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Email Mastery: Webinar #2 - Why You Should NOT Check Email First Thing in the Morning slideshow


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This is an abbreviated slideshow of the 7 Reasons to NOT Check Email First Thing in the Morning - a follow up resource for those attending the recent webinar by Email Strategist Steuart Snooks, CEO at Solutions for Success. See more information at

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Email Mastery: Webinar #2 - Why You Should NOT Check Email First Thing in the Morning slideshow

  1. 1. Email MasteryWebinar SeriesHalve the time,double your results andtriple your productivitywhen using e-mailSteuart SnooksE-mail Strategist &Productivity #2:Why You Should NOT CheckEmail First Thing in theMorning
  2. 2. Webinar overviewThis is a controversial subject and certainly goes against thecurrently accepted culture of checking email first thing thatprevails in most organisations! But getting control of the wayyou start your day is critical if you want to be truly productive.This session will look at;• why E-mail is NOT the best place to start your day• what are the alternatives to checking email first thing?• how much difference will this really make to your productivity• when should you check e-mail (if not first thing)?This thought-provoking webinar will get you thinking outside the square‘(and outside the inbox!)Solutions for Success 2013
  3. 3. Solutions for Success 2013 Reasons to NOT Check EmailFirst Thing in the Morning“Robyn, get in touch with the realworld!”“I don’t get that. I always dealwith my messages first whetheremail or anything else. Then I doall the small odd jobs and talkingto staff, then the rest of the day isfree for the big project with lessdistractions.”“Funny enough, Ive done justthis in the past week for the firsttime - prior to reading this post. Ihad a couple of big projects thatneeded doing, so I walked intothe office and didnt even openOutlook. Went straight into theproject and worked till about1pm, before I looked at myemails - the most productivecouple of days Ive had in ages.”
  4. 4. Solutions for Success 2013 The inbox is not your to-do list
  5. 5. Solutions for Success 2013 The inbox is not your to-do listDo you start each day with a clear understanding of themost important tasks and activities for the day?Do you know the first thing that should be done thismorning?Emails in your inbox are someone else’s to-do list,not yours.Who should be in control of your time –you or those emailing you?
  6. 6. Solutions for Success 2013 Starting with email makes youREactive rather than PROactive
  7. 7. “There are many things ofwhich a wise man mightchoose to be ignorant.”Ralph Waldo EmersonSolutions for Success 2013 Ignorance is bliss!
  8. 8. “The 4-Hour Workweek”Timothy Ferriss“Focus on the critical few rather than thetrivial many”“Sometimes you have to let small, bad thingshappen to make progress on bigger, goodthings”Solutions for Success 2013 Ignorance is bliss!
  9. 9. Solutions for Success 2013 Avoids short-term gratification toachieve longer term results
  10. 10. Solutions for Success 2013 Checking e-mail is an excuse fora lack of priorities
  11. 11. Solutions for Success 2013 Your morning energy and alertnessshould be directed to higher priorities
  12. 12. Solutions for Success 2013 Your morning energy and alertnessshould be directed to higher priorities
  13. 13. Solutions for Success 2013 Controls unmanaged andunspoken expectations
  14. 14. 7 Reasons Why You Should NOT CheckEmail First Thing in the Morning?1: The inbox is NOT your to-do list2: Starting with email makes you REactive rather than PROactive3: Ignorance is bliss!4: Avoids short-term gratification to achieve longer term results5: Checking e-mail is an excuse for a lack of priorities6: Your morning energy and alertness should be directed tohigher priorities7: Controls unmanaged and unspoken expectationsSolutions for Success 2013
  15. 15. Possible exceptions and variationsSolutions for Success 2013 If you work across timezones and need to reviewovernight email before you can start your work2: You’re in a customer-focused role requiring fastresponse3: You’re in a support or admin role requiring fastresponse to colleagues4: You can check email on smartphone whiletravelling on public transport to work5: When you’ll be away from computer for the day, aquick check in morning can give ‘peace of mind’
  16. 16. Best times to check e-mail?1: _____________________2: _____________________3: _____________________4: _____________________Solutions for Success 2013
  17. 17. Guidelines on when to first check e-mailSolutions for Success 2013 Check inbox- What meetings are cancelled (or rescheduled)?- Additional phone calls or meetings?- New projects to be scoped?- Follow up activities?- Documents to be updated or filed?- etc1: Check calendar, diary, to-do list- What meetings are scheduled (any preps needed)?- Phone calls to be made?- Projects to move forward?- Proposals or reports to be written?- Files to be updated- etc
  18. 18. Change Outlook default settingsSolutions for Success 2013 making the calendar view your default, instead of your In-box, you will start the daywith a broader perspective of your workload and priorities for the day. The In-box needonly be accessed at a time of your choosing and when you actually intend to process eachmessage.Outlook 2010
  19. 19. What’s next?Solutions for Success 2013 Review the webinar recording and slideshow2. Read the 7 Reasons blog and/or article3. Change default settings shown in email tip(s)
  20. 20. How to WriteEffective EmailCommunicationsHelp! Where Should I KeepAll This Email (and find itagain quickly later)?Constant E-mailInterruptions &multi-tasking – isthere a better way?Introduction to EmailOverload and What YouCan Do About itHow to Get What YouWant From EveryEmail You SendAn Empty In-box:Is it possible (oreven desirable)?Why you shouldNOT check emailfirst thing in themorning!Email MasteryWebinar SeriesSolutions for Success 2013