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Astronaut is an integrated marketing agency, providing a multi-discipline service for the world wide tourism industry with the aim to attract more Chinese travelers.

Our international experienced team of marketing professionals, managed by Austrian Astronaut founder Michael Kaltenhauser, provides a high standard of quality work and reliable services in China.

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Astronaut - a tourism marketing company

  1. 1. Tourism Marketing AgencyAstronauta tourism marketing company
  2. 2. Who we are
  3. 3. Who we areAstronaut is an integrated marketing agency,providing a multi-discipline service for theworld wide tourism industry with the aim toattract more Chinese travelers.Our Job:Making Chinesetravelers love you!
  4. 4. Who we areOur strength Western strategic Building thinking & outstanding Chinese market and creative knowledge solutions Deep links to the Chinese tourism industry
  5. 5. Who we areOur offer Writing, article releases and monitoring PR strategies Media partnerships and evaluation Brand building marketing Social networking marketing Online PR and advertising Online marketing Crises and reputation management Mobile marketing Print advertising Advertising Viral and guerilla advertising Media schedules Industry relationship Travel industry Travel trade events Direct marketing and newsletters Road-shows Events Industry and media events Shows, openings and welcome events Online monitoring Market research, focus groups Research and reports Street interviews, vox pops Market forecasts/development Graphic and advertising design Design Brochures and newsletters Online and mobile applications
  6. 6. Who we areOur clients
  7. 7. Our work
  8. 8. Events Multi media TV quiz show like event for the Polish Tourism Board, including actors acting as famous Polish people, live broadcasted quiz show and mobile phone price draw.
  9. 9. Turkey event withbiggest 3D image(Bosporus Bridge)produced for tourismevent. Further wishingtree for visitors to leavetheir travel ideas, withintegrated price draw togain email addresses. Email follow up with over 30% opening rates.
  10. 10. Media events Email invitation Press release and to our travel agent media monitoring and media contactsPress and travel industryevent for the PortugueseTourist Board, includinginviting with follow up,running the event withgala dinner and mediamonitoring.
  11. 11. Advertising Tourism Marketing Agency Headline: “Some moments you’ll never forget” Copy: “Today has been so magical, I’m surrounded by beauty, in the clear ocean and on the land above. I only wish it could last forever, as I hope my memories will.”
  12. 12. Advertising Tourism Marketing Agency Headline: “Some moments you’ll never forget” Copy: “Crossing Bosporus bridge yesterday, Biyu said ‘isn’t it amazing, like Asia holding hands with Europe’, we both laughed. Neither of us will be able to forget this trip for a long time.”
  13. 13. Advertising
  14. 14. Logo design & advertising Tourism Marketing Agency
  15. 15. PR Media coverage for traveling topics all over China in travel, lifestyle and luxury magazines.
  16. 16. Social networking site Social networking and blogging/ microblogging activities for various tourism boards, including one of China’s best known wine blog and microblog.
  17. 17. iPad applicationDeveloping iPad app for a European tourism board.
  18. 18. Online reputation management Astronaut monitors web activities for tourism boards on the Chinese internet. The process is done with a self developed software which registers all movements on blog, forum, Q&A and news pages. On a daily basis new posts are checked and are given a sentiment for further statistics and online marketing involvement.
  19. 19. Online reputation management Astronaut engages in peer-to-peer conversations on the Chinese internet. The main aim is to increase the positive overall sentiment about a destination or company. The sophisticated engaging process increases immediately, and measurable, a positive mood in the internet community and brings wanted posts to the top of search result pages (example above, boxed in results)
  20. 20. Invitation
  21. 21. Brochure
  22. 22. Magazine
  23. 23. Promotion material
  24. 24. Gift production
  25. 25. a tourism marketing companyQifaPlasa,No.2 Anwaishenggu Rd.ChaoYang DistrictBeijing 100 029ChinaTelephone: +86 (0)10 644 546 50Email: info@astronaut-travel.comWebsite: www.astronaut-travel.comBlog: