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Money Month 2.0 Week 1 Content:


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The goal for week 1 is to help each individual walk away with the knowledge to have conversations about money that you know will add to your bottom line. To do so, you will learn skills such as how to have a money mindset, value-based selling, and being comfortable asking for what you are worth. It is important to know how to build a profitable, sustainable business model where you can pay yourself, know when/how to raise prices, and discount strategically.

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Money Month 2.0 Week 1 Content:

  1. 1. Powered by Also brought to you by Regional Sponsor
  2. 2. • committed to focusing on our businesses • keeping an open mind – despite discomfort • willing to share our own experiences • keeping everything we’ve heard confidential Community Ground Rules WE ARE…
  3. 3. Making money: Know Your Worth Managing money: Understand what worked & what didn’t Internal money: Invest wisely today External money: Find capital for future growth
  4. 4. “What we believe is what results we get. We never outsell or out-earn our mindset.” 3 Actions To Take Your Relationship With Money To A New Level Biggest business challenge: 45% - IRREGULAR CASH FLOW/INCOME
  5. 5. Self-assessment
  6. 6. Money Mindset: COURAGE 1. Lead from courage 2. Own your expertise 3. Refer out 5. Grow your relationship to your own value and worth. Everyday 4. Ask for referral
  7. 7. Money-Making
  8. 8. Money Mindset: LEADERSHIP 1. Pay yourself 2. Know what makes money 3. Let the world know 5. Keep adding value 4. Optimize your time
  9. 9. Money Mindset: NUMBERS 1. Don’t discount 2. Sell the pie 3. Get a mentor 5. Know your numbers! 4. Ask for the sale
  10. 10. You don’t need to be fearless to be courageous but don’t let the fear stop you. Pay yourself, manage your time, and expect to get paid for your value. Know your pricing and your numbers. Each week. What Did We Learn?
  11. 11. QUESTION 1: What can you apply to make the biggest change in your business? LET’S HEAR FROM YOU! QUESTION 2: What best practices have worked for you and why? QUESTION 3: What skill or concept sparked a new idea? EACH TABLE SHARES A SUMMARY.
  12. 12. YOUR INDIVIDUAL ACTION PLAN HOW are you thinking differently about the money in your business? WHY do you want it? What will this do for your business and why is this important? WHAT did you learn that you’ll implement? 1 goal for next 60 – 90 days. SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound WHAT Resources do you need? What support is required and where will you access it? WHAT Obstacles might you encounter? How will you address those obstacles? (Action Steps – Tactics)
  13. 13. • Implement Your Action Plan • Respond to the Money Month Survey • Stay Connected • Thank You to Our Team • Thank You to Our Sponsor • Join our next Money Month Event: • WHAT’S NEXT?