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Final gta wkshops 2012 fall 2012 (3)


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Published in: Education
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Final gta wkshops 2012 fall 2012 (3)

  1. 1. ↗University Libraries can we help with your students?
  2. 2. Presented ByJennifer T. Nardine – jnardine@vt.eduTracy M. Hall-
  3. 3. Help For Your Teaching ↗Role…….
  4. 4. Tours Type 1. iPad Tours • Any time library is open • can use their smart phones or check out an iPad from the circulation desk • QR Code Stations (14)Type 2. Library Guide Tour and Quiz (use request formagain)Type 3. Self Guided tour – green handout by doors andelevators (no quiz)Results of tour quiz – grade automatically sent toinstructor and stored in library database
  5. 5. How to register for a class library session• Register for a tour and introduction to Addison (library catalog)• Register for research/instruction lesson• Contact college librarian for details
  6. 6. Placing items on reserve• Reserves coordinator, Mary K. Sullivan:• Need to complete Reserve Request Form – each semester• Different loan periods
  7. 7. Using library resources in Scholar• Link to “Ask a Librarian”• Consider embedding a librarian in your course • Contact the subject librarian• Rather than post the article – link to it • Use the persistent URL • Use the proxy •
  8. 8. Tips on creating a research assignment Make sure the library has the resources first Define manageable learning objectives (see form) Don’t bring your class in without a subject to research • Context is what gets them to listen • Don’t learn in a vacuum - learn what you need to learn When in doubt plan/collaborate with a librarian prior to session
  9. 9. Tips on creating a research assignment Information for Graduate Students
  10. 10. Brainstorming
  11. 11. BrainstormingEX. Brainstorming for Wild Horse Population Studies
  12. 12. Library Research ModulesTiny Urls:Module 1: InformationSources 2: Searching for Information 3: Information Evaluation
  13. 13. ↗Students and researchHow can we help with your students?
  14. 14. The Beloit College Mindset ListClass of 2016 and their professors• Most students entering college for the first time this fall were born in 1994• Most professors were born before 1981• So what has shaped their world…..
  15. 15. NewsYour Professor Your Student
  16. 16. The AmazonYour Professor Your Students
  17. 17. TailgatingYour Professor Your Students
  18. 18. Music DeliveryYour Professor Your Students
  19. 19. What does this mean for your student? • Used to things being available on demand • Immediate Access is expected – by cell phone, IM, Facebook • Have watched news as it happened – War in Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, Earthquake in Haiti, Oil in the Gulf • Independent but group-oriented • Comfortable getting video, audio online
  20. 20.
  21. 21. What should your students know? Newman Library Navigation Brainstorming and Narrowing down a topic concepts Getting help Resources/Tools – Summon, E-books, Academic Search Complete, Opposing Viewpoints, Factiva or LexisNexis, World Book, Addison
  22. 22. Newman Library 24/5 building hours Book retrieval• only Newman items Wireless printing • printers on 1,2 and 4Access Services links.pdf Writing Center
  23. 23. Getting Help
  24. 24. Library Home Page – Gateway to Library Resources
  25. 25. Summon
  26. 26. Addison
  27. 27. General Resources
  28. 28. ↗Questions? Jennifer T. Nardine – Tracy M. Hall-