Volume 3, Issue 3                 by Authority of the Ohio Military Reserve.          In accordance with OHMR Regulation 6...
Getting Soldiers Out                                            Good leaders recognize that realistic and challenging
People & Places in the News
                                                             BELT Class 2010
WEAR of the LBE                                  Deputy Commander
                                                   Runs ...
Deputy Commander Runs For Congress (Cont’d from previous page)
What qualities and experience do you think you can offer th...
“Burgee” Flags & ID
Cards to Be Made                                                   Images of the 1st Civil Support Bat...
Seeking PRIOR SERVICE and Non PRIOR SERVICE volunteers.
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1st Bn Newsletter Apr10


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April 2010 newsletter of the Ohio Military Reserve

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1st Bn Newsletter Apr10

  1. 1. Volume 3, Issue 3 by Authority of the Ohio Military Reserve. In accordance with OHMR Regulation 601-5 April 2010 The Official newsletter of the 1st Battalion / 1st Civil Support and Sustainment Brigade This newsletter is for informational purposes only and does not replace or amend orders or information from the Commander or your chain of command. This newsletter is UNCLASSIFIED and approved by the OHMR PAO for unrestricted distribution Iott Runs Operation People Photo Benefit For RESPECT News Gallery Info Congress Page 1 Page 3 Page5 Page 4 Page 4 1stt Battalion s OPERATION Spearheads the RESPECT Helps To Future of the Protect a Symbol Of OHMby 1SG Gary Kiser R Freedom And Duty Story by CPT James Nowak B Co 1st BN Story & photos Since 2001 Operation Respect, at the st st Andersons stores in Toledo, collects faded, 1 Civil Support Battalion Commander COL James Riddell briefs 1 worn & torn flags to be respectfully retired as Battalion soldiers on what training lies ahead towards the goal of readying the prescribed in the U.S. Flag code. This year, st 1 Civil Support and Sustainment Brigade for deployment. Boy Scouts and members of the Pershing Rifles from the University of Toledo staffed the It’s “ A Brave New World” wrote Aldous Huxley in 1931 collection posts. Each year 2,000 - 3,000 flags describing events of a future society in his novel of the same name. are accepted and occasionally, a flag is turned st The 1 Civil Support Battalion is also writing its own history and the in along with a story. It was surprisingly sunny future of the Ohio Military Reserve by aggressively moving forward with & warm for an Ohio November. Even amidst a training program that will prepare soldiers for the critical mission of the bustle of the Saturday morning errands at the Brigade in times of disaster. The Adjutant General for Ohio, MG The Andersons, many people walked up to the Gregory Wayt, has clearly defined what needs to be done to make the Operation Respect volunteers with an air of OHMR a viable asset to the Governor, and our soldiers and leadership quiet reverence, carefully handing their worn are stepping up to the challenge to ensure that goal is met. All eyes are flags to the Scouts & soldiers… usually with a st on the 1 Battalion as we begin coordinating training with our National quiet smile, a soft, ―Thank you.‖ Probably a Guard counterparts and civilian agencies. Since October 2009 the hundred flags had already been turned in reorganization of the Ohio Military Reserve has created a dramatic when a gentleman approached Pershing impact on the command structure from the top down and that impact is Rifle‘s SGT Jasmine Tropf. He shook her being felt at the soldier level. Soldiers are being chosen for training hand with both of his and thanked her for her opportunities with the National Guard which supports our mission of service. When he released her hand, there providing shelter and resource management. Training would include was a small, folded American flag in her palm. food service operations, sanitation training, logistics to include It was about 4 by 6 inches, stained & dirty. transportation and supply operations and security. In turn, Ohio Military ―This was my younger brother’s,” he said. “He Reserve units support the National Guard state missions with ready carried it in his breast pocket in Vietnam. troops able to respond when called to augment and support Guard That’s where it was when he was killed there. units in times of disaster or state mobilization. “Our goal is quite Another soldier from his unit brought it back to st simple”, states 1 Civil Support Battalion Commander COL James me and told me he knew my brother would Riddell “to provide ready soldiers when called upon. This presents a have wanted me to have it”. real challenge for us because of the variety of tasks that can fall into (Cont’d page 3) our primary areas of assignment”. COL Riddell refers to the broad st mission of the OHMR and particularly the 1 Battalion. (Cont’d page 2)
  2. 2. Getting Soldiers Out Good leaders recognize that realistic and challenging training is the cornerstone of an effective unit. Realism can Of the Classroom only be achieved by utilizing creative training techniques and falling back on the experience of qualified instructors. Soldiers who engage in this type of training outside of the What is more boring than sitting in a classroom classroom are more likely to re-enlist and maintain a for hours on end? While it‘s true that certain educational higher attendance at drills and annual training. As with any requirements demand a formal classroom environment, effective training program, good planning is the key. Here your soldiers are better served by having them step away are some pointers to get you out of the classroom: from the desk and head to a training site more realistic to the mission of the unit. Studies have shown that soldiers Get a list of training