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Community hub

  1. 1. BRAD ALEXANDER 210061227A big request of the teaching staff is the possibility to realize new The feeling of responsibility and initiative given to youth through team sportsconcepts of education, away from the present, hierarchical educational can be vital for building their character as responsible adults. Having thesystem, which offers little space for exercise and development. The community witness the effects of team sports on youth, can spark a similarcomplex consists of 2 class-rooms, kitchen, sanitary installation and an feeling of empowerment and community strengthening. With many adultsout-door playground. Embedded in a “colourful landscape”, adventure busy working for their fight to survive, the nightime proves to be their onlyand curiosity are encouraged and serve a san experimental play-room for moment for repose and chance to witness the change happening in their teamchildren to discover and conquer. empowered youth. Subsequently, the project provides a continued vitality from the day into the night.The general design-idea tries to capture the childlike natural desire toenter and conquer their surrounding. Architecture will come alive Regardless of the gender and age of a visitor to the site, an unbiased friend inthrough the curiosity, the adventuresomeness and fantasy of the the form of sports, light and learning greets the area in day and eveningOlivantsvlei- Preschool-Gang. There is no better provision for their start activity.into education and personal progress for those children. A welcoming face of varied activities in combination with the shelter’s projecting shades and roofs and colorful outer wall smile for new visitors.
  2. 2. Main Technological idea of structure:The site is treated as a large play-ground and the new structure was to forman integral part of the site. A deconstructive approach was used to create anovel design idiom to the area.The design was to consist of a straight-forward manner of assembly. Asophisticated logic of construction was to be introduced, and the structureas a whole should respond well to the environmentHow the technological idea contributes to the overall idea of the structure:The angular metal sheet roofing covers the classrooms, offices andablutions, of which all are made of ply-wood. The main roof was thenconstructed of steel supported by steel columns. The dramatically slopingroof emphasises the play area around the classrooms.Colour-coded skylights add a playful touch and the seating, niches andlandings enhance the children’s educational experience.
  4. 4. Main Technological idea of structure:The Playground structure was to be designed insuch a way that the use could be changed by thehour. From soccer club-house to medicalcentre, and was to be built of materials thatwere native to the region.How the technological idea contributes to theoverall idea of the structure:Indigenous materials, such as adobebricks, were used in the construction of thewalls, providing a thermal mass to welcomevisitors into the structure during the coolernights.Other locally found materials included roofs ofcorrugated sheet iron, shades of timber “latte”and pine lumber structure with concretefootings.
  6. 6. FROM THE OLIFANTSVLEI CRECHE:The floating roof of the Olifantsvlei Creche provides a smooth and subtle transition between the structure and the atmosphere, preventing the structurefrom over-powering the natural beauty of its surroundings, by being a closed block on a piece of Earth.This is something I want to install into my idea of the community hub, where the roof is almost held up by the sky, giving the visitor a sense of still beingsurrounded by nature, even though they’re inside the structureThe different spaces are defined not only through the use and placing of walls, but through the use of varying floor levels and the imagination. Withoutany wall, a structure consisting of different floor levels or mediums, can immediately show different spaces and provides the visitor with a mindset ofknowing that the different spaces are not determined by walls, but by the imagination.My hub will then consist of varying floor levels and mediums, providing a variety of spaces for the different groups of users intending on using the space.Smaller areas could be to a raised or lower level, and the floor mediums could vary if no change in levels were introduced, providing the same idea ofhaving different spaces in the structure with out the physical use of walls FROM THE PLAYGROUND FOR CHANGE:The idea of one structure being able to suit different functions, ,makes a lot of sense! Either ranging from something by day to something by night, orfrom small group meeting of 2 or 3 people, to larger groups of 6 or 7 people, to even 20 person business meetings, my structure should be able toaccommodate for all of these groups, sometimes all at the same time.Dividing walls could be used to double up as a media wall, onto which projectors or presentati0ns could be shown, allowing for maximum use fromlimited space