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Soundoff Feb 28, 2013

  1. 1. Soundoff! vol. 65 no. 8 Published in the interest of the Fort Meade community ´ February 28, 2013 home stand Photo courtesy of Picerne Military HousingGarrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein talks with former Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy and Mahlon (Sandy) Apgar IV, an international authority on housing, infrastructureand real estate, during a tour of the Reece Crossings model home at the corner of Mapes Road and Cooper Avenue following the housing development’s groundbreakingceremony on Feb. 20. Apgar is credited with establishing the Army’s military housing privatization program. The Picerne Military Housing project will be the Army’s firstprivately developed, on-post garden style apartment complex for junior enlisted single service members. For the story, see Page 6.Caring day of prayer UPCOMING EVENTSNew multi-service Former chief of friday: Army Emergency Relief campaign kicks offclinic addresses chaplains keynotes wednesday, 11:30 a.m.: Women’s History Observance - McGill Training Center Meade luncheon March 7, 7-10 p.m.: Karaoke Night - The Lanespatient demand March 8, 7 p.m.: Latin Night - The Conference Centerpage 4 page 10 March 9, 7 a.m.-2 p.m.: Indoor Triathlon - Gaffney Fitness Center
  2. 2. Commander’s Column Soundoff! Editorial Staff Garrison Commander Guaranteed circulation: 11,285 ´ Sequestration looms; Col. Edward C. Rothstein more on off-limits list Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas J. Latter Public Affairs Officer Chad T. Jones Chief, Command Information Writing a weekly column sometimes forces me to controlled gates. Philip H. Jones anticipate what I believe tomorrow’s headlines will We got firsthand be. experience of the Assistant Editor & Senior Writer In this case, Friday is March 1 and if Congress work performed Rona S. Hirsch and President Obama have still not reached an agree- by our security Staff Writer Lisa R. Rhodes ment to stop the automatic spending cuts known as guards. I thanked Staff Writer Brandon Bieltz sequestration, then clearly the headline at Fort Meade them for their Design Coordinator Timothy Davis and countless other military communities across the efforts to keep Supple­mental photography provided by The Baltimore Sun Media Group United States will be, “How do we do more with Fort Meade safe less?” and secure. Advertising That said, I couldn’t imagine going into the end I also know of this week without sharing some thoughts on this that reality is what COL. Edward c. General Inquiries 410-332-6300 subject. As garrison commander, I am tasked with it is. If we don’t Rothstein Allison Thompson providing the safety, security and infrastructure that have the funding, Garrison Commander 410-332-6850 will enable our partner commands to complete their I know closing a gate may be something we all have Michele Griesbauer missions. to live with in light of sequestration. 410-332-6381 During her recent visit to Fort Meade a couple We also will have to review and make decisions If you would like information about receiving Soundoff! on Fort Meade or are of weeks ago, Katherine Hammack, the assistant about other basic services the garrison provides to our experiencing distribution issues, call 877-886-1206 or e-mail secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and partner commands, service members and families. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and Saturday through Environment, might have put it best when she said: The one thing I have always been able to count on Sunday, 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. “I won’t say more with less, because it’s really less is the great partnerships we have with our surround- with less.” ing communities. And I’m confident that, if in fact Printed by offset method of reproduction as a civilian enterprise in the interest of the She is absolutely right. sequestration and the related budget cuts we have personnel at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, by The Baltimore Sun Media Group, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21278, every Thursday except the last Thursday of the year in Last year we cut our garrison staff by 21 percent. to make become a reality, our community partners conjunction with the Fort Meade Public Affairs Office. Requests for publication must reach We did this by using incentives such as early retire- will continue to seek out ways to support our service the Public Affairs Office no later than Friday before the desired publication date. Mailing ment and buyouts. We will not be able to repeat that members and their families. address: Post Public Affairs Office, Soundoff! IMME-MEA-PA, Bldg. 4409, Fort Meade, MD process again to reduce the installation’s operating As a follow-up to my Jan. 10 