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Open Standard Internet of Things for Smart Cities


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In this Greening Government Speaker webinar, Dr. Steve Liang presented an open standard-based Internet of Things architecture enables 10X faster development and instant on-demand integration. Several real-world smart cities use cases were presented as well. Video is available here:

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Open Standard Internet of Things for Smart Cities

  1. 1. Open Internet of Things for SmartCities 2.1 m/sec, heading east 1.8 m/sec, heading east RH: 85 % Temp: 18 Celsius @sensorup Dr. Steve Liang, P.Eng. Founder and CEO, SensorUp Inc. Associate Professor, University of Calgary @steveliang
  2. 2. About Dr. Steve Liang ๏ Founder and CEO of SensorUp ๏ Associate Professor, Geomatics Engineering, Uni. Calgary ๏ AITF-Microsoft Industry Research Chair on Open Sensor Web ๏ Chairs of OGC and UN’s ITU-T working groups ๏ Expert Panel on Greening Canada with ICT, and State of S&T and IR&D in Canada ๏ Calgary’s Top 40 Under 40
  3. 3. SensorUp IoT cloud platform enables any organization to develop IoT applications 10X faster. Develop IoT 10X Faster
  4. 4. Develop IoT 10X Faster connected buildings networked sensors connected vehicles connected machines networked video cameras drones networked assets Enable instant on-demand integration of different IoT systems with open standards. OGC 
 SensorThings API
  5. 5. Some of SensorUp Users
  6. 6. Think about some Thing
  7. 7. Your Garbage Cans
  8. 8. Your Parking
  9. 9. Your Airport
  10. 10. Your Airport cont.
  11. 11. System of Systems ๏ The real potential of the Internet of Things Network Effect: The value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of users of the system (n²).
  12. 12. Efficiency gain by inter- connecting systems
  13. 13. Today’s IoT/Smart Cities Silos Network A Application A Thing A Network B Application B Thing B Network C Application C Thing C Network D Application D Thing D
  14. 14. Some cities felt the pain already…. Academia 
 SinicaASUS Edimax ThingSpeak AirMap Two different TIME formats!!
  15. 15. Smart Garbage Cans Big BellyVictor Stanley
  16. 16. Smart Garbage Can Silos Network Internet Dashboard #1 Dashboard #2
  17. 17. IoT in a nutshell Collect Connect Compute 1 2 3
  18. 18. IoT Value Chain Sensor and Actuator Smart Things Network Operator Device- Cloud API Data and Analytics APP- Cloud API System Integrator/ Application Provider 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 LoRA
 NB-IoT 3G/4G
  19. 19. Standard-based Common Platform Internet of Things Devices Applications / Analytics Analytics, Real-time Dashboards, GIS, CRM, ERP, etc. smart cities, environmental sensing, smart buildings, networked cameras, etc.
  20. 20. Reference implementation ensure the highest degree of interoperability! SensorUp is the Reference Implementation of OGC SensorThings API
  21. 21. • One coherent API and data model integrate all your sensors (mobile or stationary, remote or in-situ) • Add more sensors of any type in the future • Design for not only today’s but also tomorrow’s application Future Proof SensorUp Benefits
  22. 22. Reduce Dev time by 10x • Reduce dev time by at least 10x • you can innovate based on world- class R&D efforts • you can leverage existing libraries, SDKs, developer documentations, developer training materials, knowledge bases, etc. SensorUp Benefits
  23. 23. A vibrant ecosystem and open community SensorUp Offers…
  24. 24. High quality training and supports SensorUp Offers…
  25. 25. High quality documentations SensorUp Offers…
  26. 26. OGC SensorThings API User Stories Develop IoT 10X Faster
  27. 27. Case Study #1 • A pilot project funded by Department of Homeland Security and IJIS Institute • Problem: • lacking a Common Operating Picture (COP) for various first responder groups and disaster managers • Solution: • SensorUp platform allows various group to access heterogeneous sensing systems
  28. 28. Department of Homeland Security Next Generation First Responder
  29. 29. OGC ® 30 wearable cam heart beat, breathing rate location, acceleration, headings equipment status
  30. 30. I was impressed with the ‘state of the practical’ where these various industry sensors can be integrated today using open standards that remove the stovepipe limitations of one-off technologies. “ “Dr. Reginald Brothers
 Under Secretary for Science and Technology
  31. 31. Demo at Capitol Hill
  32. 32. Develop IoT 10X Faster Smart Citizens
  33. 33. Invited by US EPA to share experiences
  34. 34. SensorUp Smart Citizens Board
  35. 35. Expanding to 500 sensors across 10 Canadian cities •Jul 08 - St. Albert •Aug 12 - Edmonton •TBD, Toronto •TBD, Ottawa •TBD, Halifax
  36. 36. Expanding to other countries India
  37. 37. Develop IoT 10X Faster CloudUAV
  38. 38. Develop IoT 10X Faster Taipei Smart Cities Platform • City of Taipei is going to establish a city-wide testbed with OGC SensorThings API Computex 2017
  39. 39. Develop IoT 10X Faster Singapore CXA Smart Cities Challenge • 100+ teams • 200+ programmers received SensorThings API training • July 14th 2017 • 24 hours to finish an APP
  40. 40. - Do not build silos.
 - Use open standards.
 - SensorUp enable you to develop smart cities/IoT 10X faster. Develop IoT 10X Faster