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5 minutes talk about Datomic main features

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  1. 1. Database of flexible, time-based facts,supporting queries and joins, with elastic scalability,and ACID transactions.  Christophe Marchal
  2. 2. Rich Hickey
  3. 3. DatomEntity/Attribute/Value/Transaction "John likes pizza" (T42) Entity: John Attributes: likes Value: pizza T42: transaction 42
  4. 4. Schema{:db/id #db/id[:db.part/db] :db/ident :community/name :db/valueType :db.type/string :db/cardinality :db.cardinality/one :db/fulltext true :db/doc "A communitys name" :db.install/_attribute :db.part/db}
  5. 5. Datom{:community/category ["members of the Alki Community Counciland residents of the Alki Beach neighborhood"], :community/orgtype :community.orgtype/community, :community/type :community.type/email-list, :db/id #db/id[:db.part/user -1000009], :community/name "Alki News", :community/url"",:community/neighborhood #db/id[:db.part/user -1000008]}
  6. 6. Datalog
  7. 7. Database functions
  8. 8. Thank you!@toff63