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Focus on the essential / Intelligent Networks


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“Lower OPEX and Improved Service Availability Using Intelligent Nodes and Amplifiers” by Pasi Järvenpää, Senior Vice President, R&D, Teleste Corporation. Increased competition and changes in the value chain are forcing CATV operators to seek new ways to improve operational efficiency and reduce churn. These issues can be addressed by adding intelligence to the network. Adding intelligence to the network can significantly reduce the need for on-site maintenance and improve network reliability - contributing to reduced operating costs.

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Focus on the essential / Intelligent Networks

  1. 1. Focus on the essential! Intelligent networks SCTE Summer Lecture Meeting – Bletchley Park Pasi Järvenpää 3rd of July, 2013
  2. 2. Intelligent networks – why ? maximise network uptime
  3. 3. Intelligent network concept – what it is?
  4. 4. Intelligent network concept – what it is? • Auto alignment: At the touch of a button the network elements are optimally aligned • Automated on-going alignment keeps the network optimally aligned • Automatic Ingress block: Ingress noise can automatically be blocked preventing entire segments being affected. Management system is alerted and location is shown where the noise is introduced • Signal monitoring for upstream and downstream both locally and remotely • Network management: Network elements can be monitored and configured via central management system. All adjustment are electrically controlled in the nodes/amps. Network element settings are automatically backed-up.
  5. 5. Benefits from Intelligent networks • Very easy and fast installation, one button “fire and forget”. Means less time on site with less trained engineers • Regular seasonal maintenance is at a minimum with the on-going auto alignment • NOC has the full network overview and can see network degradation in real-time • Ingress is isolated to source area, significantly reducing amount of subscribers affected and reducing the correction time • Intermittent ingress is temporarily isolated without any costly truck roll • Fault location is easy and engineers are sent to right location reducing OPEX and correction time
  6. 6. Intelligent network components
  7. 7. Intelligent network components • CATVisor management software • HDO optical headend platform • AC9000 2 x 4 node • AC8800 1 x 2 optical node • AC8700 1 x 1 optical node • AC3000 single active output amplifier • AC3200 dual active output amplifier • ACE8 1 x 1 optical node 1.2 GHz – road map
  8. 8. Ten reasons for using network management 1. It gives the exact location of the devices with problems 2. It provides intuitive access to ingress control switches 3. It has an up-to-date inventory of active devices in the system 4. It knows the current system status (inside and outside plants) 5. It keeps track of system changes 6. It enables remote control of active devices 7. It stores backup copies of element configuration files 8. It knows the systems performance history 9. It keeps track of local service actions 10. It provides fast access to additional device information 11. In other words: It minimises network downtime by providing accurate information!
  9. 9. Exact locations of devices and their interconnections Spatial views model the network the way that best suits the management tasks Workspaces enable optimal management GUI for each user
  10. 10. Remote control of active devices • A remote control session can be opened to any active device • The configuration can be checked and edited, if necessary • External configuration tools can be opened for specific purposes
  11. 11. Performance history graphs
  12. 12. Fast access to additional device information • Cabinet design diagrams • Cabinet photos • Instructions • Measurement protocols • External management systems • External GIS systems
  13. 13. Controlling the RF spectrum
  14. 14. Controlling the RF spectrum 14
  15. 15. Summary – Mission is to offer technology that... Maximises service availability • Reduces churn Minimises OPEX • Optimised network performance • Reduce the number of site visits
  16. 16. Focus on the essential!