data mining sliding mode controller human computer interaction robot manipulator expert system chattering phenomenon fuzzy logic adaptive methodology fuzzy logic methodology kinect neural network neural networks classification remote sensing usability fpga mobile robot computed torque controller information visualization participatory design. natural interaction particle swarm optimization clustering decision making knowledge natural language processing decision tree visualization trust artificial intelligence prediction gis blinking gaze estimation human computer interaction. ergonomics rula construction open and distance education entrepreneurship virtual business planning supply chain value creation product design perception loyalty performance inventory offset success factors case study case study. regenerative process. desalination plant software cost estimation mobile phone aesthetics agile methodologies maintainability factors learning robust controller vhdl language petri nets path planning adaptive method sliding mode fuzzy controller robotics position control method puma 560 robot manipulator estimation reliability biped robot response surface methodology surface roughness average statistical toolbox matlab programming simplification brent’s method data preprocessing information retrieval tacit knowledge knowledge management decision support systems fp-ail health database frequent pattern precision recall query optimization morphology named entity information extraction solar energy red tide fiber content nitrogen content sensor network mobile technology flow field flame kernel partial premixed flame piv machine learning autonomous navigation liquid state machine pulsed neural networks electric energy demand svm tunable gain fuzzy logic controller back propagation b2c anfis feature selection knowledge based systems collocation extraction fuzzy set theory fuzzy controller ahp fuzzy expert systems image processing genetic algorithm reinforcement learning confusion matrix artificial neural network urban planning land use change sliding window feature extraction desktop web browser widget java swing color image 3d hand posture estimation model-based approach gesture recognition machine vision camera mouse keyboard shortcuts neck fatigue mouse events troubleshooting deaf-blind arabic sign language arabic moon code web accessibility web system interactivity eye arc gabor filter purkinje image cornea curvature computer input with human eyes only eyeball rotation tam perceived enjoyment social presence flow mobile multimedia flexible learning collaborative learning knowledge repository pnml ubiquitous environment formal specification human-computer interaction ontology sign signal translation system altera de2 board mathematical morphology electrocardiography(e-cog) brain machine interface electroencephalogram(emg) brain computer interface(bci) steady state visual evoked potential concept(ssvep aging population senior citizens visual technique pleasing proportion balance economy predictability team virtual communication web-applications quality metrics usability guidelines usability problems automated usability evaluation robot arm control computer input by human eyes only speech corpus text editor signal comparator incremental growth suggestion list unsupervised learning word ambiguity word sense disambiguation supervised training fuzzy inference system for asr asr parameters optimization asr performance ubiquitous asr system multi-environmental training vertical interleaving image quuality assesment interface website workflow monitoring productive lines collaboration hand tracking and segmentation human computer interface hand gesture recognition static gestures gesture recognition system dynamic gestures gesture features web search engine ranking algorithm result relevancy. evaluation of web search engine adaptive framework educational domain domain specific inspection (dsi) user testing (ut) heuristic evaluation (he) kinesthetic display. pen-based interaction numerical data visually impaired virtual interfaces audinect blind user centered design design patterns. human computer interaction (hci) users open source software (oss) social networking satisfaction partial least squares structural equation modeling user interface styles graphical user interface (gui) graphical software application. command line interface (cli) k. vision impaired pie chart gnuplot function graph graphicreader. line chart text to speech bar chart robot control user interface robot user interface mobile exploratory robot. electrooculography plancherel features feed forward network parseval features time delay neural network. personal assistant system instant messaging hci design methodology. large sports events user participation it innovation acceptance mobile transaction mobile usability ann classifier. fuzzy c-means clustering academic qualtiy academia quality perception disruptive technologies innovation new technology development information privacy and security innovation management inland waterways risk environmental prevention collision intuitionistic fuzzy w-compactness intuitionistic fuzzy w-open sets intuitionistic fuzzy w-connectedness intuitionistic fuzzy w-closed sets intuitionistic fuzzy w-continuous mappings. intuitionistic fuzzy topolgy mirror graphs edge graceful labeling e-cordial labeling biopsy mri breast lesión finite element fe 3-equitable graph np-complete embedding ergonomics evaluation musculoskeletal disorders workstation design transdermal patch clustering algorithm therapeutic classification mark safety of medicinal use computer aided systems work place design computer ergonomics. self instruction module lifting