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Siêu gấu xấu xa 2012


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Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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Siêu gấu xấu xa 2012

  1. 1. Super Bear 2012 Masterplan Because this shit is getting serious!
  2. 2.  Become a gentleman Earn more money Win a girl’s heartMain objective
  3. 3.  Priority: Earn more money Become a Win a girl’s gentleman heartMain objective
  4. 4.  Manage more clients Manage team members Recruit assistants Research better methodsEarn more money
  5. 5. Manage more clients:+ Step 1: Use LinkedIN, Anphabe topropose+ Step 2: Design a web-blog todemonstrate past campaign+ Step 3: Re-call and re-connect withunhappy client+ Step 4: Spend more quality time tosupervise client’s campaignEarn more money
  6. 6.  Manage team members+ Step 1: Recruit another team+ Step 2: Use the assistants+ Step 3: Use hard method or just havethem quitted.Earn more money
  7. 7. Recruit Assistants+ Step 0: Define Resource to employ+ Step 1: Recruit the supervising one+ Step 2: Recruit the one to help withproposal+ Step 3: Recruit the ones to help inexecution campaign+ Step 4: Define quality control processEarn more money
  8. 8. Research better method+ Step 1: Research online informationsource+ Step 2: Define trends+ Step 3: Research for solution+ Step 4: Ask for experts+ Step 5: Outsource (if necessary)Earn more money
  9. 9.  Be handsome: go to gym and cure your face’s skin. Watch for your tongue in front of elderly and female creatures! Earn more money for cool outlooking and accessories! Become better in your profession!Become a gentleman
  10. 10. Earn Become a more gentleman moneyWin a girl’s heart
  11. 11.  February, 2012: Retouch CV, Start workout at gym, Apply for another company, Ask for “her” cell number, Study! Recruit assistants. March, 2012: Must got another job, lose at least 2 kg, …Idk: love is hard to have an objective. Pass some tests! Complete recruitment: assistants. April, 2012: Manage 10 clients. Define: New methods for social media +SEO!Schedule
  12. 12.  May, 2012: Prepare for graduation. Get at least 10 good recognition signs or certification from bosses. June, 2012: Have at least 5 dates with her. Don’t disappoint any clients. July, 2012: Run beta “Up” project at Saigon Flea Market.Schedule
  13. 13.  August, 2012: Lose at least 12kg. Get a better skin. Income: 14 mils/month. Prepare for a viral plan for Up project. September, 2012: Buy mom a present. Have a special dinner with “her”. Have at least 20 hours of freetime every weekend. October, 2012: Master SEO + SEM + the basis of traditional PR.Schedule
  14. 14.  November, 2012: “November Rain” – Just kidding  ! But wait and see! December, 2012: please, Fate…grant me a girlfriend!Schedule
  15. 15. NEVER GIVE UP!