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Marketing to Chinese Affluent Consumer by leveraging Social Media and Digital Marketing. Dragon Trail is the premier travel technology and marketing company to help travel brands from hotels to tourist boards to increase their brand awareness in China.

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Dragon Trail China Digital Marketing Summary Nov 2010

  1. 1. . com Relationships with: CHINA DIGITAL MARKETING PROGRAM
  3. 3. Lynn Li • Award-winning Communications and PR Expert -- Responsible for the communications execution of Regent Hotels and Park Plaza Hotels brands in China - Developed the Regent Beijing brand, by leveraging traditional and online PR techniques • Work experience in Singapore and China - worked for major tour operator Kuoni in Singapore, as well as hotels in both Singapore and China • Professional Translation Experience • Avid blogger on Chinese social media sites about travel and lifestyle • Educated in China and Holland Director of Cient Services & Chief Story Teller Responsible for Day-to-day client relationships DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM DRAGON TRAIL INFLUENCER MARKETING APPROACH
  4. 4. The Power of the Internet Community in China: Redefining the Brand/Consumer Relationship DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  6. 6. 6 • Online influencer marketing: creating buzz of the product so the client makes up the mind before visiting the travel agent • Chinese consumers heavily use the Internet to make purchase decisions • Travel agents in China recommend travel packages that they have either known or offer the best incentives if the consumer does not have a special destination in mind • To be in the consumers mind prior to contact a travel agent is the target • Have a relevant and engaging Chinese website, optimized for Chinese search engines and hosted in China, and leverage social media websites with touch points to drive traffic back to the website in order to spread the word about the brand , capture consumer data, and start communicating with the consumer to build a value-based relationship. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Consumer Strategy – How to win affluent Chinese Tourists
  7. 7. 7 GOAL: Increase Brand Awareness & Generate Demand – Guide Strategy Execution – Build a foundation for brand engagement (Social Media ready and Search Engine optimized Website for the Chinese Market) – Create online touch-points – Develop relevant content – Maintain, monitor, engage, and evaluate – Gain insights from data and social media – Combine and offline and online tactics – Drive campaigns that convert – Increase revenues Dragon Trail Digital Strategy Approach DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  8. 8. Dragon Trail Digital Strategy Planning DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  9. 9. 1. Relevant Brand Chinese Website 2. SEO Lifestyle & Regional Satellite Sites 3. Targeted Chinese Social Media Profiles 4. Content Syndication & Blogger Interaction 5. Mobile Presence Dragon Trail Multi-Touchpoint Ring Strategy DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  10. 10. Satellite Sites Campaign Pages Web Analytics Web Analytics Pull Marketing Push Marketing RSS Marketing Email Marketing CGM Marketing Blogs SNS Viral Marketing Web Optimization SEO Usability LPO Your Digital Site Web / Mobile External Efforts Conversion Zone Marketing Database PPC / SEM Affiliate Marketing Media Buying Widgets / Apps DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Dragon Trail China Online Marketing Platform
  11. 11. Platforms Understand Be useful Be live Videos: Youkou Images: Yupoo Micro-Blog: Sina Bookmark: Zhuaxia SNS: RenRen Social Space Networks Plan/iterateMeasure Active listening Aggregation Outreach Moderation APIs Dragon Trail Social Spaces Framework Principles Processes Widgets / tools EditorialOptimise assets M&S assets On-site UGC Connecting Research & Listen Curation Content DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  12. 12. 1. Determine the best possible market strategy to build brand awareness and reach the target audience 2. Develop a culturally- relevant Chinese Website, consistent with the brand message, optimized for Chinese search engines, designed for the Chinese target market, with engaging content, and hosted in China with state of the art technology. 3. Set-up profiles on targeted Chinese Social Media profiles, seed relevant content, engage with the audience, and monitor for brand reputation. 