6/14/12	  Leading the Teaching and Learning                                                                 The Common Cor...
6/14/12	           The CCSS Great         Adventure Question!         What makes us believe there         will be somethin...
6/14/12	  Our Common Core Mathematics in                       Our Common Core Mathematics ina PLC at Work™ Series        ...
6/14/12	   The Seven Stages of Teacher               The Seven Stages of Teacher Collaboration                            ...
6/14/12	  The Standards for Mathematical                        The Standards for [Student]Practice (See Handout)         ...
6/14/12	                     SMP 6: Attend to precision                                                                   ...
6/14/12	                                                  Learning How trumpsCh.	  3:	  Implemen6ng	                      ...
6/14/12	                                        	  High-­‐Leverage	  Teaching	  and	  	  Team Task Analysis Tool (Ch.2)   ...
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2012solution treecommoncoreinaplc sessiont&lhandout


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2012solution treecommoncoreinaplc sessiont&lhandout

  1. 1. 6/14/12  Leading the Teaching and Learning The Common Core States’of Mathematics in the CCSS Era! Standards College instructors rate the Mathematical Practicesas being of higher value for students to master inorder to succeed in their courses than any of the The CCSSI in mathematicsCCSS content standards.(Conley, Drummond, Gonzalez, Rooseboom, & Stout, 2011) and ELA were commissioned by the NGA and CCSSO inPlease place your confidence/anxietyRed sticky dot on the wall as you come April, 2009in! Thank you! Dr. Timothy Kanold tkanold.blogspot.com tkanold@d125.org 1   2  The Common Core States’ The PARCC ConsortiumStandardsTwo Assessment Consortia 3   •  http://www.parcconline.org/ State Assessment ImprovementsSmarter Balanced (SBAC) for Mathematics •  A mix of item types – short answer and… longer open response performance-based (Up to 50%) •  And richer multiple choice items•  http://www.k12.wa.us/SMARTER/States.aspx 6   1  
  2. 2. 6/14/12   The CCSS Great Adventure Question! What makes us believe there will be something powerful enough in the CCSS to achieve meaningful mathematics learning for ALL children grades K-12? 7   The Answer It is NOT the Standards that will ultimately improve student achievement… What matters is the vital adult behaviors and the knowledge Capacity of all adults…for implementing and sustaining the 9   vision of the common core Common Core Our Common Core Mathematics in Mathematics in a PLC at Work™ a PLC at Work™ Series Series For Teachers: We provide tools and resources that focus their limited time & energy toward actions for improving students’ mathematics performance on a unit-by-unit basis. We do not waste their time. (P. 37-38) r11   2  
  3. 3. 6/14/12  Our Common Core Mathematics in Our Common Core Mathematics ina PLC at Work™ Series a PLC at Work™ SeriesFor Administrators: We provide the For Administrators: We provide thetools and resources needed to tools and resources needed toensure a systemic teacher ensure a systemic teacherimplementation of the Common implementation of the CommonCore… that is a sustainable Core… that is a sustainablesolution solution 2000 Ch.  1:  Using  High   Performing   Collabora6ve  Teams   for  Mathema6cs…   2008   Be.er  at  …  Common Core Mathematics in a PLC Leading the Teaching and Learningat Work™ Series of Mathematics in the CCSS Era!A Unique CCSS Story – Built on a PLC @Work™ Foundation Think about your teachers and teacher teams…Perhaps the most notable feature of this book is not merely the competence of the content, but the underlying spirit of commitment to equity that pervades every page… - Doug Reeves 17   Dr. Timothy Kanold tkanold.blogspot.com 18   3  
  4. 4. 6/14/12   The Seven Stages of Teacher The Seven Stages of Teacher Collaboration CollaborationStage 1: Filling the time Stage 4: Developing commonWhat exactly are we supposed to do? assessments How do you know students learned?Stage 2: Sharing personal practice What does mastery look like?What is everyone doing in theirclassroom? Stage 5: Analyzing student learningStage 3: Planning, planning, planning Are students learning what they are supposed to be learning?What should we be teaching and howdo we lighten the load for each other? h.p://The Seven Stages of Teacher www.flickr.com/ photos/Collaboration shawnparkerphoto/ 6637823915/in/ photostream/  Stage 6: Adapting instruction to studentneedsHow can we adjust instruction to helpthose students struggling and thoseexceeding expectations? How  students   learn...  and  Stage 7: Reflecting on instruction demonstrate  Which Mathematical Practices are most proficiency  in  effective with our students for THIS Mathema7cs…    lesson or Unit? The  Common  Core  Standards  for    THE CCSS TPOV About MathematicsInstruction Mathema7cal  Prac7ce  TPOV: Unit and Lesson design will require a depth of conceptual understanding and procedural fluency regardless of the content…demonstrated by the students.Built on a foundation of the 8 standards for Mathematical Practice 4  
