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Watervliet Arsenal Newsletter: SALVO 31 March 2013


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This monthly newsletter is a gathering of stories and happenings at the Army's Watervliet Arsenal.

Published in: News & Politics
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Watervliet Arsenal Newsletter: SALVO 31 March 2013

  1. 1. Vol. 13, No. 3 S ALVO U.S. Army Watervliet Arsenal, New York March 31, 2013 Who are Sequestration’s most vulnerable? Story begins on page 3 Photo by John B. Snyder
  2. 2. Page 2 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013 Commander’s Corner The last two months have challenged our sense at the Pentagon that the pain of furloughs shouldprofessionalism, patience, and mental agility as we be equally shared throughout DOD.learned to live in the new environment with sequestered There are other consequences to this fiscalbudget cuts and furloughs. I am proud of how you have uncertainty that are playing out.handled yourselves. The last minute news last week of We have cut or downsized several upcominga delay in issuing furlough notices is a perfect example. community events. Based upon action taken by theBut was it a reprieve? Don’t count on it says a Pentagon Army and feedback from you, we are reducing ourspokesperson. plans for our 200th Anniversary. The Department of the Last week, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution Army has place a tight restriction on our participation inbudget that has new guidance for how the Defense community events.Department should implement the $46 billion in cuts to I am also reducing the number of cell phones andthis year’s budget. DOD leaders say they need about BlackBerry’s on low usage users.two weeks to work through the revised guidance before Additionally, we are considering moving many ofwe can issue furlough notices. our planned maintenance projects for such things as I know that I am speaking to the choir when I say upgrading our infrastructure and capital investments forthis delay does little to lessen the stress that many new machines that are not under contract to a later date.of you have in regards to Sequestration or what the There is a lot that we still don’t know and thatDepartment of Defense calls “fiscal uncertainty.” we don’t have any control over. But what we do I can tell you that this delay has not stopped the have control over we must do so with 100 percentcommand from planning for the potential effects of commitment. For those orders and projects that we canfurloughs and neither should you. Your senior leaders execute, we must do with such intensity and purposeand I are working through various scenarios, literally that our quality remains high and our commitment toinvesting hundreds of hours of planning time just trying making shipments on time is mitigate the effects of furloughs on our mission. We have 200 years of riding the ebbs and flows of Many of you have shared your stories with me defense budgets and we will weather through this storm,regarding furloughs. For some, you have already too. You are too good to lose focus now. After all, Icanceled summer vacation plans. For others, you are know that you have tradition, history, and a sense ofconcerned about losing your house or your apartment. pride that will allow us to make mission, on time. The bottom line is that furloughs will negativelyeffect the Arsenal and every worker. I am trying to Mark F. Migaleddiget the Arsenal exempt from issuing furlough notices Commandingbecause as you know the Arsenal receives its funding Manufacturer 6through our sales and not from Congress. But there is aCommander, Col. Mark F. Migaleddi The Arsenal Salvo is an authorized monthly publication for members of the DepartmentPublic Affairs Officer, John B. Snyder of Defense. Contents of the Salvo are not necessarily the official views of, or an endorse-Editor, John B. Snyder ment by the U.S. Government, the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, orPhotographer: John B. Snyder the Watervliet Arsenal. News may be submitted for publication by sending articles to Public Affairs Officer,Arsenal Facebook Page @ 1 Buffington Street, Bldg. 10, Watervliet, NY 12189, or stop by office #102, Bldg. 10, Watervliet Arsenal. The editor may also be reached at (518) 266-5055 or by e-mail:Cover photo is Brian Martino, left, and The editor reserves the right to edit all information submittedJoshua Feldman. for publication.