aids throughout the Battalion. If retain more information when challenged both mentally you don’t know where they are -ASK. and physically. Putting a task to the test in an environment that challenges a soldiers decision making skills as well as Take a walk around the armory. Make notes of the physical hardships of a critical mission develops a locations, terrain features and buildings. Note better sense of what lies ahead in the case of everything including posts, fences, roads, ditches, mobilization. out buildings, etc. Prepare your people. Make sure they have the proper gear; gloves, field jacket, poncho, extra uniform. Be prepared to ‘practice being miserable’. Do not wait for higher to direct your training program. Create your training outline now but ensure it is in line with the Battalion METL. One thing is certain; we will not be mobilized to a classroom. Flood, tornado or blizzard will bring hardship on both those we‘re helping and our own soldiers. Along with your training outline you will need to feed, clothe and shelter your people. The best place to learn that lesson is outside. Keep your soldiers coming back for training by making it interesting, uncomfortable and most of all Photo 1LT Charles Defer challenging. 1st Battalion Leads the Way (cont’d from page 1) COL Riddell goes on to add “ESF #6 and #7 can encompass many different assignments, so training our soldiers in the myriad of potential scenarios is a daunting task. This has presented a significant challenge to all battalion trainers and planners, but every soldier has risen to the task”. ESF #6 and ESF #7 are the core tasks of the OHMR. Emergency Support Function (ESF) #6 — Mass Care coordinates Federal assistance in support of State and local efforts to meet the mass care needs of victims of a disaster. Emergency Support Function (ESF) #7 — Resource Support provides operational assistance in a potential or actual presidentially declared major disaster or emergency. COL Riddell continues, ―The most important goal at this point is to increase our recruiting efforts. Our current small size presents a considerable obstacle. Without full staffing, we will be unable to participate in sustained operations‖. st SFC Toby Notestine 1st BN Operations & (Editors note) The 1 Civil Support Battalion continues to lead the way for the Training NCO, plots the Battalion training entire Brigade in training and preparation to aid the citizens of the state of Ohio, calendar However, without the manpower the unit can only do so much. The Commander st BRING A FRIEND would like to remind soldiers of the 1 BN that everyone is a recruiter. Friends, family and acquaintances need to know what we do and why we do it. Share this newsletter with those you know. TO DRILL! Do you know someone who would like to receive the st 1 Battalion OHMR newsletter? Email: gary.clinton.kiser@us.army.mil
  3. 3. People & Places in the News BELT Class 2010 Graduates 3 from 1st BN PV2 Brandon Drabek of HHC, PVT David Everett & PVT Daniel Kiser of A Company recently graduated from BELT and began their journey as Ohio Military Reservists. Welcome to the newest ‗Alpha Dog’ PVT John D. Johnson. st Johnson will be assigned to 1 PV2 Brandon Drabek, CPL David Carr (2nd BN), PVT David Everett & PVT Daniel Kiser stand tall in BELT graduation formation platoon A company and will April 18. PV1 Kiser (right) accepts congratulations from academy staff. attend BELT at annual training in September SSG Jeremy Whaley of B Company Nominated AUSA NCO of the Year The Association of the United States Army has announced it‘s nominees for Non Commissioned Officer of the Year. SSG Jeremy Whaley has been nominated by his command and will represent the Ohio Military Reserve on Friday, April 23, at the Highland Country Club, Fort Thomas in Kentucky. The guest speaker will be Lt. Gen. Eric Schomaker, the U.S. Army‘s Surgeon General and its highest-ranking medical officer, as he honors these elite soldiers. Four honored NCOs will be selected from many who will have been nominated from four Army components—Active, National Guard, Army Reserve and Ohio Military Reserve. Their respective Army units or organizations from Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana nominate their NCOs. They are of the middle NCO ranks from sergeant to sergeant first class. Each comes highly recommended by their commanders. From this elite group a special chapter committee of senior NCOs selects an awardee from each category. The finalists will also receive an all expense visit to the national AUSA meeting in Washington, DC, this fall. AUSA is a private, non-profit educational organization that supports America's Army - Active, National Guard, Reserve, Civilians, Retirees and family members. Good luck SSG Whaley! Respect cont’d from page 1 He paused a moment, then said, “I think it’s time to let go, I know my brother would want me to retire this the right way.” Then he walked away. Probably 40 years have passed since this man lost his little brother. His loss was still felt, and a grateful brother wanted to honor his brother’s sacrifice once more. We don’t know his name but we will honor his service and the wishes of his older brother. In doing so, we also honor & commemorate the dedication & sacrifice of all our brothers & sisters in uniform. I thought about what the American flag meant to that soldier. It was so important to him that he carried it to his death. I reflected on how soldiers in the OHMR dedicate their time & talents to serving, and it brought to mind the burgee flag of Ohio that was recently added to our uniforms. It’s also a symbol of the values we uphold and represents the fact that who wear it will do whatever it takes to protect and promote the rights & freedoms we hold so dear. Some of us have served overseas in combat, and some of us have served solely here in Ohio. Nevertheless, I believe all of us share the selfless spirit of our nation and are thankful to be an American.