low back pain block moulding back pain expert reba student school workshop working posture public wudu place motion capture posture evaluation index ergonomics. virtual environment school. measurement posture sitting video dynamic owas. safe harmful working postures indonesian children anthropometry two stage cluster analysis. standard size for clothes factor analysis garment industry emg. screw driving task stroke rotation topsis method assessment european foundation for quality management (efqm) balanced score card (bsc) total quality management (tqm) flexible modality perceived organizational support turnover empirical safety climate r&d earnings management institutional investors retail e-tailing e-retailing in india e business e commerce online store market segmentation design decision tool target user group analysis management system models and frameworks best practice compromise programming permutation flowshop multi-criteria scheduling satisfaction functions manager’s preferences three-step procedure production skilled-labor productivity improvement manufacturing process analysis customer car buying behaviour comprehension visual element product packaging scor model toc social media facebook 2011 egyptian revolution customer lifetime value (clv) e-commerce relationships customer segmentation customer's behavior net present value (npv) crm effectiveness data envelopment analysis relative efficiency frontier analysis business training occupational characteristics dispositional characteristics work-family facilitation family satisfaction intention to stay evaluation model technology transfer university industry research collaboration evaluation metrics success criteria regression model logistic internet banking benefits turnover intentions benefits satisfaction e-commerce mathematical programming petroleum distribution performance measure productivity efficiency bid and ask prices pessimism and optimism indices extended gini index corporate jester humor diversity management organizational change inclusion affective experience antecedents affective well-being workplace environment csr conceptualisation business ethics corporate social responsibility strategic planning innovation strategy marketing strategy design strategy indonesia actor network theory smes computer based ais adoption construction industry indigenous contractor nigeria performance and output motivational strategies employees bank merger and acquisition stress management legitimation isomorphism institutional formalism institutionalization formalism financial reporting corporate governance financial institutions perfornance information sharing collaborative supply chain superior collaboration dhaka stock exchange bangladesh capital structure leverage firm’s specific factors designer¡¦s attitude q-methodology information aggregation markets itsm pmf itil v3 service management. korea. perceived quality tea and coffee consumer attitude fishbien’s model pricing business competitiveness single market fruits and vegetables business alliances employee empowermen appraisal system training and development employee retention. compensation small and medium enterprises internal control fraud economic growth economic perfomance it bid price transportation procurement combinatorial auction a bid-to-cost ratio bidding strategies optimization problem challenges opportunities risk exposure rural market indian banking doctor color form package pharmaceutical business business network prediction models. corporate failure industrial sickness literature review. open innovation practices open innovation process open innovation website technique consumer preference eye tracking. causal maps cause-and-effect relationships system dynamics strategy maps performance management expert knowledge interview techniques npd performance. strategic innovation co-creation engagement leadership style. human relations export performance firm characteristics export marketing strategy medical disposable products malaysia reorder point order quantity abc classification system continuous review customer satisfaction customer expectation service quality customer perception banking service job provider. crowd sourcing hiring on demand remote work job seeker non-homogeneous poisson process payment crisis swarm intelligence systemic congestion the more pressure it takes in payment system. the scale of bank system has a positive relationsh the more efficient inter-bank payment system is re with the highly development of information technol because the larger scale of the bank mind-map. relationship variables job design comparisons on ads ?advertising effect ?ideal bran countermeasures. bottlenecks tourism cruise industry offset-affected business areas. participating companies periodic review spare part abc method. saudi arabian offset projects. manufacturing organizations. performance measurement scm luxgen differential threshold stimulation self-owned brand botswana. consumer sophistication counterfeiting comic frame extraction content adaptation text extraction e-comic mobile application pinna hrir hrtf model binaural entropy cost discounted cash-flow trade credit and how post deteriorated discounted entropic orde which reveals important characteristics of discoun this paper uses fuzzy arithmetic approach to the s statitical computing and simulation computational statistics theory and applications of statistics and probabil quadratic inference function newton-raphson jacobian anova desirability function specific cutting energy metal matrix composites mathematics misclassifications. pooling tests re-specificity pool sensitivity simple random sampling with replacement (srswr) probability proportional