4. Execute an innovative social media campaign that drives traffic and captures consumer data, leveraged for future initiatives. 5. Interact with influential bloggers and manage Dragon Trail’s Familiarization Trip 2.0 Program, designed to create buzz about the brand. Dragon Trail Program Execution DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  13. 13. Strategic Focus & KPIs: 1. Brand Awareness 2. Relationships 3. Sales - Build relevant web presence - Develop engaging content - Increase touch-points online - Drive traffic of interested individuals - Focus on capturing relevant Consumer data Online (and Offline) - Leverage data to qualify via targeted offers - Refer potential guests to tour operators and travel agents - Test direct sales online
  14. 14. 1. Website hosting in China is critical in order to ensure organic local search engine optimization, and optimal accessibility. 2. Content development has to be relevant to the market, and straight translation may create dangerous content gaps. 3. Constant optimization of the social media landscape is critical in order to ensure content seeding, consumer engagement, and brand reputation. 4. Local representation, especially with intimate knowledge and relationships in the travel and internet space in China critical in order to ensure successful strategy execution. …in short: YOU NEED A TRUSTED LOCAL ADVISOR IN CHINA. A couple important points… DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  17. 17. 17 Sample Project Timeline Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 China Digital Marketing Program Data Gathering Content Development Website Development Contract Signing Blogger Engagement Social Media Set-Up Engagement Evaluation Content Audit, Content Development, Translation Information Architecture Relevant Website Design Social Media Site Set-up Content Seeding Ongoing Status Updates Strategy Development DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  18. 18. • Website developed consistent with brand message, aligned to English-language website, designed with cultural nuances in mind. • Website will be integrated with website measurement tools, as well as a dynamic content management system, and will be mobile-ready. • Chinese social media integration, as well as integration of engagement tools, including mapping, slide shows, video embedding, bookmarking, event calendar, internal search, Tell-a-Friend, online postcards, etc. • The website will encourage permission-based data capture to grow a powerful database that can be used for campaigns and building customer relationships. • Referral mechanism to travel trade partners (toll free number, contact form). • Please enquire about our Tourist Board DMO and SME Partner Program • Please discuss various online booking and transaction options We have developed a unique affiliate partner programs for: - Agencies all over the world looking to establish an online presence in China for their clients - Tourist Boards all over the world looking to establish an online presence in China for themselves and their industry partners - Large Hotels companies and consortia looking to establish online presence in China for their brand and their affiliated properties DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Chinese Website
  19. 19. • Set up profiles on three key social media websites, including a major video sharing site, a social network, and micro blog (Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter equivalents), including all necessary site application procedures and Chinese government approval processes. • Seeding of relevant content on these sites, based on the delivery of content and stories by the client. A healthy balance of stories with promotions is essential. We will leverage content from the corporate websites, from profiles on English-language social media sites (if available) as well as from partners. • Engaging with users to attempt to drive viral spread. This includes frequent checking-in on the profiles in order to respond to questions, monitor comments, and identify trends. • Protect the brand reputation of the client by being alert on specific comments, and avoid escalation of potential situations, especially offline occurrences related to client’s products and services. Comments will be carefully monitored and recorded, and provided with an approved response. • Via other channels (such as BBS, external sites, blogs, etc.), Dragon Trail will focus to acquire new fans and followers, to drive interest and buzz. SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN: • Development of a landing page for the campaign, integrated into the Chinese website. • Design a call to action, which should be focused on capturing customer data. • Integrate the campaign on the social media profiles, and attempt to get blogger engagement DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Chinese Social Media Marketing
