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  1. 1. Nice to Meet You!I’m a SEO Consultant & Web Strategist !
  2. 2. GOOGLE + BING MONTHLY SEARCH VOLUMES (10,000 searches per month)
  3. 3. GOOGLE + BING MONTHLY SEARCH VOLUMES (10,000 searches per month)
  5. 5. Total Monthly Available Traffic from Google 10,000 visitors Organic Search Results 8,000 visitors (80%) Pay-Per-Click Ads 2,000 visitors (20%) #203 on Googlefor “los angeles interior designer”
  6. 6. PPC Problems for Your Keywords Suggestion: Run a separate ad campaign that exactly matches keyword ON PAGE 6! Example title doesn’t contain exact keyword url doesn’t contain keyword description doesn’t containno landing page, going directly to home exact keyword
  7. 7. Less Relevant Ad + Less Relevant Landing Page Low Google Ad Quality ScoreLower Rank & Higher Cost Per Click
  8. 8. 80% said search engines were the first place they looked when seeking a local business. - Webvisible Consumer Research How are you doing online?
  9. 9. Why are you not on Top 5? DOMAIN METRICS
  10. 10. Where do you stand?Organic Search Results < 100 visitors 1% of the total available Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)organic search result clicks 2,000 visitors (20%) sharing available clicks with 20 others not in the top position you get ~200 clicks per month 5% of available ppc clicks paying $1.50 per click Paying $300 per month to get 200 visitors
  11. 11. Let’s Do the MathIf you are on the top 5 of the Organic Search Results for10 of these popular keywords BEFORE AFTER Organic Search Traffic Organic Search Traffic < 100 visitors 800 visitors 1% of available 8,000 10% of available 8,000organic search result clicks organic search result clicks
  12. 12. Google Fee Per Every Click 800 X $1.50 = $1,200To get 800 clicks from Google Paid Ads Per Month, You Need to Pay $1,200 per month to Google!
  13. 13. So, What Does That Mean in $$$? 800 very targeted visitors per month1% Converts to Sales = 8 Sales EVERY Month 96 new paying customers per year. 1 new customer = $250 profit $24,000 Profit Searchers Either Find You or Your Competition.$24,000 Either Goes to You or to Your Competition
  14. 14. IMAGINE BEING ON THE #1 SPOT OF GOOGLE! = at least $24,000
  15. 15. But that’s just 800 from 1 listing, which is your website.Now I am going to show you how you can have 2 listings on 1st page of Google and what that means for you...
  16. 16. VIDEO TRAFFIC3rd Most Visited Site in the World 2nd Largest Search Engine
  17. 17. Example of a Video Listing in Google Search ResultsVideo on #4
  18. 18. Your Target Keyword Your Website Link
  19. 19. Visitors to your site from your videosare 39% more likely to purchase your services compared to the visitors directly coming from your search engine listing. - Yahoo! Conversion Research 2011 ADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF VIDEOS 1) Increase in Word of Mouth & Referrals (Viral) 2) Increase in Your Website Search Engine Ranking 3) Gives you Credibility & Makes You an Authority
  20. 20. Your Website 800 800 visitors = $24,000Competition 7200 25% increase in traffic & profit Your Website 1,000 visitors 800 Video Your every month = $30,000 per year 200 1% of This Traffic Converts to SalesCompetition 7,000
  21. 21. GOOGLE PLACES TRAFFICLet’s talk about your 3rd listing on Search Results! 89% of North America businesses (3 million) have not claimed their FREE Google Places listing.
  22. 22. Pack 7 Top Rankings! Social Proof
  23. 23. Mobile searches are expected to grow from 9% to 20% of all searches in 2012. Google Map Listing = More Traffic Increased Mobile Traffic Too!
  24. 24. Your Website Your Website 800 800 Your Video 200 Competition Competition 7200 7,000 $24,000 $30,000 Your Video 200 800 visitors 1,000 visitors Your Website 800 Google Places 1,200 visitors every month 200 = $37,500 profit / year6,800 This is How Much $ You Lost Last Year
  25. 25. LOCAL DIRECTORIES People Under 50 Don’t Use the Yellow Pages Book Anymore.More traffic from over 200 local directories + be found on Mobile Search
  26. 26. Local Directories 300 +$5,000 +$37,500 Search Engines 1,200Organic Search Traffic ALL TRAFFIC 1,200 visitors 1,500 visitors 25% increase in traffic12 paying customers 15 paying customers $42,500 per year
  27. 27. EMAIL MARKETING But these conversions can even be higher!- Money is in the List! Build Yours...- 90% of you visitors will leave without setting up an appointment- Capture Visitor Information Before They Exit- Build Trust Relationship with Your Visitors, so they will rememberyou when they are ready to buy
  29. 29. CREATE EMAIL FOLLOW-UP SEQUENCEEmail marketings ROI in 2011 was at $40.56 for every $1 invested. Source: Direct Marketing Association 2011 Small Business Survey Your Email Cycle
  30. 30. All Traffic1% Converts to Sales = 8 Sales EVERY Month with Email Marketing2% Converts to Sales = 16 Sales EVERY Month 192 new paying customers per year. What would that mean for your business?
