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5 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic Using Video


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Want a clever way to double your response rate on social media? How did Groupon receive press for a video shot on a webcam with no audio?

If you're running out of ideas on how you can capitalize on the video marketing trend, then look no further.

Here are 5 clever ways businesses are using video to engage with their audiences and grow their traffic.

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5 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic Using Video

  1. 5 Creative WaysTo Drive Traffic Using Video
  2. Are you using video?
  3. No?Then join the party!
  4. 87% of online marketersuse video content.- Outbrain
  5. Here are 5 creative waysYOU can use videoto drive traffic
  6. Video Twitter Replies1
  7. UNEXPECTEDTo stand out on social media, you have to do the
  8. Its really important to keepsocial media visual and thatdoesnt always mean just postingproduct photos.“- Jen Rubio, Social Media Manager @ Warby Parker
  9. Create a Parody2
  10. CAPITALIZEon an already viral theme
  11. Comedy is the most popularform of online video contentamong all viewers.“- BURST MEDIA
  12. Unsubscribe Video3
  13. GET PRESSfor an unsubscribe video?
  14. “Mike Arrington on GrouponsUnsubscribe Effect”“Groupons Unsubscribe Page IsAwesome -- But Brutal”“Check Out What Happened When IUnsubscribed From Groupon’s Emails”
  15. Whiteboard Video4
  16. ENGAGINGFantastic for keeping long-form videos
  17. Your Own
  18. Targeted Testimonials5
  19. AUDIENCESCreate different videos for each one of your
  20. We like people who aresimilar to us.“- Robert Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
  21. One researcher found that customerswere more likely to buy insurancewhen the salesperson was like them inage, religion, politics, and cigarette-smoking habits.“- Robert Cialdini, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
  22. Video Twitter Replies1Create a Parody2Unsubscribe Video3Whiteboard Video4Targeted Testimonials5
  23. What will you create?
  24. We can help…
  25. Let your creativity run wild!
  26. GET STUNNINGVIDEOS & PHOTOSLet’s get creative!See why over 50,000 businesses use SmartShoot
  27. Steve P. YoungDirector of Product MarketingTwitter: @stevepyoungEmail: steve.young@smartshoot.comWebsite: www.smartshoot.comThank you