  20. 20. • 70% Membership Discount of an enhanced listing on the soon to be re-launched Go10000.com (Go10000 was one of the first travel search engines in China, first launched back in 2005 Visit: http://www.eyefortravel.com/node/9503 & http://tinyurl.com/267rsg8) • Go10000 will fill a void for Chinese consumers to search for domestic and international hotels, destinations, cruises, tours, leveraging sophisticated taxonomy, mapping, and search technology, enabling Chinese consumers to find information about travel products and services in Chinese language, by being able to search using detailed keywords. A powerful branding and demand generation tool for companies. • Go10000 will be re-launched in the end of 2010 as the “Official Chinese Travel Search Engine”, and will be fully optimized for Chinese search engines, and drive traffic directly to the Go10000 members websites (preferably Chinese websites). • Go10000 will feature its own social media profiles on major and niche social media websites in China, as well as various BBS. • Go10000 will have its own mobile website and mobile applications (China had 800 Million mobile users by July 2010, and over 40 Million people that access the Internet only on mobile devices). • Content translation and content publishing , as well as tagging will all be included. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM New Media Channel: Go10000.com
  21. 21. APPENDIX
  23. 23. 23 China Outbound Travel 25,330.9 40,891.4 5,643.2 11,174.0 3,151.4 4,808.4 1,216.2 1,834.7 0 10,000 20,000 30,000 40,000 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007p 2008f 2009f 2010f 2011f 0 2,000 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000TotalOutbound Travel TotalLong-haulTravel Data from China National Tourism Office and Global Insight – Global Travel Navigator May 2008 DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Travel Motivation • Rising Incomes • Easier to get visas, hard currency and passports • Travelling abroad for business and education inspires them to return to the same destinations for leisure • Travel (especially to Europe) as a status symbol • In-depth travel is becoming more popular than multi- country packages • Status, novelty, culture, shopping, time, cost, food Travel Needs • Safety of a destination • Ease of getting a visa • Other factors: -Natural Scenic Beauty -Well-known landmarks -Friendly local people But… • Good Chinese food not always available • Quality level not according to Chinese expectations
  24. 24. China Outbound Tourism 2010: Greater interest in in-depth travels by Chinese travellers: • The survey of the China Tourism Academy 2009/2010 shows that Chinese tour operators are increasing their range of products, meeting the growing demand for more sophisticated travel offers from Chinese customers. • Niche market and special interest products gain opportunities to attract Chinese visitors. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Published in cooperation with the China Tourism Academy (CTA) and the China Outbound Tourism Research Institute (COTRI)
  25. 25. Source: Digital Influence Index 2010 – Fleichman Hillard & Harris Interactive DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  26. 26. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM 420 million Internet users in July 2010, representing 30% of the Chinese population Most engaged country online: 92 % contributed to social media 85% of Chinese online users approve Internet Censorship More bloggers in China than in Europe and USA combined Source: CNNIC; Trendspotting; Forester; iResearch CHINA INTERNET USERS HAVE GROWN BY 1500% SINCE 2000 The Internet is their most important information source for 84.3% of netizens
  27. 27. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM China has 21% of the global internet population – USA: 13% / Europe: 22% / Asia: 43% Total Global Internet Users: 1,8 Billion / Europe: 425 Mill. / North America: 260 Mill. / India: 82 Mill.
  28. 28. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Online Travel Research in China Source: Nielsen, 2009
  29. 29. China’s digital media landscape is dominated by local players. Governmentcensorship Localplayersappeal todomesticusers DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  30. 30. Source: Chinese Social Technographics Revealed, 2009/01/23 Source: New 2008 Social Technographics data reveals rapid growth in adoption, 2008/10/20 CHINA SOCIAL MEDIA DOMINATES THE US: Chinese netizens are more engaged in creating/sharing content DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  31. 31. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Source: Digital Influence Index 2010 – Fleichman Hillard & Harris Interactive
  32. 32. “Social Media is the most influential communications medium in modern China” Two-thirds of surveyed public affairs executives – Edelman Media Influence Survey, November 2009
  33. 33. CASE STUDIES
  41. 41. Banff National Park Chinese Web Site and Social Media marketing Case Study
  42. 42. • No advertising (paid search, banner advertising, print) • Promotion via Chinese Social Media only • 90 % Viral Spread (over 90% of people who registered on were invited to join by their friends who had already signed up). Registrations including name, email, mobile phone) • After Week 1: 6,500 visits / 3,000 registrations • After Week 2: 30,000 visits / 8,000 registrations • After Week 3: 75,000 visits / 37,000 registrations • After Week 4: over 100,000 visits / over 50,000 registrations • After Week 6: 180,000 visits / 90,000 registrations DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Case Study: Canadian Rockies Social Media Contest
  47. 47. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Micro-blog: http://t.sina.com.cn/canadianrockies DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  49. 49. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Video Sharing: http://u.youku.com/user_video/id_UMjQ5ODk5MjMy.html DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  54. 54. MOBILEE-MARKETING LOCALIZED CONTENT RELEVANCY STRATEGY TECHNOLOGY SOCIAL MEDIA Dragon Trail Team Founded by international leading experts in social media, e-tourism and travel technology- Recognized for most innovative new service for China Outbound Tourism DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM The Senior Team, led by the founders, consists of top experts, having worked in leading social media sites in China, headed PR/Communications for global luxury hotel brands in China, and having spearheaded the expansion of western travel businesses into China, and worked for English-Chinese translation companies. Advisors include the most senior experts in travel and tourism for China and globally.
  55. 55. JENS THRAENHART 晏子 • Award-winning working experience - National Tourism Organization (Headed up Marketing Strategy and E-Business/CRM for the Canadian Tourism Commission) - Luxury Hotel and Vacation Ownership Industry (Headed e-Commerce for Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, and Marketing/CRM for Fairmont Heritage Place) • Consulting experience with Hotel Companies and Destination Marketing Organizations - Global Client List includes organizations in Canada, USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Pacific • Company Start-up Experience -Started three online travel ventures, and founded four online travel conferences and e-Tourism Awards - Editor and avid blogger (TourismInternetMarketing.com & DestinationExperiences.com) -Co-Founded global travel blogging community (Tips from the T-List) & Canadian e-Tourism Council • Industry Awarded for marketing and sales excellence and recognition for Travel e-Commerce - Won several awards in website design and e-marketing, and is listed as one of the ‘Top 25 Most Extraordinary Sales and Marketing Minds in Hospitality and Travel’ in 2004 and 2005, and was recognized as one of the ‘travel industry’s top 100 rising stars’ by Travel Agent Magazine in 2003. • Solid relationships with industry associations, such as UNWTO, PATA, HSMAI, HEDNA, IFITT, ETC, IOETI. • Highly Educated: Graduated with an MBA from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. Co-Founder & Chief Strategist, Responsible for Strategy and Business Development DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  56. 56. GEORGE CAO 曹志刚 • Award-winning working experience in China and USA -Developed Revenue Management systems and provided RM consulting to leading hospitality companies including Choice Hotels, Omni Hotels, La Quinta Inns and Harrah's Entertainment - Holds a US patent in Event Revenue Management - Developed travel distribution technologies for WorldRES and Search Party - Created and evangelized cutting edge internet technologies in Silicon Valley • Consulting experience with Hotel Companies and Online Travel and Technology Companies - Global Client List includes organizations in USA and Asia Pacific always with the goal to increase revenues and increase consumer engagement and loyalty • Company Start-up Experience -Founded online travel ventures, including SearchParty.com (USA), and Go10000.com (China) • Graduated with an MBA from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. Co-Founder & Chief Technologist, Responsible for Operations and Technology DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  57. 57. Advisors: DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM Professor Geoffrey Lipman • Former Assistant Secretary-General of UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), until 2010. • The first President of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), between 1990 to 1999. • Executive Director of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), from 1966 to 1985. • Adjunct Professor at Victoria University (Australia) and Griffith University (Australia) as well as Senior Research Fellow at George Washington University (USA). • Moderated the Davos Conference on Climate Change and Tourism and the subsequent Ministerial Summit; and served as 2007 Chair of the UN Communications Group. Professor Dr. Wolfgang Arlt • Founder and director of the COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute. • Engaged in European-Chinese business and tourism relations for 35 years and visited the People’s Republic of China more than 100 times, starting in 1978. • Professor for Tourism Economics at West Coast University of Applied Sciences in Germany, and Visiting Professor at several Chinese and European universities, as well as Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (London). • Named as the “preeminent global researcher on China Outbound Tourism”.
