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Impact is coming - research impact and social media


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Workshop for #zegteens #letstalkscience - Summer School for Science Communication July 2016

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Impact is coming - research impact and social media

  1. 1. The cold steep Wall of Academia seems to have been guarded for many years now. Once in a while some find the cracks or hidden exits. But you still feel that you know nothing and that a scientist should always pay his debts. Despair no longer - help is at hand. Join me for this quest and discover how your research can make a difference for the realms of men. Learn who is friend or foe. Choose your weapons and awake the social dragon within you. Esther De Smet
  2. 2. 1. Wear your crest with pride 2. Explore other kingdoms 3. Tell a story as strong as Valyrian steel 4. Recruit worthy bannermen 5. Don’t become a White Walker 6. A scientist has a name 7. Unleash your dragons 8. Don’t lose yourself in the game 9. Cherish little birds 10. Attain the Iron Throne The man who fears losing has already lost. Arya Stark
  3. 3. A very small man can cast a very large shadow. Varys
  4. 4. Science is based on building on, reusing and openly criticising the body of scientific knowledge. Panton Principles Publish or perish Be visible or vanish
  5. 5. Knowledge also needed to be ‘socially robust' because its validity was no longer determined solely, or predominantly, by narrowly circumscribed scientific communities but by much wider communities of engagement comprising knowledge producers, disseminators, traders and users. Helga Nowotny , Peter Scott and Michael T. Gibbons - Re-Thinking Science: Mode 2 in Societal Context (2003)
  6. 6. For society • Improve effectiveness and sustainability of policy and activities by ‘third parties’ • Improve social cohesion and well-being • Enlarge economic prosperity and robustness • Improve quality of life and cultural wealth For science • Continuity of funding • Trust of citizens • Touchstone For you • Early stage feedback, improve focus/methodology • Relevance: importance, timing, scope • Participation • Personal skills
  7. 7. He who works with his door open gets all kinds of interruptions, but he can also occasionally get clues as to what the world outside is and what might be important. Richard Hamming (mathematician)
  8. 8. 1. Stasis 2. Trigger 3. The quest 4. Surprise 5. Critical choice 6. Climax 7. Reversal 8. Resolution 9. Discussion
  9. 9.  Communication/PR Office  Unit for Science Communication  Research communication (incl. scholarly communication)  Faculty communication officer  Dedicated person within research group/department WHO’S THERE TO HELP YOU?
  10. 10.  Website  Repository: deposit & OA mandate  Funding  Training  Network The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. Ned Stark
  12. 12. What results come up about you? Are all results linked to your institution(s)? If the results are nothing to do with you, would that be obvious to someone else looking for you? (Goodier and Czerniewicz)
  13. 13. Do you have an easily accessible, comprehensive list of your publications online? Do your online profiles give a brief but comprehensive view of you as an academic? Do you want to use different profiles for different purposes? Are some services more suitable for your discipline than others? Are more of your colleagues using a certain service? (Goodier and Czerniewicz)
  14. 14. Example of an explanimation How far can Legolas see?
  15. 15. Status anxiety: should academics be using social media? D. Lupton Reaching out. Nature blog by Soapbox Science (7 June 2012)
  16. 16. “Papers mentioned on Twitter are more downloaded & cited than papers which are not.” Shuai (2011)
  17. 17.  News items and editorial material exhibit the highest density of tweets, even exceeding citation density.  Both citations and social media metrics increase with the extent of collaboration and the length of the references list.  Social media cannot overcome citation delay
  18. 18. Weak correlation Attention ≠ Impact Yet another reputation economy?
  19. 19. What do you want to achieve by engaging with social media? Consider producing social media content as a normal part of your working life. Develop a sense of the advantages and limitations of each different platform. Be realistic about the time available to you. Know who can help you. Be aware of your digital footprint but don’t become paralysed by overestimating your visbility and the potential risks that come from this. Invest in visibility of your social media presence. Re-use content but adapt to your chosen tool. Get your timing and your story right. Have fun!
  20. 20. Short messages (tweets): 140 characters Follow and be followed Timeline or feed with tweets Hashtags & handles Tweet & retweet
  22. 22. Online collaboration: Scientists and the social network, Richard Van Noorden, Nature 512, 126– 129 (14 August 2014)
  23. 23.  Your institutional affiliation  Your research interests  Other accounts you’re involved with  Your personal interests  Hashtags you contributed to  An additional website  Picture (incl. banner)
  24. 24. #phdadvice #phdchat #ECRchat #icanhazpdf #figureclub #AcWri #scicomm #openscience #altac #sciencefails #overlyhonestmetho ds #allmalepanel #scholarssunday
  25. 25.  Typing numbers wrongly in hospitals can kill people. Understanding why it happens can help design better systems and stop it!  Does UK learn from history in Middle East? Could it improve? Crucial research to avoid past mistakes & save blood & treasure  Can we forecast average weather conditions months in advance? Sure. What about malaria? Yep. How?  I killed a ton of chicken embryos and pulled out their eyes for months, just to find out that chicken eye neurons don’t like chemicals.  Male baboons don't care about the symmetry of female baboon butts, but other females might.  The key to coexistence between big cats and livestock farmers? One word: compassion #ShareMyThesis #TweetYourThesis @lolmythesis
  26. 26. Determine a strategy and stick to it Management of expectations: bio & content/activity to match Tweet ‘thickly’ and according to the rules Build a network and include influencers Social medium = interaction Authencity, politeness, integrity
  27. 27. Academic prestige Networking Real impact
  28. 28. @ResearchUGent @sterretje8 1. Wear your crest with pride 2. Explore other kingdoms 3. Tell a story as strong as Valyrian steel 4. Recruit worthy bannermen 5. Don’t become a White Walker 6. A scientist has a name 7. Unleash your dragons 8. Don’t lose yourself in the game 9. Cherish little birds 10. Attain the Iron Throne