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How we build a start-up from zero with the help of online content.


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The true story of building up our venture.
Business Architecture Lesson with web tools, slideshare, youtube, MOOC

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How we build a start-up from zero with the help of online content.

  1. 1. the true story of building up our venture creating dosell Business Architecture Lesson with web tools, slideshare, youtube, MOOC lessons &linksof
  2. 2. Validate the Idea Get Insight & Foundation
  3. 3. The first step should be to understand yourself; why are we doing this risky venture? Resources/Lessons:
  4. 4. Invest a lot of your time to learn design thinking Resources/Lessons:
  5. 5. B2B start-up is not B2C… Resources/Lessons:
  6. 6. Study this picture again & again – don’t forget about hard times…
  7. 7. Audience First, ProductSecond (we did not follow this lesson…butit was a mistake) Resources/Lessons: ‚I believe the absolute best way to start a business today is not by launching a product, but by creating a system to attract and build an audience.’ Joe Pulizzi Founder at Content Marketing Institute, Author of Content Inc., Speaker & Entrepreneur
  8. 8. Gain insight of your Market/customers/Competitors the loved research phase Resources/Lessons:
  9. 9. Make your first draftabout your market segment/customers Resources/Lessons:
  10. 10. Create a customer journey map (try to undestand what your customer feel!) Resources/Lessons:
  11. 11. 1st Strategic overview: Business Model Generation Resources/Lessons:
  12. 12. Build a Compelling Value Proposition Resources/Lessons:
  13. 13. Read great blogs, experiences are shared Resources/Lessons:
  14. 14. Spend At least 50% of your time withyour customers! Resources/Lessons:
  15. 15. PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Enjoy the Ride! It is your Life, your Journey!
  16. 16. Build MVP or MDP(EVP)? Resources/Lessons:
  17. 17. CreatE A great landing page Resources/Lessons:
  18. 18. for hardware development - usefullearning resources Resources/Lessons:
  19. 19. hardware - designtools Resources/Lessons:
  20. 20. For software development - learning tools Resources/Lessons:
  21. 21. We have decidedto design a minimumdesirable product(MDP) Resources/Lessons:
  22. 22. service design methodology = ultimateexperience Resources/Lessons:
  23. 23. Our mdp is under fire – don’t show mercy, please! Any critics are Resources/Lessons:
  24. 24. Verify & Iterate your idea withclients, Angels and online Resources/Lessons:
  25. 25. FakeIt Till You Make It?Test, ask questions, iterate Resources/Lessons:
  26. 26. Don’t rush to growth phase untilyou are not 100% sure the world needS your service or Product! Resources/Lessons:
  27. 27. Soft Launch & Growth
  28. 28. MOTIVATION MODEL BUSINESS MODEL SERVICE MODEL CAPABILITY MODEL People ROADMAP GOVERNANCE Vision Blueprinting Roadmapping Governance Information Technology Process Design Thinking: Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test MARKET MODEL MEANS ASSESSMENT INFLUENCERS ASSESSMENT MEANS ENDS MACRO ENVIRONMENT INDUSTRY SCAN SWOT PERFORMANCE • Financial • Customer • Internal (current) • Internal (long-term) CreatE yourbattle map
  29. 29. if you need to scale your business – you need enterprise architecture Resources/Lessons:
  30. 30. Product management – execution is in focus Resources/Lessons:
  31. 31. Culture,culture,culture… Resources/Lessons:
  32. 32. 0 are Engaged Prospects But Not Yet Ready to Buy or Speak to Sales are Marketing Qualified and Ready to Buy, Speak to Sales now are Unqualified and Irrelevant and can be discarded Engaged Marketing Prospects vary in terms of sales acceleration and hence need their journey through the sales funnel customised to fit different needs PROSPECTS Early Stages – Low Acceleration Stay in Touch Campaigns – campaigns that ‘drip’ relevant content to prospects over time, gradually educating, informing and building trust in CBA. Mid Funnel – Medium Acceleration Lead LifecycleCampaigns – campaigns that ensure movement and engagement with prospects, even if they are not yet sales-ready. End of Funnel – High Acceleration Campaigns that try to accelerate prospects towards the sale by providing relevant ‘nudges’ based on specific lead characteristics or sales / offer updates. NAMES Sales Lead Handoff: Leads are automatically pushed from Marketing and distributed to Sales. Lead Recycling: Leads are cycled back to the top of the funnel by sales for further nurturing if the lead is not yet ready to buy. Welcome / On- boarding Campaigns Retention Campaigns NLP, Up Sell / Cross Sell, Early Adopter Campaigns Lead Sources: Lead sources can be anything from Display Ads, Retargeting, PPC, SEO, Website, Social, Chat, Telephone, Direct Mail, Self Generated, Referrals, Webinars, Events and Sponsorships etc. MARKETING LEAD SALE / WIN SALES LEAD OPPORTUNITY Customised Nurturing Campaigns Customer Nurturing Campaigns 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 10 12 13 14 15 16 Builda sales pipeline
  33. 33. Sharpen the Sales pitch / B2B Sales knowledgeis A must! Don't expect the prospect to connect the dots - it's your job as a sales person to find ways to create value for them. Sales isn't just about peddling your goods - it's about consulting them to better achieve their goals. Resources/Lessons:
  34. 34. If you have a sales team, create a sales playbook Resources/Lessons:
  35. 35. Compass of Marketing tools /guys, this is a Fu… deep black hole… / Resources/Lessons:
  36. 36. Hubspot academy vs quicksprout Resources/Lessons:
  37. 37. Download this ebook Resources/Lessons:
  38. 38. Growth hacking / new mindset – more than online marketing!/ Resources/Lessons:
  39. 39. Don’t forget about PR & content mareting strategy Resources/Lessons:
  40. 40. Our toolset & learning portals
  41. 41. Great resources on slideshare - We started to clipthe best ones. Business Architecture ProductDesign–Brand Design Service design Sales
  42. 42. Great tools collection on the web Resources/Lessons:
  43. 43. Video library Resources/Lessons:
  44. 44. Online (Mooc) educationplatformS, youtube …
  45. 45. Our favourite books… learn, learn!
  46. 46. VISION Our goal is to help overwhelmed company owners and leaders reduce their business stress and costs with our open source hub of experts, in order to acclerate growth and achieve greater efficiency, and to prepare them to build their business to a global scale. CULTURE At DoSell, we are driven by a simple mantra: ‘Solve the business leaders’ daily problems’. Because we understand that while you may excel in one element of business, without the others, success will remain elusive. ABOUTUS SERVICE ENGINEERING IS IN OUR DNA STRATEGY Our mission is to provide a seamless solution for companies that are finding it challenging to fit the puzzle pieces of success together, despite having world-class products ready to market that can change lives.
  47. 47. Judit HUSZÁR COMMUNICATION with design background Péter MOLNÁR DESIGN through understanding - maform Tibor ZAHORECZ MANAGING partner Gábor Kiglics ENGINEERING - eCon DoSell core execution team
  48. 48. CONTACT US