Fort Meade Soundoff March 7, 2013


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Fort Meade Soundoff March 7, 2013

  1. 1. Soundoff! vol. 65 no. 9 Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community ´ March 7, 2013 by a long shot Photo by Spc. Michael G. HerreroSpc. Jesus Guerrero, 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera), coaches another Soldier with his M4 rifle at the Fort Meade range on Feb. 26. Guerrero is experienced inadvanced rifle marksmanship and assists other Soldiers with proper firing techniques.sequester family time UPCOMING EVENTSGarrison discusses 200th MP Command friday, 7 p.m.: Latin Night - The Conference Centerimpact, reality of hosts daylong youth Saturday, 7 a.m.-2 p.m.: Indoor Triathlon - Gaffney Fitness Center science camp Sunday, 2 a.m.: Clocks spring forward as daylight saving time beginsbudget reductions March 15, 7-10 P.m.: Karaoke Night - The Lanespage 3 page 7 March 17, 6-10 p.m.: Model Passover Seder - Argonne Hills Chapel Center
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Editorial Staff Garrison Commander Guaranteed circulation: 11,285 ´ Bracing for sequestration; celebrating Women’s History Col. Edward C. Rothstein Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas J. Latter Public Affairs Officer Chad T. Jones It’s official. stress and think Chief, Command Information Late Friday evening, President Barack Obama about how you Philip H. Jones signed an order as required by the “sequester” can help others legislation: $85 billion in automatic budget cuts to get assistance. Assistant Editor & Senior Writer federal spending over the next seven months. In my mind, Rona S. Hirsch The president acknowledged that the budget cuts Team Meade Staff Writer Lisa R. Rhodes will be painful but not completely catastrophic. also means we Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz We are now at a place where I no longer have to take care of one Design Coordinator Timothy Davis talk speculatively about “if sequestration happens.” another. Supple­mental photography provided Sequestration is a reality and we will do what we On another by The Baltimore Sun Media Group have to do to meet budget cuts. note, I want to Over the past week you may have either read acknowledge COL. Edward c. Advertising my column in Soundoff!, attended the garrison that March is Rothstein Garrison Commander General Inquiries 410-332-6300 Commander’s Call on Feb. 27, or perhaps seen or Women’s History Allison Thompson read news reports that have outlined the impact and Month. Sunday marked the 100-year anniversary 410-332-6850 some of the tough decisions you and I will have to of the Woman Suffrage Parade, a march down Michele Griesbauer endure as we adhere to Department of Defense Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., to 410-332-6381 budget cuts requirements. advance women’s suffrage in the United States. So I’m not going to repeat how tough the impact The parade is noted by historians as the first If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are of sequestration will be on the Fort Meade com- major national effort towards achieving women’s experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail munity. suffrage. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. I do, however, have two thoughts I want to share March 3 was selected as the parade date because with you on this subject. it was one day before the inauguration of President Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the My first reflection is, “We are Team Meade!” Woodrow Wilson. Organizers knew the city would personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. I say “Team Meade” with a lot of pride because be filled with spectators, many of whom were men Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday except the last Thursday of the year in I know I can count on each of you to work with in town for the inauguration. conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. Requests for publication must reach me, the garrison command and your partner com- More than 8,000 marchers, including nine bands, the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the desired publication date. Mailing address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD mands as we weather these budget cuts. After all, four mounted brigades and 20 floats, filled the 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-5602; DSN: 622-5602. “We are Team Meade and we do what we have to streets of Washington, D.C. do to get things done.” It would take another seven years, but in 1920 Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage My second and, perhaps, more emotional the Nineteenth Amendment secured the vote for without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, thought this week relates to another reality of women. user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser sequestration - the additional stress it adds to The installation was scheduled to celebrate will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. everyone’s life. Women’s History Month on Wednesday with its Printed by The Baltimore Sun Co., LLC, a private firm, in no way connected with the That said, I want to remind each of you that we annual observance at McGill Training Center Department of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their all need to pay attention and encourage individuals featuring Regina Hanson, an intelligence analyst own and are not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. who may need help dealing with stress to reach out for the FBI. The appearance of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by and seek assistance. We need to continue to foster a This month is an opportunity to remember and the Department of the Army of the products or services advertised. climate that says seeking help is a sign of strength. acknowledge the contributions of women to our I have spoken about resiliency as our ability to society. The list of “She-roes” is a long one that grow and thrive in the face of challenges and our includes many contributions by women to the U.S. ability to bounce back from adversity. I ask that you keep in mind the need to look out Armed Forces. There are many stories about women that illus- You can also keep track of Fort Meade on Twitter at for one another. We all deal with stress. For some, trate their tenacity, courage and creativity and their and view the Fort Meade Live Blog at however, managing stress is not easy. role in the history of the United States. If you know someone who is having a difficult Please take the time this month to explore web- time dealing with stress, remember that we have an sites, attend local programs and learn more about abundance of resources on the installation. Please women’s contributions to our society. Co n t e n t s take the time to review some of the indicators of Have a great week! News.............................. 3 Sports................................... 10 Connect with Fort Meade at Crime Watch.................. 4 Movies.................................. 12 Community.................. 13 Classified.............................. 16 SOUNDOFF! March 7, 2013
