Webinar #4 an empty inbox - is it possible (or even desirable) slideshow


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This is an abbreviated slideshow of the An Empty In-box webinar - a follow up resource for those attending the recent webinar by Email Strategist Steuart Snooks, CEO at Solutions for Success. See more information at www.emailtiger.com.au

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Webinar #4 an empty inbox - is it possible (or even desirable) slideshow

  1. 1. Webinar #4:An Empty Inbox:Is it possible (oreven desirable)?Steuart SnooksE-mail Strategist &Productivity Expertwww.emailtiger.com.au
  2. 2. Solutions for Success 2013 www.emailtiger.com.auThis webinar will uncover the two main reasonswhy most of us struggle to ever clear the inbox andshow a proven process to help you handle each messageonly once and get your in-box empty each day.This webinar discusses;• the proven 4D approach to get (and keep) your in-box empty• getting to zero from where you are now• how to manage activities and tasks that arrive via e-mail• how to manage e-mails when you’re waiting for a replyWhat you learn will change the way you work forever!Webinar overview
  3. 3. 7 Reasons to Keep the Inbox Empty1. An overloaded inbox causes stress2. Avoids multiple handling of e-mails3. Things are not lost or forgotten4. The inbox is NOT your to-do list5. Avoids procrastination and indecision6. Avoids being interrupted by new messages7. There are more appropriate places to store emailmessagesDetails for above will be sent in an article as follow up to this webinarSolutions for Success 2013 www.emailtiger.com.au
  4. 4. Handle each message only ONCE . . .by using the 4D methodologyHow to keep the inbox empty
  5. 5. Solutions for Success 2013 www.emailtiger.com.auBest times to check email?Research shows that for most people, in most office-based roles,checking e-mail at 4 planned times a day (to a max of 45 mins eachtime) allows you to turn all e-mail around in a 24 hour period.Early in the day, as ‘second thing’ (afterchecking your calendar!1234About 30-45 minutes before your lunchbreak (NOT mid-morning)Any time that suits you during the afternoonAbout 30-45 minutes before you finishfor the day
  6. 6. The Paradox of ChoiceSolutions for Success 2013 www.emailtiger.com.auExample – 24 jams vs 4 jamsWhich one led to more sales?
  7. 7. • WHERE - File (Move to a Folder / File along with)• WHEN - Convert to a Task or Calendar item• WAIT - Add to a Wait/Watch List/Pending Reply folderThe 4D methodologyDITCH / DELETEDEAL (<2 mins)DELEGATEDECIDE1:2:3:4:Solutions for Success 2013 www.emailtiger.com.au
  8. 8. DecideSolutions for Success 2013 www.emailtiger.com.auHomocideGenocideSuicideFamily of words whichmeans ‘to kill off’
  9. 9. Using the Preview PaneSolutions for Success 2013 www.emailtiger.com.au1: NO preview pane2: RIGHT viewing pane3: BOTTOM viewing paneThere are 3 choices in the way you view your inbox• Provides very littleinformation• Gives lots of distraction• Hard to stay focused• 3 unnecessary mouseclicks• Provides lots ofinformation• Still gives lots ofdistraction• Hard to stay focused• Gives very littledistraction• Provides lots ofinformation• Easier to stay focused
  10. 10. Using AutomationEstablish rules to automatedecisions and processes“CC” ruleUse auto-signature to ‘train’ othersSolutions for Success 2013 www.emailtiger.com.au
  11. 11. Solutions for Success 2012 www.emailtiger.com.auUsing Automation
  12. 12. Using Outlook ToolsSolutions for Success 2013 www.emailtiger.com.au
  13. 13. How to quickly empty your inbox TODAY!
  14. 14. How to quickly empty your inbox TODAY!
  15. 15. How to quickly empty your inbox TODAY!
  16. 16. 1. Highlight any email in the inbox2. Then click the Ctrl and A keys together to select all emails in the inbox3. Drag and drop the emails from the inbox across to the backlog folderHow to quickly empty your inbox TODAY!
  17. 17. How to quickly empty your inbox TODAY!
  18. 18. How to WriteEffective EmailCommunicationsHelp! Where Should I KeepAll This Email (and find itagain quickly later)?Constant E-mailInterruptions &multi-tasking – isthere a better way?Introduction to EmailOverload and What YouCan Do About itHow to Get What YouWant From EveryEmail You SendAn Empty In-box:Is it possible (oreven desirable)?Why you shouldNOT check emailfirst thing in themorning!Email MasteryWebinar SeriesSolutions for Success 2013 www.emailtiger.com.au
  19. 19. Email MasteryWebinar SeriesHalve the time,double your results andtriple your productivitywhen using e-mailSteuart SnooksE-mail Strategist &Productivity Expertwww.emailtiger.com.au