  31. 31. SEO SERVICES- Select Between 5 or 10 Target Keywords Packages- Target Keyword & Competition Research- On-Page Optimization- Popularity & Link Building- Social Bookmarks & Social Share Button Setup- Google, Bing & Yahoo!- Blog Content Writing
  32. 32. VIDEO SEO SERVICES- You Shoot 2-3 Minute Videos- Opening Effect & Call-to Action at the end- SEO for your videos to Rank it in Google- YouTube Channel Setup & Branding- We Upload Your Videos to YouTube- We Distribute to 5 Other Video Sites & Our Network- 1 Hour Video Production Consultation
  33. 33. GOOGLE PLACES +LOCAL DIRECTORIES - Google Places & Map SEO - Review Promotion (Social Proof) - Image Promotion - Listing on over 200 Local Directories
  34. 34. PRESS RELEASE SERVICE- Journalist Writes a 350 Words Press Release- Distribute to 5,000 U.S. Newspapers- Distribute to 2,500 Magazines- Distribute to Online News Networks (ex. Google News)- Contributes to Your Search Engine Rankings
  35. 35. EMAIL MARKETING- Set-up Free Gift Offer (PDF Report or Contest)- Email Marketing Software Setup, Blast to Thousands- Setup Automatic Weekly Email Blasts- Track Opens, Clicks, Forwards, Bounce, Calls Received!- Resend the Ones Who Did Not Open Their Email
  36. 36. SERVICE COSTS SEO 5 $575 SEO10 $975 ESSENTIALSGoogle Places SEO $250 Video SEO $250 Google Adwords $250 Press Release $190 BOOST UP Email Marketing $250 Local Directories $150
  37. 37. BUNDLE YOUR SERVICES (Let Us Run Your Entire Internet Marketing) SEO Viral Package SEO 5 $575 Google Places SEO $250 Video SEO $250 Local Directories $150 Press Release $190 Google Adwords $250 Regular Price $1,665 Bundle Price $895 (Save $770)
  38. 38. FREE GOOGLE ADWORDS MANAGEMENT I include revision & management of your current PPC until I get you on top of the search engines!This is an added service worth $250 that’s FREE to you.
  39. 39. Every 4 Weeks, You will Receive a Fully Transparent 3rd Party Performance & Ranking Reports
  40. 40. CLEARLY SEE THE PROOF Call tracking works by allowing you to assign local or toll free phonenumbers to your marketing campaign.You can track the call to the source and gather information such as, Leads Per Day, Geographical Data and hourly performance. Call-Tracking Click to Call Email Tracking
  41. 41. Know Exactly What’s Going On Anytime With Your Online Project Management Portal, Login & Track Your Project 24/7
  42. 42. This is a no-obligation month-to-month contract. You are not locked into anything. If you are not happy with me for any reason you can cancel any time with 30 days notice.
  43. 43. I am 110% confident I will get you the traffic I promise within 6 months. Or you get every penny you paid me back. 100% Guarantee. My business is based mostly on referrals.If I can’t deliver, I don’t deserve to keep your money. It’s that simple.
  44. 44. What Are My Customers Saying?“...Our business leads increased by over600% thanks to online marketing strategiesand work ethics of Enis. We havent donebusiness like this for over 2 years." (855) 879-9283Captain Water, Cheyenne, WYcaptainwater.com
  45. 45. What Our Customers Are Saying? collobo.co drasticmarketing.com“...Thanks them, we were able to be foundorganically on the first page of google for awide number of keywords and be at the topof the list in PPC advertising.”Budget City Movers, Vancouverwww.budgetcitymovers.com
  46. 46. What Our Customers Are Saying? collobo.co drasticmarketing.com“...There isn’t enough positive things that can besaid about them and what they can do for yourbusiness! The money you invest in thiscompany will come back to you and yourbusiness tenfold.”Condoor, Port Coquitlamwww.condoor.ca
  47. 47. What Our Customers Are Saying? collobo.co drasticmarketing.com“...We went from getting ten visitors to ourwebsite on a good day to hundreds in amatter of weeks. They really know whatthey’re doing and have helped us substantially.”Cutting Edge Lawn Care (604) 267-1199www.cuttingedgevancouver.com
  48. 48. WHAT WE DELIVER TO YOUR BUSINESS Link Building Video Promotion Google Adwords Image Promotion Social Bookmarking Article Promotion Google Places & Maps Blog & Web Copywriting 200+ Local Directories Review PromotionWebsite SEO Optimization Website Promotion RSS Directories Blog Promotion Facebook Email Marketing
  50. 50. DON’T TRY TO DO IT YOURSELFor USE AUTOMATED SOFTWARERISK FOR SPAM & BLACKLISTED BY GOOGLE, YAHOO! & BING * Once blacklisted, it is irreversible Your domain name will be out of search engines forever!
  51. 51. COMPARISONTo get 1,500 clicks from Google Paid Ads Per Month, You Need to Pay $2,400 per month to Google! @ $1.50 per click To get 1,500 clicks from our SEO Strategy, You Need to Pay $895 per month to us. @ $0.59 per click We Give At Least 3 Times More Value!
  52. 52. SUMMARY OF RESULTS 1,500 targeted visitors per month at least 96 new paying customers per year. 1 new customer = $250 profit = $36,000 Profit / Year For just $29 a day$36,000 Either Goes to You or to Your Competition It’s Your Chance to Take Action Now!
  53. 53. Return on Your InvestmentYour Investment Your Return Your Profit $895 $3,000 $2,105 (300% ROI) For just $29 a day
  54. 54. I Will Work with Only 1 Interior Designer in Your Area in 2012
  55. 55. Build a Sustainable REAL Businesswith Long-Term & Permanent ResultsYour Process to Get Customers Month-After-Month Dominate Your Market I am your SECRET Marketing Weapon!