  3. 3. NewsGarrison discusses impact of sequestrationBy Brandon Bieltz While the sequestration does not affect going to go have parties while you’re goingStaff Writer service members directly, at Fort Meade it to be furloughed. ... When it comes to the With sequestration looming, Garrison ‘It’s not about more with could cause installation services such as Child decision whether its going to be the MemorialCommander Col. Edward C. Rothstein leda town hall discussion about the impact of less, it’s absolutely going to Development Centers, chapels and fitness centers to be reduced in the future. Day Remembrance or keeping three CDCs or taking care of our barracks, it’s a prettysequestration and projected cuts to the Army be less with less.’ “The intent is to maintain the three CDCs easy decision.”budget. and their operations,” Rothstein said. “The Other topics discussed during the town The town hall was conducted during the Garrison Commander intent is to keep them up and running. ... If I hall are services to help employees throughCommander’s Call on Feb. 27 at the Post Col. Edward C. Rothstein cannot maintain them, then we will be look- the process including stress management andTheater. ing at curtailing operations or shutting down financial advice. Wellness and financial services for employ- a CDC. Everything has got to be on the table “Army Community Service has free finan-ees were a main topic of discussion as those for the safety of the kids.” cial counseling available to any ID cardhold-in attendance asked questions of garrison Rothstein also said closing and curtail- er,” said Doris Tyler, ACS director. “We’ll getofficials during the event. “On our installations, civilian furloughs, ing security gates is a possibility. The gates you in as soon as we can.” Rothstein said he wanted to look at the a 70 percent reduction in base sustainment would be closed based on the priority of the Rothstein said the garrison will do its bestsequestration from a micro-level and how funding, and the elimination of contracts will entrance. to lead the workforce through the processit will specifically impact the Fort Meade strain our ability to protect our Army family In addition to installation services being and will be as open and honest as possiblecommunity. programs,” Ordierno said. “If sequestration affected, Rothstein said the sequestration and about the decisions and consequences of the “My immediate concern is you,” he said to is implemented, we will be forced to reduce furloughs also would impact yearly events sequestration.the large crowd. “It is personal to me and it is funding for our schools, our daycare centers, that cost money. “It’s not about more with less,” Rothsteinabout you and the impact it will have on you. family assistance and community service pro- “Perception is reality,” he said. “Although said. “It’s absolutely going to be less with less.... It’s a very community-wide impact that this grams, family and substance abuse counsel- we can get money from other ways to do We are going to prioritize what we can andis going to have.” ors, and tuition assistance for our Soldiers.” things, the perception is reality. We’re not cannot do, and will commit to that.” During a congressional hearing Feb. 26,Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Ordierno saidabout 48 percent of the Army’s budget is forboth civilian and military employees. Undersequestration, about 251,000 Army civilianemployees will be furloughed one day perweek without pay beginning in mid-April andwill continue to September. The goal is to achieve a 10 percent reduc-tion in pay for the fiscal year, which will helpthe Army cover its shortfall of $18 billion inits operation and maintenance accounts, saidOrdierno. When the sequestration was triggered onFriday, the Army planned for 22 days offurlough for all civilian employees. Onlypure non-appropriated fund employees areexcluded from furloughs, but firefighters andpolice also may be excluded. Service memberswill not be furloughed. Rothstein said that in mid-March employ-ees will receive notice of the furloughs, whichwill begin 30 days from that date. In addition to affecting the Fort Meadeworkforce, the furloughs also can lead to cur-tailed or closed services throughout the post. “Those decisions on which days have tobe worked [out] between you, your division photo by brandon bieltzand directors,” Rothstein said. “It may bemore suitable to tell people that this buildingor that service will shut down this entire dayas opposed to trying to make it through the GIFT OF GIVING Brian Noratell (second from right), area manager of Dunham and Smith Agencies, presents Garrison Commanderentire week.” Col. Edward C. Rothstein with gift cards valued at $1,300 to the Fort Meade Commissary on behalf of Gatorade. During the congressional hearing, Ordi- Also pictured are Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas J. Latter; Doris Tyler, director of Army Community Ser-erno said the effects of sequestration will be vice; and Ernestina Ryals Vasquez, store director of the Fort Meade Commissary. The gift cards will be distributedfelt in many services. to families through the Family Readiness Program at ACS. March 7, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ewsEat right, yourway, every dayBy Tara C. Dombeck and choose steamed vegetables as sideHealth Promotion Research Assistant dishes when eating at your favorite res-U.S. Army Public Health Command taurant (rather than choosing vegetables Whenever you hear about eating a cooked in butter and oil or covered inhealthy, well-balanced diet, you may sauces, which add extra calories fromthink you have to give up foods and res- fat).taurants you enjoy and that you must eat • Eat more whole grains.a boring regimen of meals every day. Choose whole-wheat breads and pas- That can be discouraging, especially tas and whole-grain rice rather thanif you have certain cultural, ethnic and white varieties of these practices that you include in • If you enjoy meat as part of youryour eating habits. diet, choose low-fat options such as However, eating healthy does not lean cuts of beef and chicken, and cer-mean you must give up your prefer- tain types of fish (such as salmon andences and tastes in foods. You can make trout).small adjustments to your diet while still If you do not eat meat, you can getenjoying the foods you love. protein from beans, soy products, nuts March is National Nutrition Month. and seeds. Eggs are a good source ofThe theme is “Eat Right, Your Way, protein, but you should limit the amountEvery Day,” which encourages everyone of egg yolks you consume to no moreto continue following their food prefer- than one a day since they contain cho-ences, lifestyle, culture and health prac- lesterol and saturated fat. illustration courtesy aafestices, but to make healthy food choices • Choose low-fat and low-calorie dairywithin those preferences and practices. Good nutrition is also one of theArmy surgeon general’s top priorities products such as skim milk, rather than whole milk. Limit the amount of cheese you consume. Exchange temporary parking Due to construction of the new Exchange, the customer parking lotfor building and sustaining good Sol- • Decrease your intake of salt and has been relocated to a temporary parking area formerly occupied bydier and family member health through high sodium foods. Check labels for low- the PXtra. Operating hours for the Exchange remain the same: Mondaythe “Performance Triad.” Nutrition, sodium items. through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6along