19 Mini Productivity Hacks For A Simple (But An Awesome) Day


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When a problem is large or complex, and the optimal solution is unclear, applying simple mini productivity hacks allow you to begin making progress towards a solution even though you can’t visualize the entire path from your starting point.

Consider these productivity hacks a reminder.

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19 Mini Productivity Hacks For A Simple (But An Awesome) Day

  1. 19 Mini Productivity Hacks For An Awesome Day Thomas Oppong
  2. 1 “It’s not knowing what to do, it’s doing what you know.” ~ Tony Robbins Alltopstartups.com
  3. 2 Daily goals. Without a clear focus, it’s too easy to succumb to distractions. Alltopstartups.com
  4. 3 Worst first. To defeat procrastination, learn to tackle your most unpleasant task first thing in the morning. Alltopstartups.com
  5. 4 Peak times. Identify your peak cycles of productivity, and schedule your most important tasks for those times. Alltopstartups.com
  6. 5 Mini-milestones. When you begin a task, identify the target you must reach before you can stop working. Alltopstartups.com
  7. 6 Time boxing. Give yourself a fixed time period, like 30 minutes, to make a dent in a task. Alltopstartups.com
  8. 7 Deadline. Set a deadline for task completion, and use it as a focal point to stay on track. Alltopstartups.com
  9. 8 Resonance. Visualize your goal as already accomplished. Put yourself into a state of actually being there. Alltopstartups.com
  10. 9 Slice and dice. Break complex projects into smaller, well-defined tasks. Focus on completing just one of those tasks. Alltopstartups.com
  11. 10 Single-handling. Once you begin a task, stick with it until it’s 100% complete. Don’t switch tasks in the middle. Alltopstartups.com
  12. 11 30 days. Identify a new habit you’d like to form, and commit to sticking with it for just 30 days (you will be amazed) Alltopstartups.com
  13. 12 Do it now! (That should be your mantra) Recite this phrase over and over until you’re so sick of it. Alltopstartups.com
  14. 13 Be Proactive. Just do it, and deal with the consequences later. It’s easier to request forgiveness than permission. Alltopstartups.com
  15. 14 Declutter. Remove all distractions. A clean, simplified workspace can help you focus on a single tasks at a time. Alltopstartups.com
  16. 15 To-do lists: You’re only productive if you are doing work that moves you towards a goal. Create a not-to-do list for a change. Alltopstartups.com
  17. 16 Do less. Doing less will make you happier, because your life won’t be so hectic and filled with stress. Alltopstartups.com
  18. 17 Prioritise. Determine (at least) the three most important things you can do with your day, and making those a priority. Alltopstartups.com
  19. 18 Review your goals. Review them at least monthly, but weekly is better. Take actionable steps to achieve them. Alltopstartups.com
  20. 19 Single-task. Stop multi-tasking (seriously, stop!), at least not on a day- to-day basis. Instead, focus on one task at a time. Alltopstartups.com
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