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Soundoff!vol. 65 no. 10	   Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community	                                         ...
Commander’s Column  Soundoff!                                                                                             ...
NewsWar and remembranceOdenton veteran awardedFrench Legion of HonorBy Brandon Bieltz                                     ...
N ewsEd Center helps find funds for schoolsArmy News Service                             yearlong, continuing resolution a...
N ews                                                               Better to plan ahead for                              ...
N ewsTax Center adds                                                                                                      ...
S ports                                                           Seahawks fly by Black Knights                           ...
S ports  Jibber Jabber - Opinion                                                                                          ...
C over S toryCommand Sgt. Maj.David Harrienger of the48th Combat SupportHospital entertains hisgrandson Kane Backuswith a ...
photos by sarah pastrana                                                                                        LEFT: Sgt....
C ommunity N ews  N otes   The deadline for Soundoff! community       Model seder“News and Notes” is Friday at noon.      ...
Fort Meade Soundoff March 14, 2013
Fort Meade Soundoff March 14, 2013
Fort Meade Soundoff March 14, 2013
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Fort Meade Soundoff March 14, 2013


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Fort Meade Soundoff March 14,2013

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Fort Meade Soundoff March 14, 2013

  1. 1. Soundoff!vol. 65 no. 10 Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community ´ March 14, 2013 duty calls 1st Lt. Joanna Sampson, of 48th Combat Support Hospital, plays with her 2-year-old daughter Zoe, who trades her pink headband for her mother’s Army headgear, at the unit’s deployment farewell luncheon Saturday at McGill Training Center. The 48th CSH is deploying to Kuwait for a nine-month assignment in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. See the story on Page 10. photo by sarah pastranaWWII Hero in stride UPCOMING EVENTSRetired veteran NIOC Seahawks fly by today, 7-9 p.m.: Trivia Night - The Lanes (Registration at 6:30 p.m.)awarded French 29th IS Black Knights friday, 7-10 p.m.: St. Patrick’s Day Party - The Lanes with 69-50 playoff win Sunday, 6-8:30 p.m.: Model Passover Seder - Argonne Hills Chapel CenterLegion of Honor March 21, 3-6 p.m.: Youth Job Fair - McGill Training Centerpage 3 page 8 March 23, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.: Brunch with Easter Bunny - The Conference Center
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Finding the positives ´ Editorial Staff Guaranteed circulation: Garrison Commander 11,285 Col. Edward C. Rothstein Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas J. Latter “When one door of happiness closes, resource. AEC Public Affairs Officer another opens; but often we look so long support includes Chad T. Jones at the closed door that we do not see the education and one which has been opened for us.” vocational coun- Chief, Command Information seling, academic Philip H. Jones Helen Keller (1880-1968) testing, cre- dentialing and Assistant Editor & Senior Writer transcripts of a Rona S. Hirsch As we continue to celebrate the many contribu- Soldier’s training Staff Writer Lisa R. Rhodes tions of women in our society during Women’s and experience. Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz History Month, I share with you this quote from Contact the Design Coordinator Timothy Davis Helen Keller that illustrates a spirit of optimism Fort Meade COL. Edward c. Supple­mental photography provided even in the face of unpleasant or bad news. AEC to learn Rothstein by The Baltimore Sun Media Group The Helen Keller story is an American story more about ways Garrison Commander about the remarkable achievements of a woman to continue and achieve your higher education Advertising who found a way to deal with adversity. Rendered goals. General Inquiries 410-332-6300 deaf, blind and mute at 19 months old by illness On another note, I want to publicly congratulate Allison Thompson — perhaps scarlet fever or meningitis — she Gen. John F. Campbell who was sworn in as the 410-332-6850 learned to read in several languages and to speak, Army’s 34th vice chief of staff on Friday by Sec- Michele Griesbauer and eventually graduated from Radcliffe College retary of the Army John McHugh. 410-332-6381 in 1904. Gen. Campbell becomes vice chief of staff at I’m focusing on Helen Keller’s optimism as a a particularly difficult time. Like his predecessor, If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are way to find a positive in another negative situation. experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III, one of Gen. Campbell’s Last week, the Army and the Marines announced priorities is to focus on programs and policies that Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. that funding for service members to receive tuition maintain, and where possible, improve care for assistance will no longer be available. The Air Force Soldiers, Army civilians and Army families. Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the announced earlier this week that it is also suspend- The announcement about the Army’s suspen- personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. ing its tuition assistance program. sion of its tuition assistance program makes Gen. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday except the last Thursday of the year in As we all know, these announcements are conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. Requests for publication must reach Campbell’s job, like the missions of so many other related to sequestration budget cuts. They may be military leaders, a little bit harder. the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the desired publication date. Mailing address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD painful but they are not showstoppers. Like Helen Keller, Gen. Campbell also sees the 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-5602; DSN: 622-5602. Certainly, the tuition assistance program suspen- positives. In his open letter to the force this week, sions will force some service members to re-think he acknowledged that 12 years of war has chal- Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage how they go about financing their higher educa- lenged Soldiers, families, and civilian workers. without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, tion. However, I urge service members to continue user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser He also commented on how the force — and will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. to see the positives of off-duty education programs that includes military families — have handled and keep in mind that achieving higher education sacrifices and demonstrated selfless service and Printed by The Baltimore Sun Co., LLC, a private firm, in no way connected with the goals are a part of their professional and personal teamwork to accomplish missions at home and Department of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their self-development. abroad. own and are not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. Let me remind you that the TA program was Gen. Campbell and I are both convinced that The appearance of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by not the only source of financial assistance for vol- the Department of the Army of the products or services advertised. despite the challenges and the fiscal constraints for untary off-duty education programs. the foreseeable future, our military family will con- Soldiers can continue to access their Veter- tinue to find opportunities that will help prepare ans Affairs education benefits, which include the and sustain us for the future. Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty or Selected Reserve, or use other funding sources such as the I know these are tough times. I thank you for what you have done and what you do every day You can also keep track of Fort Meade on Twitter at Post-9/11 GI Bill, federal grants and federal finan- and what you will continue to do for Fort Meade and view the Fort Meade Live Blog at cial aid, scholarships or state tuition assistance for and our nation tomorrow. Army National Guard Soldiers. Have a great week! I also want to remind service members that the Editor’s note: See Page 4 for information about Fort Meade Army Education Center is a valuable other sources of financial assistance. Co n t e n t s News.............................. 3 Sports..................................... 8 Connect with Fort Meade at Crime Watch.................. 7 Movies.................................. 14 Community.................. 12 Classified.............................. 16 SOUNDOFF! March 14, 2013
  3. 3. NewsWar and remembranceOdenton veteran awardedFrench Legion of HonorBy Brandon Bieltz After training at Fort Knox, Ky., Shehab Retired Lt. Col.Staff Writer was commissioned as a cavalry officer. He Alfred Shehab As a 25-year-old second lieutenant serving later joined the 38th Cavalry Reconnaissance poses after beingin the forests of Germany, Alfred Shehab Squadron in Europe and led a platoon in “B” awarded thedidn’t realize the scale of the World War II Troop. The main mission of the 30-member French Legionbattle raging around him. platoon was to scope out enemy troops and of Honor at the “As a platoon leader, I didn’t have any report back. French Embassyidea of the scope of the attack,” Shehab said. One of the memories Shehab recalled of his in Washington,“All I was concerned about was my 1,600 to time with the 38th was listening to American D.C., on Feb. 13.1,300 yards.” jazz on the radio of an armored car at night. The 93-year-old He also didn’t know that nearly seven “You’re standing in the middle of the Odenton residentdecades later, his efforts in the infamous Battle woods surrounded by Germans and you’re was awardedof the Bulge would lead to a display case of listening to the songs you listened to when the medal — themedals — awarded by both the United States you were dancing on the piers of Cape May,” highest honor inand foreign countries. he said. France — for his In February, the 93-year-old retired lieu- On Dec. 15, 1944, Shehab’s role in the Bat- role in liberatingtenant colonel and Odenton resident who is tle of the Bulge began as his platoon was set France duringa familiar face on Fort Meade added to his up in a hunting lodge near the Siegfried Line. World War II.collection of medals. The French Embassy That night, enemy paratroopers were dropped Submitted photoin Washington, D.C., awarded Shehab the on his location. Shehab said he sat in a chairFrench Legion of Honor (Chevalier). shooting down the paratroopers as his men “The people of France wanted to be sure then went to pick them up. Turns out, he said,that those in the American Army that fought each paratrooper carried a bottle of rum.for the liberation of France were recognized,” “I didn’t have any problem getting volun-Shehab said. teers to go out and find these fellas,” Shehab The medal — the highest honor in France joked.— has been awarded to World War II vet- The next morning is considered the officialerans whose wartime service records show start of the battle, which continued until Janthey played a direct role in the liberation of 25, 1945. The major German offensive nearFrance. the end of the war was to split the Allied line “We are proud to reward the ones that of American and British troops. there was a man plowing with a tractor. That ‘thank you.’ ”freed us,” Col. Jacques Aragonès, deputy “We held, but everything below us caved was the difference between the two. ... It was Although the medal rests in a display casemilitary attaché for the French army, said at in,” Shehab said proudly. two completely different ways of life.” in his den, Shehab said the recognition fromthe ceremony. “They left a part of their youth According to an article in the Cape May Shehab’s 21-year military career also was the people of Belgium towns and villagesin France.” Star and Wave published May 24, 1945, highlighted with a stint in Lebanon as a special means more than an award. Shehab’s name was submitted for the award Shehab’s troops defended a “front of 9,000 assistant because his cousin Gen. Fouad She- Several years ago, veterans of the Battleby retired Lt. Col. Ruth Hamilton, Shehab’s yards and standing alone between a full-scale hab commanded the Lebanese army. Fouad of the Bulge returned to Belgium and foundsignificant other. German attack and vital road nets leading to would eventually become president of Leba- monuments to the American Army in nearly “I thought he was deserving of getting the Eupen and