  4. 4. WEAR of the LBE Deputy Commander Runs for Congress Interview by CPT Charles Glass COL Richard Iott directs the Tactical Operations Center during a field training exercise at Annual Training LOOK SHARP - STAY SHARP! Reference OHMR 670-1/OHMR SOP 700.01 We in the Ohio Military Reserve are very fortunate in that th COL Richard Iott will be running for the 9 congressional district of Ohio. Recently I had the opportunity to ask COL Iott a few questions about his run for congress and the state of our country. Below are my questions and his responses.  1. Why did you decide to run for the congress? This thing called the United States, under the charter  of one of the most brilliantly conceived documents known to man (the Constitution), has been the most successful social experiment in the history of human civilization. We cannot let it be destroyed by those who apologize for our success and  our strengths, or those who would take the earned rewards from the honest worker and give it to those who break our laws and those who could work but are not so "inclined" or those that think the government (taxpayers) ought to support them because they ―deserve‖ it! Politics was never an ambition of mine. In fact, I have stayed as far away from the BENEFIT political arena as I possibly could without walking off the edge of the planet. But I can no longer sit back and watch the INFORMATION systematic disassembly of our form of government and freedoms. I am willing to put my life on hold for a few years It Pay’s To Be A Member of the while I do this. I certainly don't think that I can save America Ohio Military Reserve alone but I would never be able to look in the mirror again if I didn't try to help those that have the same concerns. Lowe's Expands Military Discount Home improvement retailer Lowe‘s has I want to help to take this country back from the career expanded its 10 percent military discount to all politicians and the irresponsible spending which is so day, everyday, throughout 2010 for active duty, prevalent. It isn't really rocket science... it is common, National Guard and Reserve, retired, and fiscal sense. The Founding Fathers meant for this country to disabled service members, and their families, be managed by citizen-statesmen, not professional company officials announced Wednesday. politicians. By the People; not By the Government. That is Those who want to receive the discount must why they gave only the House of Representatives the power present a valid military ID card. All other to introduce bills to raise revenue... along with short, two year terms so that they could go back to their farms and shops military veterans will receive the 10 percent and livelihoods. That concept has become perverted and we discount on the holiday weekends of Memorial need to fix it. We cannot survive as a country with the second Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day. The highest business taxes in the world where people need to be discount is available on in-stock and special- supported - for months and months – because tax-stifled order purchases of up to $5,000. It cannot be businesses cannot provide jobs; or a country where over half used for online sales, previous sales, or on of what you have earned and saved in your entire life - after sales of services or gift cards. taxes - can be taken away from you just because you happened to have died. Cont’d next page
  5. 5. Deputy Commander Runs For Congress (Cont’d from previous page) What qualities and experience do you think you can offer that your opponents do not have? I believe that I am the right person for the job for several reasons, not the least of which is I am not a career politician and I have no desire to be one. I want to go and make a difference but I have pledged not to serve more than three terms. I am a business person, I have run multi-million dollar businesses with thousands of employees and I have run entrepreneurial, start up businesses where I put my name and my assets on the bottom line. I‘ve created jobs. I know how to set a budget and read a balance sheet. I know how to make tough decisions on spending and that just because something is the right thing to do doesn‘t mean you can afford to do it. I also know that running this country isn‘t rocket-science; the road map is laid out for us in the Constitution. The problem is that the federal government has greatly over-reached and has gotten itself into hundreds – no, thousands – of areas where it has no authority, or responsibility, to be. And whenever the government gets involved in something it becomes more expensive and less efficient then the private sector. The professional politicians – like my opponent who went to Congress from college 28 years ago and has never worked in the private sector – don‘t understand that. Do you believe that the recent passage of health care is constitutional and will it truly bring down the deficit and health care cost? The current health care bill is a tax bill wrapped up in health paper. It is not about health care reform, it is about the consolidation of power. If it was such a wonderful thing, why did the members of Congress opt out of it? This legislation will initially destroy private sector jobs through costs increases pushed on employers, increase insurance premiums, and increase costs for