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  1. 1. Seminar for the Andean Region States: United Nations Security Council Resolution 1540 Geoffrey Shaw Representative of the Director General to the United Nations March 12 – 14, 2012 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bogota, Colombia IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
  2. 2. Nuclear Security in ContextNuclear Technology• Projects in Andean Region • Human health • Water management • Industrial irradiation • Fuel cycle • Storage of radioactive waste / disused sourcesNuclear Verification IAEA
  3. 3. Nuclear Security and IAEANational responsibility:• Protect nuclear and radioactive material and facilities• NMACCIAEA assistance• Physical Protection• Legislative• TrainingIllicit Trafficking Database IAEA
  4. 4. Nuclear Security FrameworkInt’l Legal framework • CPPNM + Amendment • Nuclear Terrorism Convention • Code of Conduct - Radioactive Sources • UNSC resolutions • Res 1540 IAEA
  5. 5. CPPNM + AmendmentWhy is it important?• Strengthens CPPNM• Reduces vulnerability • legally bound to protect nuclear material – domestic use, storage and transport• Expands State cooperation • Recovery • Mitigation• Priority for Andean region IAEA
  6. 6. Human Resources DevelopmentTraining + Education• Legal framework, physical barriers alone insufficient• Invest in People • Nuclear security culture• 2012 regional projects - Andean community • Nuclear security culture, Argentina • Nuclear forensics, Chile IAEA
  7. 7. Nuclear Security Advisory ServicesMissions and technical visits• Evaluation and planning• Physical protection, legal and practical measures for controlling NMSpecific security needs• border crossings• Medical facilities• Scientific institutes• Industrial sites IAEA
  8. 8. Integrated Nuclear Security Support Plans (INSSP)Holistic approach• Enables the State, the Agency and partners • coordinate technical + financial • optimizes resources • avoids duplication • Legal / Regulatory Framework • Prevention • Detection • Response • Human Resource Development • Follow-upPriority for Andean region IAEA
  9. 9. ConclusionEffective national nuclear security• Protect people and environment• Builds confidenceFacilitator• Access / use peaceful nuclear technologyNuclear security - improved but ongoing process• No room for complacency IAEA