to the size without repla probability proportional to the size with replacem simple random sampling without replacement (srswor line diagram boxplot share market statistical graphics epidemic malaria modelling discrete approximate solution continuous approximate solution cubic spline interpolant semi- markov failures maintenance split loglogistic model. split population model logistic loglogistic model mean time to system failure centrifuge system profit markov process and regenerative point technique. neglected faults expected uptime survival time the kaplan meier method cox regression method. optimal exploration methodology scientific computing whole universe system inexhaustible explorations and limited exploration historically statistical analysis inverse design of universe system semi – markov repairs minor/major failures returns 20 share index t-location scale. leptokurtosis tail interdependence multi-criteria decision making software architecture analytic network process (anp) selection of software architecture styles zero-one goal programming (zogp) open source software bugs failure rate failure density open source defect management free software web service selection web semantics service composition quality of service template reusability inheritance object-oriented metrics generic programming three-tier client server system optimal release policy software reliability growth model fuuzy mde mde_at urban traffic system effort estimation particle swarm optimization algorithm (psoa) fuzzy estimate requirement engineering multi-site software development customer-off-the-shelf (cots) meta-search engine merge web search ranking meta-search software effort estimation system testing regression testing integration testing unit testing acceptance testing nhpp software reliability parameter eestimation pareto type ii distribution wml mobile data wap oil well rig consistency clarity threat modeling secure tropos security attack scenarios suppliers selection association rule mining support confidence processing time technical writer software documentation scrum nasa u.s. doe solr ornl daac scientific data indexing mercury search system personality profiles human factors software engineering (se) myers-briggs type indicator (mbti) software development projects quality assurance software testing software inspection translator software development environment multi-paradigm distributed ag-ile kyte building trust team communication graph transformation modeling mobility labeled reconfigurable nets software maintenance standard code quality of lines of code source code stereopsis algorithm. spreadsheet python cross cutting concerns. aspect oriented programming programming barrier programming education novice programmer clean architecting quality attributes software architecting agile software development light architecting. refactoring agent-oriented programming agent-oriented methodologies. computer agents software engineering sdlc rup uml. oosp eup mle spc ungrouped data. log-power cochlear implant diagonal detecting harmonic structure lines detecting matrix narma-l2 controller speed trajectory robotic arm nonlinear multivariable system cartesian velocity orbit-planning parameter planar robot high-precision meter importing error calibration reading camera lenses position kinematics model behaviour-based navigation cooperative multi-agent system id3 algorithm role assignment humanoid robot android evolution of humanoid robot history of androids mobile robots immune system mapping artificial intelligence controller fuzzy logic theory classical controller puma robot manipulator nonlinear controller internal combustion engine proposed fuzzy estimator variable structure contro fuzzy backstepping controller variable structure controller lyapunov based controller fuzzy sliding mode based lyapunov algorithm mathematical tunable mimo fuzzy estimator descriptor systems fuzzy model fault lyapunov based fuzzy estimator sliding mode algori nonlinear fuzzy saturation like method sliding mode fuzzy algorithm fuzzy sliding mode algorithm robot arm adaptive sliding mode fuzzy algorithm fuzzy slidi mechatronic system nonlinear system sliding mode controller. robotic system classical control non-classical control adaptive fuzzy computed torque controller dof inverse kinematics manipulator robot inverse kinematic levenbrge marquite human arm tachogenerator atmega8l microcontroller pwm h-bridge pmdc motor dc chopper computed torque like controller fuzzy sliding mode controller nonlinear robust controller visual servoing face detection humanoid head human-robot interaction active control lqg nonlinear cutting force orthogonal cutting nonlinear arx model discrete sampling behavior analysis reactive navigation multi-target operations teleoperation multi-agent systems nonlinear dynamics system (nds) rayleigh oscillator central pattern generator (cpg) yobotics genetic algorithm (ga) intelligent gait oscillation detector (igod) constant volts per hertz torque speed curve induction motor drive state-space model dq transformation manufacturing process control robotic systems implementation voronoi diagram fast marching forward adaptive control adaptive systems inverse control fuzzy neural control robot control robot navigation voice recognition child monitoring household robots autonomous robots linear systems modified routh’s table aperiodic stability analaysis complex roots of a polynomial sign pair criterion i and ii robot manipulators position control global asymptotic stability lyapunov function sliding surface gain unstructured model uncertainties baseline error-based tuning sliding mode controlle fuzzy on-line tune sliding mode fuzzy controller