column on how we 20755-5025. Telephone: 301-677-5602; DSN: 622-5602. budget. use the Fort Meade Armed Forces Disciplinary Con- As many of you know, the Department of Defense trol Board as a tool to help identify establishments Everything advertised in this publication must be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, marital status, handicap or sex of purchaser, has already outlined a strategy, which would result in that adversely affect the health, safety, welfare, morale user or patron. A confirmed violation or rejection of this policy of equal opportunity by an advertiser federal civilian workers being furloughed two days per and discipline of the armed forces and their families, I will result in the refusal to print advertising from that source. pay period for possibly 20-plus weeks between the end am pleased to announce that the Exxon Gas Station of April and September. at 7898 Ridge Road in Hanover has been removed Printed by The Baltimore Sun Co., LLC, a private firm, in no way connected with the There also would be other cost-cutting or cost-sav- from the list of “off-limits” establishments. Department of the Army. Opinions expressed by the publisher and writers herein are their ing measures implemented to meet the sequestration You will recall that this gas station, as well as the own and are not to be considered an official expression by the Department of the Army. The appearance of advertisers in the publication does not constitute an endorsement by requirement of $40 billion in DoD budget cuts. Exxon station at 1318 Annapolis Road in Odenton, the Department of the Army of the products or services advertised. I have always promoted a spirit of transparency was placed on the list of off-limits establishment and open communications. I believe that has been key because they have sold synthetic marijuana, aka Spice, to getting things done successfully at Fort Meade. to members of the Fort Meade community. If sequestration becomes a reality, it’s really going I’m pleased that the owner of the Ridge Road to be a challenge. We are going to have to look at how Exxon station was able to resolve the issue that led to this impacts everyone. its placement on the “off-limits” list. You can also keep track of Fort Meade on Twitter at Here are my concerns regarding sequestration: Unfortunately, the Tobacco Shop, located at 3351 and view the Fort Meade Live Blog at My first concern is on the individuals affected. Corridor Marketplace, was added to the list after an There is no denying that these budget issues will make ongoing investigation revealed that the Laurel retail their way into most households and will lead to people store sells Spice and other drug paraphernalia. having to make tough choices about their finances. Placing a business, locale or activity on the off- Co n t e n t s Second, I will focus on the individual organizations limits list is not something that the board and I take and how they are sustaining under these difficult lightly. The requirements to place an activity on the decisions. list are stringent. News.............................. 3 Sports................................... 13 Finally, I will focus on the tactical level. The We will continue to make every effort to protect impacts on the organization will directly impact what service members and their families by warning them Crime Watch.................. 9 Movies.................................. 15 we can and cannot provide. of unsafe areas to avoid or of unethical business On Monday, I, along with Command Sgt. Maj. practices. Community.................. 14 Classified.............................. 16 Thomas Latter, spent the morning at our access Have a great week! SOUNDOFF! February 28, 2013
  3. 3. NewsTable top exercise focuseson public safety in regionStory and photo by Staff Sgt. Devon Suits Impact Study table top exercise.Internal Communication NCOIC The exercise was sponsored by the Balti-Defense Media Activity more Urban Area Security Initiative. They The collective missions of the major contracted the University of Marylandagencies on post have made Fort Meade Center for Health and Homeland Securitythe operational headquarters for cyber to develop and facilitate the exercise.warfare. Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. Since 1917, when Fort Meade was estab- Rothstein addressed more than 100 par-lished, the post has transitioned from its ticipants at the opening of the ceremony.original mission of training military per- He challenged everyone to complete the City, county, state and agency officials throughout Maryland and the Washington,sonnel to becoming the largest employer mission because an exercise of this scale D.C., area gathered Feb. 5 at the Defense Media Activity to participate in the Defensein the state of Maryland and the third is important to Fort Meade and the sur- Growth Public Safety Impact Study table top exercise. The exercise focused on thelargest workforce of any Army installation rounding communities. coordinated efforts between state and regional military and civilian officials as wellin the U.S. The exercise focused on the coordinated as members of the intelligence community. Fort Meade currently has more than efforts between state and regional military56,000 employees and nearly 6,000 family and civilian officials as well as members of tion,” Rothstein said. “It is important to with all partners and some working groupsmembers and is scheduled to grow expo- the intelligence community. get the appropriate message out to the to develop plans and procedures.”nentially before 2020. Exercise coordinators developed an community.” The table top exercise also was a great With the new changes at Fort Meade, escalating scenario that included intel- All the gathered intelligence pointed opportunity to strengthen the relationshipunique challenges face Anne Arundel ligence reports of different security lev- toward a terrorist attack on Fort Meade, between the DMA and Fort Meade.County and surrounding jurisdictions in els, press releases by local news agencies, which challenged exercise participants to “We have a wonderful facility here at thethe state of Maryland. Questions have and other information available to local develop plans for first response as well as headquarters, and by sharing its capabili-been raised as to whether defense growth authorities. subsequent operational periods. ties with Fort Meade we are not only betterhas impacted the public safety of the In addition, participants had to deal “It was a success,” said Chrissy Calp, partners, but more attuned to the stridesregion. with the challenges of determining a com- exercise and training coordinator for the Fort Meade is making toward regional To address these issues, Fort Meade mand and control structure, allocating Anne Arundel County Office of Emer- preparedness,” said Roger King, DMAand various other city, county, state and resources, proper distribution of sensitive gency Management. “The groups had executive officials throughout Maryland and information, and technological and com- great discussions on tactical operations, Editor’s note: Portions of this articlethe Washington, D.C., area gathered Feb. munication barriers. shelter-in-place, family reunification, traf- were gathered from information provided by5 at the Defense Media Activity to partici- “The keys to our success are open com- fic control, evacuations, etc. As a result, we the Defense Growth Public Impact Studypate in the Defense Growth Public Safety munication and the sharing of informa- will be establishing better communications Tabletop exercise. ‘Mode of action’ County Public Schools, said all county schools are required to participate in simulated emergency drills five After evacuating the building in less than two min- utes and 50 seconds, students and staff walked along times a year to prepare students and staff for measures an undisclosed route and then back to the school. A MacArthur Middle that must be taken in the event of an actual emergency. Fort Meade’s Directorate of Emergency Services also neighborhood street was shut down by DES during the exercise, which ended at 9:20 a.m. School practices participated in the emergency drill as part of a partner- ship between the installation and the county schools. Gray said that in event of a real emergency, students and staff would evacuate the school and go to a desig- emergency drill “With seven of the AACPS schools being on Fort nated emergency location. Meade, last year DES and the AACPS Security Office Parents were notified about the drill a day earlier by jointly agreed to further develop their relationship at phone and email. Faculty and administrative staff also By Lisa R. Rhodes the benefit of the thousands of school children on Fort were notified by email. Staff Writer Meade,” said Lt. Col. J. Darrell Sides, director of DES. Students were advised to wear coats, hats and On a cold, brisk morning on Feb. 20, MacArthur As a part of the agreement, Sides said parents and gloves. Middle School evacuated the building as part of a students can expect to see Fort Meade police officers, “The teachers clearly had positive control of all their required simulated emergency drill. both civilian police and military police, in and around students and were able to move them around like a In just under three minutes, about 1,050 students and the schools far more frequently than in previous years. military unit in formation,” Sides said. 150 faculty and administrative staff left the school at 9 During the emergency drill, Fort Meade firefighters Emergency drills also were conducted last year in a.m. in response to a simulated gas leak in the school and police officers were dispatched to the school as if October and December. that led to a fire. it was a real emergency to simulate their arrival and Gray said the emergency drills are necessary and “Things went really well,” Principal Stacy Gray said. to establish a command post with school faculty, Sides that the faculty and administrative staff take them “The more you practice, the more you get into a mode said. seriously. of action.” DES then worked with the faculty to practice their “If you don’t prepare, you take a lot of chances when Bob Mosier, spokesperson for the Anne Arundel respective roles for the drill. a real incident can possibly happen,” she said. February 28, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  4. 