  3. 3. Page 3 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013 Photo by John B. Snyder First year apprentices, Tim Lever, left, and Joshua Feldman check the tolerances one more time for the finish turning of a 60mm mortar tube. Cover photo is Brian Martino, left, and Joshua Feldman. Home to Sequestration’s Most Vulnerable By John B. Snyder and Technical Excellence for cannon and mortar manufac- turing. Essentially saying, there is no other manufacturer in DOD that has the Arsenal’s capability to manufacture can- Prior to March 1, the dire consequences of Sequestra- nons and mortars.tion, or what the Department of Defense calls “fiscal uncer- The Arsenal workforce of 600 federal employees is nottainty,” were hyped from the highest offices of the land. So the highly paid federal workforce that one might find init may have been a shock to some that America didn’t fall the Washington, D.C., Beltway. They are true middle classoff a cliff as we rolled into March. Americans whose average hourly pay is less than $28. After all, the stock market continued to set new records, For this Army manufacturer, the effects of SequestrationAmericans still flocked to spring break resorts, and national have already imparted a huge financial toll, as well as a taxretail sales continued to grow. For most Americans, life on the mental well being of the workforce. And, the Arse-went on without so much as a second glance at the Con- nal hasn’t even started to furlough its employees, which is agressional and White House budget battles that have put requirement of Sequestration.our nation into such a precarious position. Hundreds of hours of prime time have already been di- But the negative effects of Sequestration are slowly and verted from the Arsenal manufacturing mission to assess,quietly gaining momentum, as if a snake was uncoiling plan, coordinate, and to respond to higher headquarters allfrom its rest. And just like a snake, once it uncoils the pain in the name of fiscal uncertainty. That diversion of laborcould be irreversible. still continues at an exceptional high rate as the Arsenal At a small Army post in upstate New York, is the fights hard to take care of its workforce, while trying toWatervliet Arsenal. Situated on just 143 acres, is America’s mitigate the slippage of manufacturing schedules.oldest continuously-operated Arsenal having supplied hard- There have always been challenges throughout theware to the U.S. military since 1813. Army, as well as at the Arsenal, to balance the notion of Last January, the Arsenal’s importance to the Armywas finally recognized when Secretary of the Army JohnMcHugh designated the Arsenal as a Center of Industrial Story continues on page 4, See Sequestration
  4. 4. Page 4 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013 stress.”Sequestration cont. Brian Martino joined Feldman in this year’s freshman apprentice class. Martino came to the Arsenal with an extensive work“taking care of the troops” with “mission accomplishment.” history that includes 15 years of manufacturing experience. But unless something changes soon, both will suffer at Despite that experience, he said he doesn’t mind starting atWatervliet. the bottom floor because he was just happy to get a job with Two things that are the most pressing on the minds of a great future after being unemployed for some time.the Arsenal workforce: making mission and how to survive “When I found out that I was selected for the apprenticethe devastating effects to their personal lives that will come program, I quickly moved from Connecticut into an apart-from being furloughed. ment that is close to the post,” Martino said. “I signed a The Arsenal has 200 years of pride of providing the war two-year lease based on what my pay would be and now,fighter with the right products, with a potential loss of 20 percentat the right time, and at the right of my pay, I am worried aboutplace. It cannot be understated paying my rent.”that missing production sched- Martino said he has already cutules wears on the morale of this back by stopping his contributionssmall workforce because this will to his 401(k) account and by nothappen on their watch. The fact having cable TV in his apartment.that they have no control over the “I don’t have anything else tooutcome of this fiscal uncertainty cut except my food bill,” Martinodoes not matter. Making mission a matter of pride, history, and an Michael Smith, who is an ex-Arsenal tradition. pediter at the Arsenal, is use to So, who are the most vulner- tough times. He is a former Armyable? Ranger who retired after 20 years Joshua Feldman is a first-year of deployments that caused him toapprentice who began his training miss much of his family life. Helast August. He has served in New has been at the Arsenal since lastYork’s Army National Guard and, the Army was in his soul. Smith said he thought life would Feldman speaks highly of his be different after he left activeArmy service and about how duty.proud he was, and still is, when he “I left the Army because Iwas one of the 14 selected for an wanted to spend more time withArsenal apprenticeship. Nearly my family,” Smith said. “Due to Photo by John B. Snyder470 applied for those coveted 14 Arsenal expediter Mike Smith checking his inventory of the upcoming furlough and theslots. raw material that will soon become handles for the 60mm loss of pay that goes with it, I can’t “This was my dream job,” mortar system. afford to move my wife here.”Feldman said. “I’m a blue collar Smith said he and his wife haveworker at heart and I have always loved to work with my already cut back by not eating out, not visiting each otherhands.” as much, and by not being able to get a home or an apart- He said that when he landed the job at the Arsenal, he ment near the post. He lives in an economy hotel becausethought this was it. After years of searching for his dream he is maintaining two households until he gets situated.job, now he could finally settle down and raise a family. Or His wife currently lives in Plattsburgh, he thought. Feldman, Martino, and Smith are the Arsenal faces to He and his girlfriend bought a house, got engaged, and Sequestration. And, as many in the Arsenal workforce,will have a baby in the near future. Feldman said had he they are cutting back and even eliminating some of theknown that he would lose up to 20 percent of his pay this basics of life, such as giving one’s spouse or child a kissyear he would not have bought his house or financed his goodnight. They are stressed but remain proud. Althoughfurniture. they say they will stick it out, one wonders if they can “I thought I had done everything right,” Feldman said. afford to. After all, federal pay has been frozen for nearly“With the potential to lose nearly $3,000 of my pay over three years and now federal employees must take a 20the next six months has caused a significant amount of percent pay cut on top of it.