Leige, [Belgium], this thinly spread non. every town they visited, said Shehab.award,” she said. “The documentation sup- force held its ground in the face of five attacks “On the way up to his office he said, ‘I’m “That really helped us understand theported it, and why not go for it?” ranging in strength from reinforced battalions delighted to see you. How is your family? And American participation in World War II,” Shehab, who grew up in Cape May, N.J., to combined elements of two infantry regi- why the hell did you bring your whole Army he the summers and in Brooklyn, N.Y., the ments.” with you?” Shehab recalled. To this day, Shehab still receives lettersremainder of the year, was desperate to join Although the Allies won the Battle of the He later served with the Second Army at from young Belgians asking about the Battlethe war in Europe, first attempting to fight Bulge, there were nearly 90,000 American Fort Meade, where he retired. Shehab has lived of the Bulge.for the Finnish army and then for France. casualties — including 19,000 dead. in Odenton ever since. Shehab said he is glad people continue toAfter both attempts were halted by his father, After the war, Shehab remained in the mili- On Feb. 13, Shehab was joined by several remember the battle and World War II. ByShehab joined the U.S. Army in 1942 at the tary until 1963. He said his best years in the other World War II veterans who had trav- bringing the war to the public’s attention, heage of 22. Army were with the 14th Cavalry Regiment eled from across the country to the French hopes it educates those not in uniform on the “There was a fellow in Japan and another when the unit controlled the border between Embassy for the presentation of the presti- harshness of in Germany,” he said as his reason for East and West Germany. gious French Legion of Honor. “We want the country to understand theenlisting. “They wanted to change my life and “There was a 10-meter strip between East “I felt a sense of recognition,” Shehab said. cost of war and, more importantly, the costI didn’t agree with them, and the only way we and West Germany,” Shehab said. “To look “This medal represents the appreciation of of our liberty and freedom,” Shehab said.could do anything about it was to fight. So I over at the East side, there’s a man plowing France for the people of the United States “That’s what the uniform means — freedomjoined the Army.” with a horse and a plow. To the West side, in helping to liberate France. What I see is, and liberty.” March 14, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ewsEd Center helps find funds for schoolsArmy News Service yearlong, continuing resolution and 8601 Zimborski Ave., provides adult Soldiers also can pursue their edu- On March 8, funding for tuition sequestration,” according to a state- continuing education programs and cational goals with Veterans Affairsassistance was curtailed and Soldiers ment from the G-1 Public Affairs services for active-duty and Reserve education benefits, which include thecannot submit new requests for tuition Office. service members assigned to or living Montgomery GI Bill-Active Duty,assistance, said Lt. Gen. Howard B. The suspension “will remain in effect near Fort Meade. Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve,Bromberg, deputy chief of staff, G-1. until the fiscal situation matures,” Adult family members, retirees and Reserve Education Assistance Pro- Secretary of the Army John McHugh Bromberg said in the statement. “The other government civilians are eligible gram and the Post-9/11 GI Bill.approved the tuition assistance stop- Army understands the impacts of this for the division’s services. For more information, Soldiers canpage. It affects Soldiers from both the action and will re-evaluate should the “Soldiers should continue to come go the GI Bill funding website at and Reserve components. budgetary situation improve.” to us to discuss degree programs, test- The Air Force and the Marines also John Anderson, education services ing facilities and general counseling,” Anderson suggested that Soldiershave joined the Army in dropping specialist at the Fort Meade Army Anderson said. consider applying for federal studenttuition assistance due to sweeping, Education Services Division, said the Any future changes to the TA fund- aid at the U.S. Department of Educa-federal budget cuts. Army leadership is aware that the TA ing will be posted on tion website,, and taking Soldiers currently enrolled in cours- program is important to Soldiers. TA funding, which comes from the the College Level Education Programes approved for TA are not impacted “While TA assistance is in suspen- Army’s budget, is the only education tests at the Army Education Center.and will be allowed to complete their sion, we recommend that Soldiers funding affected at this time. Soldiers National Guard Soldiers also mayfunded course work. continue to update their GoArmyEd can continue their education through be eligible for state tuition assistance This suspension in funding “is portal so that when TA is restored, alternative programs. benefits.necessary, given the significant bud- they can begin enrolling in courses Anderson said Soldiers with more Editor’s note: Soundoff! reporterget execution challenges caused by immediately,” Anderson said. than two years of service can use their Lisa R. Rhodes contributed to thisthe combined effects of a possible Army Education Services, located at GI Bill while they are on active duty. story.CAC now requiredat Freedom InnSubmitted by Freedom Inn Dining Facility headcounter, who will verify the diner The Freedom Inn Dining Facility is against the CAC and meal card or othernow in compliance with DoD policy document if applicable, and place therequiring that the point of sales cash sys- CAC in the card reader.tems record government Common Access The diner must enter his or her PIN.Cards. The POS willand All military federal lock the CAC if the diner entered Fort Meade will celebrate Earth Day oncivilian employ-ees must pro- the PIN incor- rectly after three April 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Burbavide their CACto dine at the attempts. The system will warn Park. Everyone is invited. Individuals,Freedom Inn.DoD civilians the headcounter after two incor- vendors and local businesses interestedand other fed-eral employees rect attempts. The head- in managing an exhibit, demonstrating aare only autho-rized to dine at counter will pro- cess the transac- product or sponsoring an event can call orthe facility onMondays and tion and return the CAC to the email Suzanne Teague at 301-677-9185Fridays. diner. Subsistence- Military retir- and orin-Kind (SIK) ees are requireddiners must pro- to show their Linda North at 301-677-9648 and linda.vide a valid meal retired ID card.card or other Members of authorizing them to eat at the federal agencies on the installation whodining facility without paying cash. do not have a CAC will be required to The diner must hand the CAC to the show their agency’s approved ID card. SOUNDOFF! March 14, 2013
