How to Issue iPads in Portal


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How to Issue iPads in Portal

  1. 1. How to Assign iPads in the HCT Portal ADMC Library September 2012
  2. 2. Before issuing an iPad, make sure thestudent signs up the “iPad Loan Form” and keep it on file. Don’t forget to check out the iPad in Millennium!
  3. 3. Go to HCT Portal>Faculty Self Service > Library Services Staff> Assign iPad to Students
  4. 4. Fill in the appropriate information. Click “Assign iPad” when done. Term Code: Current Term (i.e. 2012-13 1st semester ) Select either: student / teacher Enter: student/ teacher ID Enter: iPad Serial (barcode behind the white box)
  5. 5. You should see this screenshot once you successfully assigned the iPad. ClickClose and go back to HCT Portal Window
  6. 6. To issue a print-out, click “Assign iPad to Students” link
  7. 7. Under the iPad Assignment List>iPadSerial No, scan the serial number behind the white box and click search.
  8. 8. You should see a table at the bottom of the page. Click the hyperlinked Serial Number (blue text)
  9. 9. The Apple ID details will appear. Click the “Print Friendly” hyperlink.
  10. 10. Print the printer-friendly version and issue it to student. Logout from the portal when done. Hint: CTRL + P is easier!