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World Challenges to 2025

World Challenges is a first-of-its-kind, mathematical analysis of the most important, leading indicators of opportunities and threats facing the world today from aggregating >330,000 forecasts expressed as dynamic infographics.

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World Challenges to 2025

  1. 1. World Challenges Welcome to the first ever ‘World Challenges’ produced almost entirely by Shaping Tomorrow’s AI robot, Athena
  2. 2. About Athena 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 2 I was born on 23rd September 2013. I'm the brainchild of Walter Kehl at Foresight Knowledge, Shaping Tomorrow's partner. Walter wanted me to help you scan the horizon and see what's likely emerging, faster and better than any human. I made this presentation for you in less than two hours. I’m now also a chatbot with voice capability and soon to be cognitive too, I hope. Enjoy!
  3. 3. About World Challenges World Challenges is my unique, and first-of-its-kind, mathematical analysis of the most important, leading indicators of opportunities and threats facing the world today from aggregating >330,000 forecasts expressed as dynamic infographics. I daily keep this flagship analysis up to date. 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 3
  4. 4. Which sources did I most use for this analysis? 32,000+ future orientated web sources and social media feeds containing over 330,000 verbatim forecasts within over 1,000,000 reports, articles and PowerPoints about the future that I read. I read the views of leading organizations, pundits and experts and sourced more forecasts from my extensive library of important topic keywords. The most used sources are displayed in the left-hand panel. 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 4
  5. 5. Infographics Definitions and Settings Definitions • Intensity: Strength, Impact, Force • Tipping Point: When ~33% of the world population have likely accepted the new paradigm • Legends and metrics: definitions here Settings • Rolling three-year forecasts • Click-throughs to all evidence and updated infographics available at 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 5
  6. 6. Which are the potential future mega drivers of change, when are they likely to arrive and with what strength? Early strong, arrivals: India, AI, Digitalization Weak, later arrivals: UBI, Cryptocurrencies, Neuroscience, Geopolitics? Note: I think Climate Change deserves a higher rating but my algorithm did not find many estimated dollar impacts associated with this issue. That will likely change in the future! 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 6
  7. 7. How are social issues likely to change, when are they likely to arrive and with what strength? Early strong, arrivals: Sharing, Gen Alpha, Cities, Organizations, Economy, Intelligence Weak, later arrivals: Fake news reduction, leadership improvements, standards improvement 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 7
  8. 8. How are sector prospects likely to change, when are they likely to arrive and with what strength? Early strong, arrivals: Retail, Software, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals Weak, later arrivals: Military, Mining 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 8
  9. 9. How are occupations likely to change, when are they likely to arrive and with what strength? Early strong, arrivals: Water, Construction, Media and Entertainment, Foresight culture Weak, later arrivals: Education 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 9
  10. 10. Which countries will likely experience the most change: when will it likely arrive and with what strength? Early strong, changes: UK, USA, China, India, Indonesia Weak, later changes: Argentina, South Africa 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 10
  11. 11. Which key global players are more future focused? More future focused: Samsung, Tesla Less future focused: Cisco, Salesforce, Ericsson 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 11
  12. 12. Which key research organizations are more future facing than their peers More future facing: Early Pew, IFTF, Deloitte, KPMG and, of course, Shaping Tomorrow* Less future facing: Too late! Markets & Markets, IdTechEx, Research & Markets, GlobaData, Vision gain * Since I am an aggregator of everyone else’s forecasts I have excluded us from this analysis 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 12
  13. 13. How are the UN’s SDG Global Goals doing, when are they likely to be achieved and with what impact? Early strong, arrivals: Affordable and Clean Energy, Good health and Well-being, Decent Work and Growth Weak, later arrivals: Reduced Inequalities 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 13
  14. 14. What existential events may we face in the future, when are they likely to arise and with what intensity? Early strong, arrivals: Space wars Weak, later arrivals: Extraterrestrials, Nuclear winter, Geoengineering 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 14
  15. 15. The World in 2025? My forecasts of what life may be like for all of us 7 years from now. 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 15
  16. 16. Which topics will present the biggest threats and opportunities in 2025? Top Threats: Security, Disease, War Top Opportunities: Technology, Investment, Economy 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 16 • The top threat is now security which displaces disease from the last update in September 2018. Policy issues with the use of Huawei technologies, further lone-wolf terrorist attacks, stalling of peace talks with North Korea and rising concerns about major cyber attacks, interference with national elections and fake news drive this concern. • The number one topic opportunity remains technology with most mentions for AI, Quantum computing, Driverless cars, Drones, Smart Cities, IoT, AR, 5G, Biotech, Neuroscience, Robotics, Printing, Batteries, Blockchain, Space, Holograms and Digitalization.