  5. 5. 6/14/12  The Standards for Mathematical The Standards for [Student]Practice (See Handout) Mathematical PracticeChoose Practice 3 or 4 or 6 The 8 Standards forHighlight the verbs that illustrate Mathematical Practice – placestudent actions! an emphasis on student demonstrations of learningCircle, highlight or underlinephrases for your chosenpractice… 25 26The Standards for Mathematical The Standards for MathematicalPractice Practice (Reproducible)MP # 3 Construct viable arguments and Rich Mathematical Tasks…critique the reasoning of others Qualitative Reasoning and McDonald’s 1) Students make conjectures With a shoulder partner! 2) Students justify their conclusions and communicate them to others Wikipedia reports that 8% of all 3) Students compare the effectiveness Americans eat at McDonalds every of two plausible arguments day 4) Students listen and respond to the 310 Million Americans and 12,800 McDonalds… arguments of others for sense making Make a conjecture and create a and clarity 27   mathematical argument… 28  The Standards for [Student] The Standards for [Student]Mathematical Practice Mathematical PracticeSMP # 4 Model with Mathematics SMP # 2 Reason abstractly andMathematically proficient students quantitativelycan apply the mathematics they Mathematically proficient studentsknow to solve problems arising in make sense of quantities and their everyday life, society, and the relationships in problem workplace… situations… How could this become part of 29   your every Unit lesson planning? 30   5  
  6. 6. 6/14/12   SMP 6: Attend to precision Effective Checks for Understanding •  state  the  meaning  of  the  symbols  they   use   Where are the most significant •  label  the  axes  to  clarify  context  of  the   conversations taking place (student to problem   teacher, student to student, teacher to student)? Do students use each other as reliable and valuable resources?Comic:  h.p://forums.xkcd.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=66819     ©  InsRtute  for  MathemaRcs  &  EducaRon  2011   CCSS Mathematical Practices Lesson Meaningful Mathematics Design Tool p.9-10 References the context for the lesson as containing elements that create meaning, reasoning and sense making for the student Lesson Planning from the Students’ Point of View CCSS Mathematical Practices Lesson Design Tool p.58 CCSS Mathematics Instruction The CCSS expects a blend of Take a moment to scan the elements student demonstrations of of this lesson design and/or reflection conceptual understanding with tool… procedural fluency A focus on: Differentiated Instruction One should not exist Mathematical practice development without the other… Meaningful tasks that require student engagement TIME…? 36   6  
  7. 7. 6/14/12   Learning How trumpsCh.  3:  Implemen6ng   Learning Whatthe  CCSS  Mathema6cs   The CCSS require a paradigm shift to a “less (fewer standards) is moreContent   (deeper rigor with understanding)” at every grade level. Be.er  at  …     38   CCSS in Mathematics CCSS in Mathematics The Domains, Clusters, Standards Grade 7 Grade 6-7 9 Clusters around 29 Five Domains: Standards Ratio and Proportional Relationships The number System Expressions and Equations The Grain size of change for Geometry a unit is No longer a Statistics and Probability Standard a day… p.83 Sustainable Implementation CCSS in Mathematics Content Support books High School Standards… Tools (diagnostic and design) resources, stories, examples, One body of College and samples and activities to help you Career Readiness become highly effective at…! Standards… built upon 6 Conceptual Categories 7  
  8. 8. 6/14/12    High-­‐Leverage  Teaching  and    Team Task Analysis Tool (Ch.2) p. 11 Learning    Prac6ces.     Examine  the  Six  high-­‐leverage  Teaching   and  Learning  Team  Prac7ces   Choose  one  of  them,  and  rank  your   current  teams  for  their  actual  level  of   implementa6on…   In  2012-­‐2013  –  how  will  you  help  to   close  that  gap?     43   CCSS in a PLC! Dr. Timothy Kanold tkanold.blogspot.com 45   8