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play project aug 09

  1. 1. Play Project EDGAR ROAD COMMUNITY CENTRE Joseph Daire
  2. 2. To create a space that allows children under the age of 9 to interact with the extiror space within the estate of edgar road. introducting new techniques of play and acknnowledging the space that its located within the small comunity that new functions and features are acessable to the general pub.lic
  3. 3. Aims And Ambitions My Starting point with this project outlines the key factors of what my main asset to the foundation of the project. using light techniques to be used for a play area within the public realm. What is light Play... AIms And Ambtions With Light & Play. A recreational experience that will replace traditional games of the playground and urban environments. Today there technology are used in clubs, spas, events, shows and Adventurous play- inclusive play architectural lighting and design. Light affects the mood on how we feel Red for angry and passionBright for safe and clear Functional and durable Our moods determine our happiness and security Interactive Modern Techniques of old + new Fun. . Playful . . A design(play area) that considers Fitness
  4. 4. P r e c e d e n t s Lighting today uses technologies that determin the future on how to combat global warming. The L.E.Ds are small, powerful and durable for any use and function. The L.E.D.s, individual pixels have a very long An interactive surface made up of LED-lit and pressure- life expectancy and are very energy efficient. sensitive tiles constructed to fit an 8’ by 8’ Average L.E.D. Will last approximately 50,000 (406mm x 406mm x 61mm) hours and uses approx. 10 volts of power. The tiles are able to detect the location, movement and force of participants or objects, creating a realistic gaming experience with instant feedback displayed on the surface or through sound effects. Replacing traditional games found in school grounds and play active areas such as ‘hop schotch’ and ‘snakes and ladders’ with a modern interactive way of fun.
  5. 5. A s p i r a t i o n s Play schemes that use lighting for an inclusive play and theses new approaches are significant in achiving a good exsperience wtih the young without discriminating any individuals. Artist The school located Daubeney Road, E5, Hattie Coppard the project was set in 2000-03. A new angle of tackling play at schools and play schemes. A questionnaire Landscape Architect was set to all involved in the bought Lynn Kinnear, Kinnear Landscape Architects and came to a conclusion -Explore, experiment ,time and space. Commissioner Hackney Wick Public Art Programme Materials Various including: stainless steel, epoxy resin paint, wood, planting, light, textile screens, resin. Total Project Commissioning Budget £100,000 (approximately) Project Manager Lucy McMenemy, Curator, Hackney Wick PublicArt Programme Structural Engineers Jim Dunn, Adams Kara Taylor Contractor Baylis. The Light orbs act with a playful feel allowing kids to touch and be amused with the visual elemets it a d m i t s .
  6. 6. concept-functions Using the sensory Light pads to create a cubes that allow a varible function of play. as they are water proof and designed for toughness it is ideal for outdoor use that also allow the space to be used through out the day and night. The concept is to play with a muti functional idea, garden furnutiure A wall feature that allows joint and sensory games for all ages. the blocks allow retro uses and energetic movments to games to be played as a group or indiviual. as the design is left to right allowing a stimulating made for childern it can deal with the roughness that comes play with colours and music notes from banging jumping and hitting. 4inch toughned glass to prevent from an instrument. and damages. canopy will protect from mild weathers such as rain. The floor plain is padded with 360 active play area to allow maximum play rubber matts to protect from Functions can be different for all walls close to 3 metre fall,ventalated Touch and sound mode groves to allow drainage to public Touch and game mode drains. Touch and light mode Shelter for durability in weather considering rain Rubber mats 80mm thickness 2.8m safe fall The play unit is arranged in groups of single to groups
  7. 7. concept-Construction THe cubes can be arranged in diffrent seqences, depending on clients dessions but basic can be arrangd in rows for twos and threes forming rectangle base for dirrent types of play. The light box will be fixed to the ground by 4 hinges per a box allowing any tampering to be minimal all material will be resistant to strain and weather conditions and ensure that drainage will be taken upon as slippy surfaces is hazardarous to uotside play The light box will be constructed at the height sutiable for young childern age from 2-6yrs. it be designed to wholed weight for the stanards of a public bench, as it will also be used for climbing adventrues by the young. each block will contain 5-4 faces for interaction, the power will be suplied internal through underground wiring to minimize any faults for a flush desgin..