with a focus on healthy activity • Make better beverage choices by p.m.and sleep, is one of the three legs of drinking plenty of water every day andthe triad. choosing calorie-free beverages, 100 per- Choosing to eat a healthy diet has cent fruit juices and fat-free milk. Community Communitymany benefits including enhancing fit- • Pay attention to portion sizes.ness and performance. In addition, con- Many people eat more than the rec-suming a healthy, well-balanced diet ommended serving size of foods, somay reduce a person’s risk of develop-ing certain chronic diseases, includinghigh blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes choose smaller portions. Stop eating when you feel satisfied. • Always practice food safety by wash- Crime Watchand some types of cancer, as well as ing your hands before preparing and eat- Compiled by the Fort Meade Directorate of Emergency Servicesobesity. ing food and by keeping raw meat and Many Americans do not meet the fish separate from fruits and vegetablesrecommended guidelines for a well-bal- when preparing meals. Feb. 27, Larceny of private juana. Units obtained verbalanced diet, which includes each of the Eating right does not mean that you property: An unknown person consent to search the vehicle,five major food groups: fruits, vegetables, must give up your food preferences. removed a U.S. flag that was which revealed a small amountgrains, proteins and dairy products. Eating right, your way, every day means affixed to the outside of their of suspected marijuana. The If you have decided to choose a more taking small steps that will make a big government quarters. substance was tested andhealthy diet, here are a few simple tips impact on your health no matter what revealed positive should follow every day, no matter your lifestyle and cultural preferenceswhat your food preferences are: are. Feb. 22, Simple possession mari- • Add more fruits and vegetables to For more information about eating juana: A vehicle approached Gate 7 Feb. 26, Shoplifting: An investigationyour diet each day. a healthy, balanced diet, visit the fol- on Reece Road, where contact was at the Exchange revealed that the Place fruits and vegetables in highly lowing websites: Academy of Dietetics made with the driver. An odor was subject concealed a bottle of colognevisible places on your kitchen counter, and Nutrition at or Opera- detected from the vehicle, which was and exited the store without render-pack fruits and vegetables in a cooler to tion Live Well at suspected to be the smell of mari- ing proper payment.take with you when you are on the go, tures/2012/0812_live-well. SOUNDOFF! March 7, 2013
  5. 5. N ewsDue to construction of the new Exchange, the Walter Reed NationalMedical Center shuttle bus has changed its pickup location from theExchange to the parking lot near the Fort Meade Credit Union and theformer Residential Community Initiative office, on the corner of RedwoodRoad and Leonard Wood Avenue (Buildings 4471 and 4463).All pickup times of the shuttle will remain the same. • Individual and Business Walter Reed Shuttle Bus Schedule Tax Preparation Arrives at Departs Arrives at Departs • Walk in, Appointments Fort Meade Fort Meade Walter reed Walter Reed 5:50 A.M. 6 A.M. 7 A.M. 7:10 A.M. or Drop Off Available Will review your prior 7:50 A.M. 8 A.M. 9 A.M. 9:10 A.M. • Fast, Accurate 3 returns 9:50 A.M. 10 A.M. 11 A.M. and Affordable for errors or missed 1 p.m. 1:10 P.M. 1:50 P.M. 2 P.M. 3 P.M. 3:10 P.m. • E File, Wire Transfer, money! 3:50 P.m. 4 P.m. 5 P.m. 5:10 P.M. Debit Card or 5:50 P.M. 6 P.M. 7 P.M. LAST STOP Checks available 1040EZ filing only $ 50 DISCOVER YOUR STRENGTH AT TRINITY With this coupon. One coupon per person. Offer ends April 15th, 2013. $ 30 OFF Receive $30 off your tax preparation Convenient schedules with this coupon only. One coupon per person. for military personnel $ 55 OFF and their families Earn your degree in our evening and weekend programs.  International Security Studies (M.A.) Bring a friend and receive $30 off your tax preparation  Counseling (M.A.) and a $25 referral bonus. One coupon per person.  Health Science (B.S.)  and other undergraduate and graduate programs. Visit Trinity’s Campus for an Open House 10760 Hickory Ridge Rd Unit 121 Saturday, March 9, 9:00 a.m. Columbia, MD 21044 RSVP TODAY: 202-656-5615 410-772-2274 WWW.TRINITYDC.EDU ADMISSIONS@TRINITYDC.EDU www.atlanticcashandtaxservices.com March 7, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  6. 6. N ewsDINFOS IT upgrades ensure more efficiencyBy Navy MCSA Andrew DeanDefense Information School The Defense Information School isin the process of making improvementsto its network computer systems thatwill enable staff to be more productivewhen working remotely and in nearlyany environment. The information technology team atDINFOS is implementing a programcalled Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, orVDI, which is a server that allows usersto securely access information on theirnetwork computers in a more efficientmanner. The DINFOS IT team began imple-menting VDI six month ago. “The solution that we’re implement-ing right now is going to allow staff toaccess their applications and access theirdesktop easier anytime, anywhere,” saidIbukunolu Sanni, a system engineer whois part of the DINFOS IT team. At present, DINFOS staff membersare issued a government laptop in orderto work remotely. They log onto theirnetwork computers by using a VirtualPrivate Network, a process that can takeas long as 10 minutes. The new VDIsystem reduces the login time dramati-cally and allows users to access theirnetwork computer desktops via a roam-ing profile. “My whole objective is to reduce thefootprint. Right now, you’ve got peoplewho go TDY [temporary duty] withtwo pieces of equipment,” said Chief of Photo by Lt. Cmdr. Karen E. EifertDINFOS Information Technology Den- Ibukunolu Sanni and Rod Atcherson, members of the Defense Information School information technology team, work to makenis W. Cornell, referring to a desktop Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, a reality for DINFOS instructors. VDI makes working remotely easier for staff membersand laptop. without sacrificing the security features that traditional desktop PCs offer users. The VDI system reduces the equip-ment necessary to work remotely to will no longer need the computer that implement. The equipment and licensingone piece of equipment — a Common typically sits at an employee’s feet. were implemented last year.Access Card-enabled computer. Even- By switching to thin clients, DINFOS Resources for the new hardware willtually this capability will extend to the will save money from software licensing be implemented throughout 2013.use of a Common Access Card-enabled costs, equipment costs and increased Although it will take a while beforetablet. hardware lifecycle. VDI reaches DINFOS students, the plan “Right now, the benefits you’ll see for “Looking at lifecycle management is that they, too, will be able to use thisa teleworker or someone who goes TDY now, you’re looking at roughly five improved technology. DINFOS staffis that they can use their own equip- years of usage out of a single work sta- working remotely will immediately seement,” Cornell said. “We’ll provide them tion,” Cornell said. “With a thin client, benefits once the server is upgraded.instructions on how to download driv- I can probably stretch that out to seven “They won’t have to worry abouters for the CAC readers. There are two years.” being accountable for another piece ofadditional programs that would haveto be installed, but it would be a pretty Considering the difference in cost and the sheer number of work stations at equipment,” Cornell said. “I can just give them a CAC reader — and I have Follow Fortseamless process.” DINFOS, the amount saved would be tons of those.” Meade at The new VDI system, which relies significant, he said. The DINFOS IT team works dili-heavily upon servers to perform func- The DINFOS IT team said the plan gently to ensure its roaming profiles, will allow DINFOS to switch most for the VDI system upgrade has been maintain the same level of security when ftmeademdof its computers to cheaper, more effi- in the works for a couple of years and accessed remotely as when accessed tra-cient “thin” clients. Thin means staffers is projected to take two years to fully ditionally via desktop PC. SOUNDOFF! March 7, 2013
