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Old heresy power point


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Published in: Spiritual
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Old heresy power point

  1. 1. HeresyA belief contrary to some essential belief of thefaith.Counters MAJOR issues (not just opinions like thecolor of the building or stuff like that); sincereconvictions and attempts to understand faith;oftentimes, it’s a partial truth.
  2. 2. GnosticsAll matter is evil  human body is evil  JesusCANNOT be human … because how can Jesus/Godbe evil?THEREFORE … Jesus only appeared to behuman.Also, only they had the “secret knowledge”(secret gnosis) about salvation … basically, theyknew which doormat had the key to heavenhidden under it, and no one else knew thesecret password.
  3. 3. ANTI-GnosticsIrenaeus ~ bishop of Lyons … we need to be onthe same page about this “Jesus” in whom webelieve (from Council of Jerusalem); there aresome basic beliefs that need to be agreed upon.By 200, Apostles Creed (formulated statementof faith)Gnostics, for the most part, end here.
  4. 4. AriansPriest Arius thinks “unknowable unreachableunchangable God could never take the form of ahuman being” … because, well, then the unchangablewould have changed.God made Jesus  Jesus must be less than God(because you can’t create something greater than yourself)& there had to be a time when God existed withoutJesus (before Jesus was created).Jesus is neither human nor divine … justsomewhere in between.
  5. 5. Council of NiceaConvened by Constantine (emperor?!?) in 3251st ecumenical (worldwide) council; 300+ come“Arius is a heretic!!!”Nicene Creed … Jesus is not “made by” but“one with” God  BOTH human AND divine (asopposed to Arianist “neither human nor divine”); FULLYhuman and FULLY GodDefining moment … creed is still used today.
  6. 6. Arianism Continues OnVery popular heresy, especially in the EastBishop of Constantinople was ArianSome emperors are Arian, others are orthodoxEach emperor pulls opposing bishops, and putsin their own  Arian emperor, Arian bishops;orthodox emperor, orthodox bishopsSo really, no one knows quite WHAT to believe… because it keeps changing!
  7. 7. Athanasius vs. the AriansBishop Athanasius ~ made in the image of God“The Word of God became man so that youmight learn from a man how a man may becomeGod” … Jesus is a model we can understand; hespeaks our language; we can identify with him.Jesus:God::brightness:light  inseparable;“Jesus is the brilliant reflection of God”Removed from Bishopship five times by fouremperors; exiled for 17 years.
  8. 8. Theodosius Ends Arianism … sort of380 … outlaws paganism and makesChristianity the official/required religion392 … outlaws Arianism (after all, Arianism is aChristian heresy, which is different from paganism andwas therefore legal)395 … Christianity (as practiced/taught by theanti-Arian church) becomes the ONLY religionallowed in the Roman Empire.HOWEVER … Arianism lingers on, especially inthe East; becomes issue in the Great E/W Schism
  9. 9. DonatistsPriest DonatusApostasy is unforgivable  apostate bishopsare unforgivable … and therefore are unable toperform sacraments “correctly”In other words, the validity of the sacramentdepends on the worthiness of the minister.SO … if your priest has sinned, then that’s notreally the Body & Blood of Jesus that you’rereceiving.
  10. 10. Augustine vs. the DonatistsWe’re all faulty flawed human beings … no oneis “worthy” or “holy” enoughThe minister doesn’t “do” the sacrament …rather, God performs it, THROUGH weak humansDonatists don’t allow for God’s power & graceIn the process … Augustine really clarified theChurch’s understanding/theology of sacraments
  11. 11. PelagiansMonk Pelagius was fed up with the moral laxityof the day – people need to be held responsiblefor their actions! But, it goes a bit too far …You can get to heaven without grace (thatspecial inner help from God)  salvation comesfrom working hard.So … who needs God to get to heaven? Just doenough good stuff & you’ll be set.
  12. 12. Augustine vs. the PelagiansYou can’t negate God’s grace!Humans have this innate tendency towards sin(original sin) … without God’s grace, we arepowerless to overcome this tendency.Therefore, we NEED God’s grace to keep us ontrack.Think 12-Step Programs … admitting we arepowerless & need a Higher Power.Becomes issue especially during Reformation –salvation by faith or salvation by works.
  13. 13. Arianism Still a ProblemStill an issue, especially in the East and amongbarbarian tribesNew twist … the divine part of Jesus gradually“absorbed” the human part of Jesus  Jesushad divine nature but not a human natureLOTS of fights; Patriarch of Constantinople(bishop of C’nople) killed in riots  CouncilSyria & Ethiopia hold to this approach; split offinto the Jacobite church and Coptic church
  14. 14. Council of ChacedonPope Leo the Great (Leo I) in 451Reasserted that Jesus had two natures – REALhuman and REAL Son of GodReinforces teaching of Incarnation, that Jesusis both God and manCouncil, however, sets the stage for troublebetween the Eastern & Western churches
  15. 15. Patriarch of ConstantinopleCouncil also decided that Bishop of Rome waspre-eminent (most important) among all bishopsPatriarch of C’nople was second-in-commandAntioch & Alexandria mad, because they had beensecond, been around 300 years longer, etc.Leo unhappy, too, saw it as political – emperor(living in C’nople) could mess with the churchLeads to 500+ years of tensions between EasternChurch (led by patriarch) & Western (bish of Rome)
  16. 16. Ambrose, Augustine, LeoDonatists, Pelagians, Confessions, City of GodSupreme Pontiff, Theodosius, Reluctant FolkCouncil of ChalcedonEast & West Issues
  17. 17. Comic stripSomehow, list of key names, events, etc.Study/ReviewPages 73-81; 89-101Quiz &
  18. 18. – Ambrose: The Reluctant Leader • The People’s Choice ~ unbaptized Milan governor calmed mob disputing Arian bishop, “Amb for bish” • Administrator, Student, Teacher, and Pastor~ learn on feet; wrote LOTS of theology; scholar, pastor • Courage in the Face of Imperial Power ~ stood up various emperors Chh force to be reckoned with – Augustine: Longing for “the City of God” ~ Roman Africa; pagan father, Xian mother • In Search of Meaning ~ smart carouser; Manichaean (one god creates good, one god creates bad  no one responsible for own sins); Monica prays much for him; in Rome, found Plato, learned single God & spiritual side of humans, met Ambrose; Ambrose message & Monica’s love won out  reform • From Convert to Bishop ~ The Confessions (bio); restless heart used to love God & serve; 33yo baptized; started monastery in NAfr; priest, stayed single; elected bishop of Hippo by congregation • An Answer of Life’s Longing ~ weaksensitive; failneed for God; “hearts restless till rest in you” • The City of God” ~ 410 Goths took Rome; RomEmp=selfish city of Man; Xty builds city of God in chaos• The Rising Influence of the Papacy ~ Chh fills vacuum of power with pope, bishop of Rome – Leo the Great: Redefining the Pope’s Role ~ 440; bishRome statesman, spir leader, admin, scholar, saint • The “Supreme Pontiff” ~Pontifex Maximus “highest bridgemaker”, previously used by emperors, now Leo to show greatness of power; “Supreme Pontiff”; pappas Gk respectful affectionate “father” when small Rome community had friendly leader; title shift office shift to powerful state official • The Pope as Peacemaker ~ Attila the Hun retreat by talk with pope at Emp request, Vandals not kill – Leo and Church Controversies ~ lead in secular affairs; theological differences; Arianism in East