seniors. Eventually, it will cause the collapse of the private insurance industry to the level that only the most wealthy can afford insurance, forcing more people in to the government-run program. As more and more physicians refuse to accept government insurance reimbursements which do not cover their costs, access to quality care will become harder get. When access becomes harder, health care will have to be rationed. nd What is your position on the 2 Amendment? Please explain. If you believe that the ―right of the people‘ in the Second Amendment is a collective right rather than an individual right, then you must conceded that the rights of the people referred to in the First and Fourth are not individual rights but collective rights as well. I am a Life Member of the NRA (as are my wife and both children), an NRA rifle, pistol, and shotgun instructor, an FFL, and I teach Ohio CCW. That sort of tells you where I stand on this issue. If elected, how will you promote the Ohio Military Reserve and State Guard units in general on the national stage? This question goes right to the heart of what is wrong with Washington today. Congressmen and Senators are elected solely to represent the people of their State in the management of the Federal government, which, if managed properly, will be beneficial for all the people of all the States. This has become grossly perverted to ‗what goodies can I get from the Federal feeding trough to take back to MY District or State so that I can get re-elected‘. We have lost sight of the fact that the Federal feeding trough is filled with the fruits of our labor which the Federal government has taxed from our pockets and businesses. I will advocate and promote State Guards when ever and where ever possible and practical. Will you advocate for State Guard units to be able to access the Army Institute for Professional Development web site? Yes, through their respective AG Departments, like the National Guard. Will you support and advocate for H.R. 206 the State Defense Force Improvement Act and if so explain how you would do that? Yes, I would sign on as a co-sponsor, it presently has 8 co-sponsors, one of which is a Democrat. The Bill was FEMA photo referred to the Subcommittee on Terrorism, Unconventional Threats and Capabilities on 12 Jan 10. I am not sure what I can do to get it out of committee…. That is one of those things I‘ll have to learn after I get there. Do you believe that there is some avenue in which the Federal Government can transfer obsolete equipment to state guard units rather than dispose of it at auction? If so how would you facilitate that transfer? The avenue is there, what has been lacking is the will of the State Adjutant Generals or the support of the NGB. A reasonable argument can be made the under the Common Defense clause in the Constitution‘s Preamble, support of State Guards by the Federal Government, to whatever level is economically feasible, does directly support the ―Common Defense‖ since today our enemies are just likely – maybe more likely - to come from within than without. I would like thank COL Iott for taking the time to answer my questions. I tried to ask those that I think the readers of our newsletter would like to ask if they had the opportunity. If you would like to contact him, you can access his website at www.VoteIott.com -Glass (Editors note: The Ohio Military Reserve, 1st CS BN, the editors and contributors to this newsletter do not endorse any political candidate for office. The following article was submitted as a story concerning the private interest of a member of the OHMR and was deemed as a human interest story. Any implied endorsement is coincidental)
  6. 6. “Burgee” Flags & ID Cards to Be Made Images of the 1st Civil Support Battalion/ 1st Civil Support & Sustainment Brigade Available at May CUTA Recruits and PLDC trainees return from chow at Camp Perry during Annual Training A soldier reports The authorized ―Burgee‖ flag patch for the his status during a field training Class C uniform will be available and sewn exercise in the onto your uniforms at the MAY drill at the old POW huts at Norwalk armory. A small fee will be charged. Camp Perry ID cards will also be issued to personnel who need one, have never been issued one or need a new one because of promotion. You will need a copy of your orders stating your date of rank if you are in need of a new ID card because of promotion. Who’s cold? Victims of the Haiti earthquake grapple for Alpha Company supplies as a Admin NCO POD center in SGT Mark Defer Port Au Prince secures his turns to chaos MRE during a (AP photo) Winter FTX in Alliance st 1 BN CSM Larry SFC David Fitzgerald & MAJ Shoemaker Kevin Ream catch shows ‘em how up on what‘s going it’s done in the on since their days early morning together in the 107 th hours at Annual Armored Cavalry Training. SFC Regiment. Then Shoemaker is 2LT Ream served currently with CSM Fitzgerald assigned with G3 in the ONG. They st 1 Civil Support & met at the TAG Sustainment BDE Commanders call at in Columbus JFHQ in Columbus.
  7. 7. Seeking PRIOR SERVICE and Non PRIOR SERVICE volunteers. CALL NOW 330-257-4158 or 330-413-7355 The Ohio Military Reserve BULK RATE 1/1 CSS Bde US POSTAGE Unit Public Affairs PAID 1175 West Vine St PERMIT NO. Alliance, Ohio 44601 00000 ADDRESS CORRECTION REQUESTED ALL