Intrapreneur - Prepare to Innovate


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Intrapreneur - Prepare to Innovate

  1. 1. Intrapreneur (social) innovation from within. CFO asks CEO: „What happens if we invest in developing our people and then they leave us?“ CEO:“What happens if we don‘t and they stay?“
  2. 2. Our Objectives - Spark innovative solutions for your CSR challenges - Introduce innovation methods through hands-on learning - Enrich talents by creating opportunities/value for skilled employees CSR Value Creation Innovation
  3. 3. What is it about? Your employees want to add value to their career and your business by solving a meaningful social challenge. To do so sucessfully they need access to new innovation methods that will enrich their talent. While learning new innovation methods, your employees will experience how creative and entrepreneurial potential enables them to make an impact in society. From day one, they will be ambassadors growing innovation from within your company. Collaboration and team alignment are essential to create a solutionoriented and purpose-driven solution. The combination of Design Thinking, Lean Start-up and Business Model Canvas unleashes this potential. Throughout this program your employees master: - Design Thinking - Business Model Canvas - Lean Start Up - Pitching
  4. 4. Components to create value Design Thinking + Understand the problem + Generate new ideas & solutions + Prototype the solution + Test the iterate the prototype = Problem-Solution Fit Lean Start Up Business Model Canvas + Determine value proposition + Identify customer segments + Specify key activities & partners + Estimate costs & revenue = Business & Management Tool Pitching + Define assumptions + Qualitative & Quantitative testing + Test critical assumptions + Validate assumtions + Start with the Problem + Define Value Proposition + Narration & Story-telling + Team Spirit = Problem-Market Fit = Selling your idea
  5. 5. Part I: Inspiration Team Alignment & Understand Introduce the team & frame the challenge Discovery & Storytelling Carry out user research to get relevant data and share key insights Synthesis Understand and structure data 1 What do your employees learn? - Navigate a new challenge - Carry out qualitative interviews - Share knowledge & experience - 360° Research & build empathy - Gather, process & prioritize data
  6. 6. Part 2: Concepting Ideate Brainstorm new ideas to solve the problem Prototype Translate concepts into rapid prototypes Business Model Canvas Establish a business perspective 2 What do your employees learn? - Generate new ideas - Design a concept - Co-create & build prototypes - Embed a business perspective - Integrate customer & business side
  7. 7. Part 3: Evaluation Test Direct feedback from the user/target group Iterate Solve problems and improve the prototype Value Proposition Define the value proposition for customers 3 What do your employees learn? - Learn to test & collect feedback - Build a user-centered product/service - Prioritize learnings & iterate - Act solution-orientated - Define the USP & customer gains
  8. 8. Part 4: Implementation Financial Plan Create an overview of possible financial models What do your employees learn? - Take control of the financial side - Learn how to think & act lean Lean assumptions - Validate assumptions Validate assumptions, establish a market fit - Prioritise assumption testing - Define next action steps Implemention Strategy Define next steps to kick off realisation 4
  9. 9. Part 5: Pitch Elevator Pitch Sell your idea 3 minutes Grand Pitch Engage the audience: build an inspiring narrative to sell product/service 5 What do your employees learn? - Pitch in front of an audience - Adapt presentation to different cases - Tell a powerful story - Boil idea down to one sentence - Sell product/service
  10. 10. Execution* Together we define the CSR challenge that you want to tackle. You will select a team that will be guided through the process of building a tangible solution. The combination of theoretical inputs and practical hands-on implementation phases (1-5) allows the team to take on ownership, become creative and drive their entrepreneurial skills. Your employees will transform their ideas into action and create value. They will naturally grow and push forward innovation from within your company. Kick Off CSR challenge Select Team Plan rollout Communicate Program Phase 1 Understand Discovery Insights & POV Phase 2 Ideate Prototype BMC Phase 3 Test Iterate Value Proposition Phase 4 Lean Start Up Strategy & Finance Implementation Phase 5 Pitch Feedback Survey Report & Documentation Preparation Intrapreneur Inhouse Trainings Report, Survey, Certificates (1-3 months) e.g. two week intense program, or sessions according to your schedule (5 days) *Sample of program execution. It can be easily tailored to your needs, circumstances and aspirations.
  11. 11. What will employees learn? It will enrich the talent of your employees and empower them to create value for society. It will develope their mindset, behaviour and processes enabling you to drive innovation from within your company. It gives them autonomy, potential and value to maximise their engagement and performance. Hard skills: - Innovation methods - Collaboration methods - Structured creativity - LEAN processes Soft skills: - Teamwork - Ownership - Thinking in beta - Solution-oriented You will profit: - behavioural, organisational & process change that drives innovation - launch a sustainable solution for your CSR challenge - enrich talent & create value for employees
  12. 12. Next steps to get involved 1. Contact us if you want to accelerate innovation and do things differently 2. Clarify questions 3. Define goal, timeline & budget 4. Prepare & align the selected team 5. Execution of the Intrapreneurship Training Program 6. Evaluation & reporting
  13. 13. „What will happen if you invest in developing your people?“ Find out & contact us. +49 (0)176 384 852 05