  58. 58. "As a global hotel group we recognize the importance of maintaining unique social media strategies for each target market. The Chinese social media landscape is unlike any other in the world, and for that reason we sought the expertise of Dragon Trail. With years of social media marketing experience combined with an in-depth understanding of the Chinese travel industry, Dragon Trail has been instrumental to our social media success in China.“ Kristin Ruble, Vice President Marketing Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Testimonials DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM "China is a very promising but also complex market and we are happy that we have partnered with Dragon Trail to build and maintain our brand presence and engage with the Chinese online community. They created a comprehensive online marketing program for our destination, including a captivating and flexible website, presence on major social media sites, engaging online contest and much more. The Dragon Trail team's high efficiency, passion and knowledge of Chinese web and social media space is invaluable for the success of our online presence in China." Julie Canning, President & Chief Executive Officer Banff Lake Louise Tourism, Canada
  60. 60. 1. Developing a culturally relevant web presence, including am engaging website, and possible satellite sites and blogs in order to increase touch-points and visibility. 2. Leveraging existing and developing relevant content to be published on the website(s). 3. Setting up profiles on various social media websites, including image sharing, video sharing, social networks, as well as blogs on prominent portals and websites. 4. Maintain a consistent and interesting presence on the Chinese social web, including publishing relevant content, monitoring comments, responding to comments, and engage on other relevant social media profiles, in order to increase fans and followers, awareness, and traffic. 5. Syndicate branded content to third party sites, such as travel agency websites, lifestyle sites, blogs, communities, BBS forums, and more. 6. Drive traffic by executing online marketing techniques, such as online advertising, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, and other online marketing campaigns such as contests, and sponsored partner marketing. Possibly integrate offline tactics to the execution, such as offline advertising, trade and media relations, as well as events. 7. Leveraging relationships with bloggers and celebrities in order to engage in innovative influencer marketing to generate content and assist in the decision making process of potential customers. 8. Integrate various technology applications, based on strategy, such as e-Learning, online community, individual trip planning, group trip planning, meta search, booking engine, and others in order to further increase engagement and drive conversion. 9. Leverage the huge mobile opportunity in China, including applications (Android, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone platforms) and mobile websites, as well as mobile advertising to further increase engagement. 10. Listen by aggregating brand sentiments from thousands of social media sites, blogs, and forums to measure and understand consumer perceptions and trends. Dragon Trail Influencer Marketing Program
  61. 61. 1. Insight: Social Voices Extracting brand sentiments from millions of consumer reviews across the Internet in China. We then turn that knowledge into action, shaping campaigns to increase awareness, revenues, and data capture. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  62. 62. Design Your Own Trip User Feedback User Blogs User Video DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM 2. Relevant Chinese Website Presence Development
  63. 63. 3. Chinese Social Engagement Automation 1. Online Trip Planning Application If travelers book your travel related product online, you have a great opportunity to engage them in pre-trip planning and post- trip sharing with a white label solution backed by advanced technologies and services. 2. Social Engagement Tools Besides maintaining your existing Chinese websites, we can develop custom social networks and communities, forums and blogs, online games, as well as widgets that encourages your consumers to engage with your content, and create a viral loop that spreads around and creates buzz. These tools are designed to achieve certain objectives, such as capturing data, increasing awareness, or referring leads and booking travel. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  64. 64. 4. Chinese Digital Marketing Campaigns Holistic Campaign Execution Complete digital campaign execution from planning to measurement, understanding the target market based on goals and budget, and focused on achieving the highest possible ROI (Return on Investment) and ROE (Return on Engagement). DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  65. 