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Many of South & Central America´s newly empowered consumers are enthusiastically supporting (if not working with) brands that don´t close their eyes to social inequality. Learn from brands and non-profits such as Buchanan's, Techo, and the 'Satisfeito' restaurant initiative...

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  1. 1. MI CASA ES TU CASA 1 min You are viewing the 1 minute summary of’s March 2013 free monthly Trend Briefing. For the full version please check DEFINITION Many consumers in South & Central America (SCA) will enthusiastically support brands that don't close their eyes to social inequality, and (better yet) offer consumers a chance to play a part in fixing social issues. DRIVING THIS TREND: 1. EMPOWERMENT Consumers are optimistic about the future and their ability to shape it. 2. STATUS SHIFT Making a positive social impact is just one ‘new’ form of status. 35% 32% 49% of consumers willing to pay more for products & services that give back to society. (Nielsen, March 2012) 49% 3. INFORMATION (IN)EQUALITY More (and better) information is making consumers more sensitive to the needs of others around them. 4. MATURIALISM More sophisticated consumers mean a greater tolerance for brands who express a more direct and demanding brand attitude. EXAMP LES Techo: Build a house with a ‘personal’ nail Atados: Latin America’s first volunteering portal Satisfeito: High-end restaurants offer smaller portions for same price Buchanan’s: Neighborhood clean-up rewarded with free concert NEXT | When applying this trend, be sure to: Spur real action: Consumers want to move beyond simple, distant, low-impact campaigns and feel that their actions are making a tangible difference, not just leave it up to brands to take those actions for them. Challenge consumers: Consumers are increasingly receptive to brands jarring them into acknowledging social inequality, or at least their (im)perceptions of this fading taboo subject. Be bold! This is just the 1 minute summary of’s March 2013 free monthly Trend Briefing. For the full version please check | Infographics Monthly Trend Briefing - March 2013 Enjoyed this? Read all our free publications: Want More? 2014 PREMIUM SERVICE Need access to all the vital consumer trends, insights and innovations in 2014? Our Premium Service is for you. TREND FRAMEWORK INDUSTRY UPDATES INNOVATIONS DATABASE 2014 TREND REPORT MONTHLY SNAPSHOTS TREND APPLY TOOLKIT