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Seaford Beach Replenishment


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Geography presentation

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Seaford Beach Replenishment

  1. 1. Beach Replenishment in Seaford Twice a year a firm of contractors arrive to redistribute the shingle in Seaford Bay. The whole thing takes about three weeks and employs six earthmovers, two bulldozers and a digger.
  2. 2. Where is Seaford? Main direction of LSD Newhaven Harbour Arm – prevents LSD – Mouth of the River Ouse At ebbing tides the river currents reverse LSD at the centre of the bay note the beach west of the arm
  3. 3. Seaford Bay looking East. The contractors move shingle from east of the bay (under Seaford Head) to the centre then from the west to the centre.
  4. 4. Bucket holds 18 m 3 Note how the beach has been eroded here
  5. 5. View looking east Note the severity of the erosion here
  6. 6. Trucks unloading shingle at centre of beach.
  7. 7. Bulldozer levels the beach.
  8. 8. View looking west – this beach has yet to be replenished .
  9. 9. View looking east – beyond the bulldozer where the beach has been replenished .
  10. 10. A Sunny Day in Seaford