Robin Gurney- Aeg eksperimenteerida otsimootoriturundusega.


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Time to experiment search engine marketing.

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Robin Gurney- Aeg eksperimenteerida otsimootoriturundusega.

  1. 1. Aeg eksperimenteerida otsimotooriturundusega (mõõdukalt ja mõõdetavalt) Robin Gurney
  2. 2. Search Marketing is important
  3. 3. ..because » More and more people use search » In Estonia more the most popular search tools are NETI, Google and Rambler, and Delfi » Which search engine do you use?
  4. 4. Why is it difficult?
  5. 5. » Most searchers click on organic results » Content must exist and be accessible to be visible in search engines » Text and banner ads need constant refining to get the best results » You have to know what people are searching for before you can give it to them » Know the language of you customers
  6. 6. » Most sites are NOT search engine friendly and so changes to content, design and structure are required » The trade off between pretty and visible in organic results is a big issue for some companies » Search engines like links and so you should have a separate link building program » There’s a lot to do, lots of new tools to learn to use
  7. 7. Search Marketing is not easy but it’s very rewarding ☺
  8. 8. How does it work?
  9. 9. » Searchers enter a query (search term) » Search engine: • Matches the query • Analyses the query to decide how to find best results • Finds the pages in the index that match • Ranks the matching page • Gathers data to display results
  10. 10. Free “organic results” and Paid options
  11. 11. Meta tags and stuff
  12. 12. How searchers behave ... depends on their INTENT
  13. 13. Navigational searches Where are you? Air Estonia Hansapank SEB Amazon MTV Ministry of Economics Reval Hotels
  14. 14. Do you rank well for the obvious?
  15. 15. Informational Searches I want to learn about … London Mustikad Thomas Edur Ice dancing Digital cameras Kodulaenud
  16. 16. Transactional Searches The best … they want to DO something BUY ☺ Download ☺ Access databases etc ☺ Nokia n95 Cheap flight Tallinn to London e-turundus konverents
  17. 17. Source: Search Engines Marketing, Inc by Mike Moran and Bill Hunt
  18. 18. Back one step … Web Conversion Cycle search, learn, shop, buy, receive, use, talk about
  20. 20. Target the first campaign » Choose something high profile » Make sure the impact is measurable » Keep it simple » Make it practical
  21. 21. Focus on keywords that people use
  22. 22. Tools exist to help you to do keyword research in Google Neti wwWärav
  23. 23. Match or create landing pages (what do you want people to see when they arrive) and make sure they are indexed.
  24. 24. Check rankings of your landing pages for important keywords
  25. 25. Check your competitor search rankings
  26. 26. Check Google Analytics or Webalyzer etc. to see where traffic is coming from now
  27. 27. If possible project keyword demand to calculate future traffic and discover missed opportunities
  28. 28. Project future traffic
  29. 29. Project traffic to action conversions
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Summary Target search campaign Choose target area of your site Pick your keywords Assess your current situation Identify landing pages Check search index Check rankings Check competitor rankings Measure current traffic levels Calculate Opportunity Check keyword demand Discover missed opportunities Project your future traffic Project future conversion
  32. 32. Define your search marketing Strategy
  33. 33. Choose the scope: One product? One line? Whole site? All languages? Size of budget?
  34. 34. Duration of campaign: Short or long term? Permanent?
  35. 35. Divide the work: Who is going to do what? Copywriting? Tech? Strategy?
  36. 36. Some search engine marketing tasks
  37. 37. Defining the strategy? Everything in-house? An agency? Organic or paid search or both? Where is budget coming from? How do we prove return?
  38. 38. Targeting the search engines? Neti? Google? Delfi Search? wwWärav? Rambler? Yandex? MSN? Yahoo?
  39. 39. Keyword research Bid management and ad optimisation Optimisation of content, meta tags etc. Technical & structural website reviews and changes Choosing buying and operating specialist tools and software Reporting metrics (traffic, rankings, conversions etc)
  40. 40. Outsourcing search marketing checklist
  41. 41. Organic search experience Paid search experience Good relationship with search engines especially the most important ones in your markets Search marketing strategy Keyword research Technical expertise from search perspective Reliable business – solid company Testimonials Local office Offer any guarantees Ethical approach (no doorways, spamming, cloaking etc.)
  42. 42. Selling Search Marketing Internally
  43. 43. Put together your proposal e.g. a combined Neti and Google campaign Sell it to the extended Search team ( Brand managers, IT department, PR Sales, lawyers, copy writers, content writers, translators, webmaster, web developers, Information architects, style guide developers, metrics specialists, web governance) Sell it to the executives
  44. 44. Proposal Calculate potential revenue, cost and profit Revenue formula example Project monthly traffic increase = 10000 Conversion rate to sale = 2% Monthly sales increase = 200 Ave sale price = 100€ Monthly revenue increase = 20,000€ Annual revenue increase = 240,000€ Costs and profit will depend on split of SEO and Paid Search
  45. 45. Plan
  46. 46. Organise: who, organic v paid or both, scope, keyword analysis, budgeting and opportunity spotting
  47. 47. Audit: For organic search you will need to check and fix technical and content issues
  48. 48. Learn: How will you fill gaps in your knowledge? Training? Outsourcing? Books?
  49. 49. Implementation: technical changes, content writing and copywriting, bid monitoring, web analytics (monitor traffic and conversions), link building
  50. 50. 10 questions executives might ask you (make sure you have the answers)
  51. 51. 1 What is Search Engine Marketing and why does it matter?
  52. 52. 2 How does it help achieve my corporate goals?
  53. 53. 3 Where are we now on this?
  54. 54. 4 What are competitors doing?
  55. 55. 5 What are you proposing exactly?
  56. 56. 6 What’s the business value you can achieve for us?
  57. 57. 7 How much does it cost?
  58. 58. 8 How long will it take?
  59. 59. 9 Why should this take priority over xyz (e.g. big banner ad campaigns)?
  60. 60. 10 What are the risks?
  61. 61. A Tip: Install Google Analytics Its free and will help you measure the effectiveness of your search marketing efforts and compare them with banner advertising and your other online activities, ask tõ to point you in the right direction
  62. 62. And then you have to execute the plan ... but that’s for another day
  63. 63. Suur tänu!