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Christian Women in Business Market Your Business Online passive income


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Christian Women in Business Market Your Business Online passive income

  1. 1. A Step-by-Step System
  2. 2.   Find a plan thatworks for YOU  5 basic areas ofpassive incomecreation
  3. 3.   Ask your self these questions◦  Are you comfortable selling or promoting?◦  Are you comfortable in front of the camera orbehind the scenes?◦  Are you more comfortable leading or following?  Your answers will determine what action totake
  4. 4.   Super Affiliate Status –◦  These people promote affiliate products throughmultiple methods◦  They use their blogs & possibly anonymousniche blogs to promote products◦  Can earn a full-time salary just by promoting◦  Examples – Rosalind Gardiner, Mark Ling & LynnTerry
  5. 5.   Niche Bloggers –◦  Create a blog around a particular niche orproduct◦  Never appear as an individual – focus is solelyon the product & content◦  Keep adding more until they have a portfolio ofdifferent blogs, sometimes numbering 100+◦  Each blog makes a modest monthly income
  6. 6.   Build Your Blog Fame –◦  Great for born leaders◦  Become a super blogger so advertisers want topurchase space on your blog
  7. 7.   Become a personality & expert◦  When your tips help people, they turn to you formore advice  Your readers recommend you & your products◦  Create products for every step of yourmarketing funnel◦  Products should focus on your strengths◦  Products eventually become passive income
  8. 8. Type of products you can create:◦  Ebooks◦  Articles◦  Tips sheets/cheatsheets◦  Audios◦  Webinars◦  Teleseminars
  9. 9.   Hard work & diligence is required in the earlysetup phase  You need to work at establishing yourreputation & brand credibility  Expand your reach with public appearances& a strong social media presence  Create an affiliate program so affiliates canpromote you  Super affiliates WILL promote newbieproducts if they’re good quality
  10. 10.   Choose the right product  Repurpose your product
  11. 11.   Outsourcing◦  Hire Virtual Assistants or other experts &delegate work◦  Now you can focus on your main product◦  Much time is wasted trying to learn new things◦  You probably don’t have enough time to learneverything well◦  Outsource slowly & only if your budget allows
  12. 12.   Your products are an investment in yourbusiness  Outsourcing is an investment -•  Pay more upfront in order to save time &make more at the backend  Repurposing is an investment –•  Creating multiple products based on onetheme will bring more money in the long run
  13. 13.   Autoresponder◦  For collecting & communicating with customers◦  Send out follow-up messages, email series ormini courses to keep your name in front ofcustomers◦  Share niche-breaking news & recommend newproducts first◦  Ability to pre-program messages◦  Our #1 recommendation is
  14. 14. h"p://    
  15. 15.   WordPress is most popular contentmanagement system•  There are plenty of tutorials & how-to guides•  Important for setting up your blog & addingcontent regularly  Also manage some basic business tasks:•  Create a business plan•  Create a sales funnel•  Track your earnings
  16. 16.   The more products you have = the morepassive income you can earn  The more subscribers you have = the morereach your product will have = the moremoney you can earn  The more affiliates you attract = the morecredibility you earn = the more money youearn  The more time you invest initially = the betterfoundation you have for success
  17. 17.   Don’t try to be everything to everyone  Pick the method that appeals most to you  Commit to spending a certain amount of timeeach day to your passive income model  Consistent work will yield the most earnings  The more completely you set up your passiveincome stream, the less work it will requirein the future  Ready to start? Great! Utilize the CreatingPassive Income Action Guide
  18. 18.   Get clarity on your vision  Identify your Prolific Biz Goals  Identify what’s holding you back  Suggest solutions to moveforward to your Prolific BizBreakthrough
  19. 19.   Empowered  Confident  Energized  Focused  And moreYou’ll  leave  this  session……  
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