65. 5. Grass-roots Local Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing If on our network of partner websites and blogs, or via platforms such as micro- blogging (i.e. Twitter), or writing on our own lifestyle cluster websites, blogs, and wikis, we ensure that your message gets out to the targeted audience, the “old- fashioned way”, by crafting customized messages and posting them manually. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  66. 66. 6. Influencer Marketing Influencer Marketing via Blogger Relations Leveraging extensive relationships with the Chinese celebrity blogging community, we organize highly targeted and specific Blogger Fam Trip Tours of Chinese bloggers to destinations globally, in order to tap into networks of influencers to increase brand awareness. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  67. 67. 7. Online Advertising Chinese Online Travel Advertising Leveraging our relationships to allow travel companies to place media on Chinese portals, travel and lifestyle websites, social networks, and blogs. Search Engine Marketing Bidding on relevant and competitive keywords on Chinese search engines, such as Baidu, Yahoo and Google China, are important to get traffic to the various websites and online campaigns. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  68. 68. 8. Affiliate Marketing Providing incentives for websites and bloggers to feature sponsored content and write stories about the brand’s products and services, are vital to get the word out and build strong relationships. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  69. 69. 9. Mobile Marketing We create mobile websites and applications specifically designed for a Chinese mobile foot print. Typical mobile websites contain 15-20 pages including animated photo galleries, one click direct dial to the travel suppliers and links to popular social media sites. Additionally, special coding to automatically detects and redirect visitors using Apple iPhones, Nokia, Android, and Blackberry devices, or other mobile platforms. To display the most appropriate website rendering, all seamlessly to the user. A customized Mobile Content Management System (M-CMS) enabling clients to easily modify their mobile website in real time. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  70. 70. Additional Client Benefits
  71. 71. RELEVANT SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING TARGETED SEARCH & DIGITAL ADVERTISING UNMATCHED EXPERTISE INTERNATIONAL CLIENT LIST “…Dragon Trail has been vital to our social media success in China.“ “…Dragon Trail team's high efficiency, passion and knowledge of Chinese web and social media space is invaluable for the success of our online presence in China." ENGAGING CHINA-HOSTED WEBSITES AWARD-WINNING SERVICES & CAMPAIGNS TOURISM INDUSTRY AFFILIATIONS REASONS TO PARTNER WITH IN CHINA
  72. 72. WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE CHINESE TRAVEL MARKET? www.ChinaTravelTrends.com (Twitter: @CnTravelTrends) - Published by Dragon Trail & COTRI Access the latest trends on ChinaTravelTrends.com and join the online community for free.
  73. 73. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM All Clients will receive free access to the ChinaTravelTrends.com Premium Section (includes a collection of hundreds of reports)
  74. 74. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM All Clients will receive a free Essential China Travel Trends Book With forewords from UNWTO, WTTC, and PATA “… Already the world’s fourth most visited destination today, by 2020, China is expected to become the leading international tourism destination and the fourth largest outbound travel market. This comprehensive study of travel trends in China provides invaluable insights into one of the fastest growing travel and tourism markets in the world." Taleb Rifai - Secretary General, World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
  75. 75. DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM All Clients get discounted access to China Travel Social Media Boot Camps (DT also organizes company-specific seminars upon request, and is available for speaking engagements world-wide.) “This was a very important and insightful seminar, organized by Dragon Trail. Social Media in China looks very complex and like a whole lot of work, but then again, people are talking with or without us - so we are definitely better off if we take part and try to influence it." Oliver Sedlinger - China Director, German National Tourist Board (DZT) Select Speaking Engagements (2009-2010):
  77. 77. . com Get insights & trends: www.DragonTrail.com www.ChinaTravelTrends.com Twitter: @CnTravelTrends Join our Community: www.Community.ChinaTravelTrends.com BEIJING - SHANGHAI E-Mail: Jens@DragonTrail.com Relationships with: