledge and expertise in securing funding and producing for the international marketplace. The company funds and develops all of its own proprietary Intellectual Properties. XII Tribes Entertainment has built over the past few years a fully multi-platform slate of proprietary intellectual properties ranging from theatrical feature films, Prime-time scripted drama, animation, factual & reality shows and is actively working in creating new streams of monetization for all of its properties. The company also makes substantial acquisitions of revenue generating media properties as well as further monetize its new technologies. 十二支部落娱乐公司,是一家位于阿尔伯塔省的影视公司,是由业内人士Michel Zgarka,Ysé Brisson 和他们的合作伙伴一起发起成立。 该公司在很大程度上受益于阿尔伯塔省有关银行贷款对电影文化产业支持的新政策。 我们对于在加拿大和欧洲获取融资方面有广泛的知识和经验,可以为制作和发行提供近70%的资金。 该公司还打算对能产生收益的媒体公司进行大规模收购。
  3. 3. YSÉ BRISSON COO & PRESIDENT OF PRODUCTION Ysé Brisson is a Paris based accomplished multi-lingual and multi- talented entertainment professional with a versatile track record as a director, screenwriter as well as being an accomplished actress and pianist. Ysé has also been involved in productions for the new media environment and recently penned a musical. MICHEL ZGARKA CHAIRMAN & CEO Mr. Zgarka has been an influential entertainment leader for over 30 years. He is a regular guest speaker at entertainment industry events. He is a pioneer of new media entertainment, having partnered with YOU TUBE/Google Inc. for the Christmas Special of Gummybear & Friends which has achieved a record 5 billion “views” on YouTube. THE FOUNDERS 3 米歇尔▪扎尔卡 扎尔卡先生作为有影 响力的娱乐领袖超过 30年时间。他经常作 为娱乐行业大事件的 特邀嘉宾出席活动。 他是新媒体的先驱, 曾经一直是Google公 司的合作伙伴。他的 圣诞特别节目《橡皮 熊和朋友们》在视频 网站youtube获得了 创纪录的20亿点击。 米歇尔▪扎尔卡 扎尔卡先生作为有 影响力的娱乐领袖 超过30年时间。他 经常作为娱乐行业 大事件的特邀嘉宾 出席活动。他是新 媒体的先驱,曾经 一直是Google公司 的合作伙伴。他的 圣诞特别节目《橡 皮熊和朋友们》在 视频网站youtube 获得了创纪录的20 亿点击。
  4. 4. OUR TRACK RECORD • Brought Gummybear & Friends to a record 5 billion views on YouTube • Established a strong business relation with Google Inc. • Developed new information systems for worldwide distribution • Raising more than 120 Million $ of private equity for film & television production. • Distribution of European Films & Music to North America • Managing major marketing & distribution in China (Our Director Charles Lei). • Production & distribution of a great many independent films. • Extensive experience in television & film production from conception, screenwriting, directing and show-running • Using sophisticated financial instruments for the funding of productions • Significant expertise in the creation & management of valuable entertainment properties, a major component of wealth creation. • Expert management of top tier entertainment entities • Strong management of public companies 我们的纪录: •《橡皮熊和朋友》在YouTube上达到创纪录的20亿点击量; •与谷歌建立了长期合作伙伴关系; •开发新的全球分布的信息系统; •为电影和电视生产筹集超过1.2亿美元的私人投资; •把欧洲电影和音乐销售到北美; •管理主要在中国的营销和分销(我们的导演查尔斯·雷)。 •许多独立电影的生产和销售; •在电视和电影制作方面有丰富着的编剧,导演,节目执行的经验; •使用复杂的金融工具的为电影制作筹集资金; •专业而有效的创建和管理娱乐节目的价值,一个财富创造的重要组成部分; •顶级娱乐专家管理的经营实体; •强有力的上市公司管理方式。
  6. 6. XIITE® PROPERTIES PRODUCTIONBUDGET 2016-2018 TV SERIES PRODUCTION BUDGET SIGNS $60,847,090.92 VIEWS OF THE WORLD $10,800,000.00 VANITIES $21,450,000.00 THE AGENCY $8,850,000.00 MOVIES PRODUCTION VALUE THE DAY EVERYTHING CHANGED $35,140,000.00 CHRYSALIDE $7,567,320.00 MISBEHAVIOUR II $2,750,765.00 OCÉANE $8,685,469.00 MONTRUISSEAU $18,567,000.00 REALITY SHOWS PRODUCTION VALUE DREAM JOB $950,000.00 DREAM CARS $1,250,000.00 DESTINY $1,763,775.00 ANIMATION PRODUCTION VALUE MAFUSI ( SHORTS) $1,053,000.00 MAFUSIS (26 *26) $5,070,000.00 TOTAL $154,744,419.92
  7. 7. XIITE® PROPERTIES REVENUES PROJECTIONS 2016-2019 TV SERIES REVENUES PROJECTIONS SIGNS $158,000,000.00 FURY'S $38,500,000.00 VANITIES $65,000,000.00 THE AGENCY $17,275,000.00 MOVIES MOVIES THE DAY EVERYTHING CHANGED $141,647,326.00 CHRYSALIDE $31,987,660.00 MISBEHAVIOUR II $35,897,654.00 OCÉANE $135,000,000.00 MONTRUISSEAU $57,500,000.00 REALITY SHOWS REALITY SHOWS DREAM JOB $17,500,000.00 DREAM CARS $8,500,000.00 DESTINY $14,000,000.00 ANIMATION ANIMATION REVENUES MAFUSI ( SHORTS) $56,250,000 MAFUSIS (26 *26) $178,750,000.00 TOTAL $955,807,640.00
  8. 8. Production ratio Feature Films Prime Time Scripted Dramas Docudramas/Documentarie s Animation Factual/Reality/game shows
  9. 9. OUR MAIN PARTNERS Canal Plus Canada ILS ATLAS (GMbH) Cisneros Media House 4 Google TV/YouTube Red Carpet Enterprises (UK) Shine/Endemol Fiction Phantom Studios Landmark Toonz Films France International Alberta Cultural Department
  10. 10. BIOGRAPHIES (Senior Executives) Sacha Zgarka President- CMO Sacha is a seasoned internet specialist with considerable experience in web based business development and production for new media platform. Bruno Jean François Cavelier SVP International Sales With over 25 years of international sales experience Bruno manages all aspects of the international distribution of both the proprietary and distributed productions of XIITE. Bruno has been a domestic and international film and TV distribution consultant for Comerica Bank (Los Angeles), Liberty International (Los Angeles), Pueblo Films (Geneva), and Syrena (Warsaw). Bruno manages all international accounts, including contract administration and collections. Mr Cavelier is based in Los Angeles. Georges Leclère President of Int’l Affairs Writer, creator and executive producer, advising media companies on television and transmedia projects in China, Korea, Russia, Brazil and more. He is also known worldwide as the expert in international TV program Awards. From 1997-2006, Leclere was Exec Director/SVP of the International Emmy Awards TV Academy. From 1986- 1996, he was TV/Media Director at the UN, following a 15 years career in French TV as a reporter, anchor and Head of Science department.
  11. 11. THE BOARD • Michel Zgarka (Chairman & CEO) • Yse Brisson (Vice-Chairperson) • Silvia Impellizzari (Director) • Louis J. Lombardo (Director) • Alan Rogers (Director) 11
  12. 12. BIOGRAPHIES (Board) Silvia Impellizzeri: Director A highly motivated, professional networker, an experienced introducer with an ability of successfully executing deals within the financial industry. Throughout her recruitment career Silvia has built a solid trusted relationship with her Clients and Candidates with a successful track record of business development from originating and cross selling deals to relationship management achieving over 100% of her goal. Having her unstoppable drive & determination, she combines the result-orientated approach with very diplomatic communication. Alan Rogers: Director International Product Placement Expert Mr. Rogers CEO of Red Carpet Enterprises, advises clients on marketing communications in the corporate market, operational efficiency and development in the hospitality industry and off market investment opportunities. Alan has expertise in making businesses efficient and effective and has a respected reputation within the industry. His visionary thinking and extensive black book of contacts gives Alan the leading edge most businesses strive for. Louis J. Lombardo: Director Lou brings us valuable knowledge of the Fortune 500 business environment. He served as Executive Vice President for Travel Related Services for American Express in New York from 1985 to 1998, leading a successful reorganization of the 18,000 people business with a $1.3 billion operating budget
  13. 13. THE ADVISORY BOARD • Jacques Saada • Lindsay Blackett • François Bouilhac • Jean-Luc Vernhet • Alberto Galloti • Eric Castro • Gary Marenzi • Christopher J. Brough • Steven Yu • Karen Strassman • Charles Lei • Roger Nzaba • Gerard Dab • Hector Sectzer • Yizhen Liu 13
  14. 14. BIOGRAPHY (Advisory Board) Hon. Jacques Saada International relations The Honorable Jacques Saada is a Canadian Statesman, Member of the Privy Council of Canada, former cabinet minister. He has extensive experience of international business development issues. Lindsay Blackett Senior Advisor Lindsay Blackett is an Alberta politician who served as a high profile Minister of Culture. He successful implemented programs to leverage Alberta’s vast resources into cultural industries and film production. François Bouilhac CEO Comrel International. Mr. François Bouilhac is a senior consultant in international relations and brings our company his expertise in electronic commerce: he serves as chair of a leading ecommerce association. He spent many years in government where he was most notably assistant-deputy minister of International affairs in the ministry of Economic Development, Innovation and Export dealing with government and industry in many parts of the world. He also held the same post in the ministry of International Relations.
  15. 15. BIOGRAPHIES (Advisory Board) Jean-Luc Vernhet (France) Management Committee Jean-Luc is in charge of the TV media department, of the World's largest image archive, that of the Paris based INA. Alberto Gallotti (Italy): Attorney With over twenty five years experience as a lawyer in the entertainment industry. Mr Galloti’s firm has extensive experience of the EU subsidy programs as well as tax shelters and credits. Eric Castro Int’l Business Advisor Eric Castro is the President and founder of Recyc-Mattress Inc., a Green company dedicated to recycling. In 2013, he was awarded "Socially Responsible Young Business Leader" award for his leadership in innovative recycling. Steven Yu Owner and CEO, Grandview Pacific Investment Group. Steven manages a major Vancouver based financial services company with an extensive client base throughout the Asia-pacific region as well as in North America.
  16. 16. BIOGRAPHIES (Advisory Board) Karen Strassman (USA) Actress, Producer, Voiceover Artist A creative professional with thirty years experience in the Entertainment Industry. Karen’s work can be seen in film, commercials, television and heard in video games, animation and anime worldwide. She is also the lead in SIGNS and her extensive list of credits can be found on IMDB. Gary Marenzi (USA) Strategic advisor Gary provides strategic management advice and implementation for the media and entertainment industry. He is a former President of the Worldwide Television Group at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. (MGM) and previously at Paramount. Charles Lei (China): Producer A seasoned entrepreneurial executive, he has structured, negotiated and executed business strategies in the greater China region for several US Fortune 500 companies. For many years, he ran Disney's television business in China and currently produces, distributes and exhibits films in the rapidly booming Chinese film sector. Roger Nzaba( South Africa) Entrepreneur Mr Nzaba is an African businessman with interests in telecommunications, media, publishing and financial services (banking and insurance), He has served as chairman, CEO of Itel Group Holdings since 206. Roger was one of the continent first OEM and ODM specialists with his computer brand ITEL being sold around Southern Africa in the early 2000's. His foundation supports social development programs around the African Continent.
  17. 17. BIOGRAPHIES ( Advisory Board) Hector Sectzer – CEO BCC News™/BCC World Media™ Mr. Sectzer has over 30 years experience in the marketing, advertising, media and News arena. He is the CEO and Chairman of BCCNews™/BCC World Media™ one of the world's leading providers of editorial business news content to over 30,000 news organizations worldwide through various media, such as Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet, Airlines, Cruise Ships and Retail Stores. Under Mr. Sectzer’s leadership, BCCNews™/BCC World Media™ formed strategic alliances with many of the world’s leading media organizations including NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, The New York & LA Times, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazines, to name a few. The company currently holds a database of over 200 million contacts. Mr Sectzer is partners with Ilya Salkind, the producer of Superman I, II, and III and 100 episodes of Superboy on national TV. Gerard Dab Chairman & CEO – Belfort Media Gerard’s film and television finance company raised over 120M million dollars for productions including financing many of the highest rated successes of Canadian broadcast history.
  18. 18. BIOGRAPHIES ( Advisory Board) Yizhen Liu Former column editor, producer of CCTV Chinese International Channel, "Foreigners in China" ; Over 13 years of TV programme production experience, served as the producer and director of "oriental fashion" on CCTV 4. Column planning director of "For your services". General directors of CCTV-4 "star about" and the sixth season of "CCTV Model Contest”;General director of 2006 national "network song we sing" evening party; Founded CCTV boutique channel "Healthy China" column in 2011, which was the most popular health TV programme in China; Founded "Foreigners in China" column in 2013, firstly broadcasted by CCTV New Simulcast in CCTV history as it was launched. Christopher Brough He led the team represented by Hollywood and Canadian film companies, created the record of the highest box office for six Disney movies. He also set the record that a single film and its derivative earns 3 billion dollars. He is recognized as the Father of North Hollywood animation industry. Brough and his cooperator start the office—Mainframe Entertainment Inc. This office is the largest film and television animation office in the world now. The Mainframe Entertainment Inc. produced the worlds famous animation ReBoot, Transformers, Spiderman, Casper and the Barbie series DVD distributed by MCA Universal Studios.
  19. 19. The Board has established an audit committee, a nominations committee and a remuneration committee with formally delegated duties and responsibilities. The Audit Committee is chaired by Gerard Dab and its other members are François Boulhiac and Silvia Impellizzeri The Remuneration Committee is chaired by Ysé Brisson and its other members are Alan Rogers and Eric Castro. The Nominations Committee is chaired by Michel Zgarka and its other members are Ysé Brisson and Sacha Zgarka. The Production/Acquisition Committee is chaired by Ysé Brisson and its other members are Michel Zgarka and Georges Leclère BOARD COMMITTEES
  20. 20. Audit Committee The Audit Committee receives and reviews reports from management and the Company’s auditors relating to the annual and interim accounts and the accounting and internal control systems in use throughout the Group. Remuneration Committee The Remuneration Committee reviews the scale and structure of the Executive Directors and senior managers’ remuneration and the terms of their service contracts. The remuneration and terms and conditions of appointment for the Senior Executives is set by the Board. Nominations Committee The Nominations Committee reviews the size, structure and composition of the Board and identifies and nominates suitable candidates for the approval of the Board to fill vacancies as and when they arise. Production/Acquisition Committee The Production/Acquisition Committee reviews and decides the properties which we will develop, produce, market and acquire. COMMITTEE RESPONSIBILITIES
  21. 21. FOR ANY INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Michel Zgarka: Alan Rogers: Tel: +44 207 520 9368 International Media Relations:

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