4. N ewsNew Multi-Service Clinic meets patient demandBy Lisa R. RhodesStaff Writer Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Centercelebrated the opening of its new Multi-Service Clinic with a ribbon-cuttingceremony Monday. “I wouldn’t miss this day for any-thing,” said Col. Danny B.N. Jaghab,commander, U.S. Army Medical Depart-ment, Fort Meade, and commander ofKimbrough. “It’s a big day for us.” The new clinic, located on the secondfloor, expands Kimbrough’s services:gastroenterology, including endoscopiesand colonoscopies; hand and upperextremity; chronic pain management;and podiatry. The idea for the Multi-Service Cliniccame about two years ago during thetenure of Col. Leon Moores, a formerKimbrough commander, who attendedMonday’s ribbon-cutting ceremony. “We were building new operatingrooms, and the old operating roomspace on the second floor became avail-able,” said Moores, special assistant tothe president at the Uniformed ServicesUniversity of the Health Sciences, afterthe ceremony. The old operating room space hadbeen used for same-day surgeries andpost-operative care. Last May, Kimbrough opened a newperioperative and post-operative suitefor same-day surgeries and post-opera- photo by nate pescEtive care on the first floor. Col. Danny B.N. Jaghab, (center) commander, U.S. Army Medical Department, Fort Meade, and commander of Kimbrough Moores said to change the old oper- Ambulatory Care Center cuts the ribbon marking the official opening of Kimbrough’s new Multi-Service Clinic on Monday. He wasating room space to office space would joined by: Navy Capt. Patricia McKay, director of the hand and upper extremity clinic; Lt. Col. Andrew Baxter, assistant deputyhave been expensive. It was decided commander for nursing; Sgt. Antoni Alatorre, noncommissioned officer-in-charge of the Multi-Service Clinic; Capt. Gayle Fisher,to use the additional space to pro- clinical nurse officer-in-charge of the Multi-Service Clinic; Maj. Jeff Van Den Broek, officer-in-charge of the Multi-Service Clinic;vide services that were appropriate for and Col. Leon Moores, a former Kimbrough commander and now special assistant to the president at the Uniformed Servicesan ambulatory care center based on University of the Health Sciences.increased patient demand and the avail-ability of medical personnel. ing room cases per month over the same patients one day a week. commander for nursing; Capt. Gayle As a result, colonoscopies, diagnostic period last year, resulting in a 47 percent Jaghab said the clinic’s services are Fisher, clinical nurse officer-in-chargeand therapeutic procedures for upper increase in the surgical load. Hand sur- supported by the Joint Task Force of the Multi-Service Clinic; Sgt. Anto-GI conditions, hand and upper extrem- geries are performed in the new operat- National Capital Region, Walter Reed ni Alatorre, noncommissioned officer-ity services, and chronic pain manage- ing rooms on the first floor. National Military Medical Center and in-charge of the Multi-Service Clinic;ment were selected to be offered in a Six orthopedic hand surgeons work the Uniformed Services University of Janice Santiago, a clinical nurse in thenew multi-service clinic. one to two days a week. Two of the the Health Sciences. GI clinic; Morris Brocks, an orthope- The clinic had an initial phase-in at surgeons work full time, while the other Before cutting the ceremonial ribbon, dic technician in the Musculoskeletalthe end of last year, but began its first four surgeons are visiting providers Jaghab thanked Moores for his leader- Clinic; and Douglas Steele, a gastroen-month of care delivery in January. from Walter Reed National Military ship in spearheading the clinic. He also terology technician in the Multi-Service Gastroenterology services have per- Medical Center in Bethesda. recognized seven Kimbrough employees Clinic.formed 84 procedures, a 68 percent The chronic pain management spe- who contributed to the standup of the They all received a commander’sincrease in workload over the same cialty will begin operating next month multi-service clinic. coin.period last year. Two health care provid- and will be staffed by an anesthesiolo- They include: Bernadette Hickson, “We are surely becoming the centerers are on staff to provide GI services gist and a physical medicine and reha- head nurse of Kimbrough’s Specialty of excellence in hand and specialtyevery weekday. bilitation physician, both of whom have Care Unit, who received the Achieve- care,” Jaghab said. “I’m proud to be The hand and upper extremity spe- received extra training in pain manage- ment Medal for Civilian Service; Lt. able to cut this ribbon in front of youcialty is averaging 18 additional operat- ment. Each provider is scheduled to see Col. Andrew Baxter, assistant deputy all today.” SOUNDOFF! February 28, 2013