  7. 7. N ewsArmy Reserve youth tackle science day campBy Sgt. 1st Class Mark Bell200th Military Police Command Ecobots, NASA launch activitiesand several other science experimentswere on the menu during a daylongcamp held Saturday for Army Reserveyouths. Hosted by the 200th Military PoliceCommand’s Child, Youth and SchoolServices staff and organized by alocal 4-H organization, more than adozen youths spent the jam-packed daywrapped up in science experiments astheir fathers and mothers participatedin the monthly, battle assembly week-end. While 200th MPCOM Soldiersreported to the morning’s first forma-tion, campers were busy getting theirname tags and learning about the otherReserve youth who would soon be theirnewest friends. Maj. Gen. Sanford Holman, com-manding general of the 200th MPCOM,a command that has more than 14,000 photos by Spc. Amber KarambellasSoldiers and their family members Megan Dakwa, 12, of Gaithersburgacross 44 states, said having a success- Young family members of Army Reservists use their creativity for a science project works on her micro-robot using onlyful family program is a key component during the day camp attended by more than a dozen youths. The 200th Military a toothbrush, small motor and watchof the Army Reserve family. Police Command’s Child, Youth and School Services staff hosted the daylong camp battery during a science day camp hosted “Our families may not physically organized by a local 4-H organization during battle assembly weekend. Saturday by the 200th Military Policestand in our formations during battle Command at Fort Meade. Dakwa is theassembly weekend, but they are defi- quickly got him back to his waiting “We have to listen to our children,” niece of Staff Sgt. Kofi Tutu, a supplynitely a part of our formations across team members to finish a project. she said. “They are our future and pos- sergeant in the Army Reserve.this command,” Holman said. “My wife That excitement was visible through- sibly the Army Reserves’ next leaders.”and I know the importance of ensuring out the room as teams began talking As the campers sat down for lunchour families are informed about the and learning about each other while provided by the local American Legion “We want them to walk away know-resources and tools available to them to creating small, makeshift robots from Auxiliary, the higher volume of chatter ing they are not alone and there aresucceed before, during and after deploy- a toothbrush, small motor and a watch filled the air as new friends a few hours others just like them,” Crawford said.ments.” battery. prior were now best friends. “They may go to a school where they As Soldiers cleared the area after a Jessica Crawford, the Family Readi- “Will you be here next month?” one are the only military child, but beingbrief morning formation, the room was ness Group leader for Headquarters boy asked another. here, they know that the person sittingtransformed into a large science center. and Headquarters Company, 200th “Heck yeah, I will,” said another boy. across the table is going through theThe first order of business was to sepa- MPCOM, smiled from a corner chair as “We better tell our dads to bring us here same types of situations with a parentrate participants into smaller groups, she watched the young family members again. I didn’t know he had this much in the Army Reserve.”ensuring siblings were matched with become more engaged with each other fun when he plays Army.” Holman said military families mustpeople they didn’t know. as each new experiment was introduced As lunch finished and campers played recognize that their children matter and Deadra Martin, the 200th MPCOM’s by the 4-H staff. kick ball, jump rope and other play- have a voice.CYSS coordinator, said separating fam- “We want them to feel comfortable ground games, the bonding of Army “Communication is one of the majorilies was important because sometimes and be able to explore their creativity Reserve friends was clearly noticeable. components to a successful family,” hesiblings will cling to each other. with the sciences,” Crawford said. “We “We couldn’t ask for anything more,” said. “It doesn’t just apply to our Army “We want them to get to know other don’t need electronics to keep them Crawford said. “We have to inspire our Reserve families, but our neighbors andArmy Reserve youth and make new engaged, and these activities here today children to be the best, and what better communities, too.”friends,” she said. seemed to be doing the job.” role models than a parent in the Army Crawford said the 200th MPCOM is Two brothers, Jack and Logan Crawford has spent the past sev- Reserve and a supportive spouse?” a community, and families must leanMaroclo, who were nearly attached at eral months working with her husband, After lunch, participants engaged toward each other as a bigger family.the hip, quickly adapted and made new Capt. Brandon Crawford, to create on more science experiments including “In today’s Army, our husbands andfriends. After an hour of science experi- interactive experiences for families of snow, germ glow and marbles. wives are called upon to do more withments, 7-year-old Jack ran up to a staff the Champion command headquarters. The fun-packed afternoon ended on a less,” she said. “Our future is uncertainmember and shouted, “I am having the She said being a part of the Army quiet note as campers designed posters but very bright. The Army Reserve hasbest time here!” Reserve family is no easy task, espe- about what it means to be a military many resources and tools to help fami- With a smile, the 4-H volunteer cially for the younger generations. youth. lies be successful.” March 7, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  8. 8. N ews‘Don’t roll the dice’Colorectal cancer screening can lead to survivalBy Mark DeVaughn Colorectal cancer screenings can, in many Pathology reports confirmed Stage 3 colon stage melanoma during a routine follow-upCommunications Coordinator cases, prevent colon and rectal cancers by cancer. About two weeks later, chemotherapy last year. The finding and removal of theHealth Net Federal Services finding polyps before they turn cancerous. treatments started. melanoma would not have occurred had he For Air Force Col. Wayne R. Monteith, Heading to his appointment, Monteith “To be blunt, chemo sucks,” Monteith not been going through this, he came first. felt he was in great health. He had been a said. “If I can help one person avoid chemo- “My family describes it as, ‘Wayne: 2, He was responsible for more than 5,000 competitive runner and his physical fitness therapy, then I’ve done my job.” Cancer: 0.’ I’m not looking to go 3-0. Andpeople and worldwide operations, including score put him in the top one percent of the He described one side effect, cold sensitiv- certainly not 2-1,” Monteith said.flying the GPS constellation. He considered Air Force. ity – especially while receiving treatments in To his fellow military community, Monte-that his priority above routine health care. It wasn’t until the physician assistant came Colorado Springs, Colo., during winter – as ith advises: “Don’t roll the dice.” In December 2010 – at the insistence of his to speak with him after his colonoscopy and “drinking a cupful of glass” when breathing He said it’s not about feeling lucky. He feelssecretary who rescheduled the appointment started crying that he realized something was in the cold air. fortunate, not lucky that the screening caughtthree times – Monteith had his first colonos- wrong. The American Cancer Society reports that the disease.copy at age 51, almost a year after his doctor’s “My doctor informed me I had an aggres- as many as one in five people diagnosed with “I believe people think, ‘It won’t happen toinitial recommendation. sive tumor that could kill me if not removed,” colorectal cancer have a family history of the me.’ I would have said the same thing the day One reason for the delay was what Mon- Monteith said. “I’m not sure if it sunk in disease. Monteith didn’t learn his family his- before my colonoscopy,” he said.teith called “institutional,” but he also felt he immediately, but I certainly knew they had to tory until he was already diagnosed. TRICARE covers routine colorectal can-didn’t need one. be wrong. I had no symptoms. Zero.” “While still in the hospital, my father told cer screenings at no cost to TRICARE benefi- “We are raised in our careers with a war- Yet, according to the American Cancer me he had polyps removed when he was 40,” ciaries when they see a network provider.rior ethos, to not complain and not get sick,” Society, most people diagnosed with early Monteith said. “Had I been armed with that For more information, facts and tips, visithe said. “For me, having rarely been sick, I colorectal cancer do not experience symp- information, my doctor told me I would have and like Health Net Federal Servicesconstrued it as a sign of weakness.” toms. Symptoms such as blood in the stool, been instructed to be screened at least 10 years on Facebook. He’s not alone. persistent stomach pain and unexplained earlier. We may have avoided this entirely.” Editor’s note: Col. Wayne R. Monteith cur- Health Net Federal Services’ goal is to weight loss may not appear until the disease His message about the importance of dis- rently serves as deputy director, Department ofincrease the number of beneficiaries in the has progressed. cussing family medical history is simple: “It’s Defense Executive Agent for Space Staff andTRICARE North Region who obtain the Because of the size of his tumor, surgery vital that you ask; it could save your life.” Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of the Airrecommended colorectal cancer screenings was scheduled within the week. He said that Monteith is in remission and looking for- Force (Space), save lives. even then he didn’t quite accept what they ward to celebrating the five-year mark when In his prior position, Monteith was com- The Centers for Disease Control and Pre- were going to do. He didn’t even bring an he can officially declare he is cured. mander, 50th Space Wing, Air Force Spacevention lists colorectal cancer as the second overnight bag with him to the hospital. “That’s the big event we are looking to Command, Schriever Air Force Base, Colo.,leading cause of cancer-related deaths in The surgery resulted in the removal of one- celebrate,” he said. where he led more than 5,300 military, DoDthe U.S. among cancers affecting men and third of his large intestine and the adjacent There is another positive to his colorectal civilians and contractor personnel serving atwomen. lymph nodes, and a four-day hospital stay. cancer experience - the discovery of early- 14 operating locations. Can you keep goods that you didn’t order? First of all, if you receive merchandise that you didn’t order, you have a legal right Obviously, the shipping personnel weren’t being careful and included some- one else’s purchased cookware in the box How can you protect yourself from receiving unordered and unwanted mer- chandise? Be careful and be smart. If you unordered to keep it as a free gift. You do not have a legal obligation to notify the seller if you with your free bowl. In the case of a shipping error, you participate in a sweepstakes or order goods advertised as “free” or “trial,” be especially merchandise? keep the unordered merchandise. However, it is a good idea to contact the company by writing a letter to inform the should write the seller and offer to return the merchandise, provided the seller pays for postage and handling. cautious and realize that you may be dis- appointed in the quality of the goods. Read all of the information about the By Jane M. Winand seller that you consider the item a free gift. Give the seller a specific and reasonable offer to make sure you are not joining a Chief, Legal Assistance Division This may discourage the seller from send- time to pick up the merchandise or arrange club with regular purchasing obligations. Perhaps this has happened to you. You ing you bills or other payment notices and to have it returned at no cost to you. Thirty Keep a copy of the advertisement or cata- respond to an ad offering a free pocket could also clear up an honest error. days should be a reasonable time. logue that led you to place the order in case wrench as a gift. To your surprise, the Send the letter via certified mail. Keep Also inform the seller that you reserve there are problems in the future. wrench arrives in the mail along with a the return receipt and a copy of the letter the right to keep the merchandise or to Should you have a problem with unor- complete tool kit and a hefty bill. for your records should a claim for pay- dispose of it if the seller has not claimed dered merchandise and the company has Or maybe you receive an elaborate cell ment be made by the seller at a later date. it in the specified time. not been helpful, contact your local postal phone cover in the mail that you never However, the unordered merchandise Some items may be sent legally without inspector, the Maryland Consumer Pro- ordered. that you received may have been the result your consent. For example, free samples tection Division at 410-528-8662, or the Although you notified the company of an honest shipping error. For instance, of shampoo or laundry detergent that are Federal Trade Commission at www.ftc. that you never requested the tool kit or the box with your free plastic mixing bowl clearly marked “free” may be sent legally. gov. phone cover, you continue to get notices may also contain a complete set of cook- Charitable organizations also may mail You also may schedule an appointment demanding payment and threatening to ware and a receipt for the cookware, which merchandise while asking for a contribu- to meet with a Fort Meade Legal Assis- ruin your credit rating. bears the name and address of a different tion from you. In either case, you may keep tance Division attorney at 301-677-9504 What should you do if you receive consumer, not you. the merchandise as a gift. or 301-677-9536. SOUNDOFF! March 7, 2013
