Sushanta Bhandarkar Interior Design Portfolio


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Sushanta Bhandarkar Interior Design Portfolio

  1. 1.                                       SUSHANTA BHANDARKAR’S PORTFOLIO
  2. 2. ■ West Valley College ■ West Valley College ■ Jeremiah’s Promise ■ Affordable Sustainable, Universal home ■ Eco-Adventure Office ■ Wine Tasting Bar FINE ART AND PHOTOGRAPHY   “ …the focus is on organized, beautiful, artful and healthful spaces that will create a nourishing and inspiring environment …”
  3. 3. An un-used storage room gets a makeover! It occupied valuable space which was changed into a workspace for students to finish their projects. Adding bright colors made the room look interesting and fun to work in. APPLIED ART AND SCIENCE ROOM 8B  INTERIOR DESIGN DEPARTMENT, WEST VALLEY COLLEGE 
  4. 4. Display area was added on for student projects, ultimately creating an inspiring environment for students to learn from. APPLIED ART AND SCIENCE CLASSROOM 8  INTERIOR DESIGN DEPARTMENT, WEST VALLEY COLLEGE 
  5. 5. A wasted space was converted into a studio space for students to work on their projects. An additional vertical storage and display area houses student projects which created more open floor space. The Interior design library was organized to be a great resource and informative reference for students and has a wonderful collection of samples and literature of finishes and furnishings to fulfill project requirements.  APPLIED ART AND SCIENCE BACKROOM AND DESIGN LIBRARY  INTERIOR DESIGN DEPARTMENT, WEST VALLEY COLLEGE
  6. 6. JEREMIAH’S PROMISE is a non‐profit organization dedicated to JEREMIAH’S PROMISE INC HOUSE,  addressing the needs of youth who ‘age out’ of the foster care system at age 18, destined to become homeless and impoverished, and SUNNYVALE.  empowering them to become healthy, self‐sufficient, productive members of the community. The organization recently purchased a home and cottage that needed considerable updating, additional storage, thoughtful space planning, and multi‐functional furnishings to meet practical needs while providing a true sense of home for the motivated young women and live‐in staff member to feel proud of and thrive in. STUDY ROOM  LIVING ROOM           STUDY ROOM – STORAGE SOLUTION  JEREMIAH’S PROMISE – MAIN HOUSE      SUNNYVALE   
  7. 7.     CUSTOM CLOSET DESIGN  BEDROOM LAYOUT  Design solutions promote the importance of community gathering yet also provide secure space that each woman can call her own.        JEREMIAH’S PROMISE   
  8. 8.   The cottage design provides plenty of delightful office space that was nearly non‐existent in the former residence.       DREAM INSPIRE   LOVE JOY CUSTOM ARTWORK DONATED                                  JEREMIAH’S PROMISE  
  9. 9. Well designed and thoughtful spaces are a foundation to a new life. When communities are healthy, all people can develop to their full potential. When children and young adults have healthy and stable environments and they thrive, the community thrives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Winner of 2007-2008 ASID Community Service Project of the Year.  
