Email Mastery: Webinar #3 - Constant E-mail Interruptions & Multi-Tasking slideshow


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This is an abbreviated slideshow of the Constant Interruptions & Multi-tasking webinar - a follow up resource for those attending the recent webinar by Email Strategist Steuart Snooks, CEO at Solutions for Success. See more information at

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Email Mastery: Webinar #3 - Constant E-mail Interruptions & Multi-Tasking slideshow

  1. 1. Webinar #3:Constant E-mailInterruptions &Multi-tasking – isthere a better way?Steuart SnooksE-mail Strategist &Productivity
  2. 2. Webinar overviewSolutions for Success 2013 you seem to work in a constant state of multi-tasking,trying to balance high priority work with a constant flow ofnew inputs in what is often a noisy, cluttered & harried work-place environment. Do you often think there must be a better way?This webinar covers;• the severe cumulative impact of e-mail ‘as-an-interruption’• how to control e-mail interruptions• how to manage others’ expectations of how quickly you’ll respond• the best times of day for monitoring and processing e-mailThis webinar will help you shift your hour-by-hour focus from beingemail-based, interruption-driven and reactive towards one which iscalendar-based, plan-driven and proactive.
  3. 3. Impact of email interruptionsSolutions for Success 2013 amount of timebetween interruptions?Average amount of timeworking on a task or projectbefore switching to another?Percentage of occasions aproject/task is not resumed forthat day?3 mins11 mins40 %
  4. 4. Solutions for Success 2013 of email interruptions
  5. 5. Solutions for Success 2013 a result of constantinterruptions, do you findthat you start to multi-task?Do you often have 2 or 3files open on your desk?Does your computer oftenhave 4 or 5 windows (ormore) open at once?
  6. 6. Solutions for Success 2013 Maggie Jackson warns that . . ."Relying on multitaskingas a way of life, we chop upour opportunities and abilities tomake big-picture sense of the worldand pursue our long-term goals“"Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age."
  7. 7. Solutions for Success 2013
  8. 8. Solutions for Success 2013 of interruptions on your IQIn a series of tests carried out by Dr Glenn Wilson,Reader in Personality at the Institute ofPsychiatry, University of London, an averageworker’s functioning IQ falls dramatically whenworking in an environment where they areconstantly distracted by ringing telephones andincoming emails.
  9. 9. Solutions for Success 2013 of interruptions on IQ = 10 pointsImpact of smoking marijuana = 4 pointsAverage IQ levelis 100Impact of interruptions on your IQ
  10. 10. Solutions for Success 2013 Urgency DilemmaThe problem is thatUrgentNot-so-urgentNon-urgentmessages all come through the same channel!So, we need to clarify what is truly ‘urgent’URGENTNOT SOURGENTNOTURGENT
  11. 11. Solutions for Success 2013 times to check email?Research shows that for most people, in most office-based roles,checking e-mail at 4 planned times a day (to a max of 45 mins eachtime) allows you to turn handle all e-mail in a 24 hour period.Early in the day, as ‘second thing’ (afterchecking your calendar!1234About 30-45 minutes before your lunchbreak (NOT mid-morning)Any time that suits you during the afternoonAbout 30-45 minutes before you finishfor the day
  12. 12. Solutions for Success 2013 to control email‘as-an-interruption’Adjustsend/receiveintervalWorkofflineTurnoff allalerts
  13. 13. Solutions for Success 2013 to control email‘as-an-interruption’
  14. 14. Solutions for Success 2013
  15. 15. Solutions for Success 2013 promptly do you expect torespond to email that you . . .Send ReceiveImmediately 2.3%23.23%7.5%34.5%Within 2 to 4 hours 20.9% 27.0%Same day 39.6%65.9%38.0%57.6%Next day (ie: within 24 hrs) 26.3% 19.5%Within 2 days 7.8%10.9%6.2%7.9%Within 3 days 3.1% 1.7%
  16. 16. Solutions for Success 2013 Customer Service InteractionQuickCheapGood
  17. 17. Solutions for Success 2013 New Personal E-mail PolicyIn an effort to increase my personal productivity and efficiency I am implementing a newapproach to managing my email. I have recently come to understand that I spend toomuch time shuffling through a stack of emails in my inbox and not enough time focusingon my real work, that is, the stuff Im actually paid to do! Email has become anunnecessary distraction that is creating longer lead times on my ever-growing to-do list.Consequently, I have decided that serious change is required. Therefore, I will now only bechecking and responding to my email at approx. noon and 4pm on weekdays. I shall try toget back to you via email in a timely manner and will most certainly be handling my emailin a way that is seen as professional and responsive. Therefore, if you need a responsefrom me outside of these times, please do call me on my mobile number. Itd be good tohear your voice anyway - much more personal than electronic mail!I trust my new approach to email helps you get the most out of me. For my part, I believeit will allow me to spend more time on productive work output and creating value for myorganisation. Thanks greatly; Im looking forward to putting email back where it belongs;supporting my work, not driving it!Managing Expectations
  18. 18. Solutions for Success 2013 Expectations
  19. 19. Actions from today?Solutions for Success 2013 the webinarrecording andslideshowTurn off all emailalerts (how-to stepsshown in upcomingemail tips)Single-taske-mail, don’tmulti-task itManage expectations(ie: use a PS in yoursignature block)
  20. 20. How to WriteEffective EmailCommunicationsHelp! Where Should I KeepAll This Email (and find itagain quickly later)?Constant E-mailInterruptions &multi-tasking – isthere a better way?Introduction to EmailOverload and What YouCan Do About itHow to Get What YouWant From EveryEmail You SendAn Empty In-box:Is it possible (oreven desirable)?Why you shouldNOT check emailfirst thing in themorning!Email MasteryWebinar SeriesSolutions for Success 2013
  21. 21. EmailMasteryNext WebinarSolutions for Success 2013 14 May2:00pm - 3:00pmAustralian Eastern Standard TimeThis webinar will uncover the twomain reasons why most of us struggleto ever clear the inbox and show aproven process to help you handleeach message only once and get yourin-box empty each day.This webinar discusses;• the proven 4D approach to get(and keep) your in-box empty• getting to zero from where youare now• how to manage activities andtasks that arrive via e-mail• how to manage e-mails whenyou’re waiting for a replyWhat you learn will change the wayyou work forever!