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Green-Line Hatchery is a family run business in central Iowa. We offer customers the option to purchase their poultry from a hatchery that practices organic, and free-range operations. We are a start-up company that is on the cutting edge of the market!

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Green-Line Hatchery

  1. 1. Green-Line Hatchery Providing our customers with a natural and green alternative option!
  2. 2. Who are we?
  3. 3. - Our Mission We provide our customers with an organic and green alternative to conventional hatcheries. ● ● ● ● ● Green-Line is unique because we are renewably powered Green-Line is one of a few hatcheries that purchases eggs from a free-range flock in the United States. Our producers are families that raise their birds in a small flock (35-50 birds) Each breeding bird is hand raised and is never locked up in cramped cages. Our breeding flocks are allowed to free range in grass and fields. They are able to eat what they want, and do what they want to do all day everyday. Our chicks are as happy as their parents.
  4. 4. Why purchase from us? We offer chicks that are the offspring of happy and healthy chickens. Our producers are all local families that live here in central Iowa. The birds live like yours, free from cramped cages. Our breeders allow their birds to free-range under the sun, an option many large hatcheries just can’t offer. They also handle their birds! How many larger hatcheries can do that? This leads to less stress on the breeding hens, meaning your chicks are happy, healthy, and stronger from the second they hatch. Research has proven that a bird that is stressed will not produce as many eggs and have more health issues than a bird that is allowed to live a normal, happy, and free life.
  5. 5. So what does this cost me? All our chicks will be Str. Run as of right now. This eliminates the need to cull males! Another advantage to our hatchery. Our prices are competitive with large hatcheries. Each of our breeds cost just $3.50 a chick. This is a small price to pay for all the advantages you’ll receive by purchasing from us! As we grow we will offer more options such as new breeds, pullets, more equipment, and sexed chicks! ● Conventional hatcheries offer chicks from $3.25 - $5.00! ● Your order can be vaccinated for Marek's and Coccidiosis, a must if you plan on raising organically! This can be done for just $0.13 a bird! ● We can provide you with a Pullorum Free Certificate, just let us know at checkout! This service is currently free! Many hatcheries charge for this certificate.
  6. 6. Why invest in us? In the past 10 years organic products in the US has risen from 2% to over 20% as of 2006. The annual market has risen from $3.6 Billion in 1997 to $21.1 billion in 2008. These numbers cover all organic production but shows that organic demand is rising in the U.S. We have gone one step further. Many consumers are now worrying whether the eggs they purchase in the store are free-range, organic, and healthy. Because of this trend that is enveloping our nation, producers, commercial and backyard alike, are looking for alternatives to conventional poultry. The backyard flock owner is our main market. This market has been steadily increasing over the past decade as more cities are allowing poultry in town. These consumers are starting to turn their heads from conventional hatcheries stating that they are just as bad as purchasing eggs from the grocery store, the birds are locked up, kept inside, and never able to be free. We have solved this issue by allowing our breeding flocks to not only free range but also live in small flocks, usually 35-50. This is something that is very unique about our hatchery. Something that our competition just can’t offer. This is a large market with only a few hatcheries.
  7. 7. What are our practices? Free-Range ● Our breeding stock is raised outside cages. They are allowed to roam around the yard like your hens! Does your current hatchery allow their hens to see sunlight? Pastured Poultry ● Our breeding stock is able to scratch, peck, and eat the bugs they find in the grass. We allow our breeding stock to live a happy regular chicken life. Organic ● Our breeding stock is fed locally grown, organic feed. This feed comes from a local mill just a few minutes from our facility. No Cull ● Our chicks are Straight Run only. This means that we don’t separate the males from females, therefore we do not cull off any chicks. Renewably Powered ● Our hatchery is powered by the sun. We will utilize a 8 kwh system that will power the hatchery and equipment. Small Flocks ● Our breeding flocks are raised in small batches of no more than 50 birds. This allows the families to interact with the birds, leaving healthy happy offspring.
  8. 8. Financial Estimations Each week we will be setting 1680 eggs. 1680 eggs with an average hatch rate of 85% equals 1,428 chicks. We will sell each chick for $3.50, each week we would have $4,998.00 in gross revenue. - We will hatch for 50 weeks out of the year with $249,900 of gross revenue per year. - Annual expenses equal $161,9998.90 - Annual net income equals $87,901.10 for the first year Expenses include all employee, rainy day, and basic expenses as well as marketing budget and equipment repairs.
  9. 9. What equipment do we need? We need the following equipment: ● 8 - Rcom® 1000C commercial cabinet incubators - 840 chicken eggs can be set - fully automated ● Pecco® egg transfer machine - can transfer 30 eggs at a time to setting trays - reduces the need to handle eggs, increasing hatch rates! As you can see we don’t need many pieces of large equipment. This lowers our start-up cost! As we grow these machines can be added on easily to the operation!
  10. 10. What are our plans? We are currently looking for funding through crowdsource investing. We would like to have 100% of funding needed by mid March. We will then start advertising for the hatchery in March. 1. By April 1st 2014 we would like to have all our equipment ordered and a building secured for either rent or lease! 2. Before May 10th we will begin moving into the building, after the completion of moving we will start commision equipment and testing all incubators and hatchers. This process will last until the first batch of eggs are set in the incubators. 3. The first batch of eggs will be set on friday May 23rd every batch set after that will be set every week on friday. 4. Our first batch of eggs are set to hatch friday, June 13th, the following day, saturday May 7th will be our first shipment of chicks to customers. 5. Our employees will begin work on June 10th. They will be working on transferring eggs to the hatchers. They will then sanitize the trays and set the eggs for the next hatch.
  11. 11. Closing Green-Line Hatchery is on the cutting edge of the market. Each day many Americans are switching to homegrown poultry. They want to know what they are eating and where it came from. We offer the consumers with an option that fits their desire to have these options. Tanner Johnson, CEO of Green-Line Hatchery, would like to thank you for your time and hopes that you consider investing in Green-Line!