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Paramount Disaster Recovery is located in the county of Los Angeles. It is associated with following industry(s): Single-family Housing Construction - Repairing Fire Damage, Single-family Houses, Industrial Buildings And Warehouses - Industrial Buildings And Warehouses, Business Services - Estimating Service, Construction. Products and Services associated with Paramount Disaster Recovery include Fire.

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Steve Slepcevic Paramount Disaster Recovery

  1. 1. Steve Slepcevic President and CEO Paramount Disaster Recovery, Inc. (800) 798-5025 24 Emergency Dispatch
  2. 2. When Disaster Strikes… Will YOU Make A Difference?
  3. 3. Preparing Before Disaster Strikes… 1 Emergency Service Response Team 2 Construction Consulting Team 3 General Construction Service Team
  4. 4. 1 Emergency Service Response Team Awareness, Table top, Simulation, Mock Disaster Drill - All Hazards. Current office space plans – Safe Evacuation Planning. By Floor Employee Tracking System. Hazmat – All Chemical Clearance. By Building
  5. 5. 1 Emergency Service Response Team Emergency notification systems. Satellite, Radio, Text, Web. Emergency mitigation plans. Federal, State, Local, Fire Dept. Alternate site with duplicated systems. Consider disruption of transportation.
  6. 6. 1 Emergency Service Response Team
  7. 7. Preparing Your Facilities
  8. 8. Preparing Your Facilities
  9. 9. Preparing Your Facilities
  10. 10. Emergency Response Vendors 24/7- Response Time - Capabilities. Facilities review and access. MSA Contract = Priority Service
  11. 11. Activating The Plan
  12. 12. Beginning the Process Don’t panic! Assess The Damage, Manage it or… Emergency response team and Vendor notification. Control access, set command post, signed waivers. Videotape, photograph – preserve the evidence. Public relations single spokesperson.
  13. 13. Qualifying Your Emergency Response Vendor Emergency Mitigation Plan & Timeline, Unit Pricing, Monitoring Logs, Video/Photography Documentation Structural Engineers, Hygienists and Experts Licenses, Insurance and Disaster Qualifications Documentation for Insurance Reimbursement Barcode System for Content Inventory and Storage
  14. 14. Improper Emergency Service 30 days vs 120 days
  15. 15. Avoid Further Liability
  16. 16. Matter of Life and Death
  17. 17. Deconstruction Impact Planning
  18. 18. 2 Construction Consulting Team
  19. 19. Preparation Checklist General Contractors Insurance Preferred. Burden of proof lies on the property owner or hired representatives. Hire Only The Best.
  20. 20. Exploratory Forensics Cosmetic vs Structural.
  21. 21. Exploratory Forensics
  22. 22. Exploratory Forensics
  23. 23. Exploratory Forensics Smoke Contamination • Course particles – Up to 10 (µm) in diameter (PM10) • Fine particles – Smaller than 2.5 µm diameter (PM2.5) Hair cross section = ~ 60 µm
  24. 24. Exploratory Forensics
  25. 25. 1 Emergency Service Response Team 2 Construction Consulting Team
  26. 26. Reconstruction Process 3 General Construction Service Team
  27. 27. Contractor Checklist Steps to take: Check license qualifications and references on all companies. Certificate of insurance and review vendor’s policies. Architect and Roofing Consultants.
  28. 28. Awarding The Contract Final Steps: Property Damage Scope and Costs of Repair Report. Contract to Include Percentage Draw Schedule and Completion Timeline. Lien Releases and Warranty Paperwork.
  29. 29. Moving Back in… Steps to take: Inspect all systems thoroughly, collect all releases and guarantees prior to issuing final payments. Media reopening, we’re back and better!