  9. 9. N ewsSpouses’ Clubs give backScholarships reward outstanding student leadersBy Lisa R. Rhodes Baker Memorial Scholarship must have aStaff Writer 3.0 GPA. How can a high school student affiliated The Military Spouse Scholarship is award-with Fort Meade, who has completed a ed for academic achievement to militaryJunior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps pro- spouses who are completing an undergradu-gram and wants to enroll in college, pay ate degree. The recipient, who must have a 2.5tuition? GPA, must be a member of OSC. By applying for the Officers’ Spouses’ All four awards will be applied to the 2013Club’s annual JROTC Scholarship. to 2014 academic school year. The OSC presents a financial award for Applications for all the scholarships mustacademic achievement to a deserving, col- be postmarked by April 1. They are availablelege-bound high school student who has at the OSC website at the JROTC program at Meade The OSC’s annual scholarship award cer-High School or at a high school within a 35- emony will be held in mid-May. Scholarshipmile radius of Fort Meade. award recipients will receive an invitation in “We place a high value on commitment the mail.and service to our country,” said Heather Thomas said that although OSC is a socialThomas, scholarship chairperson. “We want group, it is primarily a service organizationto support a student who plans — like many that recognizes academic excellence and aspouses — to serve our country through commitment to the community.military service.” “We appreciate young people who are file photo The JROTC Scholarship, which requires not only leaders in the classroom but who Annalisa Irby and Kinza Shah, both graduating seniors at Meade High School, anda 2.5 GPA, is the club’s only scholarship are also leaders in the community,” Thomas Roger Isom Jr., a graduating senior at Broadneck High School in Annapolis, acceptthat does not require applicants to be a said. “Our past recipients were well-rounded the Officers’ Spouses’ Club’s Etta Baker Memorial Scholarship at last year’s awardmilitary dependent or dependent of an OSC individuals who were not just accomplished ceremony.member. scholastically, but also were active in school The OSC also offers the Merit Scholar- and community activities.” obstacles. … Realistically, a military spouse The club’s biggest fundraisers are bingoship and Etta Baker Memorial Scholarship Thomas said the club supports military working on a degree may also be coping in the fall, a holiday bazaar and the Old Joefor academic achievement to high school spouses because of the difficulties they often with deployment while juggling the needs Golf Tournament, which will be held Aprilgraduates and college students who are mili- face in attaining a post-secondary education. of children without any help from extended 12.tary dependents and the child of an OSC “Many spouses begin a degree at one family members.” The Armed Forces Communications andmember. institution and have to transfer because their The club holds fundraisers throughout the Electronics Association’s Central Maryland Applicants for the Merit Scholarship must service member spouses are reassigned,” year to fund its scholarships. Last year, OSC chapter provides funding for the Etta Bakerhave a 2.5 GPA, while applicants for the Etta Thomas said. “Relocating is just one of the awarded $10,000 in scholarships. Memorial Scholarship.Community service: A prerequisite for scholarshipBy Lisa R. Rhodes school year. ESC’s annual scholarship ceremony on The ESC started offering scholarshipsStaff Writer The Evelyn Silva Scholarship Award of May 20 at 7 p.m. at Argonne Hills Chapel two years ago to enlisted spouses continuing A high school student who is dedicated Excellence was first awarded in 2011. It was Center. their community service while performing well created to honor Evelyn Silva, a long-stand- Baker said the ESC has been awarding “Many spouses find it hard to maintainin school is the perfect candidate for the ing member of ESC who has committed scholarships to military dependents for 60 a career while moving every few years, butEnlisted Spouses Club Scholarship Award. her life to volunteering for the military. years. a degree can help ease these transitions,” “The ESC is about volunteering and The $2,000 scholarship is given to a “We feel that these students show some- Baker said. “This scholarship program wasgiving back to our communities, and this graduating high school senior who is a thing special by dealing with everything that founded to help these spouses go back tois a big part of our scholarship program,” military child and resides in the Fort Meade involves being part of a military family and school so they can start a career that cansaid Patricia Baker, ESC president. “Each area. The student must carry a minimum still succeeding in school and being a volun- move with them.”student needs to show how they are giving 3.0 GPA and volunteer at one or more orga- teer in the community,” Baker said. “With The club’s scholarships are funded byback while also maintaining their grades.” nizations. The scholarship will be applied to all these challenges, we want to reward them proceeds from the Post Thrift Shop, which The annual scholarships are presented the 2013 to 2014 academic school year. while also encouraging them to continue is operated by the graduating high school seniors and full- Applications for each scholarship are with their schooling.” “We have been very blessed and are verytime continuing education students. Valued available at the ESC website at ftmeadeesc. The ESC Scholarship Award may be grateful to have the support of our com-at $1,500, scholarhships will be given to org. They must be postmarked by March used at any accredited college, university, munity as donors and customers,” Bakera military child or spouse of any military 15 and received in the ESC post office box business or vocational school for one year. said. “Without the continued support ofmember from any service branch and will by March 22. The Evelyn Silva Scholarship must be used the Fort Meade community, we wouldn’tbe applied to the 2013 to 2014 academic The scholarships will be awarded at the for full-time, post-secondary education. be able to offer these scholarships.” March 7, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  10. 