  5. 5. Page 5 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013 Watervliet’s upgrade will reduce risk to Artillerymen, logistical footprint By John B. Snyder The Arsenal announced this month that it has com-pleted its first shipment of 19 M20A1 Breech Block Kitsas part of a $22.6 million contract for the U.S. Army toupgrade the M119A2 105mm howitzer. “This order is one of the largest contracts the Arsenalhas and it involves more than 61,000 hours of direct la-bor,” said George Roach, the Arsenal program managerfor this order. “This first shipment will end up in thehands of artillerymen at Fort Bragg, N.C.” The scope of this order is to manufacture more than650 upgrade kits withmonthly shipments of thekits to continue through Top: First-year machin-August 2015, said Roach. ist apprentice Cale Kneer “Although the order preparing a 105mmwas received in 2011, it breech block for drillingtook a significant amount at the Watervliet Arsenal. Throughout the machineof lead time to purchase shops, it is common toraw material, design fix- see first-year apprenticestures and gauges, and for working on critical piecesthe customer to conduct of equipment for U.S. troops.testing prior to going intofull production,” said Left: Arsenal machinistRoach. “This was no Francis “Frank” Taylor iseasy project and it took grinding rails on a 105mm breech block.the entire Arsenal, fromcontracting to our friends Photos by John B. Snyderat the Army’s Benét Laboratories, to make this shipment fication will reduce the number of breech block assemblyon time.” parts by 30 percent, which reduces the logistical footprint Why a redesign? and maintenance time. Additionally, the new breech block In 1987, an agreement was reached with the British was optimized for wear resistance, which directly im-Royal Ordnance Factories to produce the M119 howitzer proves the historical firing pin protrusion issues we set outto replace the M102 howitzer. It entered service with the to correct, Brooks said.U.S. Army’s 7th Infantry Division in December 1989. The M20A1 breech blocks carry the firing mechanism Several years ago, Benét Labs discovered a wear- and close the breech end of a 105mm cannon when firing.driven, safety-related flaw in the British design, albeit one They are, as are the cannon tubes, high-pressure vesselsthat did not put Soldiers at immediate risk. This finding that are machined to extremely tight tolerances that arewas significant enough, however, to effect a change to measured in thousandths of an inch.the technical manual that required artillery crewmen to Although the Arsenal’s business model has changedverify and measure the firing pin protrusion before every in recent years from a focus on cannon production to thelive firing, said Jeanne Brooks, a Benét Labs mechanical production of mortars, non-tube manufacturing, such asengineer. with the M20A1 breech blocks, also helps the Arsenal to The breech block improvements under this new modi- maintain a steady workload, said Roach.