  5. 5. C over S toryOfficials break ground for Reece Crossings apartmentsBy Brandon BieltzStaff Writer More than 1,300 single service mem-bers live off post, away from their officesand fellow military members. In an effort to connect more servicemembers with the rest of the Fort Meadecommunity, Picerne Military Housingbroke ground on the Army’s first pri-vately developed, on-post garden-styleapartment complex for junior enlistedsingle service members. The Fort Meade project officiallybegan Feb. 20 with a groundbreakingceremony at the model apartment at thecorner of Mapes Road and Cooper Ave-nue. The event was attended by PicerneMilitary Housing and Army officials. “The Soldiers who need the most con-nectivity, who have the greatest need tobe socially connected and job connected,are ending up living farther and fartheraway,” said John G. Picerne, presidentand CEO of Picerne Military Housing.“It just seemed to make sense that wefind a way to create the environmentwhere they could live close to work,which is what Reece Crossings does.” Picerne Military Housing developeda similar apartment complex for singlesenior enlisted service members calledRandolph Pointe in Fort Bragg, N.C. The Reece Crossings complex willprovide housing for more than 816 ser-vice members of all branches who are ofranks E-1 to E-5. Photo courtesy Picerne Military Housing “This has been a series of firsts for Army and Picerne Military Housing officials break ground for the Reece Crossings apartment complex during a ceremony on,” Picerne said. “Fort Meade was the 20: Garrison Command Sgt. Maj. Thomas J. Latter; Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein; Katherine Hammack, assistantfirst project that we ever partnered with secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment; Spc. Nycholas Hayden of the 704th Military Intelligence Brigade;the United States Army on; it was the John G. Picerne, president and CEO of Picerne Military Housing; Command Sgt. Maj. Earl L. Rice of Installation Managementfirst project that the United States Army Command; and Michael Steiner, managing director of Picerne Military Housing.opened its first neighborhood centerdown at Potomac Place; and it will be that in a time of fiscal challenges, part- Crews will begin construction on the suites, bathrooms and walk-in closets.the first Army partnership program that nerships such as the one with Picerne modern apartment living community in Apartments will be furnished with ahas junior enlisted Soldiers living in an Military Housing will come to the fore- July. The first building is expected to be sofa, media cabinet, bar stools, desk andapartment complex. I think Fort Meade front to help service members. completed by December. queen-sized bed.should be very proud.” “It’s about taking care of the com- During the ceremony, Greg Cannito, Reece Crossings also will feature Picerne partnered with the Army and munity,” he said. program director of Picerne Military weight-lifting and fitness rooms, a club-Fort Meade to provide the new hous- Hammack agreed. Housing, said the project was designed room with multiple flat-screen televi-ing for service members. The project, “Partnerships like that with Picerne with the themes of “comfort, conve- sions, a cyber cafe, basketball and vol-Picerne said, will have no cost impact to will become much more critical in the nience and connected.” leyball courts, a lap pool and outdoorthe Army. future as we become much more depen- The 14-building project will include grilling. “Overall, the Residential Communi- dent on the private sector and the com- 432 one- and two-bedroom apartments The central location of the complexties Initiative process has enabled us to munities in which we have our military that will feature large kitchens with a also gives service members close accessreinvest and revitalize Army housing bases,” she said at the event. breakfast bar, full-size appliances, spa- to installation services including theat very little cost to the tax payer,” said Construction for the project will begin cious living rooms, and a laundry room. Exchange, Gaffney Fitness Center andKatherine Hammack, assistant secretary in March when the former Bachelor One-bedroom apartments will be 1,126 Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center.of the Army for Installations, Energy Officer Quarters and Bachelor Enlisted square feet with a den, while two-bed- “This is the partnership’s vision forand Environment. Quarters off Cooper Avenue are demol- room apartments will be 1,186 square improving the quality of life for our During his speech, Garrison Com- ished to make way for the $72 million feet. junior enlisted service members,” Can-mander Col. Edward C. Rothstein said project. All service members will have private nito said. SOUNDOFF! February 28, 2013
