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Top Tweeting Politicians


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Shane Farrell, Now Lebanon reporter wrote about the infogrphics of Lebanese Politicians with issue monthly.

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Top Tweeting Politicians

  1. 1. Friday, July 27, 2012 | 15:56 Beirut Subscribe to NOW Lebanon RSS feedsBLOGTop tweeting politiciansPosted by: Shane Farrell shareFriday, July 27. 2012(Photo via clever people at Think Media Labs have put together the neat info graph picturedabove (or here) detailing the Twitter activity levels of different Lebanese politicians in June,2012. The info graph includes numbers of tweets, followers, replies and other data, and givesan interesting insight into how Lebanon’s politicos are engaging with the tech-savvy plebs.Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui topped last month’s leaderboard with over 150tweets, March 14 Secretariat member and founding member of the Democratic RenewalMovement Antoine Haddad was placed second, while Kataeb bloc MP Nadim Gemayel tookthird spot and earned the accolade of most social politician, due to his relatively high numberof replies.The most followed politician remains former Prime Minister Saad Hariri (with over 150,000followers), who fell from top spot in terms of the most prolific Twitter user in May to ninthspot in June, one behind Progressive Socialist Party leader Walid Jumblatt.Interestingly, while Christian, Sunni and Druze politicians (or their aids) are busy busting outtweets, Shia politicians have not – at least yet – embraced the Twittosphere, according to theinfo graph.Oh, and if you get tired of checking out showbiz for the uglies, the (far more followed)beautiful people’s Twitter trends in June can be seen here.