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Mountaineer 2013 02-08

  1. 1. Vol. 71, No. 5 Feb. 8, 2013 Cavalry rides again Soldiers of Troop A, 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, drive their M3A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles to reach a phase line, where they will move into a defensive posture, during platoon scout training near Fort Carson’s Camp Red Devil, Jan. 26. Following contingency counterinsurgency operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, “Bison” Soldiers are getting back to the basics of decisive action training. See story on Page 9. Photo by Staff Sgt. Andrew PorchDOD leadersBudget deadlock could spark readiness crisis By Karen Parrish American Forces Press Service NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press.” The budget provision known as “sequester,” which us to respond to the crises in the world,” Panetta said. “We’ve got to plan for that possibility … but I is set to take effect March 1 unless Congress acts, have to tell you, it is irresponsible for (sequester) to WASHINGTON — Issuing perhaps their would trigger a half-trillion dollars in defense spending happen,” the secretary said. “I mean, why — why instrongest warnings yet, Pentagon leaders said Sunday cuts over 10 years, beyond major spending cuts already God’s name — would members of Congress electedthe budget impasse threatens to create a military in place during that period. Defense Department staffs by the American people take a step that would badlyreadiness crisis. are preparing for the worst, Panetta said. damage our national defense, but more importantly, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Gen. “If sequester goes into effect, and we have to do undermine the support for our men and women inMartin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of the kind of cuts that will go right at readiness, right at uniform? Why would you do that?”Staff, joined in interviews, televised Sunday, with maintenance, right at training, we are going to weaken See Sequester on Page 4CNN’s Candy Crowley on “State of the Union” and the United States and make it much more difficult for Message board INSIDE Happy Valentine’s Day Community members send messages to loved ones. See pages 19 and 27. Pages 22-23 Page 15 Page 7
  2. 2. 2 MOUNTAINEER — Feb. 8, 2013 MOUNTAINEER WLC honors Ethos code to live byCommanding General: Maj. Gen. Joseph AndersonGarrison Commander: Col. David L. Grosso Commentary by Sgt. Logan Curci not only achieve, but to excel with such a high level ofFort Carson Public Affairs Officer: Warrior Leader Course graduate conviction and fealty for selfless service, that failure is Dee McNutt impossible and victory is all but accomplished. To some, the Warrior Ethos is just a bunch of words I will never quit. This principle exhumes from theChief, Print and Web Communications: taped on an office wall or a reference card tucked into very core, the ability to shoulder crushing burdens and Rick Emert the back of a notebook. Some people recite them aloud, yet unending hardship with a voracious attitude and anEditor: Devin Fisher never take the time to truly heed the words they are saying, undying resolve; which, in turn, shows the very epitomeStaff writer: Andrea Sutherland and the responsibility inherent in them. of dedication and respect for oneself and one’s comrades. To me, the Warrior Ethos is a code and It humbles the arrogant and chastisesHappenings: Nel Lampe principle that every Soldier should adhere the defiant, instilling an unbreakableSports writer: Walt Johnson to and live by. We, as united brothers positive perspective and reinforcing anLayout/graphics: Jeanne Mazerall and sisters in arms, hold it in our sacred ironclad will. conviction to abstain from ignorance I will never leave a fallen comrade. This commercial enterprise newspaper is and misconduct and uphold these as As a warrior, we must muster the personalan authorized publication for members of the ironclad principles; yet, all too often, we courage to join not an organization, but anDepartment of Defense. Contents of the cast aside ideals with integrity. intricate, cohesive and honor-bound society.Mountaineer are not necessarily the official The United States Army is one of the The United States Army is a paramount,view of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government or most tactically and technically proficient superpower because where others discardthe Department of the Army. Printed circulationis 12,000 copies. organizations in the world; our guidelines their hurting or fallen, we cherish and The editorial content of the for success ring true when supplemented lift ours up. We fight, we die and weMountaineer is the responsibility of the Public and enhanced by the oath that embodies live shoulder to shoulder in eternal bondsAffairs Office, Fort Carson, CO 80913-5119, the Warrior Ethos. and unwavering devotion.Tel.: 526-4144. The e-mail address is I will always place the mission first. Every man and woman, who The Mountaineer is posted on the This expresses our privilege to serve and Sgt. Logan Curci raised their right hand and sworn an oathInternet at sacrifice our lives in doing our duty for the Warrior Ethos award to the flag and country, understands the The Mountaineer is an unofficial defense of this great nation. As warriors, imperative need to live up to the Warriorpublication authorized by AR 360-1. The this principle outlines our focal point and ensures priorities Ethos. Without this doctrine, we would be nothing moreMountaineer is printed by Colorado Springs lay inherent in the intent and successful execution of than individuals wielding arms with no discipline or order.Military Newspaper Group, a private firm inno way connected with the Department of the any task or operation. Utilizing this testament at every juncture guarantees that noArmy, under exclusive written contract with I will never accept defeat. This is a day and age where matter what trials and tribulations we may face, we standFort Carson. It is published 49 