  6. 6. N ews On the lookout Changes made to off-limits list Fort Meade Public Affairs Office retail store sold Spice and other drug prior to the board’s recommendation to The Directorate of Emergency Servic- The garrison removed a Hanover gas paraphernalia. the garrison commander. es is actively work- station from its off-limits list Friday and Service members assigned to Fort Even after an activity is placed on ing to keep neigh- added a retail store in Laurel. Meade are barred from all off-limits the off-limits list, the board continues to borhoods safe. The Fort Meade Armed Forces Disci- establishments or areas for any reason. maintain visibility of the establishment plinary Control Board removed the Exxon Service members who go to these estab- or activity. Removal from off-limits status Families resid- station, located at 7898 Ridge Road, from lishments may be punished under the requires a board recommendation to the ing on post should the off-limits list after the owner proved Uniform Code of Military Justice. garrison commander. remember to ensure to the board that the establishment no The Fort Meade AFDCB is an installa- If the business or activity resolves the that windows and doors to homes, longer sells synthetic marijuana products, tion function with the goal of protecting issue that led to its placement on the off- cars and garages are locked at all also known as Spice. service members and their families by limits list, it can petition the board to be times, regardless of time of day. Service members may now patronize warning them of unsafe areas to avoid or removed from the list. Although the crime rate in mili- the Exxon station. of unethical business practices. The full list of off-limits establishments tary housing is lower than off “Placing a business, locale or activity The AFDCB provides the garrison includes: post, it is important to remember on the off-limits list is not something the commander with a tool to identify, inves- • Meade Village, Reece Road, Severn: that Fort Meade is not immune to board and I take lightly,” Garrison Com- tigate, report and act on conditions within High-crime area crime. To protect your family and mander Col. Edward C. Rothstein said. the Fort Meade community that in any • Arwell Court, two-block areas (for- belongings, remember to take an “The requirements to place an activity way adversely affect the health, safety, merly Pioneer City), Severn: High-crime active role in deterring crime. on the off-limits list are stringent. We will welfare, morale and discipline of the area Remain aware of your sur- continue to make every effort to protect armed forces and their families. • Little Falls, Potomac: Unsafe rapids roundings and immediately report service members and their families by All efforts are made by the board mem- • Around the Clock Locksmith, Pasa- any suspicious activity to the Fort warning them of unsafe areas to avoid or bers to fully investigate and review any dena: Unethical business practices Meade Police at 301-677-6622 of unethical business practices.” activity that is recommended for off-limits • Exxon Gas Station, 1318 Annapolis or 6623. During the same meeting, the board consideration. Road, Odenton: Selling Spice decided to make the Tobacco Shop, locat- A business or activity under consid- • The Tobacco Stop, 3351 Corridor ed at 3351 Corridor Marketplace, off eration for off-limits status is officially Marketplace, Laurel: Selling Spice limits to service members after an ongo- notified, and the proprietor is offered the For more information about the KID-FRIENDLY ing investigation revealed that the Laurel opportunity to appear before the board AFCDB, go to DENTISTRY Edwin Zaghi, DMD PEDIATRIC DENTISTRY ON THE JOB • Infant Dental Screening Garrison Commander • Emergency Col. Edward C. Rothstein Appointments and Command Sgt. Maj. • Accepts Tri-Care Thomas J. Latter spent Monday morning at the installation’s access controlled gates getting firsthand experience from security guards. Rothstein commented that his expe- rience at the gates was a positive one, aided by Monday’s fair weather and the surprised but happy looks from many commut- Near ers who immediately Fort Meade! recognized him. Rothstein said working the Dr. Edwin Zaghi checkpoints was a good - Board Certified Pediatric Dentistry; way to thank the guards - American Board Pediatric Dentist; for the outstanding job - Fellow American Academy of they perform every day to Pediatric Dentistry make Fort Meade a safe and secure environment. JUST OFF RT. 32! 10798 HICKORY RIDGE RD COLUMBIA • 410-992-4400 photo by philip h. jones SOUNDOFF! February 28, 2013