10. S portsFort Meade shedsmore than 800 poundsStory and photos by Brandon BieltzStaff Writer Over the course of eight weeks, 114 Biggest Winnersgym-goers and dieters from Fort Meadebattled to become the biggest loser on Overall:the installation. • Matthew Wise, 26.81 percent body fat When it was all over, the post wasmore than 800 pounds lighter through Individual men:Gaffney Fitness Center’s annual Dump • Mark Hamilton, 16.9 percent body fatYour Plump competition. • Doug Wise, 10.7 percent body fat On Tuesday, the top finishers werecrowned in a brief ceremony at Gaff- Individual women:ney’s pool. • Stacy Fretwell, 13.8 percent body fat Matthew Wise was the overall winner, • Yulanda McCowin, 13.6 percent body fatlosing 26.81 percent body fat. Stacy Fretwell led the women’s cat- Top teams:egory with a 13.8 percent loss. Mark • Deadweight, 16.1 percent body fat Stacy Fretwell poses in front of the Gaffney Fitness Center pool Tuesday morningHamilton dropped 16.9 percent to win • The Fat Badges, 10.3 percent body fat after being named the top woman loser in the annual Dump Your Plump competition.the men’s category. • FTDTL Pudge Club, 10.1 percent Fretwell lost 13.8 percent body fat during the eight-week competition by swimming The Deadweight Team of Wise, body fat an hour a day.Francisco Jamison, Alonzo Coley andMahlon Thomas lost a total of 16.1percent body fat to take the title in the Wednesdays. The private weigh-ins mea-team competition. sure the percentage of weight lost, not “It feels good,” Fretwell said of her total pounds.first-place finish. “It feels real good.” For each week that a competitor Organizers said the competition, now misses a weigh-in, a pound is addedin its fifth year, was more competitive to the final weight. Missing a total ofthan in the past as Fretwell narrowly four or more weigh-ins or missing moreedged out Yulanda McCowin, who lost than two consecutive weigh-ins results13.6 percent, while the second- and in elimination.third-place teams were separated by less Nearly 300 people registered at thethan half a percentage point. start of the contest, but that number In total, participants shed a combined dropped to 114 by Feb. 28 when the801.8 pounds, with all teams losing 512 competition ended.pounds and individuals dropping a total Wise won the competition for theof 289.8 pounds. second straight year and was awarded Last year, 267 competitors lost a the grand prize of an iPad Mini.combined 1,527 pounds. But this year The top man and woman finishersthe average weight lost by a competitor were first-time winners. Fretwell par-increased from 5.71 pounds to 7.01. ticipated in the competition last year, “The dedication was there because but wasn’t able to drop enough to winpeople lost weight every single week the competition. This year, Fretwell,as opposed to just one big push at the who swam in high school, switched herend,” said Angie Wanner, sports special- workouts from cardio on the treadmillist for the Directorate of Family and to swimming five hours a week.Morale, Welfare and Recreation and “I’ve been eating right, eating health-Dump Your Plump organizer. “People ier and working out,” the Meuse Forestwere consistently losing weight.” resident said. Mark Hamilton stands on an elliptical at Gaffney Fitness Center on Tuesday. Hamilton Dump Your Plump, which began Jan. Hamilton had a large lead in the won the individual men’s category in Dump Your Plump by losing 16.9 percent body7, is a flexible weight-loss competition men’s competition, beating Doug Wise, fat.that allows contestants to design their who dropped 10.7 percent body fat.own workout plan and diet. This year’s competition was Hamil- the Severn resident said. and running outside. Participants could enter as individu- ton’s first. A marathon coach recovering from Hamilton now plans to run a halfals or as teams. “In December I [read about] Dump injury, Hamilton dropped the weight by marathon in the coming weeks. Competitors are required to weigh Your Plump and I thought this would counting calories, attending spin classes, “It’s pretty cool,” Hamilton said ofin weekly on Mondays, Tuesdays and be a good chance to get back in shape,” using stationary bikes and ellipticals, winning.10 SOUNDOFF! March 7, 2013
  11. 11. S ports Jibber Jabber - Opinion Sports Shorts Mixed martial arts class‘People will come, Ray’ Gaffney Fitness Center is offering free, mixed martial-arts classes every second and fourth Saturday of the month at 10 a.m. I’m not sure if you remember my tellers like Ernie The next class is Saturday.column about a month ago when I Harwell bit. Classes include lessons in Brazilian Jui Jitsu and Muay Thia and are taught bytalked about the beautiful walk along ly/Z8HBB2, certified instructors.Llewellyn Avenue between my office and Harry Caray bit. For more information, call 301-677-3867.the Colonel’s. ly/103mP4I, or If you don’t know exactly where I’m Vin Scully bit. Arena footballtalking about, just take a left at the Main ly/166Vz9B. playersPost Chapel and look for the dookie. Nothing tastes Seriously, the geese around here have better than a dog Chad T. Jones, Youth Sports has openings ofturned the sidewalk along Llewellyn into at the ballpark, Public Affairs the 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U and 11Utheir personal port-a-pot, and now my and no phrase Officer arena football teams.leisurely stroll to the boss’ office is one soothes the soul To sign-up or for moregiant game of bird-poo hopscotch. like “Pitchers and catchers report.” information, call 301-677-1149 My hope is the storm we received on And all of these things aren’t even or 301-677-1156.Wednesday – the same storm that is forc- what’s best about baseball. At least noting me to write this column on Tuesday for me, not right now. When things seem Spring sportsbecause of Maryland’s trepidation ofprecipitation — will provide that patch pretty crummy, baseball puts things in its proper perspective. registrationof sidewalk between the chapel and the Or in the words of Terrence Mann, Registration for springfuture home of the Fort Meade Resil- “The one constant through all the years, sports is under way at Parentiency Center (aka Kuhn Hall, aka our Ray, has been baseball. America has Central Services, 1900 Reece Road.former Distinguished Visitors Quarters) rolled by like an army of steamroll- Spring sports include soccer, T-ball, baseball, softball, track, indoor footballthe spring cleaning it needs. ers. It’s been erased like a blackboard, and basketball. Ah, spring. It’s a time of renewal. rebuilt, and erased again. But baseball Coaches are needed for soccer and baseball.The grass grows from brown to green. has marked the time. This field, this For more information, call 301-677-1149 or 1156.The cherry blossoms bloom (March 28 game, it’s a part of our past, Ray. Itto 31 this year). And, apparently, geese reminds us of all that once was good, Old Joe Golf Tournamentdo the 2. and it could be again.” The Fort Meade Officers’ Spouses Club is sponsoring the 8th Annual Old But even the byproduct of their busy We’ve fought wars, lost loved ones, Joe Golf Tournament on April 12 at Eisenhower Golf Course, 1576 Generalsbowels sticking to my shoes, and the and gone through furloughs before, and Highway, Crownsville.boobery up in D.C., can’t get me too baseball has kept chugging along. Its Shotgun start will be at 8:30 a.m.down. persistence assures me that we will do Cost is $70 for active-duty service members, retirees and family members, That’s because spring also means base- the same. and $75 for everyone else.ball. Baseball is great memories of my dad, Registration and payment are due by March 29. This time of year, instead of reaching coaching my son’s CYSS team, taking Registration includes green fees and cart, putting contest, continentalfor my happy pills, all I have to do is Ryan Howard in the first round of my breakfast, barbecue lunch, two beverage tickets, door prizes, snacks and playerwatch the movie “Field of Dreams” and