lyapunov- based error-based tuning method gain updating factor linear on-line tuning method linear inner loop gain nonlinear control matlab/simulink sliding mode control sound card underwater acoustic communications multiple underwater vehicles sliding mode fuzzy auto tuning sliding mode fuzzy controller sliding mode fuzzy methodology inverse dynamic controller sliding mode fuzzy adaptive inverse dynamic fuzzy inverse dynamic fuzzy controller feedback linearization fuzzy controller fuzzy adaptive feedback linearization fuzzy method feedback linearization controller portable test controller (ptc) automated test system. automation labview actuator and smart controller unit (scu) electro-hydraulic (eh) state-dependent riccati equation singularly perturbed systems single link flexible joint robot manipulator finite-horizon optimization problem nonlinear optimal control situation awareness autonomy transparency ugv singularity weighted least norm null space controller joint limit joint configuration. split and merge. odometry feature based mapping lrf localization slam kinematic controller corner detection 2d laser range finder edge detection wall following. autonomous mobile robot odometric localization. direction cosine matrix complementary filter inertial navigation system nanotubes nanotechnology namoelectronics multistage optimization problem under fuzziness multistage decision process multistage decision making under fuzziness ga. ann qcar herbal drugs text zoning natural language processing(nlp) lms mmse mai cdma adaptive lattice filter booth multiplier booth wallace multiplier fault tolerance noisy signals digital design stochastic model fuzzy membership values time tabling problem fuzzy algorithmic approach asynchronous design fifo routing scheme clock-less central pattern generator rhythmic movements van der pol oscillators line labeling graph coloring engineering sketch motion components shackleton crator matlab chnadrayan 1 moon impact probe distance sort distance mga tool life criteria nsga-ii optimizing cutting parameters index sort position binary search sum average sort investment mathematics improvement the fastest algorithm. in our simulation we present a comparative performance analysis of d we implemented both the algorithms in opencl and c we have used intel core2duo cpu 2.67ghz and nvidia in this paper combinatorial problem vertex cover problem approximation algorithm np-complete problem improved introsort worst case bidirectional bubble sort quicksort introsort ridder’s method improvement. root finding regula falsi method bisection method zhang’s method probabilistic comprehension subjective probability subjective grading probability & statistics mining data analysis trend extraction performance predictio prediction model browsing patterns web log data navigation behavior web usage mining higher order markov model cluster classify crime analysis crime data mining. missing data imputation data reduction data cleaning missing values chi-square fluidized bed multilayer perceptron self-organizing map genetic algorithms distributed database data stream mining frequent itemsets semantic frequent patterns minimum support ccb-tree association rule multiple-level locking edit actions shared xml repetition organizational memory organizational learning travel time prediction chain average (ca) cumulative cloning average (cca) naïve clustering approach(nca) successive moving average (sma) advanced traveler information systems (atis) positive and negative association rules association analysis association rules association rule mining(arm) faces and non faces human machine interaction facial expressions principal component analysis expression recognition training sets text mining ontology alignment hierarchical text classification biomedical literature concept change cumulative density function f1 measure data stream time series shared nearest neighbors cluster validation high dimensional data spatial data mutual neighbors k-anonimity data privacy query processing database management systems selectivity estimation count suffix tree document clustering hierarchical clustering algorithm semantic weight chameleon pos tagging semantic grammar idiom sanitization rank function victim states. restricted node structured pattern slicing. privacy preservation data anonymization partitional approach text clustering cluster accuracy. similarity measures initial centroids azerbaijan data base machine translation expert system knowledge base context profiles affect detection an intelligent conversational agent identifier lij hail probabilistic digrams ner telugu conditional random field xmodel language arabic morphological analyzer morphological automaton nlp context sensitive stemming rule based stemmer afan oromo stemmer yoruba transducer rule-base named entity recognition crf voting maxent corpus linguistis information retrieval and extraction computational linguistics pos-based reordering bleu english to telugu clir results of urdu probabilistic parser urdu probabilistic parser urdu pcfg domain ontology agricultural environment knowledge extraction morphological parser machine translation transfer based approach context extraction supervised machine learning ne recognition n-gram verbal inflections vowel ended verb root universal networking language consonant ended verb root dictionary entry verb root language structure language status language contact borrowing renewable resource language planning clough-stevenson’s corpus ferret turnitin sherlock plagiarism detection tool pronunciation modeling arabic speech recognition acoustic modeling wordnet sentiment analysis opinion mining arabic. sentiwordnet game with a purpose