  6. 6. Page 6 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013 There’s gold, nope, bronze treasure located here By Mark Koziol This sketch of Fort George in 1813, obviously before it was destroyed by U.S. forces, is courtesy of Canada’s Library and Archives. The inset photo is a picture of the gun as displayed in the Arsenal museum. A captured British-made smoothbore gun from theWar of 1812 is on exhibit in the Arsenal museum. This gun A few inches below the gun’s muzzle is an elaborate sec- ond seal embedded into the gun. It is the Major General of Ordnance Coat of Arms. Surrounding the design of a lionfired upon American forces during a May 1813 battle for and crown are the words “Tria Juncta in Uno.” Translation:Fort George. The British fort, located on the eastern end of three things joined into one.Lake Ontario along the Niagara River, was bombarded into The “Second War for Independence” occurred becausesubmission by guns fired from the nearby American Fort of the impressments of hundreds of American sailors by theNiagara in western New York, as well as from several U.S. British navy. Also, for years belligerent European nationsnaval vessels. had been challenging the sovereignty of the newly founded What makes this gun so unusual is that it bears both the United States; American right to expand westward wasoriginal gun identification impressions and markings made being challenged; and the right for the U.S. to practice freeafter the 1813 battle. trade. Unofficially, vocal and hawkish members of Congress The 2,400-pound, seven-foot long bronze gun is a muzzle desired to see Britain lose their Canadian colony to lessenloading weapon manufactured to fire 12-pound shot. Unlike Brittish influence in North America, as well as to stop themost artifacts owned by museums, this gun has significant Brittish roadblock to American westward expansion.markings on it forever dating critical times in the life of the The Battle for Fort George was the beginning of theweapon. American assault on the Upper Canadian region of Ontario, At the breech end where the knob or “Cascabel” is located with the ultimate goal being the capture of Toronto, theare the words: “W. Bowen Fecit 1760.” William Bowen was capital of Upper Canada. On the morning of May 25, 1813,the master British founder who oversaw the cannon’s mold- the American guns at Fort Niagara and several U.S. Navaling and casting in 1760. A few inches away, an inscription vessels began a bombardment on Fort George. Dozens ofadded by the Americans after 1813, reads; “Taken at Fort artillery guns assaulted the fort, shattering buildings andGeorge U C May 27, 1813.” The “U C” is an abbreviation setting them on fire. After hours of concentrated artilleryfor Upper Canada. assault, the fort was in ruins, forcing the soldiers (British, Just above the American inscription is a stylized version Canadian and various Native warriors) to evacuate to theof the British royal coat of arms. The words seen inside a nearby is the royal motto, in French, saying: “Honi Soit Qui Before dawn of May 27th, more than 6,000 AmericanMal y Pense.” Translation: evil to him who evil thinks. Soldiers landed near Fort George and advanced westward. Beneath that line is the official motto of British monarchy, A small group of British soldiers located outside the fortfirst adopted in the 15th century, and written in French read- mounted a brief defense of their positions but were sooning: “Dieu et mon Droit.” Translation: By God and my right. overwhelmed by the 10 to 1 American advantage in soldiers.
  7. 7. Page 7 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013 New capability will speed machining, delivery to warfighters By John B. Snyder The Watervliet Ar-senal announced thisweek that it is testingtwo new high-tech ma- Top: Arsenal Foremanchines that when fully Paul Nieckarz checkingoperational in about out the new Mori Seiki machine that is cur-two weeks will have rently being preparedthe potential to reduce for production.machining on select Left: Arsenal machinistcomponents by up to Joey Zwack, left, is hold- ing a 81mm base cap60 percent, according that was just machinedto Paul Nieckarz, an in less than 30 minutes. Meanwhile, HarveyArsenal manufacturing Downs, Boldt Machineryforeman. Inc., is working through the programming on the “These two ma- new machine.chines are the first Photos by John B. Snyderdelivery of a nearly $4million upgrade to the Arsenal’s minor components manufacturing operation,” Nieckarz said. “Each machinereplaces 40-year-old technology that was required to machine precision components for 155mm howitzers andmortar systems.” The machines will not only enhance the Arsenal’s capability to expand its product line, they will also en-hance the Arsenal’s capacity to meet the high demands of urgent orders for U.S. troops, Nieckarz said. “With this new capability, we are moving from a machine that could only machine on one axis before a newset up was required to one that can machine on nine different axes,” Nieckarz explained. “For example, a two-hour process to machine an 81mm base cap went from 120 minutes to about 24 minutes, a savings of about 60percent.” Initial feedback from two Arsenal machinists who are training on the new machines bode well for the futureof this new technology. “Although there is a lot to learn about these machines, what I have seen so far excites me to think about themachining possibilities that we might achieve once these machines are fully operational,” said Joey Zwack, anArsenal machinist. Twenty-year machinist Tom Ostrander echoed Zwack’s comments by saying, “I have been here a long timeand I never thought I would be able to run any machine as fast or as technologically advanced as these new ma-chines. These machines will make a huge difference in our ability to move product through quicker.” These Mori Seiki machines not only can do precision cuts down to one micron, which is one millionth of a Story continues on page 8, See Machines
  8. 8. Page 8 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013Machines cont.meter, but they can do so faster and with improvedquality control. At the end of the day, the Arsenal willimprove its quality and its ability to machine partsquicker. These latest two pieces of equipment are but twoof five major equipment buys as part of a nearly $4million contract to improve machining on minorcomponents for weapon systems. Because theArsenal cannot build new buildings to improveits capability, it must therefore transform Top: One of two Moriunderutilized space and aging machinery Seiki machines that were being installedto remain competitive in a tough defense in March.manufacturing market. Left: Twenty-year Ar- Machine by machine, square foot by square senal machinist Tomfoot, the Arsenal is, through a program called Ostrander is check- ing the tolerancesthe Capital Investment Program, methodically on the new high-techopening up floor space for high-tech machine.manufacturing. Photos by John B. Snyder Arsenal History Trivia Contracting Thoughts In 1816, just one year after the end of the War of 1812, Arsenal Commander Maj. James Dalliba was in a quandary. For several years, Congress and the U.S. Army had not provided funding for the Arsenal despite the fact that Dalliba was trying to improve the Arsenal. With great frustration, he provided a solution for the building of the Arsenal without government funds. “Purchase materials wanted on cred- it by promising payment when the gov- ernment furnishes you with the means, but don’t make yourself personally re- sponsible for the money.” Maybe today’s commander should consider such means ...
