Present perfect


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Present perfect

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Present PerfectThe present perfect uses the auxiliary HAVE and thePAST PARTICIPLE• She has been to China• I have finished my work• Have you seen my pen?• We haven´t had breakfast yet?Action that happened at an unspecified time before now.The exact time is not important.
  3. 3. • I think I have seen that movie before.• He has never traveled by train.• Joan has studied two foreign languages.• A: Have you ever met him?B: No, I have not met him.Present PerfectExperienceI have been to france.I have been to france three times.I have never been to France.
  4. 4. Have you ever… ?• Have you ever been to Cartagena?– Yes, I have been to Cartagena.– No, I have never been to Cartagena.• Have you ever seen snow?– Yes, I have seen snow 3 times.– No, I have never seen snow.• Have you ever eaten Mondongo?– Yes, I have eaten Mondongo – I hate it!!– No, I have never eaten Mondongo, it doesn’t look nice.Present PerfectExperience
  5. 5. Talk about change that has happened over aperiod of time.• Examples:• You have grown since the last time I saw you.• The government has become more interestedin arts education.• My English has really improved since I movedto Australia.Present Perfectchange over time
  6. 6. Form of the verbHAVE
  7. 7. Present Perfect InformationQuestions
  8. 8. Contractions in thePresent PerfectI have= I veYou have= You veWe have= We veThey have= They veHe has= He sShe has= She s
  9. 9. Practice using contractionsWe have just solved the problem.She has never been to France.They have been married for 5 years.You have seen that movieWe´ve just solved the problem.She´s never been to France.They ´ve been married for 5 years.You´ve seen that movie
  10. 10. Past ParticipleformeIrregular VerbsSee, saw, seenDo, did, doneRegular VerbsED
  11. 11. Present PerfectHave+ Past Participe
  12. 12. Uses of Present PerfectWe use the present perfect for an action in thepast with a result now.
  13. 13. Uses of Present PerfectWe use the present perfect for an action in thepast with a result now.
  14. 14. Uses of Present PerfectFor actions which started in the past and are still continuing in thepresent.Since ForTomas has worked heresince 1992Since last MondaySince 1978Since 10 o´clockWe have lived here forseveral yearsFor two weeksFor ten years
  15. 15. Since/ For_______9 o´clock this morning_______a very long time______August________yesterday______Three hours_______last Tuesdayforsince_______1998_____Mondaysinceforsincesincesince______two weeksforsince______three hoursfor
  16. 16. Time signals to identify the PresentPerfect timeRecentlyEverJustYetNeverAlreadyHe has just finished his projectThe books have not arrived yet.I have never met her husbandThey have already eaten lunchHave you ever tasted sushi?
  17. 17. What has happened