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Masthead Production Web Sample


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Masthead Production Web Sample

  1. 1. Creating Your Masthead Go to this address to find a free font installer, here there are thousands of exciting fonts for you to chooseFind the font you desireand follow the next step ofinstructions
  2. 2. How to install a fontUnzip the files you have downloaded by double clickingfrom the download folder, then: ▪ Mac OS X: Double-click the font file > "Installfont" button
  3. 3. Now you can open a new page in Photoshop tomanipulate your typography to get the desiredeffect as informed by your research andplanning. Remember to title the documentappropriately. In this case Masthead ResearchIt should look like this. For this activity you will only needthe type tool and the move tool
  4. 4. Click your type tool cursor anywhere on the page andtype in the name of your mastheadTo play around with Layer Stylisation,double click on the blue of the layer toopen up blending options
  5. 5. Now you can manipulate your Masthead in a number of ways.Remember to play around with the adjustments to create yourdesired effect.