  9. 9. Page 9 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013 CPAC - Planning for furlough Civilian Personnel Advisory CenterFor some, sequestration and the resulting furloughs will cause a significant financial hardship. In aneffort to provide employees with as many available options as possible, CPAC has compiled the fol-lowing resources to help you plan and make the best financial decisions for your individual situation.Please note that CPAC does not suggest or encourage any of the options below. These have beenprovided as a means of educating the workforce on available options so that employees can makethe best decisions for their individual circumstances.BUDGET - A Plan for Your PaycheckBudgeting is a plan or a road map of how you will reach your financial goal. Just as you would not take a vacationwithout first doing some planning – you should also not spend your paycheck before you plan for your expenses. Toget started on creating your budget:• Know how much you spend each month, as well as your income. If you are married, include your spouse increating this budget.• Prioritize your expenses by creating a list, starting with the most important and working your way down tothe least.• Break down the costs of each expense. Be realistic when doing this. If you choose too small of an amountfor the expense, you may quickly overspend that category and become discouraged when you dont stay within yourbudget.• Stick with the allotted amounts for each category.Once you have created your budget and start using it the first month, dont be dismayed if you have to readjustsome of the amounts. It is easy to forget seasonal expenses like your kids summer recreational activities, schoolenrollment expenses, and so on. If you want more information on creating a budget, here are some helpful web-sites: – Furlough Impacts and OptionsIf you are currently contributing a percentage to your TSP, your contributions will decrease in direct proportion to thereduction in your basic pay; simply stated, if your income decreases, your TSP contributions will as well. Therefore,you may find that lowering your contribution percentage is not necessary. However, if you find that you would like todecrease the percentage further, you can do so at any time using the EBIS system. You can also increase it at anytime using the same system.If you are currently making TSP contributions based on a dollar amount, that dollar amount will not automaticallydecrease with your reduction in pay. You may want to revisit whether that amount is still appropriate given the ex-pected impact of your furlough.If you are a FERS participant, also keep in mind that any reduction in your basic pay will impact your Agency Auto-matic (1%) and Agency Matching Contributions proportionally. Story continues on page 10, See CPAC
  10. 10. Page 10 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013CPAC cont.Terminating your TSP contributionsIf you are making traditional contributions, remember that those contributions are subtracted from your pay before tax. Beaware that stopping this type of contribution could potentially increase your adjusted gross income and, as a result, yourincome tax liability. You may want to check into this further when making a decision to reduce your contributions.Financial hardship withdrawalAnother alternative for accessing your TSP funds, should you face financial hardship as a result of being furloughed, is aTSP hardship withdrawal. Before you consider this, keep in mind a few things:• If you take a hardship withdrawal, you will not be able to make any TSP contributions for 6 months after havingreceived your funds.• You may withdraw only your contributions and the earnings associated with them, and the total amount cannotexceed your financial hardship.• You must pay income tax on the taxable portion of any withdrawal, and you may also be subject to a 10% earlywithdrawal penalty tax.TSP LoansTaking a TSP loan allows you to borrow money from your TSP account and repay that amount for the loan amount plus in-terest. You can continue to accrue earnings on the money you borrowed after you pay it back. Before you request a loan,you should know the following:• Loan payments are made by payroll deduction. If, because of a furlough, you don’t earn enough per pay periodfor your agency to deduct the required payment, you will be responsible for keeping your payments up-to-date so that youdon’t risk a taxable distribution. (Properly repaid TSP loans are not subject to income taxes or penalties.)• You can continue to contribute to your TSP account and, if eligible, receive Agency Matching Contributions.• If you already have an outstanding loan when you get furloughed, you need to make sure that you stay up-to-dateon your loan payments.For more information on TSP, please visit: Shawn & Robert Emily Easter Egg Party Mason March 23rd Photos by John B. Snyder Sophia & Dad