fantasy draft — and then trading him goodie bags.let the deep, soothing voice of Terrence for Jeff Francoeur and some other scrub Proceeds benefit the Fort Meade OSC Scholarships and Welfare Programs.Mann, played brilliantly by James Earl I can’t remember. For more information, email Lorin Neslony at 2ndVice@fortmeadeosc.orgJones, turn my frown upside down. bit. It’s the stinging hands you feel after or visit hitting a line drive. It’s the danger of Now I’ve heard all the complaints that line drive hitting a poor girl in theabout baseball: It’s too slow, it’s boring, throat during a Little League game, and EFMP bowlingit’s not as good as football. the freedom I felt as I sped around the The Exceptional Family Member program is sponsoring its monthly bowling All of that may be debatable, but the bases while that girl was being carried off event on March 20 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. at the Lanes.fact of the matter is, nothing in this world the field. The girl was fine, and I slid into Exceptional family members will receive a free game and shoe rental. Otheris more beautiful than a perfectly turned home without a throw. family members will receive discounted games and shoe rental.6-4-3 double play. Baseball is playing catch with my big To register, call 301-677-4473 or email Plus, nothing is more breathtaking than brother.a monster home run. And it’s because of all this, and so Texas Hold ‘em Baseball fights are better than hockey much more, that I can say without afights, or boxing for that matter. bit. doubt, that even though football may be Texas Hold ‘em no buy-in games are played Mondays at 7 p.m. at the America’s game right now, baseball will Games are free and open to the public. And, dare I say, baseball collisions always be our pastime. For more information, call 301-677-5541.are better than any hits you will see in If you have comments on this or any-today’s NFL. thing to do with sports, contact me at For more Fort Meade sports, visit No other thing has inspired story- March 7, 2013 SOUNDOFF! 11
  12. 12. C ommunity N ews M oviesMedical Museum installs Civil War artifacts The movie schedule is subject to change. For a recorded announcement of showings, call 301- 677-5324. Further listings are available on the Army and Air Force Exchange Service website at Melissa Brachfeld Movies start Wednesdays to Saturdays at 6:30Public Affairs Specialist p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. NEW PRICES: Tick-National Museum of ets are $5 for adults (12 and older) and $2.50 forHealth and Medicine children. 3D Movies: $7 adults, $4.50 children. By 1863, the Civil War had been rag-ing on for two long years, with significantcasualties on both sides of the conflict. Today through March 24 The year would see the battles of Chan-cellorsville and Chattanooga, among Today: “Broken City” (R). War ignites betweenmany others. It also brought the Battle an ex-cop and a corrupt mayor. With Markof Gettysburg, one of the most pivotal Wahlberg, Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-battles of the Civil War. Jones. Since Feb. 11, the National Museumof Health and Medicine, an element of Friday Saturday: “Bullet to the Head” (R).the U.S. Army Medical Research and A cop and an assassin join forces to take on aMateriel Command, has put several arti- common enemy. With Sylvester Stallone, Sungfacts, specimens and images from 1863 Kang, Sarah Shahi.on display as part of its ongoing com-memoration of the sesquicentennial ofthe Civil War. The museum is located at 2500 LindenLane in Silver Spring. Hours are 10 5:30 p.m. daily. Admission is free. Items on display include medical illus-trations depicting the wounds of soldiersfrom Ohio, North Carolina, New Jerseyand Pennsylvania. According to Eric Boyle, of the NMHMOtis Historical Archives, illustrations inthe exhibit document the amputation ofan arm, gangrene of the foot, a gunshotwound to the chest, and more. Boyle said one of the tintypes shows Sunday: “Warm Bodies” (PG-13). A zombiePvt. Charles Lapham of the 1st Vermont, encounters a young woman, rescues her fromwho was wounded near Boonesborough an attack and falls in love. With Nicholason July 8, 1863. Lapham was struck by a Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Rob Corddry, John Mal-solid shot that shattered both of his legs. kovich, Dave Franco and Analeigh Tipton.Forty-eight hours after he was wounded,he “rallied” and was able to successfully March 14, 16, 20: “Beautiful Creatures” (PG-undergo amputations on each leg. 13). Supernatural love story set in the South, Boyle said Lapham recovered rapidly, regarding the tale of two star-crossed lovers.and after 11 months was supplied with With Alden Ehrenreich, Alice Englert, Jeremy Image courtesy of the National Museum of Health and Medicineartificial limbs. By October 1864, Lapham Irons.reported he could walk up and down In this tintype from the National Museum of Health and Medicine’s Otis Historicalstaircases. He contributed photos to the Archives, Pvt. Charles Lapham of the 1st Vermont poses after undergoing amputations March 15, 17: “Hansel Gretel: Witch Hunt-museum to document his mobility. on both legs. The lower portions of his legs were shattered by a solid shot during a ers” (PG-13). Siblings with a haunted past Craig Schneider, a specialist in the battle near Boonesborough on July 8, 1863. He received artificial limbs 11 months hunt witches for a living. Jeremy Renner, after surgery. Gemma Arterton, Famke Janssen. (3D)museum’s historical collections, said visi-tors will also be able to see the bones ofsoldiers who were wounded or killed in went on display on May 21, 2012, in a pocket surgical kit that belonged to March 21, 22: “Parker” (R). A thief with a1863. celebration of the museum’s 150th anni- Mary Walker, the first woman awarded unique code of professional ethics is double- versary. the Medal of Honor; and the lower right crossed by his crew and left for dead. Assum- One specimen is a portion of the left ing a new disguise and forming an unlikelyarm of Pvt. John Gilbert, Company C, The 1863 images and specimens are in leg of Maj. Gen. Daniel E. Sickles, which alliance with a woman on the inside, he looks42nd New York, which was amputated the museum’s Civil War exhibit located was amputated following the Battle of to hijack the score of the crew’s latest heist.after being struck by a bullet at the Battle in “The Collection That Teaches” gal- Gettysburg. With Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez andof Gettysburg. Schneider said Gilbert lery. The exhibit calls back to the muse- NMHM offers a free, docent-led Civil Michael Chiklis.remained in service, eventually transfer- um’s earliest days as the Army Medical War-themed tour of its exhibits the sec-ring to the Veteran Reserve Corps. Museum, and features the right arm ond Saturday of each month, beginning March 23: Studio Appreciation FREE screen- These bones, illustrations and other of Capt. Henry Wirz, known for his at 11 a.m. No reservations are required. ing: Tickets available at the Exchange Foodartifacts replace objects on display from time as commander of the Confederate For more information, call 301-319- Court. Seating open to non-ticket holders 30battles and events in 1862, which first prisoner-of-war camp at Andersonville; 3300 or visit minutes prior to showtime.12 SOUNDOFF! March 7, 2013