  5. 5. N ews Better to plan ahead for financial uncertainties • Individual and Business By Capt. William Biggers Legal Assistance Attorney The only way to know if your lender has these programs is to ask. In these uncertain financial times, • Build up your credit options. Tax Preparation it has never been more important than right now to take a look at your It is never advisable to pay bills or other expenses on credit when you • Walk in, Appointments funds and start planning for possible troubles. don’t have the liquid assets to pay off that purchase when it comes due. With the recent fiscal cliff, govern- However, for some people, this type or Drop Off Available Will review ment furloughs and the debt ceiling debate just around the corner, any of financial liquidity simply is not an option. There may come a point in your prior • Fast, Accurate 3 returns number of events can impact your monthly budgets and even retirement time when you no longer have cash or other options to pay for what you savings. need. and Affordable for errors or missed Despite these dangers, most of these problems can be mitigated through When this occurs, it will be neces- sary to have access to credit, but more • E File, Wire Transfer, money! proper financial planning and prepa- ration. These tips should help you importantly, access to the right credit. While certain options like payday weather any financial storm: advances and car title loans might look Debit Card or • Take a look at your budget imme- diately. attractive, the fine print reveals that the interest rates on these borrowed mon- Checks available Not only do you need to look at your monthly budget and see where you can ies are astronomical. These options are almost always bad credit options. cut down on expenses and increase There are, of course, some good 1040EZ filing your savings, you need to start looking immediately. credit options such as a fixed low- interest loan from your bank or even a 50 It is human nature to simply ignore Thrift Savings Plan secured loan. One only $ a problem in hopes that it will go away. But summon up all your strength, realize that difficult financial times of the most attractive aspects about a TSP loan is that all of the interest you pay on the loan goes back into your are nearly certain to occur, and start TSP account. With this coupon. One coupon per person. planning right now. For more information on these types Offer ends April 15th, 2013. Nothing is gained from waiting. of loans, visit • Differentiate between want and tion/loans/loanBasics.shtml. need. • Know your rights against credi- $ 30 OFF Once you’ve gotten over the hurdle tors. of opening up your bank account and If you do find yourself in financial adjusting your budget, it’s important difficulties and are having trouble pay- to make a distinction between what ing your bills on time, you need to make you want and what you need. sure you understand your rights. Receive $30 off your tax preparation Start reducing everything you spend The Fair Debt Collections Practices with this coupon only. One coupon per person. in a month on things you simply want. Act establishes certain legal protec- Take all the money you save on these tions against abusive debt collection 55 OFF items and start stockpiling the money practices. Immediately see a Legal $ in your savings. It is better to oversave now, than the alternative. Assistance attorney if you’re being harassed by creditors. For more information or if you • Contact your creditors right away. have concerns about financial plan- Bring a friend and receive $30 off your tax preparation Call your loan holders, mortgage ning, call the Army Community Ser- companies and other financial entities vice Financial Readiness Program at and a $25 referral bonus. One coupon per person. that you owe money to and let them 301-677-5590 or schedule an appoint- know that you might be facing a reduc- ment online at FortMeadeACS.check- tion in income that will affect your 10760 Hickory Ridge Rd Unit 121 ability to repay these items. If you have issues with creditors or Columbia, MD 21044 Often there are loan modification other legal concerns, you may schedule programs or refinancing options that an appointment with a Legal Assis- 410-772-2274 will lower your interest rate and make tance Division attorney at the Office it easier for you to make your monthly of the Staff Judge Advocate at 301- payments. 677-9504. SOUNDOFF! March 14, 2013
  6. 6. N ewsTax Center adds Community Community Crime Watchmore appointments Compiled by the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency ServicesBy Capt. William Biggers than 100 calls a day about appointments, so March 8, Assault - consummated by a March 10, Failure to pay just debt: TheLegal Assistance Attorney schedule one today before they fill up. battery: The victim was walking home subject hired a taxi cab but upon arrival The Fort Meade Joint Installation Tax Second, the Tax Center will institute a from school when he was struck on at Fort Meade, he exited the taxi, retrievedCenter has been busy providing free tax new walk-in policy in order to meet the high the mouth and about the head by an the keys to his vehicle and fled the areapreparation for all active-duty service mem- demand for its services. If you qualify to file unknown juvenile assailant, causing a without rendering proper payment.bers, their dependents, retired military mem- a 1040 EZ tax return only, then you may laceration to the inner, upper-right lip and a bruise to the upper-right fore-bers, and Reserve and National Guard mem- walk in Monday through Friday from 8 to head. March 10, Destruction of private property:bers on active orders for 30 days or more. 9 a.m. to get your taxes done. The victim noticed visible signs of vandal- We’ve been so busy that our appoint- Who is eligible to file a 1040 EZ? ism and damage to his vehicle, which was parkedments are booked until the beginning of If your filing status is single or married March 9, Theft of private property: The victim and secured in