  7. 7. N ewsSeek counseling beforefiling for bankruptcyBy Kenneth KirkwoodFort Meade Legal Assistance If you have already filed, the DAP offers guidance concerning court proceedings, • Individual and Business Filing for bankruptcy can often be a extensions to file and other useful informa-confusing and stressful process. If done incorrectly, your financial health tion such as how to find an attorney. The DAP has four offices (Baltimore, Tax Preparationcould be negatively impacted with con-sequences such as having your petition Greenbelt, Easton and Cumberland) with more than 170 licensed attorneys provid- • Walk in, Appointmentsrejected by the court, or permitting certain ing free legal services during half-hourcreditors to proceed with collections againstyou if you did not correctly include them in consultations. To schedule an appointment, call the or Drop Off Available Will review your prioryour petition. Therefore, you should always consider office on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 410-962-3813. • Fast, Accurate 3 returnsconsulting with an attorney who has exper- In addition, the Maryland Volunteertise in the bankruptcy process before filing. Maryland offers free and low-cost bank- Lawyers Service conducts a Chapter 7 and Affordable for errors or missed Bankruptcy class that teaches clients howruptcy counseling to qualified members ofthe public through the Debtor Assistance to file on their own. Cost of the class is $30. • E File, Wire Transfer, money!Project and the Maryland Volunteer Law- To register for the MVLS Self-Helpyers Service. The United States Bankruptcy Court for Bankruptcy Training, visit formrouter. Debit Card or net/forms@MVLS/Chp7BankruptcyClass-Maryland has established a free programto persons who may not have the resources Packet.pdf. For more information on the class, email Tara Miles at Checks availableto hire a lawyer. The Debtor Assistance or call 443-451-4070.Project provides legal advice to low-incomedebtors who have filed for bankruptcy For more information regarding these bankruptcy programs or to discuss other 1040EZ filing 50without a lawyer or are considering fil- economic issues such as debt collection,ing for bankruptcy and want to representthemselves. Ronda Washington, the DAP program credit reporting and identity theft, schedule an appointment with a Legal Assistance Division attorney at 301-677-9504 or 301- only $coordinator, said that any individual who 677-9536.cannot afford an attorney can take advan- With this coupon. One coupon per person.tage of the service. Offer ends April 15th, 2013. “A lot of people who come into theprogram do not qualify for a pro bono Community $ 30 OFFattorney,” she said. “Yet, they do not havethe resources to hire private counsel. Ourservice is geared toward these individuals.” When people file for bankruptcy, they Crime Watchcan no longer pay their creditors. The Compiled by the Fort Meadedebtor’s assets may be sold to pay creditors, Directorate of Emergency Services Receive $30 off your tax preparationor the debtor may be put on a repayment Feb. 22, Wrongful damage of with this coupon only. One coupon per person.plan. private property: Unknown 55 OFF If you are considering bankruptcy, Wash- $ person(s) removed the outer win-ington encourages you to visit the DAP. dow pane leading into the din- “A qualified bankruptcy attorney is a ning room area and also made agood resource to consult with these types hole in the window screen lead-of questions.” she said. “Each individual ing into the master bedroom.situation should be evaluated to determine Bring a friend and receive $30 off your tax preparationwhich chapter of the bankruptcy code, if Feb. 22, Shoplifting: The subjectany, would be the best course of action. was observed via video surveillance at the Exchange and a $25 referral bonus. One coupon per person.Seeking the advice of a qualified attorney taking two boxes of cough and cold medicine, amay be the first step in the decision pro- Craftsman 11-piece socket and wrench set, a butanecess.” lighter, a pocket knife and a pack of pipe cleaners. 10760 Hickory Ridge Rd Unit 121 The subject then exited the Exchange without ren- The DAP’s website,, pro- dering proper payment for the items. Columbia, MD 21044vides a wealth of information including 410-772-2274forms and instructions, how to schedule an Feb. 23, Domestic assault: The victim was struckappointment and what to bring with you. by his spouse and his shirt was torn. www.atlanticcashandtaxservices.com February 28, 2013 SOUNDOFF!