language text tone mental states rule-based disease outbreak nlp. semantic change phraseological change syntactic change modern standard arabic corpus linguistics historical linguistics lexical change morphological change classical arabic african languages. computerization of hausa spell checker spell corrector association measures. classical arabic corpus distributional lexical semantics quran theanine tealeaves brdf grow index cylendrical waves scattered waves wiener-hopf technique fourier transforms pt recovery alumina catalysts transmission condition finite element analysis imperialist competitive algorithm adhesive layer heox turbulent laminar renewable energy resources solar concentrator wind power enhancement wind energy fem cfd self-awareness social skills sympathy self-management organizational effectiveness emotional intelligence modified langley method calibration langley method optical depth sunphotometer aureole paddy field nir radiometer typhoon disaster remote sensing satellite salt amount attached to rice crop leaves sea breeze vicarious calibration plume impingement onboard calibration polarization camera polarized radiance modis network camera near infrared camera tea estate concrete pebbles basement effect solar chimney storage efficiency folin-ciocalteu assay soxhlet extraction chemometric modeling spectroscopy first derivative spectra thresholding synthetic aperture radar counting accuracy quantity of a class bright band multi-resolution analysis wavelet analysis trmm satellite precipitation radar change detection laser ranging with time diversity satellite remote sensing landslide automatic control point detection waste collection rfid waste management tracking. yogyakarta. earthquake ground-water liquefaction fuzzy c-means collaborative filtering content based filtering modified fuzzy c-means personalized recommender system telecardiology diagnosis ecg type-2 fuzzy c-means clustering multi layered perceptron performance analysis activation functions digital domain. collision avoidance sensor task planning decision-making markov decision processes pomdp uncertainty brain hemorrhages cad system region severance algorithm esta knowledge representation rice disease legal expert systems conceptual graph documents classification sliding mode algorithm model uncertainties adaptive sliding mode fuzzy pd fuzzy sliding mode estimator lyapunov method on-line tunable gain type-2 fuzzy logic systems current mirror cmos interval type-2 fuzzy logic systems footprint of uncertainty active elitism evolutionary algorithms multi-objective optimization soft threshold tmr weighted average voting artificial intelligenceneural network neonate multi layer perceptron serum markers liver fibrosis hepatitis c electronic commerce back-propagation neural network temperature controller load disturbance neural network based pid (nnpid) controller takagi-sugeno-kang model mamdani model neuro-fuzzy system fuzzy inference system fuzzy set case base reasoning case retrieval sequential indexing hashing indexing multiagent policy gradient soccer simulation feature imbalanced data set filter approach restriction rules validation verification knowledge base inference soft set traditional pakistani musical instruments sounds transformation xml web-based expert systems prolog client-server architecture particle decays knowledge-based system particle interactions intrusion detection network security kdd dataset rbf network symptoms database ailment nutrition non-intellectual region and non-intellectual objec artificial emotion emotional energy function of basic emotions intellectual region and intellectual object semi-intellectual region and social obj distributed artificial intelligence coordination robocup rescue simulation heterogeneous agents learning automata operating room control quantum neural network training extended kalman filter internal faults differential protection generator fuel selection eia dss. environmental impact assessment eia expert systems vegetation. water dust clouds nns vehicle routing problem with time windows simulated annealing random search algorithm membership function fuzzy inference policy gradient method f-score. skin conditions/diseases neural classifiers medical diagnosing artificial neural networks tia1n coatings support vector machine hardness pvd magnetron sputtering. rsm-fuzzy cellular automata hot mudflow minimization difference probabilistic state change lusi spatio-temporal patterns of urbanization spatial pattern analysis geographic information systems geographical information system planning process town planning palm oil inverse distance weighted kriging geospatial data web services spatial data infrastructure muti-scale urban analysis urban growth popularity estimation trajectory databases region of interest. trajectory mining lidar overland flow path dem arc hydro tools vq kekre's biorthogonal color space colorization kfcg instructional consultation face to face consultation online instructional consultation real time communication technology soft shadow shadow augmented reality reflective sphere digital terrain model terrain rendering mobile device scalable video coding complexity jsvm reference software image browsing image decimation digital image processing image down-sample image thumbnail effective teaching teaching station gesture control natural user interface multi-touch bittorrent video on demand peer to peer slant heartley walsh dst haar row mean cbir kekre dct smartphone interactive home control 3d virtual home wireless network multimedia qos level call admission control audio classification wavelets. musical genre classification
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