his driveway. Profane words were arrived at the RV lot and noticed several items carved into the paint, causing extensive damage.April. However, there are still some military filing jointly, you do not claim any depen- missing from his RV including: two hoses usedmembers in need of a tax appointment. dents, and your taxable income is less than for drinking fresh water, his tool kit with a socketWith the filing deadline only a month away, $100,000, then you can file this type of March 8, Larceny of private property: The victim set and wrenches, an outdoor charcoal grill and stated that unknown person(s) by unknownit doesn’t seem fair to turn clients away and return. For all other types of returns, call to the emergency breakaway cable. means removed her iPad3 from her room.force them to spend hundreds of dollars to schedule an appointment.get their taxes done. Don’t pay to get your taxes done when The Tax Center will be doing two things you’re entitled to get them done here forto prevent this from happening. free. Follow Fort Meade First, the center will add new appoint- For more information about your taxesments to the schedule including more week- or to schedule an appointment, call the Fort at and evening hours. We receive more Meade Tax Center at 301-677-9366. Who doesn’t love a good, low rate? We RATES AS LOW AS 1.49 want to help get you where you want to go, and to make it simple, we’re offering our lowest rate ever, while keeping the %APR1 loan process fast and easy. Apply today for a great deal and save hundreds on FOR UP TO 36 MONTHS ON AUTOS your next car, or bring your loan from another lender and get $250.2 ARMY APPLY TODAY! MARINE CORPS NAVY Seven Oaks Shopping Center, 2288 Blue Water Boulevard, Suite 490, Odenton, MD AIR FORCE DoD 1.888.842.6328 Federally insured by NCUA. 1Rates based on creditworthiness, so your rate may differ. Rate discounts can be applied, but cannot bring the rate below the 1.49% APR minimum. 1.49% APR for up to 36-month term available on 2012, 2013, and 2014 model years with 7,499 miles or less. Payment example: Loan amount of $20,000 at a rate of 1.49% APR for 36 months would have a monthly payment of $569.00. 2Within 30 days of the first full payment, $250 will be credited to the primary applicant’s savings account. Existing Navy Federal loans not eligible for this offer. Offer may expire at any time. © 2013 Navy Federal NFCU 12353_Meade (3-13) March 14, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  7. 7. S ports Seahawks fly by Black Knights Story and photo by Brandon Bieltz Staff Writer Heading into the playoffs, the Seahawks from Navy Information Opera- tions Command Maryland were hitting their stride. After defeating both the top-ranked 7th Intelligence Squadron on Feb. 28 and their first playoff opponents — the 29th IS Black Knights — a week later, the Seahawks entered the playoffs with confidence, said Reauthtie Yun. “We’re feeling good,” he said. “We’re just playing hard.” The team’s confidence continued to build as the Seahawks defeated the Black Knights 69-50 in the opening round of the Division II intramural basketball playoffs Monday night at Murphy Field House. Yun led the Seahawks to the playoff victory with a 17-point performance. Monday’s game was a rematch of a late-season matchup in which the Seahawks defeated the Black Knights 52-36 to give the Seahawks an even 7-7 record to close the season. The Seahawks started the season slow, KID-FRIENDLY dropping the first four games. But the DENTISTRY team turned the tide by winning seven of Edwin Zaghi, DMD its last 10 games. PEDIATRIC While the Seahawks were finding its DENTISTRY stride, the Black Knights were losing grip • Infant Dental of its season as the team lost five of its Screening last six games. The skid resulted in the • Emergency 6-3 team to drop below .500 with a final Appointments 7-8 record. • Accepts Tri-Care Early on in Monday’s game it seemed the Black Knights’ struggles were going to continue into the playoffs as the Seahawks jumped out to an early 17-8 lead follow- ing a 9-0 run. The Black Knights were unable to stop the Seahawks’ balanced offensive attack of strong play in the Jason Rossel of the 29th Intelligence Squadron Black Knights shoots during Monday’s paint and shooting from the perimeter. intramural basketball game at Murphy Field House. The Black Knights fell 69-50 to But at the midpoint of the first half, the Navy Information Operations Command Maryland Seahawks in the opening round the Black Knights defense tightened up of the playoffs. and its offense began hitting its shots. The Black Knights pulled within two into the game late in the half with a 9-0 remainder of the tournament. The team, Near points with two minutes remaining in the run to cut the lead to 49-41. he said, just needed to continue to do Fort Meade! half, but the Seahawks closed the half on Despite the late-game push, the Black what it was doing. an 8-0 run for the 32-22 lead. Knights were unable to overcome the “Just keep playing,” he said. Dr. Edwin Zaghi Jason Rossel’s 10 points in the first deficit. The Seahawks won 69-50. The defeat sent the Black Knights - Board Certified Pediatric Dentistry; half kept the Black Knights in the game, Rossel’s 17 points, Andre Snowden’s 16 into the loser’s bracket, with one more - American Board Pediatric Dentist; but with two Seahawks — Yun and Kris and David Jenkins’ 15 were not enough loss ending its season. With their backs - Fellow American Academy of to overcome the powerful attack of the against the wall, players said they can Pediatric Dentistry Balfour — each scoring nine points, the Black Knights struggled to hold on. Seahawks. The Seahawks offense was led turn their game around and make a run The Seahawks opened the second half by Yun’s 17 points, Gregory Calazado’s for the championship. JUST OFF RT. 32! 10798 HICKORY RIDGE RD continuing its late, first half dominance 15 points and Balfour’s 14. “It will definitely motivate us,” Snowden COLUMBIA • 410-992-4400 with a 7-0 run to extend its lead to 39-22. Yun said the victory gave the team said. “If we leave it on the floor, we’ll be But the Black Knights pulled itself back even more confidence heading into the able to make a run at it.” SOUNDOFF! March 14, 2013