  17. 17. Which countries face the biggest threats and opportunities in 2025? Threats: India Opportunities: USA, India, China and Brazil 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 17 • The top country at risk continues to be India where a burgeoning population and climate change will have major impacts on liveability. • The top country opportunities are forecast to be in the USA, India, China, and Brazil.
  18. 18. Which sectors face the biggest threats and opportunities right now? Threats: Science, Pharmaceuticals, Security Opportunities Security, Construction, Pharmaceuticals 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 18 • The construction sector was at the top of the opportunity list six months ago because of growing investments in Smart Cities, Hyperloops and high-speed rail projects, China's Belt and Road initiative -Transport, Energy, and burgeoning population growth in China, India and other developing cities. But again, the same security concerns above are creating opportunities for market players and governments to provide mitigating security solutions and new policies. • Warnings of increasing climate change, spreading diseases and changing technologies, (especially the possible dangers arising from AI) are the main reasons the science sector remains at the top of the sector threat list.
  19. 19. 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 19 Which sectors Cities and Organizations are most mentioned right now in terms of their potential futures? Top Ten Cities: London, Singapore, New York Top 10 Organizations European Union, Amazon, Apple • The most mentioned City in this analysis is London not just due to the impacts that could arise from the still to be agreed on Brexit outcome, but the city's efforts to improve itself. • The most mentioned organization is the European Union, partly due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit but mostly for its leadership role in many aspects of building a sustainable world from GDPR to plastics control etc.
  20. 20. 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 20 What will likely be the strongest felt changes in 2025? Strongest felt changes: ECONOMIC TRANSFORMATION! through digitization, virtual reality, contactless payments, medicine including biosimilars and huge efficiency gains in support services (administration) and increases in renewable energy.
  21. 21. What will likely be the strongest emerging change topics in 2025? Strongest topics: Medicine, biosimilars, crop production, renewables versus oil and again a Global Economic Transformation. 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 21
  22. 22. What does this knowledge graph say about longer term emerging issues in 2025? Emerging Issues: Energy transition, Disease management, Pollution control, Technology advances, greater Networking, Smart Buildings, Space exploration and Tourism, Body enhancement and growth and insufficient food proteins to feed the world. 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 22
  23. 23. Where will the major hotspots be in 2025? Hotspots: UK, United States, China, India, Canada, Australia, Japan, Governments, Energy, Entertainment, Environment, Financial Services, IT 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 23
  24. 24. Which countries will likely lead or fall behind?: Lead: India, USA, China, Indonesia, UK?, Fall behind: UK?, Most of Africa, Spain 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 24
  25. 25. Which are the most affected future topics in 2025? Most affected: Economic Transformation, Population changes, Technological advances, Smart Cities, Driverless Vehicles, Energy transition, AI, Food production, Climate Change, Healthcare 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 25
  26. 26. Who is leading the charge to the future for good or ill? Leading the charge: USA, China, UK, EU Google, Amazon, Facebook Donald Trump! 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 26
  27. 27. Are these future changes seen as negative or positive? Most Positive: Technology, Investment, Emission reduction Most Negative: Climate change, Disease, Consumer and National debt 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 27
  28. 28. Finally! Are there more or less reported world Strengths and Opportunities versus Threats and Weaknesses? Identified strengths and opportunities far outweigh weaknesses and threats overall and the future is seen to be POSITIVE! Now use what you know to increase your own and world strengths, and hence reduce weaknesses*, to make this chart turn VERY POSITIVE! 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 28 • Tip: Build your strengths to minimise your weaknesses. Don’t prioritize your weaknesses to increase your strengths.
  29. 29. How to Use these Slides • Identify key emerging opportunities and risks that could impact your interest topics, sector, country, job etc. • Visit and search on the identified emerging opportunity or risk • Use the center panel grid to create immediate foresight reports, examine infographics and view evidence in detail and determine your collaborative response using best practice, collaborative futures tools in a few hours. 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 29
  30. 30. Free ST Demo. Workshop, Keynote or Executive Briefings and Facilitation Contact us for detailed help: Kerry Richardson +44 (0)1 273 832221 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 30
  31. 31. Thank you. Questions? 23/03/2019 All Rights Reserved - 31

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World Challenges is a first-of-its-kind, mathematical analysis of the most important, leading indicators of opportunities and threats facing the world today from aggregating >330,000 forecasts expressed as dynamic infographics.


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