times per year. warriors rise up with unflinching loyalty and a drive to and fight as one, and we will win the day. The appearance of advertising in thispublication, including inserts or supplements,does not constitute endorsement by theDepartment of the Army or Colorado SpringsMilitary Newspaper Group, of the products orservices advertised. The printer reserves the Top WLC graduatesright to reject advertisements. Everything advertised in this publication Spc. Said Abdala, 2nd Bn., 8th Inf. Reg.shall be made available for purchase, use or Spc. Matthew Beaver, 59th QMpatronage without regard to race, color, religion, Spc. Mark Becker, 10th CSHsex, national origin, age, marital status, physicalhandicap, political affiliation or any other Spc. Alyssa Celis, 1st Bn., 68th Armor Reg.nonmerit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. Spc. Timothy Collins, 1st Bn., 68th Armor Reg.If a violation or rejection of this equal Spc. Kasey Corbett, 3rd Bn., 29th FA Reg.opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, Sgt. William Cosman, 169th FA Bde.the printer shall refuse to print advertisingfrom that source until the violation is corrected. Sgt. Logan Curci, 1st Sqdn., 10th Cav. Reg.For display advertising call 634-5905. Spc. Katherine Deehring, 220th MP All correspondence or queries regarding Spc. Anderson DeLima, 704th BSBadvertising and subscriptions should be directedto Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Spc. Aaron Denoon, 1st Sqdn., 10th Cav. Reg.Group, 31 E. Platte Avenue, Suite 300, Sgt. Christian Flores Spc. Phuong Diep, 204th BSBColorado Springs, CO 80903, phone 634-5905. Distinguished and Spc. Gisetle Donalds-Rivera, 704th BSB The Mountaineer’s editorial content isedited, prepared and provided by the Public Leadership awards Sgt. Christian Flores, 10th CSHAffairs Office, building 1430, room 265, Fort Spc. Eugene Harris, 1st Sqdn., 10th Cav. Reg.Carson, CO 80913-5119, phone 526-4144. Sgt. Corey Johnson, 1st Bn., 22nd Inf. Reg. Releases from outside sources are so Spc. Ashley King, 12th Med. Det.indicated. The deadline for submissions to theMountaineer is close of business the week Spc. Jonathan Mina, 663rd Ord.before the next issue is published. The Spc. Brittany Sanders, 64th BSBMountaineer staff reserves the right to edit Spc. Adrian Santellanes, 10th CSHsubmissions for newspaper style, clarity andtypographical errors. Spc. Robert Smith, HHBN Policies and statements reflected in the Spc. Timothy Srock, 743 MI and editorial columns represent views Spc. Jeffrey Weber, 663rd Ord.of the individual writers and under nocircumstances are to be considered those of Spc. Rachel Woods, 86th MIthe Department of the Army. Reproduction of editorial material isauthorized. Please credit accordingly. WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/4THID Classified advertising 329-5236 WWW.TWITTER.COM/@4THINFDIV Display advertising 634-5905 Mountaineer editor WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/USER/THE4ID 526-4144 Post information WWW.FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/THE4ID 526-5811 Post weather hotline WWW.SLIDESHARE.NET/THE4ID 526-0096
  3. 3. Feb. 8, 2013 — MOUNTAINEER 3Women in combat rolesArmy must complete analysis before opening jobs By C. Todd Lopez know that it will be some time before G-1. “In order to open any position closed to female Soldiers. Additionally, Army News Service they’ll be able to make any changes that is closed, whether it is due to the there are units in the Army that are closed in their units. military occupational specialty, or the to women, based on the mission of those WASHINGTON — The Secretary “There will be no immediate unit’s mission, all the services have units. So, within those units, even if thereof Defense announced an end to the changes,” said Col. Linda Sheimo, to submit a detailed request outlining are jobs with MOSs that women areDirect Ground Combat Exclusion Rule chief of the Command Programs and the MOS, the unit, the numbers, and allowed to do elsewhere in the Army,for female Soldiers Jan. 24. But the Policy Division at the Human also a legal analysis, that has to go women would not be allowed to serve inArmy wants commanders in the field to Resources Policy Directorate, Army through the Army leadership to the those MOSs within those specific units. secretary of defense.” The secretary’s announcement is The secretary of defense then has expected to change the current policy, to notify Congress of the intent to open and could open up new opportunities those positions, and Congress has a for women in the Army and in the other specific amount of time to consider the services, Sheimo said. issue before anything in the services “The intent of the policy change is can change, Sheimo said. to make every position open, by Jan. 1, “The very soonest that anything 2016, regardless of gender, unless we could happen would be this summer,” get an approved exception to policy to Sheimo said. keep it closed,” Sheimo explained. The Army now has more than 450 Such exceptions, Sheimo said, must MOSs, about 20 of which are currently be approved by the secretary and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The announcement by the secretary Pvt. Cicely Verstein practices amounts to a “reversal” of the current marksmanship on a Fort Jackson, policy, Sheimo said. Where today, S.C., rifle range. Verstein will be the women are excluded from some jobs first female 91M Bradley Fighting and units and a special exception must Vehicle System maintainer, one of be approved in order to get women into six military occupational specialties those particular jobs; in the future, the previously restricted to men. Other policy will be that all jobs are open to MOSs cannot open until the Army See Women on Page 4 completes an analysis later this year. 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  4. 4. 