  8. 8. S ports Jibber Jabber - Opinion Sports ShortsQuality time Youth coaches needed Coaches are needed for needed for soccer and baseball youth teams. The Fort Meade Highsteppers Track and Field Club is seeking a pole Guess who got to spend some quality time enjoys life when there vaulting coach.with the wife Sunday night? is less of him around. For more information, call 301-677-1149 or 1156. That’s right, it was me, C-H-A to the D. “I feel very good Of course, it’s only fair to say that quality time about losing the Mixed martial arts classisn’t what it used to be, so get your mind out of weight this year. … Gaffney Fitness Center is offering free, mixed martial-arts classes everythe gutter. I feel much more fit second and fourth Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. First, some people — most notably Mrs. Jones than I ever have,” he The next class is March 23.— would argue that “Whoopee” in ’70s TV-icon said. Chad T. Jones, Classes include lessons in Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Muay Thia and areBob Eubanks’ sense of the word Despite the success, Public Affairs taught by certified instructors.should not be considered quality. Nor does it take Wise, like most of us Officer For more information, call 301-677-3867.a lot of time. who constantly battle Second, being a father of three kids under 10, with weight and fitness, knows it is often easierI know the consequences of traditional quality to lose the weight than to keep it off. Spring sports registrationtime. That’s why our quality time is usually spent This was Matt’s fourth year participating in the Registration for spring sports is under way at Parent Central Services,above the sheets watching television while the competition. Most years, his starting weight was 1900 Reece are asleep. upward of three bills. However, after 2012, the Spring sports include soccer, T-ball, baseball, softball, track, indoor On Sunday, it was the CNN documentary rugby player was able to keep most of his weight football and basketball.“Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American off, which is why he started this year at 263. For more information, call 301-677-1149 or 1156.Healthcare.” The film was well done, revealed “To keep it off, I just try to eat healthy most ofthe flaws in our health care system and, more the time and work out four to five times a week Earth Day 5K Runthan anything else, got me thinking about my [mostly running and weight lifting],” Wise said.own health. “When I was heavier and playing rugby, I was The installation’s annual Run Series kicks off April 20 with an Earth I came to realize there is truth to the adage, “An stronger. But now, I just feel healthier. I can run Day 5K Run at 8 a.m. at Burba Park.ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” faster and farther, I can do more push-ups and The pre-registration cost for individuals is $15. Cost on the day of theBasically, science has proven the more time you pull-ups. In general, I just feel better.” run is $25.spend exercising, eating right and generally living Of course, I couldn’t let this interview finish The pre-registration cost for groups of seven to ten is $75.a healthy lifestyle now, the less time you’ll spend without asking two obvious questions: How were The pre-registration cost is $40 for a family of three to six people. Onin a hospital bed recovering from a heart attack you able to succeed with a dad like Doug? And ... the day of the event, the cost is $60 per family.or some other issue later. why do the Steelers stink? An individual can register for the entire season for $60. At that moment I took my wife’s hand and we Take Matty’s reply for what it’s worth. All pre-registered runners will receive a T-shirt.rededicated ourselves to getting fit. We even sealed “Being Doug’s son is the greatest thing ever, For more information, call with a kiss. Then we went to bed. even better than being a Steelers fan, if you can Then, morning came. believe that. To have a role model like him has Old Joe Golf Tournament And as I hit snooze for the third time, I remem- been a blessing. His intelligence, competitive The Fort Meade Officers’ Spouses Club is sponsoring the 8th Annualbered how hard change could be and that I might tenacity, manly physique, protective and nurturing Old Joe Golf Tournament on April 12 at Eisenhower Golf Course, 1576need some help. So I reached out to someone manner, natural leadership and humility — all Generals Highway, Crownsville.with recent success in getting fit: Your “Dump of which are only surpassed by my brother and Shotgun start will be at 8:30 a.m.the Plump” champion, Matt Wise. myself — make him one the greatest men in his- Cost is $70 for active-duty service members, retirees and family Matt, known by most people as “Matty,” tory and the single-best father in history. members, and $75 for everyone else.dumped 55.6 pounds and dropped 26.81 percent “His awe-inspiring devotion to his family, God, Registration and payment are due by March 29.of his body fat during the eight-week annual country and Pittsburgh sport franchises have Registration includes green fees and cart, putting contest, continentalcompetition. given me the strength and courage to overcome breakfast, barbecue lunch, two beverage tickets, door prizes, snacks and I wanted to know how and why he wanted to any obstacle. I doubt anything like that could be player goodie bags.lose the weight. I assumed he had an epiphany or said of a Cowgirl or Red Wings fan.” Proceeds benefit the Fort Meade OSC Scholarships and Welfarewas motivated by a life-changing experience. Looks like someone’s helping with the mort- Programs. Actually, it was something more basic than gage payment. For more information, email Lorin Neslony at 2ndVice@fortmeadeosc.that. Don’t forget, March Madness is here and it’s org or visit “I wanted to lose the weight in order to win the time for the annual Fort Meade/Picerne Militarycontest, and I mean that,” said Wise, who works at Housing tournament challenge.the Youth Center for CYSS. “I am motivated by Brackets will be posted on the Facebook page EFMP bowlingcompetition, and last year my team lost. So this and blog Monday morning. Turn in your submis- The Exceptional Family Member program is sponsoring its monthlyyear I really wanted my team to win, and I knew sions to Bryan Spann at bowling event on Wednesday from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Lanes.I had to lead by example.” NLT noon Thursday and see if you’ve got what Exceptional family members will receive a free game and shoe rental. If you are thinking you’ve heard this type of it takes to win the grand prize, courtesy of our Other family members will receive discounted games and shoe rental.bravado come from a Wise man before, you’re friends at Picerne. To register, call 301-677-4473 or email Matt is the son of our friend Doug Wise I will see you in two weeks, but until then …of the infamous DPTMS clan. If you have comments on this or anything to do For more Fort Meade sports, visit Regardless of his motivation, the fact is Matty with sports, contact me at March 14, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  9. 