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Facebook Secrets of Summer Camp Marketing


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Blake Sunshine of and Travis Allison from presented this free webinar for summer camp directors and marketers on effective use of Facebook.

There were two tracks that we talked about: Creating engaging content and Making effective Facebook Ads.

Watch to see when we do the webinar again.

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Facebook Secrets of Summer Camp Marketing

  1. 1. Facebook Secrets for Super Summer Camp Marketing Travis Allison and Blake Sunshine
  2. 2. #CampPros
  3. 3. Facebook Marketing Strategy Facebook Content Facebook Ads
  4. 4. Sell  Camp  Spaces  With     Smart  Facebook  Posts
  5. 5. Focus  On  What  Parents  Need  to  Know
  6. 6. Sell  By  The  Seasons
  7. 7. Fall   Winter Spring Summer Registration   Open Early  Bird   Date Still  Time  to   Register Next  Year’s   Schedule Reviews  From   2013 Talk  To  Our   Parents Tour  Camp Tour  Camp FAQ:  Safety FAQ:  Staff   Training     Activities  on   Blog Online  New   Parent  Call FAQ:  Getting   FAQ:  Your   Camper  Ready Child  at  Camp Open  House Today  at  Camp
  8. 8. Sell  Camp  Spaces  With  Facebook  Posts 5  Kinds  of  Engaging  Posts
  9. 9. What  was  your  favourite  magic   moment  at  camp?
  10. 10. Camp is the only place where “you’re so weird” is considered a complement!
  11. 11. Because of Camp, I ___________ 5  Kinds  of  Engaging  Posts
  12. 12. I’m wearing a Purple Floppy Hat - today that makes me a… Sell  Camp  Spaces  With  Facebook  Posts Space Alien.
  13. 13. aption this photo! Please c
  14. 14. Create  a  Content  Calendar
  15. 15. Network/ Day Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Sunday   Monday Tuesday
  16. 16. Acquire customers more efficiently
  17. 17. Acquire customers more efficiently
  18. 18. Acquire customers more efficiently
  20. 20. ! ! As  the  camp  landscape  becomes   more  and   more  crowded…     ! Facebook  ads  are  the  most   efficient  and  cost  effective  way  to   reach  new  target  areas.  
  21. 21. Ad  Creative Ad  Targeting Ad  Placement Ad  Bidding Ad  Optimization
  22. 22. Ad  Creative Message  Content Engaging  Image Link  to     Measurable  Site
  23. 23. Ad  Targeting Age   Gender   Location   Education   Likes  and  Interests   Parental  Status  (Children  Age)   Broad  Categories   Fans,  Not  Fans,  Friends  of  Fans  
  24. 24. Measurement  Strategy Lift  in  sign-­‐ups Lift  in  traffic Lift  in  inquiries Landing  page  traffic Conversion  tracking  pixel
  25. 25. Blake Sunshine !   !   !  
  26. 26. Travis Allison ! ! CampHacker.TV   @CampHacker