  8. 8. N ewsFormer chief of chaplainsspeaks at prayer luncheonBy Brandon Bieltz “Today we celebrate Fort Meade asked Gideon to lead an army of 32,000Staff Writer National Prayer Luncheon,” he said. “The Israelites against an army of 100,000 By transforming the Old Testament National Prayer Breakfast is a yearly Midianites and Amalekites. Though lack-story of Gideon into contemporary terms, event held in Washington, D.C. ... This ing a military background, Gideon trainedretired Chaplain (Maj. Gen.) Matthew A. has taken place since 1953. Every U.S. his troops for battle. But just before head-Zimmerman presented the message of president from Dwight D. Eisenhower to ing to fight, Gideon was asked by God toachieving great tasks through God during our current President Barack H. Obama reduce the size of his force to 10,000 byhis presentation at the annual Fort Meade has attended these events.” ordering soldiers afraid to fight to leave.Prayer Luncheon. Following a lunch that included chick- Gideon trained his 10,000 troops to “It is to God’s grace through his mercy, en, corn bread, macaroni and cheese, and face the 100,000 Midianites and Amale-his strength and his power that you and Scripture reading of Zephaniah 3:17, the kites. But again before battle, God toldI can succeed even in ways in which we Volunteer Jazz Quartet performed Toby Gideon he had too many soldiers. Gideonnever imagined that we could,” he said. Keith’s “American Soldier.” reduced his force by taking the soldiers Zimmerman, the 18th chief of chap- “It was great,” said Sgt. Jessica Blow for water to a creek. Those who put theirlains of the Army, served as the guest of First Army Division East of Zimmer- heads into the water would be sent home,speaker at the luncheon on Feb. 20 at the man’s detailed presentation of the Gideon but the ones who drank from their handsConference Center in honor of National story. would fight.Prayer Day. The 90-minute event featured During his speech, Zimmerman put a Left with 300, Gideon led his soldiersScripture readings and music performed contemporary spin on the biblical story into battle and the Midianites and Ama-by the U.S. Army Field Band’s Volunteers from the Book of Judges that he said is lekites retreated.Jazz Quartet. “very 21st century” because it is based on “Here was Gideon with a 32,000-man In his welcome, Garrison Chaplain the everyday person doing great things force, game plan all laid out, good to go.(Col.) Carl R. Rau outlined the event’s through God. He knew how he intended to do what hehistory. According to the Old Testament, God wanted to do, and then everything got turned upside down,” Zimmerman said. “We all have plans that go astray once we make them. Our ups and downs of life, as some would call them — and who among us is able to say that those plans that we had so carefully laid out that went astray — were not in our best interest? The Lord Garrison Chaplain (Col.) Carl R. Rau speaks does move in mysterious ways.” at the beginning of the Prayer Luncheon on The story, Zimmerman said, shows that Feb. 20 at the Conference Center. The event through prayer and God, anything is pos- was in honor of National Prayer Day. sible and that God helps common people achieve great tasks. and with his power that this nation has “We are those that have been graced by progressed from a bunch of refugees to God both as individuals and as a nation, the most powerful nation on earth. It was and each of us needs to be ever alert that not by accident and it was not just because we are to undertake nothing in our own of who we are and what we did, but it is strength,” he said. “It is from his strength through God.” Chaplain’s Word WAITING FOR CHANGE “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. photos by jen rynda We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.Retired Chaplain (Maj. Gen.) Matthew Zimmerman, the 18th chief of chaplains of the We are the change that we seek.”Army, was the guest speaker at the Fort Meade Prayer Luncheon on Feb. 20 at the — Barack H. ObamaConference Center.10 SOUNDOFF! February 28, 2013
  9. 9. photos by jen rynda Sgt. Maj. Tracey Anbiya, senior enlisted advisor for assistant secretary of the Army for Installations, Energy and Environment, reacts to retired Chaplain (Maj. Gen.) Matthew Zimmerman’s speech. The Fort Meade Prayer Luncheon featured readings from Scripture and music. LEFT: Audrey Rothstein and her husband, Garrison Commander Col. Edward C. Rothstein (right), were among the large crowd that attended the Fort Meade Prayer Luncheon. February 28, 2013 SOUNDOFF! 11