  11. 11. Page 11 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013Lean Manufacturing: “VSA A3 from TPOC A3” A multimillion dollar acronym By Mark RipleyI bet that headline really grabs your attention. Yes, more A3’s are the documents we use during Lean events to bothArmy acronyms, but these are actually Lean acronyms. guide the event process and record (and track) the results. One page contains everything relevant to the event. ThereTPOC stands for Transformation Plan of Care. This docu- are nine boxes that guide a team through the event, step-ment is the guide for our Lean activities. A team led by by-step. You can use an A3 for a TPOC, VSA, Rapid Im-Arsenal Commander Col. Mark Migaleddi put together the provement Event or a Just Do It event.original document and reviews it every month to make surewe are carrying out the planned actions and achieving the But, back to the headline. One of the two original VSA’splanned goals. from our TPOC analyzed the M9 Base Plate value stream. We had a series of Lean events originating from the VSAThe TPOC comes from the Arsenal’s Strategic Plan. You and much of the processing was in the Weld Shop. Al-can see our TPOC status on the wall in the hallway outside though those guys did a great job, the events truly touchedCol. Migaleddi’s office in Building 10 – it’s called the several other processes such as receiving and receivingTPOC Mission Control Center (MCC). Take a look some- inspection.time. Bottom line: When comparing the original process time toVSA stands for Value Stream Analysis. A value stream is the process time clocked out by the operators, the Arsenalthe sequence of value adding steps from start to finish for saved $1,895,040 manufacturing 561 units of the M9 Baseprocessing everything we produce – from a cannon tube to Plate. Wow!a material delivery to an accounting report. A value streamcan be high level (“manufacturing” or “enterprise”) or I have no illusions that this was entirely due to Lean. Greglower level (M20 Breech Block or a maintenance process). Marcklinger and Greg Stone and their team in the WeldIn essence, a TPOC is an enterprise (all of WVA) VSA. Shop had great ideas for improvement before Lean ever gotVSA’s also have a MCC and team meetings to track prog- there. But still…wow! So, jump on board - and bring yourress and ensure goals are achieved. great ideas. Production area before Lean 6S Production area after Lean 6S
  12. 12. Page 12 Salvo Mar. 31, 2013 Arsenal’s Salvo Survey Just as surveyors of old, the Arsenal public affairs officer recently did some surveyingwork to determine if this newsletter was giving the workforce what it needed. Eight questionswere asked to determine if the Salvo was providing the right content, in the right format,and at the right time. Eighty-two folks responded. And, no, the above picture is not of thepublic affairs officer ... this guy looks younger and not as much traveled. Here are the top results:Q1: Do you read the Salvo and if so, how often? -79% said yes, each month. -20% said yes, every other month.Q2: If you read the Salvo, how do you access it? -81% said they access it on the common drive. Many thanks to those who -10% said by Facebook. participated in the survey!Q3: What is the preferred way to get the Salvo? -44% said by PDF in an email. -42% said by a link in an email.Q4: What do you like most about the Salvo (open-ended question)? -It keeps us current on what is going on at the Arsenal. -Pictures, positive attitudes, and the well-written stories. -The variety of stories and updates.Q5: What recommendations do you have to improve the Salvo (open-ended question)? -78% said they like it as is. -Others said to bring back the Face of Strength page, add a classified section, and more updates on workload.Q6: How long have you worked at the Arsenal (demographic question)? -54% have less than 10 years at the Arsenal. -29% have more than 21 years at the Arsenal. -13% have between 11-20 years at the Arsenal.Q7: How frequently would you like to receive the Salvo? -90% said they want to get it every month.Q8: Is the current format easy to read? -94% said yes. Photo from