9. C over S toryCommand Sgt. Maj.David Harrienger of the48th Combat SupportHospital entertains hisgrandson Kane Backuswith a balloon during theunit’s farewell luncheonafter a formal deploymentceremony Saturday at thePost Theater.48th Combat SupportHospital deploys to KuwaitBy Lisa R. Rhodes The 45-minute deployment ceremony, ment Support), which consists of all of militarily or want military operationsStaff Writer which also was attended by family mem- the Army Reserve’s deployable medical other than war, it will call on Third Members of the 48th Combat Sup- bers and friends, included the reading assets east of the Mississippi River, Army, it will call on Army Central, andport Hospital said goodbye to their of a farewell letter from Sen. Barbara spoke about the importance of the it can very well call on the 48th Combatloved ones on Saturday after the unit A. Mikulski by Denise Nooe, a repre- deployment. Support Hospital,” Sienko said.held a deployment ceremony at the Post sentative from the senator’s office, and He said that although combat opera- Although Kuwait is in a period ofTheater. remarks by senior military leaders. tions have ended in Iraq and combat peace, said Sienko, “you never know About 180 Soldiers will deploy for The ceremony ended with the casing operations are likely to end in Afghani- when things will suddenly get hot.”a nine-month assignment in Kuwait in of the unit’s colors and a rendition of stan next year, the U.S. “will always He reminded the Soldiers that theysupport of Operation Enduring Free- the Army Song. have a need for a strategic military pres- will need to stay focused and be pre-dom. “I want you to know I am grateful ence overseas.” pared to respond. The 48th CSH is headquartered at for your service to our country and the The deployment to Kuwait will make “In this business, there is no secondthe Capt. John Smathers Reserve Cen- sacrifice for you and your families,” the 48th CSH available to support the chance,” Sienko said. “So this will be ater on Route 175. The Army Reserve Nooe said on behalf of Mikulski. “... Third U.S. Army/Army Central Com- challenge. This will be a challenge forunit consists of more than 900 Soldiers Please know that we are proud of you mand/U.S. Army Forces Central Com- the Soldiers and it will be a challengewith the mission of providing deploy- and praying for your safety.” mand. for the family members. But this can beable hospitalization and outpatient ser- Nooe presented Col. Thomas A. Sienko said the U.S. Army Forces a very positive experience in all of yourvices. It has the medical capability of a Johnson Jr., commander of the 48th Central Command’s areas of operations lives. You are likely to be stronger, more248-bed hospital, providing operating CSH, with a folded American flag that include multiple nations where there resilient and forever proud of what yourooms, emergency medical triage and was flown over the Capitol at Mikulski’s is “considerable instability” includ- have done.”treatment facilities, intensive care units, request in honor of the unit. ing Iran, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and In his remarks, Johnson thankedminimal care wards and neuropsychia- Maj. Gen. Dean Sienko, commander Egypt. family members for “loaning us yourtry services. of the 3rd Medical Command (Deploy- “Should our nation need to respond Soldiers for awhile.”10 SOUNDOFF! March 14, 2013
  10. 10. photos by sarah pastrana LEFT: Sgt. Brian Black spends time with his 4-month old daughter Addison during the 48th Combat Support Hospital’s deployment farewell luncheon on Saturday. Family members and friends gathered at McGill Training Center for a catered lunch. Lt. Mary O’Neill and Spc. Raul Lopez attend the farewell luncheon for members of the 48th Combat Support Hospital. Neither O’Neill nor Lopez are part of the deployment. Johnson said it was his job to “remind comes back home.”our Soldiers to contact you all, to write, Sgt. Duane McGill, a combat medicto email. There’s no excuse for your Sol- and the unit’s noncommissioned officer-dier not to contact you. There’s nothing in-charge, attended the luncheon withbetter than getting a letter in the mail his fiancé Spc. Sascha Flander of theand a few Girl Scout cookies.” 48th Alpha Company at Fort Storey, After the ceremony, the Soldiers and Va.their family members attended a catered “I feel good about it, I’m happy toluncheon at McGill Training Center. go,” McGill said of the deployment. At the event, Sgt. Brian Black, a “We have a good group of Soldiers.physical therapy technician, held his We’re looking forward to the mission.”4-month-old daughter Addison before Flander said the couple plans toeating lunch with his wife, Crystal, marry when he returns.and mother-in-law. This is Black’s first “I’m counting down the time to whendeployment with the unit. he gets back home,” she said. “I’m a little sad, but eager to get themission done,” he said. “It’s kind ofhard to leave your new family.” The couple, who live in Norfolk, Va., Spc. Creshenda Jackson (right) hugssaid extended family will be a big help Master Sgt. Renate Hylinski on Saturday.during the deployment. About 180 Soldiers of the 48th Combat “It’s bittersweet,” Crystal Black said. Support Hospital are deploying to Kuwait“The sooner he goes, the sooner he for a nine-month assignment. March 14, 2013 SOUNDOFF! 11
