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New – fresh fruit sfinal


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New – fresh fruit sfinal

  1. 1. 20.01.2012 NEW – FRESH FRUITSFresh FruitsWe supply a comprehensive range of fresh Indian fruits known for its highly nutritious andmedicinal values. All the fruits are handpicked the natural color and fragrance is retained.Hygienic and advanced packing technologies are employed to retain the natural characteristicsof the fruits and prevent transit damages. The fruits thus have an extended shelf life with noloss of taste and freshness.GuavaThe guava fruit has anti bacterial and disinfectant properties which fight against diseases likedysentery and it tones up the digestive system. It is a good healer for constipation, cough andcold, high blood pressure, weight loss scurvy and a host of other diseases.
  2. 2. Pineapples are tropical fruit that are rich in vitamins. These fruits prevent blood clot formationbecause of its medicinal content. The fruit also helps with other health areas like bloodpressure, arthritis, inflammation of the respiratory tract and prevents enlargement of thethyroid glands. Fresh pineapple juice is used for removal of intestinal worms and preventsconstipation.SapotaSapota is a delicious tropical fruit rich in minerals vitamins and health benefiting anti-oxidants.The fruit is soft and replenishes energy and revitalizes the body instantly when consumed.Sapota is rich in fibre which helps with the digestive process and mitigates cancers. The fruit hasantiviral, anti inflammatory and anti bacterial properties which are useful to ward off a widerange of health problems. The natural compounds found in the fruit are of optimal use formetabolic processes in the human body and promote overall good health.