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Skimming and scanning.


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Skimming and scanning.

  1. 1. • 1) What are Matthew and Leo talking about?• 2) Where does Leo work?• 3)What is a Healthy Party?• 4) List three exercises Leo does.Exercise two. Page 10.
  2. 2. • The goal of skimming is to learn the main points in a larger selection of writing rather than answer one specific question.• Students should be able to identify the major themes throughout the passage.• Students should also pay attention to italicized or bold words, headings and subheadings.Skimming
  3. 3. • Scanning is used when you look for a specific piece of information in a text.• Once you find this information, you stop reading.• Scanning is a fast form of reading that does not pay attention to every detail in the text.Scanning
  4. 4. • You quickly go through a twenty-page report in a few minutes, and determine the overall subject, tone, and a few key points. This is skimming.• You pick up the newspaper in the doctors office, thumb through the first few pages, and gather the gist of the events happening in the world. This is skimming. • You flip through an accounting report to find a particular set of data. This is scanning. • You open the classified section of a newspaper, find the automobile section, and then mark a few cars. This is scanning. Practice