  11. 11. C ommunity N ews N otes The deadline for Soundoff! community Model seder“News and Notes” is Friday at noon. A Model Passover Seder will be Company Commander/First Sergeant CourseAll submissions are posted at the editor’sdiscretion and may be edited for space and conducted by Rabbi Levi Finkelstein The U.S. Army Military District of Washington Company Commander/Firstgrammar. Look for additional community on Sunday from 6 to 8:30 p.m. in the Sergeant Course will be offered April 15 to 18 at National Defense University,events on the Fort Meade website at www. Argonne Hills Chapel Center Fellowship Fort McNair, Washington, D.C., Lincoln Hall, Room and the Fort Meade Room, 7100 Rockenbach Road. The final list of individuals recommended to participate is due to the MDWFacebook page at There is no charge. J/G37 Office by April 5. For more information or to submit an A model seder is a simulation of the The course introduces new and prospective company leaders to potentialannouncement, email Philip Jones at philip. Passover seder, teaching children and challenges of command, avenues and resources available to assist them, or call 301-677-5602. adults alike about the Passover traditions. overall concerns within the National Capitol Region. The Passover seder is a Jewish ritual MDW Regulation 350-5, Company Commanders and First Sergeants feast that marks the beginning of the Training, requires all JFHQ-NCR/MDW company commanders and first NEWS EVENTS Jewish holiday of Passover. It is a sergeants to attend this training. ritual performed by a community or Individuals interested in participating in this training should contact their by multiple generations of a family, unit S3 or installation Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security. involving a retelling of the story of the Course allocations will be made IAW Chapter 6, MDW Reg 350-5.MPD closures liberation of the Israelites from slavery in For more information, call Michael Egly at 202-685-2910 or email michael. The Identification Card Section at ancient Egypt., or David Stone at 202-685-1923 or email david.g.stone.ctr@2234 Huber Road will discontinue all Seder customs include drinking hours of operation. four cups of wine, eating matzah, the The ID Section will be closed partaking of symbolic foods placedMonday and Tuesday for a systems on the seder plate, and reclining inupgrade. celebration of freedom. BOSC scholarships The entire Military Personnel Seating is limited to 125. EDUCATION The Belvoir Officers’ Spouses’ Club isDivision will be closed Tuesday for For reservations, call 301-677-6035. accepting applications for its scholarshipmandatory training. Lunch and Learn program through April 12. The Administrative Support Division Free chamber concert The Safara Group will present a free The scholarship program is open towill be closed Tuesday from 8 a.m. to spouses and dependents of all ranks The U.S. Army Field Band will Lunch and Learn Financial Seminar onnoon for mandatory training. Services —active duty, retired or deceased — in present a Chamber Concert Series mixed Tuesday and March 23 from noon toinclude the Mail/Distribution Center, all branches of military service including performance on Wednesday at 7 p.m. on 2 p.m. at the Conference Center, 6800Forms and Publications. Guard/Reserves with a valid military iden- Fort Meade at Devers Hall, 4214 Field Taylor Ave. For more information, call Vynette tification card. Band Drive. Topics include: How to go from debtJohnson, chief of ID Card Branch, at Eligible applicants or their military spon- The free concert is open to the public. elimination to wealth creation; the VA Loan301-677-3342 or 301-677-9601.  sor must reside in the greater Washington, No tickets are required. and Home Equity Conversion Mortgage The repertoire covers a wide spectrum D.C., area. All applicants, spouses and chil- Loan; TSP/401K - retirement plan alterna-Thrift Shop of chamber music literature ranging tivess; and Good Debt vs. Bad Debt. dren/dependents, must enroll at either an from classical vocal works to an original accredited college/university or an accred- The Post Thrift Shop will be open Seating is limited. RSVP by today. ited/licensed vocational/technical programfor sales only on Wednesday from 6 to jazz composition. To register, call 732-800-1477. For more information, call 301-677- for the 2013-2014 academic year.9 p.m. Spouses also may be eligible if they For more information, call 410-672- 5789 or visit ASIST Workshop are currently in an accredited program.3575. Child/dependent applicants (up to age 23 Parents Night Out The next Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, or ASIST, Workshop with valid military ID card) must be bothTech Expo The next Parents Night Out will be will be offered April 10 and 11 at the high school graduates and rising freshmen A Technology Exposition, hosted by Friday from 6:30 to 10 p.m. Cavalry Chapel at 8465 Simonds St. and in an accredited program for the 2013-2014U.S. Army Intelligence and Security The fee is $10 for the first child and $5 6th Armored Cavalry Road. academic year.Command, will be held April 2 from for each additional child ages 6 weeks to The ASIST Workshop is open to Those who previously received BOSC10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Fort Meade 12 years old. all military, adult family members and scholarships or who are pursuing a secondConference Center. The program is open to active-duty DoD civilian employees. Contractors are degree (technical, second undergraduate or This is an opportunity for the service members and Reservists on active- welcome on a space-available basis. graduate) are not eligible to apply.organizations and units structured duty status, DoD personnel, retirees and During the two-day workshop, Applications for the BOSC scholarshipsunder the Fort Meade garrison, Defense Fort Meade DoD contractors. participants will learn specific skills to are available on Fort Belvoir at the OfficersInformation Systems Agency, National Register early; spaces are limited. help them identify those at risk and how Club, Education Office, Army Commu-Security Agency, U.S. Cyber Command For more information, call 301-677- to better listen to and care for those nity Service, Soldier and Family Assistanceand other tenant units to see the latest 1149 or 301-677-1156. having thoughts of suicide. Center, the Belvoir Federal Credit Union orin emerging technologies, network with Participants will view powerful videos online at experts, and share ideas and Karaoke Night on suicide intervention. They will learn Applications are also distributed to allfuture goals. suicide first aid and how to recognize high school counselors in the greater Wash- The next Karaoke Night is March ington, D.C., area. Incomplete packages The expo will feature demonstrations invitations for help; how to reach out 21 from 7 to 10 p.m. in the 11th Frame will not be considered. Application packageand presentations from a variety of and offer support; how to apply a Lounge at the Lanes. requirements are available at belvoirosc.companies. suicide intervention model; and how to The event is held the third Thursday org. For more information, visit link people with community resources. of the month. Packages should be postmarked by Apriltechexpos/2013/fortmeade/. For more information, email alan. For more information, call 301-677- 12 and mailed to: 5541 or visit SOUNDOFF! March 14, 2013