4 MOUNTAINEER — Feb. 8, 2013McHugh signs ‘Ready andResilient Campaign’ directiveStory and photo by Spc. John G. Martinez aimed at eliminating sexual assault and sexual Army News Service harassment, bullying and hazing, substance abuse, domestic violence and any stigmas or barriers WASHINGTON — Secretary of the Army John associated with seeking help, according to the memo.McHugh directed Monday that programs from McHugh charged Under Secretary of the Armyresilience training to suicide prevention be part of a Joseph Westphal and Vice Chief of Staff of thewide-ranging “Ready and Resilient Campaign” plan, Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III to finalize planswhich will launch later this month. for the campaign and present them to him by Feb. 15. During a press conference at Joint Base The campaign “must be a top priority for all ArmyLewis-McChord, Wash., McHugh said he’s looked at leaders,” the secretary said.47 recommendations from an Armywide Behavioral The R2C will make improvements to theHealth Task Force, which he stood up last year. Integrated Disability Evaluation System and shorten While McHugh said findings of the task force case-processing times, according to the memorandum.have not yet been staffed and are not ready for And it will improve methods to help leaders understandrelease, he did divulge one of the recommendations: high-risk behaviors that could lead to suicide.that all programs dealing with resilience come under The campaign will make resilience training a keya single command authority, the G-1 or Office of the part of all professional military education, accordingDeputy Chief of Staff for Personnel. to the establishing memo. And it will promote healthy “They felt the disparity of command authority lifestyles that are based on the triad of physical Secretary of the Army John McHugh signs a directiveover all of these various programs tended to diffuse fitness, nutrition and sleep. at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., Monday, directingthings rather than make them more accessible,” Finally, the campaign will strive to eliminate the development of a “Ready and Resilient Campaign”McHugh said of the Behavioral Health Task Force stigma that might keep Soldiers from seeking treatment to integrate and synchronize the multiple effortsrecommendations. He explained that the abundance for post-traumatic stress or brain injuries. and programs designed to improve the readiness andof programs, and redundancy of services, could “We’re trying to teach Soldiers it’s OK to reach resilience of Soldiers, Army civilians and their Families.sometimes be confusing, making it difficult for out for help,” McHugh said. “You don’t just do that incommanders or Soldiers to know where to turn. a class or two to a young Soldier. It really has to be a “We’re trying to instill into virtually every level In order to eliminate that confusion, McHugh career-long progression.” of training, it’s your responsibility to take care of yoursigned a memorandum Monday directing that The R2C will seek to institutionalize education buddy,” he said.“multiple efforts and programs” be integrated and to promote resilience and build it into professional McHugh lamented the record 325 suicidessynchronized under the Army Ready and Resilient military instruction at various levels of a Soldier’s committed by Soldiers last year. “All of us in theCampaign plan. R2C programs will include those career, McHugh said. Army are deeply concerned about this,” he said.Sequester in combat and training those next to Women open units and MOSs to women, thefrom Page 1 deploy. The chairman detailed what from Page 3 service will focus not only on civilian employees can expect if sequester recruiting from the outside — but Dempsey noted sequester is only happens and they are furloughed. women and if the services want will also look for volunteers frompart of the vise closing around the “They will lose two days per pay to exclude women they must get a inside the Army in order to fillDepartment of Defense. Under the con- period, 20 percent less pay for the rest of special approved exception that important leadership roles in thosetinuing resolution that sets government the year,” he said. explains why they should be excluded. units and MOSs, Sheimo said, forspending at previous levels when an Dempsey noted that despite public The Army has not completed both enlisted Soldiers and officers.appropriations bill isn’t passed, perception, less than a quarter of the analysis it needs in order to open “Leadership is a key element ofPentagon spending for the fiscal year defense civilian employees work in the any more MOSs or units to women, success in this effort,” Sheimoalready is out of balance, he said. Washington area. but the Army already has an effort said. “It’s very important to have a “The combined effects of sequester “There’s this notion that (civilian under way to meet the secretary’s leadership cadre in place. Initially itand the continuing resolution creates a furloughs are) probably OK, because suspense date. will have to come from other MOSsmagnitude of cut in the last half of the they are just a bunch of white-collar “The Army is pursuing a very and specialties.”year,” Dempsey said. “We have to bureaucrats,” he said. careful and deliberate approach,” But for now, Sheimo said, com-absorb $52 billion when you count But 86 percent of DOD’s civilian she said. “As we move forward manders in the field should know thatthe effects of both sequestration and the employees “live outside of Washington, we will open units and/or MOSs as no new positions are open to women.continuing resolution in the last half D.C., are in our schools, in our clinics, in we complete the appropriate “The Army will not open anyof the year.” our motor pools, in our depots, in our assessments, and we will submit position before congressional Panetta and Dempsey both have factories,” Dempsey said. “This will affect those requests to Congress to open notification has been done and thestated repeatedly that defense spending the entire country, and it will undermine those positions.” notification period is complete,”priorities always will be supporting troops our readiness for the next several years.” When the Army does eventually Sheimo said.