  8. 8. concept-Construction The Usage of the cubes. can be more than one user b ut each indivual cube is desgned for two for a competivtive inclusive play. garden feature- as furniture when not Group play- designed for 9 but can max 15 , there in use the boxes act as a aural glow are various mix games including texris and top surfaces and night light which bring attractivness for traditional games such as hopscotch, musical and 24 hour use for other venues blocks. this area can involve adults and childern. or occupacy of the community centre doubles- designed for 4 but max 8. creative play and sequences of colurs, games allow sharpness and reation speed and competivitve play. indivdual/one on one- designed forone or more. games Primary slot for are more personal and can create a bond with child p e r s o n n e l and parents or with peers. chacing colours or excirces matt with soun additional slot for p e r s o n n e l
  9. 9. L o c a t i o n UK LONDON HOUNSLOW South west London the Heathfield Working Together Group (HFWTG Hounslow Heath Estate Community Centre 190, Edgar Rd, Hounslow TW4 5QP
  10. 10. Analaysis - site boundaries The Entrance to the centre is not as visable as it can be. the pathway leads to the main road is well hidden and lacks signage to notify the public. edgar road thats leads of hansworth road leads to the estate as a secondary and veichle acess to the centre. there are other pathways that entre the estate from the park and the heath. 1. pathway gateway 2.heath gateway 3. Park gateway The Estate is an enclosed enviroment from the main road with one acces for automobiles. Over 400+ residents Most elderly Flats 2-3 floors Green space dominated by grassland
  11. 11. tree location Max height most of europes common trees av. 20 25 metre are found on and around the site: The Common beech Silver Birch Wych Elm Min height av 5 metres Wych elm is a deciduous tree and very common aroound the estate and community centre it can grow up to 40 m in height. It often branches near the base forming a dome-shaped crown. The bark is grey with many long fissures. It is native in damp woods, hedges and along streams. The clusters of tiny, bell-shaped, green flowers open in late February and March, well before the leaves. The sites exsiting vegitation located around the boundarie lines and surround the open spaces and marshes. acting as a green fence .
  12. 12. Light pokects All signange lit at key areas that need minmumm 3500k. light to operate through diffrent lumianires warm white seasons and for glare reduction in gloomy afternoons. residential area aluimillum bodie The site contains darks spots that have limited lighting which allows 30ft -50ft hieght range. users to avoid and feel unsafe. by opening the site visually at night with change the mood and exsperssion on the locals and community centre users.
  13. 13. Community centre extiorior Proposal space & strengths layout The space is relatively small but has basic qualitys such as a wall, small trees and a small grass plain. it is important to keep the exisitng vegitation as it will be advantage to the community centre’s green space . The Landscape behind the community centre is tightly enclosed space dominated by grass and few shrubs. The boundaries are concrete wall and a metal fence. Conditions: • fairly open • shrubs and green space • dull in colour Expansion available • noisy •Private garden •Use of pitch can be used for summer function such as car boot?tennis? No bias sport? •Floodlights for training?
  14. 14. Aims & Objectives • New gateway for access and better connections • to create a space used by parents and children • expansion of available space • to improve health- mentally and physically • community involvement • to improve sections around site • challenge usage of space available for all ages • an escape spot. Uses for members and parents from cresh • available night and day • more plantations for organic colour and smells. • the relationship of building to space • propose concept to space
  15. 15. Observation & Development Only where the access to the site is where the primary hot spot areas to be used the most. By enhancing the space for public and The sketches shows my vison of more plantations c.centre users,will increase the hot and trees, by screening the boundarys spots, there be a more uses of space and the site will have a better visual profile. activities. Plantations is important factor for screens and privacy. Also for the decoration and feature of the public space Movement should flow openly thought but limited by the users of the centre. But allowing to be more expanded with less boundaries is available.
  16. 16. Observation & Development Materials Exsperience Land uses Summarising the key elements and functions for each section Public space for development within the community centre/estate Kids play zone Private Garden
  17. 17. M a s t e r p l a n Hawthorn hedge Public foot path Light concept shelter Kids zone Private garden/seating Public Garden/seating small trees grassland private garden Universal sport ground Artifitual grass Public Space Rose bush Flower bed(various) Large exsiting trees
  18. 18. kIDS Play Zone Section for Light wall Open Space Aftifital Private garden, green Vegitation/organics grass walls
  19. 19. Sensoy Lights Images from normand park, Design by Jason bruges and w h e r e hits team, and light the design can be found. i n s t a l l m e n t park of a multi million pound park that can interact and project scheme. create organic shapes and also provide street lighting. Interactive light scheme with 20 light socets a colum, built with sensory motion that activates upon arival. dancing lights can be multi coloured or full spectrum w h i t e . one instalation can lit a section with angled lights, sutable to iluminate backgrounds and darks spots created by trees and v e g i t a t i o n .
  20. 20. Organics & Furniture 2 3 1 Jordi henrich/ santa & cole Fixed seating, materials solid wood, high pressured inpenatrated red pine. no maitainess needed unless change of color and wood treatment. suport made from iron. 2.frog design/landscape form simple form, stainless steel. wideren top to lift liners out easy. Organic space within the community 3 toyo lto & associates/ Escofet centre -users adult based on a four metre arch which add up to a full or child can encounter reconisble circle fruit and measuring 12 metres, a the backrest has a break every veg gorwing in the kids pay area 8 yards.natural shape made from concrete. Designed Flower bed: diffrent smells and for colurs, lavander and roses which attract insects to wildlife. screen & boundaries: washington hwathorn Fruit and veg can be grown as part of a learning tree that blossoms n spring and program and to benifit the community centres provide envolvement. and the public of edgar road can good cover and boundary for a indulge. landscape
  21. 21. Kids Play Zone
  22. 22. Public Park
  23. 23. Multiple light Feature