  10. 10. AFFORDABLE, SUSTAINABLE, UNIVERSAL   PRE‐FABRICATED HOME    Timeless design is an art of consciously making design choices that support human life through the ages and all the fact that our spaces are not separate from ourselves but an integral part of our lives.     CLEAN, GREEN, SIMPLE   TIMELESS SERENITY
  11. 11. Sustainability FIVE GOALS is about Efficient “A man's home may seem to be his castle on the outside; inside, it is more often his nursery.”   economics - nurturing him physically, psychologically and spiritually. Home   size Hence, to achieve this, the following five goals have been composed: 1. The house becomes a home when it not only shelter’s the body but comforts the soul   through personalized spaces that work and function for your needs.   2. Incorporate Sustainability: Sustainability is an approach to building homes that   conserves natural resources. The five principles of sustainable design are energy AFFORDABILITY  conservation, resource conservation, Indoor air quality, Water conservation and -   which are incorporated as much as possible into the design. Site 3. Incorporate Universal design features. Universally designed spaces have features Resource Specific   that are useable by more people and can be adjusted to meet individual needs. Efficiency 4. Nature will be an element of the interior and a tool of creating timeless serenity. Views Energy   of the river and the landscape outside are important, thus bringing in the outdoors and Efficiency feeling a connection with nature. 5. The combination of sustainability and universal design will result in an affordable   environment. The use of locally made recyclable materials, energy saving solutions and pre-fabricated construction will provide the necessary economical savings.       TIMELESS SERENITY
  14. 14.                                                          SENSIBLE TRAVEL CAN SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT   Founded in 1988, Eco-Adventures Inc. is the largest and oldest ecotourism organization in the world dedicated to promoting and disseminating   information about ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Eco-Adventures Inc. creates customized trips within USA, Europe and Asia, and is unique in its efforts to provide guidelines and standards to foster sound ecotourism development.                      CONCEPT: ‘TRAVEL FOR GOOD’   “Travel for Good” is taking a responsible approach to tourism,   ensuring and being aware of and taking steps to reduce the   environmental impact of our journeys. Journeys not just all over the world but also thru an interior space. Not just good for the   health, safety and welfare of the planet but also the people   working in this space.     Health = IAQ, day lighting, views – they have positive   psychological effects Safety and welfare = Universal design/ accessible / safety from materials used / egress plan for people to exit safely. One should be travelling for good through the space. Every stop is like a destination with a slightly different mood.   ECO-ADVENTURES TRAVEL AGENCY, CHICAGO CONCEPT: TRAVEL FOR GOOD
  15. 15. Hand drafted floor-plan shows space planning along with furniture and material finishes.   FURNITURE FLOOR PLAN  A workplace must function as a high performance environment that seamlessly integrates architecture, furniture and technology through insightful planning.   TRAVEL FOR GOOD
  16. 16.                 EXIT PLAN FINISH PLAN                  TRAVEL FOR GOOD
  17. 17.                                                           REFLECTED CEILING PLAN ELECTRICAL/DATA/VOICE PLAN FINISH PLAN           TRAVEL FOR GOOD  
  18. 18.                                                         SECTION THROUGH LOBBY, CONFERENCE ROOM   ENTRANCE AND OPEN OFFICE AREA SHOWING FURRED     COLUMN COVERED IN MOSIAC SLATE 1”X1” TILES.     RECEPTION AREA FEATURED   WALL WITH COMPANY LOGO   DETAILS OF NICHES IN THE WALL                                                                                                              DETAILS OF FLOOR CHANGE   TRAVEL FOR GOOD  
  19. 19.                      PRESENTATION BOARDS   ELEVATION OF BREAK ROOM/COPY-MAIL AREA                 CONFERENCE ROOM         As we all travel, it is important to think about our   Carbon-footprint and how every decision we make DETAILS OF CUBICLE AND PRIVATE OFFICE affects the health of the planet and all of us.     TRAVEL FOR GOOD  
  20. 20. “Beau Lieu” – A Wine Tasting Bar                                    BEAULIEU VINEYARDS in Napa valley, California, wants to open   an elegant and sophisticated wine tasting bar in the historic Great Hall in Osterley Park, Greater London.   The Great Hall at Osterley Park was designed by Robert Adam in 1767. Hence to carry forward the client’s vision of retaining the   classical charm of the Great hall and brining in the spirit of Napa   Valley; The inspiration for the color palette evolves from Napa valley itself with all the shades of green, gold and an earthy   palette. The burgundy accent wall color is inspired from Beaulieu’s world famous Cabernet Sauvignon. Colors were an   important part of the Robert Adam style and this is a fabulous way for incorporating the spirit of Napa. The furniture used will   be by Robert Adam s.a the Georgian Chippendale Window Seat, Robert Adam, chair, made by Thomas Chippendale, and the   Adam Pier Table.                     “BEAU LIEU” – A WINE TASTING BAR
  21. 21.                                       “BEAU LIEU” – A WINE TASTING BAR
  22. 22.                                                                                                                                                                                           PHOTOGRAPHY WWW.ARTNCREATION.COM  
  23. 23.                                                                       FINE ART WWW.ARTNCREATION.COM