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Real-Life Strategies for Successful Library Jobhunting


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Andromeda Yelton & Tiffany Mair's presentation on January 4, 2012 for ALA TechSource.

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Real-Life Strategies for Successful Library Jobhunting

  1. 1. Real-Life Strategies for Successful Library Job HuntingAndromeda Yelton | @thatandromeda Tiffany Mair | @tiffanylora January 4, 2012
  2. 2. Panelists@ThatAndromeda @tiffanylora
  3. 3. Poll: Where are you in the job hunt? t-rex help wanted by carbonated on Flickr
  4. 4. Create Conversationduring the webinar:● chat window● #libjobhunt● google doc -- the webinar:● ala editions blog● twitter● |
  5. 5. Engage Your Networks● Invite colleagues to participate in projects● Special thanks to Annie Pho (@catladylib) from Hack Library School (@hacklibschool) for assistance with todays webinar.
  6. 6. Find Library Job-Seekers Near & FarSupport, strategize, and make it happen(meetup, tweetup, danceparty): need a Google account for this.)
  7. 7. Find Your SpotZoom in on where you live; then click on "edit".
  8. 8. &New icons will appear. Choose the placemark.
  9. 9. Put Yourself on the MapPut the placemark on your location and click. Add your info.
  10. 10. Andromeda: What I DidStep 1: Read ALL the job listings ○ started in grad school ○ read listings for every job I might enjoy -- even if expired or far away ○ made a list of all the recurring skills ○ put them in three buckets...
  11. 11. Andromeda: What I DidMy three buckets:1. What I can do and can prove2. What I can do and cant prove...yet3. What I cant do...yet me and the bucket and spade by slightly everything, on Flickr; CC BY
  12. 12. Andromeda: What I DidStep 2: Acquire skills and generate proof ○ writing ■ ■ LITA/Ex Libris contest ■ Library Technology Reports ○ tech ■ LIS 458 (databases) ■ DCKX (LIS 419 final project!) ○ public speaking ■ teaching career ■ GSLIS tech lab workshops ■ Battledecks!
  13. 13. Andromeda: What I DidStep 3: Networking ○ Twitter (@ThatAndromeda) ○ ALA conferences ■ say yes to things ■ dont travel in student packs ■ go to happy hour Pick me! Pick me!! by emrank, on Flickr; CC BY
  14. 14. Tiffanys Path to EmploymentStart early and stay late● Be well-rounded● Study the success of others● Join teams and bring people together
  15. 15. Tiffanys Path to EmploymentKnow and be known● Define your leadership style● Filter advice, limit negativity, and know what to ignore● Communicate and embody your vision
  16. 16. Tiffanys Path to EmploymentBe more than qualified● Distinguish yourself● Finding a job is only the beginning● Make flexibility, positivity, & enthusiasm your mantra Lotus by _Virdi_ on Flickr
  17. 17. Poll: Would you relocate for a job? European Van Lines by npGreenway on Flickr
  18. 18. Additional ResourcesPersonal Branding for New Librarians● Andromedas article about an ALA Midwinter panelEnjoy Yourself Along the Way● Tiffanys ALA 2011 Virtual Conference presentation on standing out and enjoying your job huntSo What Are You Going to Do With That?, Susan Basallaand Maggie Debelius● helps you identify & communicate your skills, especially if youre from academe
  19. 19. Additional ResourcesJenica Rogers on writing cover letters● Ever wanted to know what the hiring committee is thinking? Jenica is a library director.Andromeda wrote a follow-up blog post on resumes andcover letters.Five Lessons Librarians can Learn from Conan theBarbarian● Tiffany offers tips for succeeding in your epic professional battles
  20. 20. Closing ThoughtsThree-step plan for winning in libraryland:1. Talk to people,2. Identify cool things to do,3. And do them.Balloon Festival, Denver, Colorado byThad Roan - Bridgepix, on Flickr; CCBY
  21. 21. Closing Thoughts Whats your plan?
  22. 22. Thank You Slides will be available at ALA Editions Please continue sharing your ideas on thesesites, your social networks, & with your peers. @ThatAndromeda | @tiffanylora